APPT Melbourne Main Event: Ashish Gupta Leads Final 7

After another full day of pushing and pitching at the Main Event of APPT Melbourne, we now have our 7 remaining survivors. Those lucky few will return tomorrow for the final confrontation, and one will walk away with the prestigious title and AUD235,875. Here are the protagonists of tomorrow’s finale.

Seat 1: Trung Tran – 2,065,000

Trung Tan (Photo Long Guan Courtesy of PokerStars)

In seat 1 we have Trung Tran from Australia. His list of live tournament cashes is long and and includes already one APT Main Event Title (APT Manila 2013). With a powerful stack of 2,065,000 he will be hoping to press on and be fighting for the win towards the end of tomorrow. He has $535,727 in previous live cashes.

Seat 2: Jay Prasad – 2,160,000

Jay Prasad (Photo Long Guan, Courtesy of PokerStars)

In seat 2 Jay Prasad is a player who has very limited experience of winning big live tournaments, but his chances of taking down this one are much more than just limited. He has one of the biggest stacks with 2,160,000 and has an excellent chance of victory. His only other recorded live cash is a 4th place finish in a $400 tournament for $6,735.

Seat 3: Tu Lan – 755,000

Seat 3 will be taken by our shortest stack at the table, Tu Lan, who has 755,000. He has no previous recorded live cashes, and will undoubtedly have an uphill battle ahead of him tomorrow if he is to threaten the top spots. He is not critically short however, and one double up can change things very quickly.

Seat 4: Raymond Ou – 795,000

Australian player Raymond Ou will occupy seat 4 and is the second shortest stack remaining in the tournament with 795,000. He has little prior experience of going deep in live events, with only one previous cash of $345 to his name. Much like Tu Lan who will sit beside him tomorrow, Raymond Ou will need a little luck to put himself into contention tomorrow.

Seat 5: Ben McLean – 845,000

Ben McLean (Photo Long Guan, Courtesy of PokerStars)
Ben McLean (Photo Long Guan, Courtesy of PokerStars)

Seat 5 will be filled by Ben McLean, who carries 845,000 with him to this final table. McLean is an Australian national and brings with him a reasonable amount of live tournament experience, along with an impressive $325,417 in live career cashes. His largest cash was back in 2010, when he finished runner-up in the APPT Sydney Main Event for $294,780. If he can get his stack moving in the right direction tomorrow, Mclean may become a growing threat.

Seat 6: Ashish Gupta – 2,220,000

Ashish Gupta (Photo Long Guan, Courtesy of PokerStars)
Ashish Gupta (Photo Long Guan, Courtesy of PokerStars)

In seat 6 we have chip leader Ashish Gupta. Flying an Australian flag, Gupta has accumulated $238,951 in live cashes over the course of numerous cashes spanning over a decade. He will bring 2,220,000 to the table tomorrow, and with his experience and chip position, you would have to make him one of the favourite to lift the trophy.

Seat 7: Shawn Lee – 1,325,000

Seat 7 will be home to the 1,325,000 stack of Shawn Lee. He has very little previous experience of live tournaments, and only a small amount of cashes to his name. He has a fairly comfortable stack to work with though, and will have as good a chance as anyone to take this title.

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Article by Craig Bradshaw