Off Topic: Negreanu applauds rake increases, Ivey not done with lawsuits

Phil Ivey: Punto Banco edge sorting saga rolls on

After spending much of his life around tables, we can now report that Phil Ivey has become a waiter. We’re not talking career choices here of course, but court verdicts. After initially losing his UK based case against Crockfords casino in 2014, Ivey had to wait a year before finally being granted an appeal. The judge presiding over the appeal has since reserved judgement; meaning that the legendary poker pro is still waiting for a final verdict four years after the disputed games of Punto Banco took place at Crockfords. It could be suggested that this is the most painful wait of Ivey‘s life….but, Hellmuth is still sat on his WSOP throne enjoying the number fourteen immensely.

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As for the law suit filed by Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa in the wake of Ivey’s $9.6 million Baccarat winnings in the US, a federal judge has now decided that Ivey‘s actions do not constitute fraud, but do breach casino contract. Perhaps with a different judge, the verdict could have been a game-changer that spun the whole case 180 degrees, and presented an edge to Ivey. But, in truth, this judgement doesn’t appear to clarify anything on one side or the other.

Known as a high stakes punter, Phil Ivey enjoys having some sort of edge – but as things stand, we still can’t say for certain whether he will be taking this punt to the bank over the next few months.

Negreanu applauds rake increases

Canadian poker pro Daniel Negreanu has once again put himself in the eye of the storm this week by professing his support for higher rake and the good things it does for the poker economy. During an interview with Rikard Åberg, Negreanu spoke in near-convincing fashion about the desperate need to rip up the current blueprint and start over, apparently so that most pros can be culled and amateurs can lose money more slowly. As an insignificant footnote, they will also seemingly lose their money to PokerStars rather than better players.

Doug Polk put forward his own comedic analysis video of Negreanu‘s bed-ridden musings on his Youtube channel, in which he yells from beneath a duvet, explores just how much fun recreational players will have with higher rake, and where that rake ultimately ends up. He also took a moment to examine ‘trickle down economics’.


At one point in the interview, Negreanu states: “I lost my train of thought”. According to most of the responses that have subsequently been aired – that particular cognitive locomotive derailed 27 minutes into his interview and exploded in a shower of delusion, killing all sanity on board.

Bieber makes national news by playing poker

Justin Bieber (Twitter)

In a scintillating story which surfaced this week, celebrity pop-star Justin Bieber walked into a casino, sat down, and played poker. Key details of the incident, such as what clothes he was wearing at the time, were duly delivered by the reports.

The music prodigy has penned an endless stream of thoughtful and poetic lyrics, including the groundbreaking chorus to one of his biggest hits, which involved repeating the word ‘baby’ three times and outrageously following it with alternate line endings of “ooh” and “noo.” It is said that Bob Dylan collapsed and had to be given oxygen upon hearing the lyrics, and is now planning to give his nobel prize for literature away to the 22-year old. Those rumours remain unconfirmed at this time.

It appears that after a few years spent as a part of the music community, Justin Bieber has now decided to gift himself to the poker community. As if they haven’t been through enough lately.

Article by Craig Bradshaw