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China is perhaps the most interesting location in the world when it comes to poker right now, with a growing number of people taking an interest in poker, and many more that could yet grow to love the game.

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This hasn’t yet translated to a vast influx of Chinese players onto major online poker rooms, and the reason for that being the case is simple. Few sites accept Chinese poker players, and those that do have always struggled to offer payment options that are adapted to these players. After a few years of struggling through it’s infancy, cash game poker is now far more accessible to Chinese players due to mobile applications.

PokerMaster App

PokerMaster App

These ‘apps’ are designed to allow players to organise their own games with friends or clubs. The apps do not natively support financial transactions, and it is basically a play money app, making it legal under Chinese law. But they do offer tools which allow results to be reported in a club setting, with winnings then settled separately by the people hosting these private games. These poker apps fill the gap in the market for Chinese players who wish to play cash games.

The leading app in this area is PokerMaster, although other similar apps operate too. Games being played via this method are running up to USD$30/$60 (200/400 CNY). There is no rake involved as such, but organizers of the games takes 5% of the profit from chips cashed out.

High Stakes games and new ‘Eldorado’ for poker pros

Big poker sites such as PokerStars have already seen games drying up, and many pros are now looking for other ways to continue playing top level cash games. Macau has been the preferred path for many, with live games providing the high stakes action many players seek. With competition getting tougher all the time, these Chinese cash games on apps have been kept largely a secret. This is less and less becoming the norm however, and Daniel Cates stated outright in an interview with Doug Polk that players like Isildur1 should move to chinese apps like PokerMaster to play high stakes games.

Watch Jungleman talks about the Future of Isildur and online poker at high stakes (46:30)


How to join PokerMaster

Due to the nature of the system in place, it can be tricky for players to find a suitable, trustworthy Chinese club on PokerMaster, but thanks to our presence in Asia, Somuchpoker agents can offer players a very competitive set up on PokerMaster, with all payments guaranteed.

Clubs – We are currently offering access to ten different clubs. Let us know about the games you are playing so we can recommend the best clubs.

Rake – Rake works differently to online poker rooms here. While you play, no rake is taken, but once the game ends, the rake is then calculated, with losing players charged no rake and winning players charged 5% of their profits. If you started with 10,000 and left with 20,000, 500 would be taken.

How to join – As these games are mostly higher stakes, we request that players deposit a minimum of US$1,450 (10,000 CNY). We will give you either one, or several accounts which will have access to several clubs.

Reporting – all records are updated once each day, after which the totals will be sent to us, and we will pass them on to you.

Guarantee – we guarantee your funds!

Cash transfers – You can send us funds via Skrill, (USD and Euros) Neteller (USD and Euros) and Bitcoin.
You can cash out funds from PokerMaster through us using the same method, but with a transaction fee on top.

Playing from your PCPokerMaster is a mobile app, but we can offer an emulator to help you play via PC.

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