Singaporean pro Kenneth Kee guests in latest episode of I Am High Stakes Poker series

After featuring the best of the best in the poker industry, I Am High Stakes Poker is following the likes of Tom Dwan, Timofey Kuznetsov and Daniel Cates with another poker superstar. Singaporean pro Kenneth Kee takes center stage in the Youtube series’ latest episode, giving viewers a peek into his personal life and journey to becoming a winning poker player.


While Kee may not be as widely popular in the international circuit, the Singaporean pro is known in the Asian poker scene mainly for his impressive finishes in the 2018 Triton Poker Super High Roller Series in Jeju, Korea. In this one series alone, Kee cashed over US$3 million in total for topping the HK$1 million Short Deck event and coming in second for the HK$100k Short Deck event. This outstanding result serves as Kee’s best live cash of HK$22,500,000 (~US$ 2,867,009) and puts him on the top spot for Singapore’s All Time Money list.

Challenges throughout the years

In his interview with Lee Davy, Kee shares some key details and characteristics which led him to enjoy the game of poker and ultimately brought him to where he is now. Diagnosed with ADHD at 18, Kee noted how he had always found it hard to focus even at a young age. His good memory and competitiveness, however, paid off for him as these skills benefited his gameplay as he rose from playing college level home games to high stakes poker. Another challenge Kee faced was disapproving parents, with poker generally seen as gambling more so back in the day. It was only until he emerged with the huge victory did his parents accept his chosen path and career in life.

While Kee was making a profit off of the game, he also highlighted his issues with gambling, specifically baccarat wherein he recorded losses worth seven figures. Referring to himself as a lone ranger, Kee went through his earlier years with a lack of proper guidance and had to find the answers the hard way. Fortunately, the obstacles he went through gave him more clarity as he remains more aware and responsible now that he has his own family.

A few tips for starters

The glitz and the glamour of poker as shown in televised high stakes games has many beginners and recreational players excited to dive into the scene with the idea of making huge money as easy as 1-2-3. Regardless of the notion, Kee reiterates how poker is actually a lot of work and time consuming, given that it is a volume-based game. To get to the top level of any industry, hard work, high intellect and steady knowledge of its fundamentals are necessary points essential for overall improvement and success.

With playing high stakes where you put thousands if not millions of dollars on the table, Kee reveals that a high threshold or a certain level of disregard for money is required to be able to break through the huge swings in poker. Once players do excel however, the rewards are endless and the opportunities continue to pour in, making all their hard work definitely worth it.


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