Matt Damon Talks About Rounders Sequel Possibility

The much asked question

There is a question in the poker world which surfaces every once in a while, bringing a nostalgic smile to the faces of poker players. While many have discussed the question, few are better placed than Matt Damon to provide a serious answer based on inside knowledge. The question, as you will already have guessed, is

When are they going to make Rounders 2?”

For many of us, Rounders was the first poker movie we ever saw. In truth, it was one the first poker movie that actually tried to represent the challenges faced by live grinders in a realistic way. It may not have been perfect, but it was entertaining, and many poker fans would love to see a sequel.

Matt Damon discusses project

On a recent talk show, Damon was asked about film roles he would wish to reprise, and Rounders was soon mentioned. Damon claimed that the prospect of a Rounders 2 had been talked about with the writers, and that good ideas for the sequel had been thought up. He went on to talk about how the online poker world had taken the game to a new level, and how it might be interesting to see how the old school characters of Rounders would fit into the new online world. Both Damon, and Norton have previously spoken of how much they enjoyed the experience of making the first film and how well the cast got along with each other.

Teddy KGB impression

Ina previous interview a few days earlier, Damon had even treated viewers to an impersonation of Teddy KGB, something which every poker player will have done or heard at some point if they play a lot of home games. Damon then went on to talk about John Malkovich and his first scene.

While it is fair to say that there are promising signs that Rounders 2 could become a reality, it’s important to keep in mind that, there have been promising signs for years with nothing concrete having ever happened. If there is a major stumbling block to the creation of Rounders 2, it has not been made public. The positive responses over the years from all those involved could easily cause Rounders fans to raise their expectations, but as with every year, allowing yourself to be anything more than cautiously optimistic will probably result in disappointment.

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