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  Immense hand databases

  Thorough information on your opponents

  Review and analyze your sessions

  Discover and minimize your leaks

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Poker Tracker 4 explained

  • Poker Tracker 4 is owned by PokerTrackerSoftware, LLC and was released in August 2012, quickly becoming one of the best poker tracking and analysis software
  • Supports several types of online poker such as: Limit, No-Limit or Pot-Limit cash games, Sit’N’Go’s and Multi Table Tournaments for Texas Hold’em and Omaha players
  • Before purchasing, this software offers a 30-day free trial period
  • Windows and Mac OS X supported

Why use poker tracker 4?

With Poker Tracker 4 you can track the hands you play online. The software then collects the data from the hand history that you and your opponents play to give you:

  • In-game statistical information about your opponents. This information can then be used to make the best decisions. This is also very useful for multi-tabling because of the difficulty to keep an eye on all of your opponents while playing massive amounts of hands and tables.
  • Reviewing your hands/sessions.
  • Tracking your results in $/bb (big blinds) and your win rate.

By using this you are able to maximize your profits and minimize the unnoticeable mistakes that you make.


  Make the best possible decision in every possible spot on the table

  Quickly perceive and lower your mistakes

  Improve your online poker game and boost your bankroll

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Create a Poker Tracker 4 account with Somuchpoker and you can benefit from our support to guide you and get help setting up the software. For any questions that you may have you can contact and chat with us directly.

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Poker Tracker 4 Payments

  • Poker Tracker  – $99.99 (all limits)
    Small Stakes Hold’em – $59.99 (up to NL50)
  • Hold’em and Omaha – $159.99 (all limits)
    Small Stakes – $99.99 (up to NL/PLO 50)
  • Omaha Poker Tracker – $99.99 (all limits)
    Small Stakes – $59.99 (up to PLO50)

Note that each registration is valid for two computers at the same time.

Valid payments methods include:

Visa logo 1paypal logomastercard logo
discover logoamericanexpress logoneteller logo

Download Poker Tracker

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How to download Poker Tracker 4

 Simply visit the Poker Tracker website and download either the 30-day free trial version or choose the package that suits you the most.

 Poker Tracker is available both for Windows and Mac OS X users.

 Poker Tracker is compatible with many sites: 32Red Poker, BetFair, Bwin Poker, Software, Everest Poker, Full Tilt Software, Ladbrokes, Pacific Poker, PKR, Poker Stars Software, Titan Poker Software, Winamax Poker Software.

Poker Tracker 4 includes a free hand grabber. Add the Free Beta Hand Grabber to your PokerTracker license to begin using PokerTracker while you play on Ignition, Bovada or Bodog!

 The software is also compatible with other third-party apps such as “Ignition Hand Grabber” and “NoteCaddy”.

Additional useful information

  Poker Tracker operates in a way of collecting information and filling an ever-expanding database of all of your hands on all of the major online poker websites. The software not only provides detailed analysis of your wins and losses throughout your sessions, but also helps you arrange and differ your game against various types of opponents.

Some of the Poker Tracker 4 features include:

  • Vector HUD engine
  • Interactive reports
  • Interactive graphs
  • Interactive filters
  • Drag and Drop HUD profile editor
  • In-game hand tagging
  • Money Flow Charts
  • Global database Graphing
  • Note tracker auto notes
  • LeakTracker
  • ICM results in Replayer
  • Equity and ICM calculator w/ICM quiz
  • Hand Range modeling
  • Overall Luck Bell Curve

 Obtain the edge you need over your opponents today

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