February is not over on Natural8 – $7M Giveaway & $10k Lucky 8’s

February is an exciting month on Natural8, Asia’s largest online poker room. We see continuous growth for the GGPoker Network, as a record amount of $7 million will be given away to poker players all over the world. The popular GGMasters tournament schedule has also been expanded, and we saw the commencement of a brand new tournament – the first-ever online edition of the Asia Poker League (APL).

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Daily Leaderboards for Cash Game and Sit & Go Players

This February, there will be five different daily leaderboards running. Stakes of all kinds are covered, to give poker enthusiasts a shot at winning no matter their bankroll. All current cash game tables are included (except for VIP Games), as well as the Spin & Gold jackpot Sit & Go’s.

Hold’em: $20,000 in daily prizes
Omaha: $20,000 in daily prizes
Short Deck: $10,000 in daily prizes
Rush & Cash: $40,000 in daily prizes
Spin & Gold: $30,000 in daily prizes

The payouts across all stakes have also been adjusted, and more spots will be paid than before across most of the leaderboards. Rush & Cash enthusiasts will also be pleased to know that the points formula has been tweaked, with players now able to earn points with every action:

Fold: 1 point
Call: 3 points
Bet / Raise: 5 points
Purchase All-In Insurance: 5 points

By winning a Cash Drop hand, players can accumulate up to 20 points. That can increase to 40 points during Happy Hour, which takes place daily from 6 – 8 am (UTC). During this same period, all points awarded via action clicks will be doubled.

All leaderboard prizes will be awarded in cash game dollars (C$) – the latest form of currency introduced on the network. C$ can only be used to buy into cash game tables, and will be used first for any bets and to cover rake contributions.

The daily $30,000 GGCare Flipout tournaments will also continue, giving unlucky players a shot at redemption. This restricted Freeroll takes place 45 minutes after the daily leaderboard reset and players do not have to be present to earn prizes. Every hand will be played as a Flipout and the top 25% of the field will be paid.

Honeymoon for Newcomers; Daily All-In or Fold Rewards

Within the first seven days of signing up, players can opt in for the Honeymoon for Newcomers promotion. If they do so, they will receive daily tasks which they can then complete to win prizes such as tournament tickets and cash. Those that make it all the way and complete every single task (over a month) can take home up to $301 in prizes!

One of these daily missions is based on the All-in or Fold (AoF) games, which give players the chance to earn a massive jackpot. There is also an AoF Daily Challenge, where players who play 100 hands in a day will automatically receive one buy-in.

Natural8 also provides first-time depositors a 200% match bonus (up to $1,000), or $100 in instant rewards. Instant rewards will mostly be credited in the form of Spin & Gold tickets, as well as a $15 GGMasters satellite ticket.

If you deposit at least $10, a one-time instant deposit bonus of $8 will be credited to your account. Natural8 also hosts two weekly $250 First Deposit Freerolls, as well as the weekly VIP Club Freeroll for added value.

New Daily GGMasters Tournaments

In further exciting news for all MTT aficionados, the popular GGMasters schedule has been expanded as of Feb 1. Four new daily $25 GGMasters tournaments have been added, with each bolstering a guarantee of at least $25,000.

Daily GGMasters Tournaments (Mondays to Saturdays)

GGMasters Asia: $25 buy-in; $25,000 guarantee (new)
GGMasters Double Stack: $25 buy-in; $30,000 guarantee (new)
GGMasters Bounty: $25.20 buy-in; $40,000 guarantee (new)
GGMasters Daily: $25 buy-in; $50,000 guarantee
GGMasters Fast: $25 buy-in; $25,000 guarantee (new)

All of the tournaments above take place every Monday to Saturday, while the original $150 GGMasters (with a guaranteed prize pool of $500,000) remains in its regular Sunday slot. The $1,050 High Rollers will also take place every Sunday, and boasts a guarantee of $1 million.

This new update means there will be 27 GGMasters events each week, and all will be held in a freezeout format – giving players just one good shot at glory.

New to Natural8?

New players can get up to $1,559 in bonuses – including a bonus of up to $1000 on their first deposit, an $8 instant bonus, $301 in prizes for completing the Honeymoon for Newcomers challenge, as well as entry to the $250 First Deposit Freeroll. There is also the newly-launched $2,188 Bitcoin Bonus, which rewards players who deposit using cryptocurrency.

Join Natural8 – $100 in Free tickets with your 1st Deposit 

Win $10,000 With Natural8’s Lucky 8’s

nat8 lucky8s

The Year of the Rat is officially over, and Lunar New Year kicks off with the Year of the Ox – symbolizing diligence, honesty, reliability, stability, perseverance, power and excellence. Known for not trying to be the center of attention, those born in the Year of the Ox usually prefer gaining recognition through their hard work.

And if you put in some hard work on the Natural8 cash game tables, you can earn your share of $10,000 in cash prizes from Feb 12-26. This Lucky 8’s promotion is available exclusively for players in Asia’s biggest online poker room, and is awarded on top of all the other exciting monthly promotions.

Get Pocket 8’s to Collect Points

During this promotion period, players get points for any pocket 8’s they get. Points are accumulated over these eight tiers, which will then earn players cash prizes:

Tier 1: Collect 10 points
Tier 2: Collect 30 points
Tier 3: Collect 100 points
Tier 4: Collect 250 points
Tier 5: Collect 500 points
Tier 6: Collect 1,000 points
Tier 7: Collect 3,000 points
Tier 8: Collect 1,0000 points

*Eligible for Hold’em, Short Deck, Rush & Cash (Hold’em) and All-In or Fold (Hold’em) Players

Four different cash game variants count towards earning points: Hold’em, Short Deck, Rush & Cash (Hold’em) and All-In or Fold (Hold’em).

There are nine different limits for regular Hold’em, from as low as $0.01/$0.02 all the way up to $5/$10. The highest Rush & Cash (Hold’em) limit to award points is $1/$2, with a total of seven different limits eligible in the chase for extra cash prizes.

All-In or Fold (Hold’em) limits range from $0.05/$0.10 up to $10/$20, with a total of eight different stakes included. Last but not least, Short Deck players can look forward to the seven different limits in which points can be earned. This starts at just $0.02/A$0.02, all the way up to $2/A$2.

Each of the eight tiers also have a specific number of maximum winners. The first five tiers in regular Hold’em, Rush & Cash (Hold’em) and Short Deck are capped at 4,000, while the three highest tiers will award prizes for up to 1,000 winners.

For All-In or Fold (Hold’em), the first six tiers will pay out to a maximum of 4,000 winners while the two highest tiers will feature a maximum of 1,000 winners.

Earn Up to 10 Points for Each Hand

Players can earn up to 10 points for each hand of pocket eights:

Hold’em / Short Deck / Rush & Cash (Hold’em)
– 6 points for being dealt pocket 8’s
– 3 extra points if you win the hand
– 1 extra point if you use the “Show Hand” option or the hand goes to showdown

All-In or Fold (Hold’em)
– 7 points for being dealt pocket 8s
– 3 extra points if you win the hand
Get Your Prizes Instantly!

There is no need to claim prizes, as they will be credited instantly to your account once the required points for each tier have been met. You can go for the highest prize for one limit or attempt to play on different limits in order to claim more prizes. Each eligible blind level represents its own chase.

If you want to check out how many points you’ve already accumulated, head on over to the Natural8 Promotion Page. You’ll be able to see how many players have already unlocked prizes for each tier and what your next prize will be.

The chase for up to $10,000 in cash prizes awaits. But bear in mind, this Lucky 8’s promotion only runs from February 12 to 26!

Join Natural8 – $100 in Free tickets with your 1st Deposit 

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