Aussie Millions Main Event: Meet the 7 finalists

After four days of play, we finally have the handful of survivors who will make up our final table. The 7 remaining players will be battling it out for the $1,600,000 prize money up top, and there are certainly some interesting stories woven into the line up. Several notable names were eliminated in the run up to the final table, with Terry Fan taking 39th, Stephen Chidwick finishing 34th, Alex Lee 28th, and former big stack, James Obst, busting in 11th. Asian pro KC Wong fell painfully short of the final table, in 8th place.

Ari Angel – 8,155,000 chips

Ari Engel is not one of the biggest names in the poker world, but has a wealth of experience with live tournaments, having total career cashes of over $2,249,000. He was born in Canada, and has cashes in major tournament across the world. This would be a career defining title for Engel if he were to win, and he has a great chance of doing that, with 8,155,000 chips.

Tony Dunst – 5,990,000 chips

Tony Dunst almost skipped this event, as we mentioned in yesterday's update, but came storming through to finish chip leader at the end of yesterday, and has carried a strong stack of 5,990,000 to this final table. Despite not considering himself a professional poker player these days, the American has a number of big scores to his name.

Tony Dunst

Tony Dunst (Photo PokerStars Blog)

Samantha Abernathy – 2,485,000 chips

Samantha Abernathy is one of two female players to have reached this year's Main Event final table, and has a very comfortable 2,485,000 chip stack to work with. Also from the USA, she is already guaranteed to double her lifetime live cashes even if she were to finish 7th, but with her commanding position, she looks likely to go a few steps further than that.


Samantha Abernathy (Photo PokerStars Blog)

Alexander Lynskey – 2,390,000 chips 

Alexander Lynskey will bring 2,390,000 to the table, and after finishing 9th in this event last year, will be looking to take the title this time around. The Australian has plenty of live experience, with over $445,000 in cashes to his name.

Kitty Kuo – 1,005,000 chips

Kitty Kuo is a little on the shorter side with 1,005,000 but as Taiwan's leading money winner, with over $902,000 in live cashes – it's unlikely that she'll be feeling the pressure. With two women at the final table, we are guaranteed to see the highest ever female finish in the Main Event, which is currently 7th place. Kuo will be hoping to upgrade that to 1st.


Kitty Kuo (Photo PokerStars Blog)

John Apostolidis – 960,000 chips

John Apostolidis is one of three players at the final table who have a home crowd to play for. He'll be bringing 960,000 chips to the table tomorrow. He has over $173,000 in previous live cashes, and will be looking to chip up early during this final table.

Dylan Honeyman – 885,000 chips

Dylan Honeyman is the third Australian still standing, and will be bringing the shortest stack into play, with 885,000. He has over $293,000 in live cashes under his belt, so has been deep in live tournaments before, and with blinds at 25,000/50,000 anything can still happen once the cards are in the air.

All the action can be followed on the live stream from Jason Somerville on Twitch just click here


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