Phil Ivey loses edge sorting legal battle

For 5 long years Phil Ivey has been in and out of court rooms defending his reputation, with many of the chapters in this edge sorting saga reported to you by Somuchpoker. Ivey’s poker career has unquestionably been impacted by the legal marathon, with major events such as the WSOP being skipped by the ten-time WSOP bracelet winner.

With each subsequent appeal to a higher court going against Phil Ivey, the Supreme Court in the UK was his last hope of recovering the £7.7 million ($10.2 million) he won playing Punto Banco back in 2012. Today the final verdict was delivered, and it went against Ivey, to the dismay of his many fans.

Phil Ivey made the following statement following the decision saying;

“It makes no sense that the UK Supreme Court has ruled against me, in my view, contrary to the facts and any possible logic involved in our industry. At the time I played at Crockfords, I believed that edge-sorting was a legitimate Advantage Play technique and I believe that more passionately than ever today. […]

It is because of my sense of honour and respect for the manner in which gambling is undertaken by professional gamblers such as myself that I have pursued this claim for my unpaid winnings all the way to the Supreme Court. It is very frustrating that the UK judges have no experience or understanding of casinos and Advantage Play, or the ongoing battle between casinos and professional gamblers attempting to level the playing field. If they had, I am very confident the result in this case would have been in my favour.”

If there as a silver lining to this cloud, it is that the man widely considered to be the best poker player in the world can now get back to concentrating on what he does best. In a recent interview with Somuchpoker, Ivey stated that he would be playing more live poker in 2018, and perhaps that statement was made in the knowledge that one way or another, this legal dispute would be settled by then. The poker world looks forward to seeing Phil Ivey back at the tables in the coming months.

Everything you should know about Ivey v Genting Casinos

 Article by Craig Bradshaw

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