Phil Ivey announces his return – Beijing 2017


What is Phil Ivey up to nowadays? This question is on the lips of everyone, and so, we went to Beijing to find the answer.

If 2016 was already a weird year for Ivey, who has been seen in just a few events recently, mostly in Asia, 2017 has even been stranger. Ivey missed all the major international events, including the WSOP Main Event and has only been seen playing a few days of High Stakes Cash Games in Bobby’s room.

A few weeks ago, a surprise announcement reached our newsroom: Phil Ivey will be spending time in Beijing to promote the Chinese App Zhi You.

To understand what was going with the man who seemed to have disappeared in the exact year of his induction into the Hall of fame, we decided to join the event and ask the star a few questions.

Phil Ivey firstly confirmed that he was now residing in Hong Kong in order to play the big games in this part of the world.

But unfortunately, he refused to give us details on the game he is currently playing.

He also denied being involved in the current Games currently running in Mainland China.

There was some great news for fans though, as Ivey confirmed that he’ll be back on the live circuit in 2018.

By joining this event, Ivey is once again highlighting the fact that his strongest ties are with Asia.

Messages posted on Chinese social media underlined the fact that, although money helps to persuade global stars to endorse a product, Ivey is also very keen to ensure that he maintains close relationships within the Chinese poker world.

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