Phil Hellmuth and his home game woes

 Tweeting Hellmuth reveals troubles

We’re almost half way through the year and according to 14 time WSOP champion Phil Hellmuth – He’s having a rough year. He in fact claims to be in red figures for the year and has not cashed in a significant tournament in 7 months. He has plenty of tournaments just around the corner with the WSOP upon us, but it’s his cash game losses that the self proclaimed best Holdem player in the world is hoping to make up for.

Phil Hellmuth

Phil Hellmuth

The losses

Home games are normally stress free affairs, but for Hellmuth, his Bay Area home game has been a serious thorn in his side this month. He tweeted losses of USD109,000 and counting on May 18th before updating the figure to $140,000. He then decided to take on a cash game in Florida, only to drop another USD$100,000. His losses suffered in recent weeks are said to eclipse the USD$300,000 mark, and he is no doubt keen to get back to the live tournaments he enjoys most.

The games and lineups

Hellmuth mentioned in his tweets that the Florida cash game has a $100,000 buy in, and going by his losses, the Bay Area home game may be a similar, or even larger buy in. The regular participants are said to include Chamath Palihapitiya who is Vice President of Facebook, Mark Pincus who founded Zynga, and Yammer founder David Sacks. Jason Calacanis is also known to attend, along with sports stars such as NBA star David Lee, who Hellmuth claims to have lost USD$32,000 to in a session not so long ago. The stakes are thought to be USD$100/$200 at the Bay Area home game, with Hellmuth making the following statement about it in 2014: “They’re so sharp. I’ve played with these guys in the private game for three years and after three years I’m basically losing money and I was like, ‘What in the world is going on here?’ because I’ve been crushing everyone in Hold’em my whole life.”

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