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Eden Poker Review by Somuchpoker

  • Access to Online Home Games
  • SGD Clubs
  • Multiple Deposit and Withdrawal options to serve all players
  • Play via a trusted agent:  Somuchpoker
  • iOS, Android and PC apps (via Emulator)

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– About Eden Poker-


Edenpoker is a playmoney app available on iOS and Android

The application is very new and is used to host Singaporean private poker games.

Its main appeal comes from the fact that just as Upoker, EdenPoker avoids local regulation and offers “a home game experience” via mobile device.

The Games on Eden Poker run in Chips with value depending on the rules of each  private club. (Mostly SGD)

– Play on Eden Poker with Somuchpoker –

 Why Trust Somuchpoker Agents to Play on Eden Poker?

We only work with trusted private clubs. We help you process your cashins and cashouts quickly.

  Which are the Softest Eden Poker Clubs?

We are currently offering access to a very soft Singapore club! Contact us to join this club!

  Is there Rake on Eden Poker?

The general rake on Eden Poker private clubs is around 5% with a cap for small games. However, smaller rakes are usually applied for bigger games.

 Can I get Rakeback on Eden Poker? 

YES! We offer an attractive rakeback deal for Eden Poker Clubs.

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– Games –

  How good is Eden Poker software?

Eden Poker offers Windows (by means of Emulator), iPad, iPhone and Android applications. Please contact us to get the download link for Eden Poker.  On mobile devices you can play up to 4 tables (multi-tabling).

  What Games of Poker can we play on Eden Poker?

NLH, PLO Cash Games/ShortDeck and a variety of other games are available to play! Traffic is not huge yet, but app is new and slowly growing as well as the clubs that are operating on this platform! 

IPAD EdenPoker

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– How to get started? –

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📱 New App!
🌟 1 chip = 1 SGD

📲 CONTACT US for download link and registration

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– Payments –

  How to make a deposit on Eden Poker?

We offer multiple deposit options to serve all players. Contact us for help.

  How to make a withdrawal from Eden Poker?

We offer multiple withdrawal options to serve all players. Contact us for help.

  How is the Security on Eden Poker?

We work only with the most trusted EdenPoker clubs and we process all your transactions quickly.


– Conclusion –


 Private Poker Clubs avoiding regulations
  Great mobile experience
  Very Soft Games (especially at higher stakes)


  Not available on MAC

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