Swiss Casino Pfäffikon


Swiss Casino Pfäffikon building
Swiss Casino Pfäffikon

Swiss Casinos owns four properties across Switzerland. Pfäffikon is a traffic junction town at Lake Zurich. Since 2002 there is also a casino at this location, integrated in a hotel complex.

There is only one 10-handed poker table available and it’s open daily from 8pm. The only game on offer is 5/5 CHF Texas Hold’em.

The casinos offers restaurant options and requires clean attire.


  Playing Poker at Swiss Casino Pfäffikon

 Cash Games:

Cash Games daily from 8pm.


5/5 – Buy-in 200 CHF


No information yet.


«No Flop, No Drop»
0-49 CHF: No rake
50-199 CHF: 5 CHF
200-299 CHF: 10 CHF
300-399 CHF: 15 CHF
400-499 CHF: 20 CHF
499 CHF plus: 25 CHF
Cap: 25 CHF

Swiss Casino Pfäffikon poker room

Pratical Info

Address: Seedammstrasse 3, 8808 Pfäffikon, Switzerland

Contact Number: +41 55 416 30 30



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