Doug Polk breaks down key hands in Rounders

Doug Polk is an American professional poker player. His biggest live winning was when he won $ 1,648,350 in the $100,000 NLH Super High Roller Tournament in Las Vegas but has made his name playing mostly online.

More and more of his achievements can now be seen on YouTube or Twitch. As such he has numerous videos like his WCOOP run where he analyzes his own hands and game play as the tournament runs.

One of his Youtube Series is called Poker Hands and in this he breaks down people’s game plays and strategies.

The videos featured below are his take on the hands played in the most watched and best loved poker movie of all time – Rounders.

In this video, Polk considers the different possible moves that the main protagonist Mike and the antagonist Teddy KGB could have done. Due to the discrepancy of heads up play that doesn’t normally happen in the real world, he is a bit iffy on what he would personally do. Nonetheless, he gives his best analysis given the situation in the movie.

Polk tackles betting strategy in this video using one of the most memorable scenes in Rounders when Mike Mcdemont picks up a tell from Teddy KGB. Polk focuses on how to handle over betting as well as betting in proportion to your hand as compared to what the opponent may have.

This video shows the scene where Mike Mcdermont goes against Teddy KGB and loses his whole bankroll in a cooler hand. Polk analyzes the whole play starting pre-flop to the river focusing on how to get equity and the most value for your hole cards.

Article by Gabrielle Barredo

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