China’s Yue Feng Pan wins the Red Dragon

After a week of Macau Poker Cup 23 Red Dragon action at the PokerStars Live Macau poker room in City of Dreams Macau, China’s Yue Feng Pan outlasted a  field of 945 entries to claim the championship trophy along with the first place purse of HK$2,108,000.

Red Dragon Winner

Yue Feng Pan (Photos by Kenneth Lim Photography courtesy of PokerStars)

Entering the final table high up in the chip ladder, Pan was ready with guns blazing. He took down the first big hand of the day against chip leader Tse Jui Tsai from Taiwan and earned a hefty pot that sent him into the chip leader’s seat. After that, it was full throttle ahead. Pan climbed to over 3 million in chips in another winning hand, this time it was against China’s Bin Wen Ren that resulted in a full house versus full house domination. This would set the trend for his eventual victory.

When the field downsized to seven players, Pan delivered his first of four scalps with China’s Xong Xin Liu as his first victim. Liu moved all in holding Ah Qd but despite having a slight advantage against Pan’s Kh Jc, the board ran 7s Kd Qh Kc Qs giving them both a boat with Pan again having the higher spread.

Next up was China’s Ming Min Wu whose hopes of doubling up were shattered when his Ah Js was just no match against Pan’s Ks Qs on a board of Qc Jh 9d Qd As. Wu settled for 6th place while Pan skyrocketed to a dominating 6.3 million chips. Two eliminations later, the field was down to three players with Pan amassing a towering fortress of 8 million chips.

He would not be satisfied with that however and grew to 10 million chips in a hand against Tsai. With over 70 percent of the chips now in his corner, China’s Shao Po Liu managed to shave almost two million off the leader but only momentarily as he watched Pan gain it back in a hand that sent Tsai home in third place.

At heads up, Pan had a dominating 70-30 chip lead against Liu and by the way the final table was running all day, it seemed like Pan was going to close it out early. But Liu was not ready to go that quick. He would put up a very strong fight and manage to chip up to nearly even in chips. But again, it was short-lived as Pan charged forward, winning a series of pots, until he eventually pushed all in with Td 4d on a board of 6c Ts Th. Liu took the bait with his Qh 6s and both players watched the board fill up with a Qd turn and 6d river giving them both a full house with Pan’s hand still the clear winner.

Overall, the Red Dragon proved to be a very tough battle for many players with Asia Player of the Year leaders and Team PokerStars Pros unable to go deep. One of the notables who did cash was Team PokerStars Pro Kosei Ichinose from Japan with a 19th place finish.

Here are the final Table Payouts: (in HKD)

1st: Yue Feng Pan (China) – $2,108,000

2nd: Shao Po Liu (China) – $1,239,520

3rd: Tse Jui Tsai (Chinese Taipei) – $750,000

4th: Zhixiong Tan (China) – $539,000

5th: Long Wen Zhu (China) – $269,500

6th: Ming Min Wu (China) – $269,500

7th: Xong Xin Liu (China) – $225,500

8th: Huafeng Gu (China) – $196,000

9th: Bin Wen Ren (China) – $166,500

Congratulations to Yue Feng Pan for his impressive victory at the MPC 23 Red Dragon!

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