Poker on YouTube: Our Top 5 Favorite Channels

In Somuchpoker’s endeavor to provide information to improve player’s poker experience, here are our Top 5 YouTube Poker Video recommendations:

#1: Doug Polk

In 2011, Doug Polk decided to become a full time professional poker player and just after a few years, under the call sign “WCGRider”, he has become one of the best online players in the world. He also has won 2 WSOP bracelets which makes him a formidable player even on live games.

Recently, he has decided to focus his energies on creating a YouTube channel and produce a video almost every day.

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His videos cover a range of topics – from hand analysis (Doug Polk Hands), Celebrity Interviews (Table Talk), to Poker Challenges (Bankroll Challenge). His mastery of the game definitely provides great insight for beginners and veterans alike. But what makes his videos the best is that he is able to inject his refreshing personality and great sense of humor into an otherwise didactic analysis of game analysis and strategy.

With the quantity, quality, and diversity of his YouTube Channel, SMP puts Doug Polk’s Channel at #1.

Beauty queen Sara Chafak runs a big bluff – Comments  by Doug Polk

Channel: Doug Polk Poker

#2: Joeingram1 (ChicagoJoey)

Joe Ingram became famous because of prop challenges that he actually succeeded in doing. Two of the most talked about challenges were:

Challenge I: Play more than 50,000 hands online at 10c/25c within 24 hours and turn a profit.
Challenge II: Earn 650,000 VPPs on PokerStars within 80 days playing PLO $2/$4 to $5/$10 to reach Supernova Elite.

These challenges were extremely hard, but Ingram was able to pull it off.

He earned popularity with his 1-hour podcast where he interviewed the biggest poker celebrities and the most interesting poker personalities in his show. To mention a few, there have been guesting from Daniel Negreanu, Mike Saxton, Fedor Holz and a lot more.

Having a 1 hour talk show about poker is not an easy thing to excel in, but with Ingram’s dynamic energy, humor, and showmanship, his podcast became one of the most subscribed to in the poker world.

His YouTube channel follows the same interview format as his podcast but also offers strategic content, coverage of the latest news in the industry and a lot more.

His latest series is a challenge where he asks “Can I win 500k in Bovada?” and analyzes his  year as a poker player playing PLO.

With a combination of entertainment, information and strategy, SMP puts Joeingram1’s channel at #2.

Poker Life Podcast: Mike Sexton Lost $500M Selling to early Partypoker Shares

Channel: Joeingram1

3. PokerStars YouTube Channel

How can we not include PokerStars YouTube Channel in the top 5?

With PokerStars’ resources it is not surprising that the quality of the videos they provide are the best. They feature challenges that have non-poker celebrities like Cristiano Ronaldo or Miss World Mireia Lalaguna playing heads up against each other. This is naturally a come on for people and fans of these celebrities to watch the channel. And admittedly, it serves as a great marketing tool for the online client.

But apart from the glitz and glamor that these videos provide there are real gems to be found in the PokerStars Channel. Having their own tournament circuit, the channel has the European Poker Tour (EPT) broadcast where people can watch some great poker being played.

With the amount of footage they have, the channel has also compiled the best hands in the EPT and the most controversial.

Having this combination of showbiz entertainment and tournament broadcasts, SMP put PokerStars YouTube Channel at #3.

Top hands from the EPT, featuring Ronaldo, Daniel Negreanu, Jason Mercier and Victoria Coren-Mitchell.

Channel: PokerStars

#4: The Poker Guys

Poker players have seen numerous broadcasts of live tournaments. And with the broadcasts come 2 commentators – we’ve heard Antonio Esfandiari, Phil Gordon, Vince Van Patten, etc. give their 2 cents worth of what’s happening on the felt. Sometimes, while players tank these commentators digress and we hear more of the gossip of the industry or the banter between the 2 commentators rather than a full analysis of what’s going on.

That’s where The Poker Guys come in. The Poker Guys have already provided 100 videos of hand analyses in their Youtube channel. The format they normally choose is that one hand in a tournament is selected and the break this hand down to the last possible tell.
With such meticulous assessments and reviews, SMP has placed The Poker Guys at #4.

The Breakdown: Will Kassouf Finally Shuts Up (Vs Lau)

Channel: The Poker Guys

#5: Your Vegas Trip: The Trooper and Andrew Neeme

The 5th place is a toss-up between The Trooper and Andrew Neeme. They’re both poker players who have created a Vlog on Youtube.

The Trooper features his thoughts and opinions of what’s happening to his life as a poker player living in Vegas. This may include his travels, his games, and just possibly anything that’s happening with him.

Andrew Neeme, although similar, is more organized in his presentation.

The combination of the 2 channels provides a more holistic view of how life is for a poker player living in Vegas, that is why SMP has placed both Vlogs at #5

Straight Rounding – It’s a new record… number of poker hands shown in a vlog!

Channel: Andrew Neeme

Special Mention: Somuchpoker

We of course would like to mention SMPs very own Youtube channel which provides a gamut of videos featuring key moments and milestones in the history of poker worldwide.

Top 5 Biggest Cash Games: Featuring Phil Ivey, Tom Dwan, Dan Bilzerian, Daniel Negreanu

Channel: Somuchpoker

We also would like to mention Youtube channels that didn’t quite make it to the list but deserve acknowledgement of their efforts:

Felix Schneider’s: Grinding Online Poker on PokerStars – the channel provides a peek of how games are like on PokerStars. It provides tips and strategies for players who would also like to grind online.Channel: Felix Schneiders

Alec Torelli Youtube Channel: Torelli provides not only tips and game strategy but also provides advice as to the best places to play in, bankroll management, and anything that is related to the life of a poker player. Channel: Alec Torelli

And that’s it. Those are SoMuchPoker’s Top 5 Youtube Videos. Happy watching!


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