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In the wake of the recent 72 hour player strike, Pokerstars have this week, given their reaction. During EPT Prague, Director of Poker Communications at PokerStars, Lee Jones, spoke to Pokernews about recent events.

No financial impact

The official view of PokerStars is that they are listening to the statement that this strike makes, that they care deeply about it, but also, that there was no financial impact on the company during that time. The arrival of Christmas promotions caused a boost in player numbers at the start of December, so no harm done, apparently.

In the wake of upcoming VIP changes for 2016, Lee Jones said that PokerStars recognised the fact that they could have done more to inform players of the exact nature of the changes at an earlier date. He also conceded that, when many people worked all year to achieve the highest VIP levels, generated rake for PokerStars in the process, and earned the benefits that accompany that status in 2016, they shouldn't have had that rug pulled out from under them.

Four $1 million freerolls in 2016

Lee Jonnes announced that there would be four $1 million freerolls in 2016, for all players to participate in. 

Pokerstars lobby

Four $1 million freerolls in 2016

An healthier ecosystem

Lee Jones also stated in his interview that during the strike, the PokerStars ecosystem was healthier than it has ever been. Players depositing money on the site were able to gain much more enjoyment for their money, because without as many sharks around, they didn't lose their money as quickly. This paints an interesting picture, because it indicates that the most successful pros on PokerStars are seen as the obstacle to a healthy ecosystem. They impede the ideal of an online poker room where everyone trades their money back and forth between each other, for as long as possible. Of course, in this ideal world, each sum deposited gets moved around the tables for far longer, rather than being swiftly won by those annoyingly talented players. That also means the sum is raked, over and over again, and a far larger percentage of it ends up going to the house.

Players keep protesting

One thing is certain though, players continue to protest, with the latest display of discontent being seen at the EPT Prague Super High Roller, where half of the players at the final table wore T-shirts protesting about PokerStars changes.


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