APPT Manila National – Day 2 – Live Updates


Day 2 for the APPT Manila National wraps up with the final nine set! Final table gameplay resumes Tuesday, August 1 at 13:00.

Trophy 31

Final Nine Chip Counts

Hyung Kim Tae – 4,065,000
Zhilian Dong – 2,365,000
Kim Michael Enriquez – 2,300,000
Lloyd Locsin – 1,935,000
Vamerdino Magsakay – 1,755,000
Ong Dingxiang – 1,545,000
Edgar Asehan – 1,400,000
Acain Henrieto Bonachita – 685,000
Park Jaehyun – 600,000

Remaining Payouts

1st – PHP 3,244,690
2nd – PHP 2,045,000
3rd – PHP 1,464,000
4th – PHP 1,141,000
5th – PHP 895,000
6th – PHP 703,000
7th – PHP 525,000
8th – PHP 363,000
9th – PHP 287,000

00:00: Timothy Nichols hits the rails in 10th place – PHP 236,000
Level 28: 40,000-80,000 ante 80,000

Timothy Nichols 2
Timothy Nichols

A preflop game from hereon, Zhilian Dong raised all-in from the small blind with Ad8d and was met with a call from Timothy Nichols on the big blind for his remaining chips. Nichols held 4h4d, finding a flip for his survival. The flop 3s10dAh immediately crushed his hopes, and continued with 3h6s to deliver his elimination.

23:50: Kim Enriquez gets paid
Level 28: 40,000-80,000 ante 80,000

Kim Enriquez 2 1
Kim Enriquez

Action began on Ong Dingxiang who raised the small blind to 180,000 and Kim Enriquez calling behind.  The two checked a flop of 6c7d9h to move on to the turn 6h. Ong checked once again and Enriquez threw in a bet of 85,000. Ong made the call to reveal another 9s on the river. Ong led out for 140,000 but was met with a raise to 350,000 from Enriquez. Ong calls the 210,000 more, only to see Enriquez’ winning hand Qc9c for a full house nines over sixes.

Enriquez collects the pot and climbs to 2.1 Million in chips.

23:41: Moses Saquing outpipped, eliminated in 11th place – PHP 236,000
Level 28: 40,000-80,000 ante 80,000

Moses Saquing 5
Moses Saquing

Folded to him on the small blind, Moses Saquing jammed with Kh5s and was called by Lloyd Locsin with Kc9d on the big blind. Both players missed to pair on board Js4d3hQs6h but meant Locsin’s better kicker placed. Locsin took down the pot and left his opponent to call it a day.

23:19: Thoo Ming Ken bows out in 12th place – PHP 200,000
Level 27: 30,000-60,000 ante 60,000

Thoo Ming Ken 1
Thoo Ming Ken

With his double up, Thoo Ming Ken went on to lose a small pot against Ong Dingxiang prior to his elimination. The two once again battled head on as Thoo moved all-in for roughly 12 BB from the small blind with 4d9d. Ong called on the big blind with QcJc, slightly covering his opponent. The board 3d4s3cQd2s gave both players two-pair albeit Ong with the better one.

Ong Dingxiang climbs back to 1.6 Million in chips while Thoo Ming Ken heads for the rails in 12th place.

22:50: Thoo Ming Ken doubles through Ong Dingxiang
Level 26: 25,000-50,000 ante 50,000

Similarly, Thoo Ming Ken moved his short stack all-in folded to him on the small blind. Ong Dingxiang on the big blind called with 8c8d, way ahead of Thoo’s Ks5c. Thoo’s aggression however, paid off as the board revealed Ah5d4s9hKh for a rivered two-pair. Thoo Ming Ken scores the double as Ong Dingxiang drops down to 700,000.

22:47: Vamerdino Magsakay rails Carmelo Tutay Jr in 13th place – PHP 200,000
Level 26: 25,000-50,000 ante 50,000

Carmelo Tutay 2
Carmelo Tutay Jr

A blind vs blind battle, Vamerdino Magsakay on the small blind raised all-in with AcKd covering Carmelo Tutay Jr’s 600,000 stack. Tutay Jr made the call with JcJs but was left drawing thin when the flop revealed 4cQsKc. The runout 10cKh improved Magsakay’s hand to trip Kings, forcing Tutay Jr out in 13th place.

22:35: Darren Yu dominated, busts in 14th place – PHP 175,000
Level 26: 25,000-50,000 ante 50,000

Darren Yu 3
Darren Yu

Running a short stack, Darren Yu jammed his remaining 400,000 in the middle, called by Hyung Kim Tae with 7c7h. Yu was in dire need of luck as he found his small pocket pair 3d3s dominated. The board drew a blank and Yu was left to settle in 14th place finish.

22:14: Carmelo Tutay Jr wins flip
Level 26: 25,000-50,000 ante 50,000

Moses Saquing 1
Moses Saquing

From the small blind, Carmelo Tutay Jr risked his 350,000 stack with 4s4d after Moses Saquing opened from late position. Saquing defended his raise, calling with KdQs. The board Js9c3dAcAh revealed several overcards, none of which were that of Saquing’s. Tutay Jr doubles up to 800,000.

22:09: 14 players remain
Level 25: 20,000-40,000 ante 40,000

14 players left in the running. Listed below are the estimated chip counts on both tables.

Zhilian Dong – 1,100,000
Jaehyun Park – 900,000
Timothy Nichols – 575,000
Darren Yu – 500,000
Hyung Kim Tae – 3,000,000
Acain Henrieto Bonachita – 1,500,000
Edgar Asehan – 1,700,000

Moses Saquing – 1,300,000
Lloyd Locsin – 1,200,000
Vamerdino Magsakay – 1,400,000
Carmelo Tutay Jr – 500,000
Thoo Ming Ken – 800,000
Ong Dingxiang – 1,300,000
Kim Michael Enriquez – 900,000

21:58: Zhilian Dong misses draw, Jaehyun Park survives
Level 25: 20,000-40,000 ante 40,000

Park Jaehyun 2
Park Jaehyun

Folded to Zhilian Dong on the small blind, the Chinese runner raised all-in covering Jaehyun Park’s 10 BB stack. Park quickly found a call with AsKh as Dong showed 7c10c. The flop 9hKsJd gave Dong an up and down straight but bricked the turn and river to double up his opponent. Park packs in 900,000 after winning the pot with Dong downsized to 1.1 Million in chips.

21:55: Oleg Alex Kaminski clashes in 15th place – PHP 175,000
Level 25: 20,000-40,000 ante 40,000

After losing a pot vs Edgar Asehan, Hyung Kim Tae quickly recovered after calling Oleg Alex Kaminski’s 800,000 all-in from the cut-off. Hyung was ahead with AcKd against Kaminski’s QcJc. Both players missed the board and Hyung’s Ace-high was good enough to boot Kaminski in 15th place.

21:48: Edgar Asehan gets max value from Hyung Kim Tae
Level 25: 20,000-40,000 ante 40,000

Heung Kim Tae 3
Hyung Kim Tae

The hand kicked off with Edgar Asehan opening from under the gun to 85,000. Hyung Kim Tae on the small blind fired a three-bet to 320,000 and was called by Asehan. The two saw a flop of 3c5h10c, proceeding Hyung to put maximum pressure on his opponent. Asehan happily called for his tournament life with top set 10s10d as Hyung’s 8c8s headed straight for the muck. Asehan takes down the 1.35 Million pot, leaving Hyung with still a healthy stack of 2.5 Million.

21:35: Archie Mariano falls in 16th place – PHP 155,000
Level 25: 20,000-40,000 ante 40,000

Zhilian Dong 5
Zhilian Dong

Facing an under the gun open from Zhilian Dong, Archie Mariano pushed all-in with his 11 BB stack with AdKc. Dong made the call, tabling 10s10h. The board ran 9hQs4d3c2c with Dong’s pocket pair holding up for the win. Mariano is dusted in 16th place, claiming PHP 155,000 in prize money.

21:32: Ong Dingxiang picks up more chips
Level 25: 20,000-40,000 ante 40,000

Beginning with an open from the cut-off, Ong Dingxiang called behind with 10s10d. Moses Saquing from the small blind found a three-bet to 250,000. Original raiser folded and Ong moved all-in for 745,000 in total. Saquing made the call with KhQd for a flip. An eight-high board once again ran in favor of Ong, as he claimed a full double up to 1.65 Million.

21:19: Ong Dingxiang spikes lucky river
Level 24: 15,000-30,000 ante 30,000

Carmelo Tutay 2
Carmelo Tutay Jr

Turn action saw all of Ong Dingxiang’s chips in the middle with Qs9s on a board of 3c10h5sQc against Carmelo Tutay Jr’s better KsQd. Luckily for Ong, one of his three outs appeared on the river 9d, extending his run to 950,000 in chips. Tutay Jr survives with a 10 BB stack.

21:07: Kang Yunku coolered in 17th place – PHP 155,000
Level 24: 15,000-30,000 ante 30,000

Kang Yun Ku 5
Kang Yunku

A preflop battle that ended with a five-bet jam from Kang Yunku and a call from Hyung Kim Tae ensued just as Level 24 was about to end. Kang’s QdQc was in trouble against Hyung’s nutted Aces. Waiting for a two outer, no Queen came on board 4s6d8c5d3h, sending Kang out in 17th.

Hyung Kim Tae piles 2.6 Million in chips as he makes his way to two tables remaining.

20:55: Rommel Angeles crippled, busts in 18th – PHP 138,000
Level 24: 15,000-30,000 ante 30,000

Ong Dingxiang
Ong Dingxiang

In a good spot to gain some chips, Rommel Angeles on the big blind could not dodge this situation. Folded to the button, Ong Dingxiang went all-in for his 320,000 with Jc8c. Angeles, right on his tail called with 8d8h and crushingly saw a board of QcKs2c9d3c. Ong’s made flush on the river awarded him the double up and his opponent down to 2.5 BB.

Angeles busts shortly to Thoo Ming Ken, thus completing his run at the APPT National event in 18th place.

20:33: Mac Mantos eliminated in 19th place finish
Level 24: 15,000-30,000 ante 30,000

With pressure from the blinds increasing, Mac Mantos jammed his 9 BB stack from under the gun with Ac5d. His all-in unfortunately did not get through as big blind Lloyd Locsin made the call with 8h8d. Mac missed to spike the much needed ace, costing him a run to the trophy.

Lloyd Locsin boosts to 1.375 Million in chips.

20:24: Thoo Ming Ken hits the nuts
Level 23: 10,000-25,000 ante 25,000

Rommel Angeles 2
Rommel Angeles

Another thrilling pot went down with 160,000 in the middle on a flop of 5d6d7s from a button vs big blind situation. Defender Thoo Ming Ken check-raised all-in to 465,000 against Rommel Angeles‘ 200,000 bet. Angeles made the call with KdQh, drawing dead against Thoo’s flopped straight 8h9h. Angeles drops down to 380,000.

20:11: Lester Edoc loses back to back pots, exits in 20th place
Level 23: 10,000-25,000 ante 25,000

Following a call from the cut-off, Lester Edoc moved all-in on the button for 835,000 with 4c4d. Kang Yunku on the big blind woke up with a premium hand QcQh and called all-in for 545,000. The board offered no help and Edoc clips down to 290,000.

Kaminski Oleg Alex 2
Oleg Alex Kaminski

Next hand right after, Edoc puts in his remaining 11 BB with Ac5c, called by Oleg Alex Kaminski with JhJs. The flop 5d7d9d gave Edoc a pair but failed to improve on turn 6d and river 6c. Edoc is left to settle for a 20th place payout of PHP 138,000.

20:06: Edgar Asehan doubles through Lloyd Locsin
Level 23: 10,000-25,000 ante 25,000

Edgar Asehan 2
Edgar Asehan

Action was seen on a flop of 8h8s2s with a 175,000 pot already brewing. From under the gun, Edgar Asehan check-raised all-in Lloyd Locsin’s 75,000 bet with QsQc. Locsin made the call with Js9s for a flush draw. The turn 7s completed Locsin’s flush but the river Qh deservingly gave Asehan a full boat.

Edgar Asehan survives with 735,000 in chips.

19:59: Richard Marquez heads to the rails
Level 23: 10,000-25,000 ante 25,000

Zhilian Dong 2
Zhilian Dong

Trickled down to 180,000, Richard Marquez slammed his remaining 13 BB on the button and was called by Zhilian Dong on the big blind. Marquez’ 9s9d needed to win a crucial flip against Zhilian’s As10h. The board QhAh4cKc3s however, ran in favor of Zhilian as Marquez collected PHP 121,000 for a 21st place payout.

Zhilian Dong sits with 800,000 following the hand.

19:55: Acain Henrieto Bonachita takes a few off Lloyd Locsin
Level 23: 10,000-25,000 ante 25,000

Acain Herrieto Bonachita 3
Acain Henrieto Bonachita

With already 500,000 (20 BB) in the middle, a runout of 10dJc9dKc faced players Acain Henrieto Bonachita and Lloyd Locsin. Bonachita on the small blind checked the turn, inducing Locsin to fire a 250,000 bet. Bonachita raised all-in and Locsin folded.

Acain Henrieto Bonachita banks 1.5 Million in chips.

19:38: Huge pot for Lloyd Locsin
Level 22: 10,000-20,000 ante 20,000

Day chip leader Lloyd Locsin continues to dominate as action seen on a 100k built pot on flop AcJs7d. Checked by Locsin, Oleg Mordassov commanded a flop bet of 50,000. Locsin raised to 120,000, answered by another raise from Mordassov to 250,000, and Locsin once again to 550,000. Mordassov finally moved all-in with Locsin making the call. Mordassov showed top two-pair AhJc up against Locsin’s flopped set with 7s7c. Failing to improve on turn 3d and river 8c, Mordassov is eliminated in 22nd place as Locsin collects the huge pot.

Lloyd Locsin tops the ranks with 2.7 Million in chips.

18:50: Blinds up!
Level 22: 10,000-20,000 ante 20,000

Six hours of Day 2 play has passed with 25 players left vying for the APPT Manila National title and PHP 3 Million top prize. Minimum payout amounting to PHP 104,000.

Day 2 set to play through all the way to the final nine.

18:47: Thoo Ming Ken triple barrel bluffs Oleg Mordassov
Level 21: 8,000-16,000 ante 16,000

Thoo Ming Ken 2
Thoo Ming Ken

The hand began with Malaysia’s Thoo Ming Ken opening the button for 32,000. Both blinds decide to come in with all three players facing a flop of 7d2hJh. Checked to Thoo, he decided to shoot out a bet of 45,000. Only Oleg Mordassov on the small blind made the call and the two carried on to see a turn of Ks. Checking once again, Thoo fired a heftier bet of 130,000, met with a call by Mordassov soon after. The river delivered a 4d and Mordassov check-folded Thoo’s 320,000 bet. Thoo showed 10h9c for a missed straight draw.

Thoo now with 1.1 Million in chips.

18:28: Vamerdino Magsakay responsible for double elimination
Level 21: 8,000-16,000 ante 16,000

Diana Tan 3
Diana Tan

A three-way all-in situation preflop, largest stacked Vamerdino Magsakay sent Alexis Cruz and Diana Tan out in 31st and 30th place respectively after spiking a two-outer. On a board of 2d9cKsJh6h, Tan’s AdAc ended up being no good against Magsakay’s flopped set of Kings.

Vamerdino Magsakay’s stack rises to 1.4 Million.

18:22: Lloyd Locsin crushes Zhang Lei
Level 21: 8,000-16,000 ante 16,000

Fighting for a 250,000 built pot, the river saw Zhang Lei move all-in for roughly 500,000 on a board of 6c7c9hJc5s. Lloyd Locsin found the call with 7x7x, dominating Zhang’s set of sixes to secure the seven-figure pot.

Zhang Lei exits in 32nd place for PHP 80,000.
Lloyd Locsin sits comfortably with 1.7 Million in chips.

18:18: Oleg Mordassov finishes off Edwin Dela Cruz
Level 21: 8,000-16,000 ante 16,000

Edwin Dela Cruz 2
Edwin Dela Cruz

Struggling to survive, Edwin Dela Cruz was in need of a double up after losing several pots. Folded to him on the cut-off, the local runner went with Kd10h and was up against Oleg Mordassov’s Ah4h. Missing both hands on a board of Jd9s9d3s5c, Mordassov’s ace-high is good enough to take the pot down.

Edwin Dela Cruz finishes in 33rd place.
Oleg Mordassov sits with a healthy 1.35 Million stack.

18:07: Park Jaehyun gets maximum boost
Level 20: 6,000-12,000 ante 12,000

Park Jaehyun 2
Park Jaehyun

With 140,000 in the middle, both Park Jaehyun and Rommel Angeles checked a flop of Kc5h3c. The turn 9c was checked again by Angeles as to which Park jammed his 360,000 stack in. Angeles made the call and the river 10s completed the board. Park tabled KsKh for the win, beating Angeles’ 9d9s for a full double up.

Park Jaehyun picks up the 860,000 pot.

17:58: Diana Tan scoops Lim Yan Ming’s remaining chips
Level 20: 6,000-12,000 ante 12,000

After losing a flip against Acain Henrieto Bonachita, Lim Yan Ming went with {a}Qc for his remaining 6.5 BB stack. Diana Tan made the call from the button with KdJd for a race. The board unfortunately for Lim, ran Jc3c9c6dKh, giving Tan the win and his opponent eliminated.

17:54: Acain Henrieto Bonachita leaves Lim Yan Ming with a short stack
Level 20: 6,000-12,000 ante 12,000

Acain Herrieto Bonachita 3
Acain Henrieto Bonachita

An all-in battle ensued on a board of 6s10s5s3hQc with Acain Henrieto Bonachita’s 7h7c holding against Lim Yan Ming’s AcJs. Bonachita chips up to 550,000 while opponent Lim drops down to a short stack of 80,000.

17:49: Lloyd Locsin crosses 1 million, Li Yakai eliminated
Level 20: 6,000-12,000 ante 12,000

Starting with an open from the button by Lloyd Locsin and a call from the small blind, big blind Li Yakai slammed his 15 BB stack through with Locsin defending his raise with As10s. Li revealed a monster holding KhKd but the board 10cQcAd9sAh fell on Locsin’s side. Locsin’s full boat wins the pot and sends Li out with a terrible bad beat.

Locsin reaches the 1 million mark.

17:42: Xiang Jason Toh Jing doubles up
Level 20: 6,000-12,000 ante 12,000

Xiang Jason 2 1
Xiang Jason Toh Jing

With pressure of the blinds increasing, Singapore’s Xiang Jason Toh Jing left no time to waste as he shoved his 157,000 stack against Timothy Nichols’ button open. Nichols, risking a quarter of his stack, made the call with QsJc. The board showed 9s3d5d5c9h, securing Xiang a full double up and another run for the trophy.

17:30: Break!
Level 19: 5,000-10,000 ante 10,000

Second break of the day sees 42 players remain in contention of the APPT Manila National title. All runners are now guaranteed a minimum payout of PHP 70,000.

16:54: Vamerdino Magsakay wins preflop war
Level 19: 5,000-10,000 ante 10,000

Vam Magsakay
Vamerdino Magsakay

Folded to Hyung Kim Tae on the lo-jack, the Korean national opened to 25,000. Lim Yan Ming three-bet to 70,000 from the cut-off and was met with a cold four-bet to 230,000 by Vamerdino Magsakay from the small blind. Both players threw their hands in the muck as Magsakay raked in all the dead money in the middle.

Vamerdino Magsakay closes in to 700,000 in chips.

16:43: Haraguchi Satoru loses flip to bust
Level 18: 4,000-8,000 ante 8,000

A crucial hand for the Japanese, Haraguchi Satoru needed to spike his overcards for his survival. Following an under the gun open from Lim Yan Ming and a call behind, Haraguchi pushed his 15 big blind stack in the middle with KhQs. Lim reshoved his 300,000 stack and tabled JcJd for a flip. The board ran 9dAc9c4h9s and sent Haraguchi out of the tournament.

Lim Yan Ming rises to half a million in chips.

56 players remain in the running.

16:40: Zhang Lei gets maximum value
Level 18: 4,000-8,000 ante 8,000

Zhang Lei
Zhang Lei

Kicking things off with an early open from Alvir Inocentes, Zhang Lei wasted no time and moved all-in for 190,000. Sitting right after, Seol Taek Su with a slightly bigger stack likewise pushed all his chips in the middle and Inocentes joined the battle. The board revealed 4d10s3dJh6c, giving Zhang no bad beats to claim the 586,000 pot.

Zhang AdAc
Seol AhKh
Inocentes QdQc

16:34: Vamerdino Magsakay breaks 500,000 mark
Level 18: 4,000-8,000 ante 8,000

A three-way all-in preflop ensued after Vamerdino Magsakay opened to 18,000 from under the gun. Player after him made the call and Hyun Jin Jung moved all-in with his 11 big blind stack. Mar David Rene on the big blind also called all-in with a smaller stack and Magsakay reshoved to keep it three-handed. The board ran Ac2c7s7c2s, leaving Magsakay with still, the best pair to beat.

Magsakay KcKs
Hyun 4s4h
Mar 6d6h

Vamerdino Magsakay sweeps the pot and soars to 550,000 in chips.

16:21: Hyung Kim Tae snags pot from Zhang Li Jun
Level 18: 4,000-8,000 ante 8,000

Heung Kim Tae 1
Hyung Kim Tae

Action was reported with roughly 150,000 in the middle and the board turned 8s9c6hAs. Zhang Li Jun on the big blind check-called Hyung Kim Tae’s 88,000 bet. The river Jd completed the board and Zhang once again checked his option. Hyung pushed all-in and Zhang answered with a muck. Hyung showed KsQs for a bluff.

Hyung Kim Tae sits with 750,000 in chips.

16:13: Lloyd Locsin chips up
Level 18: 4,000-8,000 ante 8,000

Lloyd Locsin 1
Lloyd Locsin

Entering as the Day chip leader, Lloyd Locsin managed to preserve his hefty stack and remain in top form. From the small blind, Locsin opened to 18,000 and was called by Jharome Pena on the big blind. The flop came 7cJd2d and Locsin fired a 27,000 continuation bet. Pena did not back down and both players went on to see the turn Kc. This time, Locsin pushed out a bigger bet of 65,000, leaving Pena to fold.

Lloyd Locsin chips up to 850,000 while Jharome Pena drops down to 10BB, 80,000.

15:54: Xu Qiang delivers money bubble
Level 17: 3,000-6,000 ante 6,000

Xu Qiang 3
Xu Qiang

With 79 making the money out of the 139 Day 2 qualifiers, it was Dexter Manapat who bubbled the PHP 58,000 minimum payout. Manapat risked his tournament life with AhQd after Xu Qiang opened from the lo-jack. Xu however, made the call with Qs5h and spiked a 5d on the board to claim the pot.

Xu Qiang packs in a 390,000 stack while Dexter Manapat exits in 80th place.

15:32: Joseph Antoi eliminated by Oleg Mordassov
Level 17: 3,000-6,000 ante 6,000

Oleg Mordassov 2
Oleg Mordassov

Hand began with Joseph Antoi opening to 16,000 from under the gun. Oleg Mordassov decided to come along from the small blind and both players saw a flop of Ac4c8d. Mordassov check-raised all-in right on the flop and Antoi made the call with AsKc. While a pretty good flop for his premium hand, Antoi was crushed to see his opponent’s flopped two-pair Ah8c. The turn and river delivered no changes and Antoi busted just a few places short of the money.

Oleg Mordassov rises to 640,000 in chips.

15:24: Rommel Angeles dusts Jinlong Hu
Level 17: 3,000-6,000 ante 6,000

A button vs. blind battle, Rommel Angeles took advantage of his position and opened to 15,000. Jinlong Hu defended his big blind with a three-bet to 40,000. Angeles answered with a four-bet to 95,000 which Hu found the call. The flop 2s4hKd hit both players evident by Hu’s check-call for 50,000. The turn showed Jc, Hu checked and Angeles pulled the all-in for his opponent’s remaining chips. Hu made the call and was left drawing thin after seeing Angeles’ AdKc. A 6c completed the board but showed no improvement for Hu’s Qc4c.

Rommel Angeles sits with a healthy 560,000 stack.

14:44: Lim Yan Ming wins cooler vs. Hara Mayu
Level 16: 2,000-5,000 ante 5,000

Lim Yan Ming 3
Lim Yan Ming

An early open from Lim Yan Ming, Hara Mayu moved all-in with premium hand AdQh. Lim made the call for a better AsKh. The board ran 4cJs8d4sKc and Mayu was left heading towards the exit.

Lim Yan Ming collects the pot, sits with 420,000 in chips.

14:39: Timothy Nichols scores another win
Level 16: 2,000-5,000 ante 5,000

Timothy Nichols
Timothy Nichols

After crushing Aces with his combo draw, Timothy Nichols was once again in the middle of the action. Facing an open from the cut-off to 12,000, Sam En Zhi Jereld on the small blind re-raised to 43,000. Nichols on the big blind, cold called Sam’s three-bet as to which the original raiser folded. The flop revealed Kc8c8h, forcing Sam immediately to give up after Nichols raised his continuation bet.

Timothy Nichols climbs to 450,000 in chips.

14:26: Timothy Nichols cripples Louis Bilodeau
Level 16: 2,000-5,000 ante 5,000

Action was caught with 100,000 in chips already in the middle by the river on a board of 5h2h9c8c7s. Louis Bilodeau on the small blind opted to check and Timothy Nichols took the chance to move all-in. Bilodeau found the call with AcAs which was no good against Nichols’ rivered straight Qh6h.

Louis Bilodeau drops down to 7,000.

14:14: Lester Edoc takes some off William Teoh 
Level 15: 2,000-4,000 ante 4,000

Lester Edoc 1
Lester Edoc

Another three-bet preflop situation, the hand began with an open from under the gun and Lester Edoc with a call from late position. Teoh on the big blind found a raise to 38,000 with only Edoc calling behind. The two saw a flop of 2d3s6s and Teoh fired a continuation bet of 25,000. Edoc called and the turn 7s completed a possible flush on board. Teoh check-folded after Edoc bet 47,000 on the turn.

Edoc picks up the pot and now sits with 360,000 in chips.

13:42: Back to back pots for Zhang Li Jun
Level 14: 1,500-3,000 ante 3,000

Zhang Li Jin 3
Zhang Li Jun

Riding her wave of fortune, Zhang Li Jun was found yet again collecting more chips. An open from early position, Young Shin Jo moved all-in with his short stack and was surprisingly met by another all-in from Zhang on the small blind. Young revealed Ah9s, dominated by Zhang’s AdKd. The board 6c7c2c5s3d was of no help to Young as he headed to the rails.

13:39: Zhang Li Jun picks up momentum
Level 14: 1,500-3,000 ante 3,000

Rick Jason Ambata
Rick Jason Ambata

Sitting on the hi-jack, Rick Jason Ambata opened the hand to 7,000 and was called by both small blind and Day 1B chip leader Zhang Li Jun on the big blind. The flop ran QdJd2s and Zhang led out a small bet of 6,000 which was called by both players. The turn came Kc and was checked by both players on the blinds. Ambata fired a bet of 18,000 and was called only by Zhang. The river Qc was enough for Zhang to lead out a sizable 30,000 bet. Ambata made the call only to see Zhang’s Qh4s for the win.

Zhang Li Jun rises to 580,000 while Rick Jason Ambata is left with 11BB, 34,000.

13:30: William Teoh sends Yan Ke packing
Level 14: 1,500-3,000 ante 3,000

William Teoh
William Teoh

Action began from a raise under the gun, followed by a call from William Teoh on the button. Yan Ke on the small blind found a three-bet to 23,000. Original raiser folded and Teoh made the call. Flop came Js4c2d and Yan proceeded with a check-raise to 74,000. Teoh moved all-in and Yan happily made the call with the nuts. Teoh showed 2c2s, way behind Yan’s top set with JhJd. The turn 2h however, put Teoh in the lead after pulling the one outer. A Kc completed the board and Yan unfortunately packing.

Teoh survives with 350,000 in chips.

13:15: Sergei Kochergin crushes with Aces
Level 14: 1,500-3,000 ante 3,000

Sergei Kochergin 3
Sergei Kochergin

From under the gun, Sergei Kochergin was looking for action after raising to 7,000 with AhAs. Kochergin got exactly that after a player from lo-jack called and a three-bet from Jester Initia on the small blind. Kochergin pushed a four-bet to 57,000, forcing a fold from lo-jack and a call from Initia for the rest of his chips. Pair vs pair, Initia revealed JsJh which was no good against Kochergin’s Aces on board 8c9c7dJdAh.

Sergei Kochergin bumps up to a 190,000 stack.

13:06: Zhang Li Jun delivers first bust
Level 14: 1,500-3,000 ante 3,000

Beginning with an open to 7,000 from the cut-off, Zhang Li Jun called off Ko Taekbeom’s 14 BB shove from the big blind with AhKs. Ko tabled 7h3c. The board ran 9cQc2sAd9d giving Zhang top pair, enough to send Ko out on the first level.

Zhang Li Jun rises to 530,000 in chips.

13:00: APPT Manila National Day 2 begins
Level 14: 1,500-3,000 ante 3,000

Cards are in the air, Good luck to all the players! ITM at 79 players for a minimum payout of PHP 58,000 (~USD 1,057).

Trophy 30

Another guarantee crushing event, this year’s Asia Pacific Poker Tour (APPT) Manila National tournament is on its way through Day 2 at Okada, Manila after having concluded three starting flights on schedule. From an advertised guaranteed pot of PHP 5,000,000 (~USD 91,000),  the generated prize pool has grown over three times in value amounting to a massive PHP 17,171,930 (~USD 312,705).

Only 139 players return today, July 31st out of a 558-entry field, led by Day 1A chip leader Lloyd Locsin with a humongous 192 big blind stack of 578,000 in chips. All players will receive four 30 second time banks with an additional four for those who make it to the Final Day. Today’s Day 2 plays down to the final table.

Top three payouts as listed:

1st – PHP 3,374,690 (~USD 61,534)
2nd – PHP 2,045,000 (~USD 37,288)
3rd – PHP 1,464,000 (~USD 26,694)

Tune in to Somuchpoker for live updates, Day 2 action begins at 13:00.

Buy in: PHP 35,000 (~USD 635)
Guarantee: PHP 5,000,000 (~USD 91,000)
Entries: 558
Prize pool: PHP 17,171,930 (~USD 312,705)
Day 2 qualifiers: 139 players
ITM: 79 players

Day 1 results

Day 1A: 130 entries / 22 advanced
Day 1B: 257 entries / 54 advanced
Day 1C: 171 entries / 63 advanced

APPT Manila National – Chip Counts

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