APPT Manila Main Event – Day 1A – Live Updates


22:40: Day 1A concludes 13 levels of play

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Ten hours in and 91 players can now call it a day as they return to the felt on Saturday, August 5 for Day 2. Canada’s Oleg Alex Kaminski leads the pack with 426,000 in chips.

Day 1B and Day 1C flights will play through tomorrow at 13:00 and 20:00 respectively.

22:37: Oleg Alex Kaminski soars to the top
Level 13: 1,000 – 2,500 ante 2,500

Oleg Alex Kaminski

Kicking things off with an early open to 5,550, Oleg Alex Kaminski was met with a call and a three-bet all-in to 66,500 from Haruta Takuo. Kaminski makes the call with 9c9h and is heads up against Takuo’s 3c3s. The board ran dry, Kaminski takes the cake and eliminates Takuo in the process.

Oleg Alex Kaminski sits atop with 426,000 in chips.

22:26: William Lim takes a chunk off Lloyd Locsin
Level 13: 1,000 – 2,500 ante 2,500

William Lim
William Lim

A pot of 34,000 was already brewing once action was spotted. On a flop of 10s3c7s, Lloyd Locsin from the small blind led out a bet of 19,000 and called off to William Lim’s shove for 50,000 total. Lim shows Kc9c and Locsin with a queen-high flush draw Qs9s. Turn and river reveal 3d10d with Lim’s king-high good enough for the win.

William Lim scoops up the pot and rises to 135,000 in chips.

22:01: Masayuki Segawa turns the nuts
Level 12: 1,000 – 2,000 ante 2,000

Batsukh 2
Batsukh Myagmardorj

Beginning with an open from the hi-jack and a call behind from Batsukh Myagmardorj, Masayuki Segawa fired a three-bet from the big blind to 15,000. Original raiser folded and Myagmardorj called once more. Flop came Js10d7s and Segawa check-called a 16,000 bet from Myagmardorj. The turn Kd saw Segawa push all-in for his remaining 26,500, called by Myagmardorj. Qh fills the river and Segawa’s nut straight AsQc takes the win.

Myagmardorj QsJc

Masayuki Segawa bumps up to 122,500 in chips.

21:43: Easy double for Youn Young
Level 12: 1,000 – 2,000 ante 2,000

Youn Young started things off with a limp from under the gun off of a 12 BB stack. Oleg Alex Kaminski followed it with a raise to 7,000, called by the cut-off. Young jammed all-in for 24,000 total, and another all-in from Kaminski for 65,000 total. Cut-off folds and the two run the board 9d7d3d5hQs.

Young KcKh
Kaminski JsJd

Young takes the pot for his better pair and is up to 60,000 in chips.

21:32: Mike Takayama eliminated by Oleg Alex Kaminski
Level 12: 1,000 – 2,000 ante 2,000

On this hand, all the chips were in the middle preflop starting with an open from Oleg Alex Kaminski to a three-bet from Mike Takayama, a four-bet jam and a call. Kaminski tabled AhQs dominating Takayama’s As5s. The board Qc7s6c3d8h offered no help to Takayama, sending him out one level away from Day 2.

Oleg Alex Kaminski soars to 400,000 in chips.

21:21: Kejie Ye doubles through Archie Mariano
Level 11: 1,000 – 1,500 ante 1,500

Kejie Ye
Kejie Ye

On a flop of 10dJc8c and 14,500 in the middle, Kejie Ye check-raised all-in to 32,500 after Archie Mariano fired a flop bet of 6,000. Mariano made the call and cards were turned, Mariano with QsJh and Ye with Kd9d. Whilst Mariano was ahead, Ye’s open ended straight draw hit right on the turn 7c. The river 3s sealed the win for Ye as he doubled up to 81,500.

Archie Mariano slips down to 110,000 in chips.

21:13: Lee Hong Cheong catches bluff
Level 11: 1,000 – 1,500 ante 1,500

Action was spotted on the river with 26,500 already in the middle. On a board of 10c7h5cAh5h, Lee Hon Cheong from under the gun check-called an 11,000 bet from Sebastian Guimaraes to get to showdown. Guimaraes showed a busted straight draw with 8c9h, and Lee with Ac3d for two pair.

Lee Hon Cheong chips up to 65,000.

20:40: Registration is closed
Level 11: 1,000 – 1,500 ante 1,500

Day 1A registration is closed with a total of 396 entries recorded for the first flight of the APPT Manila Main Event. Generated prize pool is currently listed at PHP 22,641,255. Two more flights Day 1B and Day 1C are scheduled for tomorrow, August 4th.

20:30: John Tech runs into aces
Level 10: 600 – 1,200 ante 1,200

A late open and a three-bet to 6,500 from Lloyd Locsin, John Tech on the small blind reshoved all-in for 40,000 total with AhJh, called by Locsin with AsAc. Easy win for Locsin as the flop gave him top set, improved to full house by the turn. Locsin takes the pot, dusting his opponent in turn.

Lloyd Locsin climbs to 82,500.

20:20: Jharome Pena builds a stack
Level 10: 600 – 1,200 ante 1,200

Jharome Pena 2
Jharome Pena

A healthy 50,000 pot was already built by the time small blind Jharome Pena and big blind Shin Hyeonho arrived at the river. Pena pushed a final bet of 25,800 enough to convince Shin to fold.

Jharome Pena rises to 190,000 in chips.

20:13: Waki Yasuhiro bricks the river
Level 10: 600 – 1,200 ante 1,200

A 12,000 pot was already brewing prior to the turn. On a board of 4s10c5s3d, all the chips were stacked in the middle with big blind Waki Yasuhiro at risk with 2d4d. Running an eight outer against Yaichi Sumida’s AdAc, the river Qh was certainly not one of them, thus eliminating Yasuhiro from today’s qualifier.
Yaichi Sumida takes down the pot and stacks 85,000 high.

19:44: Kao Sze Ngai delivers elimination
Level 9: 600 – 1,200 ante 1,200

Kao Sze Ngai
Kao Sze Ngai

An open-jam from the button for 18,000, Chua Teck Heng was in deep trouble after his AsJs shove was called by Kao Sze Ngai with AcAd. The flop Ks6s6c gave Chua some hope with a flush draw but a 3h8d on the turn and river unfortunately left him packing.

Kao Sze Ngai sits comfortably with 250,000 in chips.

19:34: Archie Mariano suffers bad beat 
Level 9: 600 – 1,200 ante 1,200

Kaoru Kishimoto

Starting with an open from Kaoru Kishimoto from under the gun, Archie Mariano pushed a three-bet to 9,700 from the small blind. Kishimoto clicked back to 23,500 and Mariano slammed in for the rest. With a final call from Kishimoto, the board peeled 10h3d10sQsJs, pulling one of Kishimoto’s two outs.

Kishimoto QdQc
Mariano KcKd

Kaoru Kishimoto claims the 150,000 pot as Archie Mariano swings back to 30,000.

19:22: Jinlong Hu secures a triple up
Level 9: 600 – 1,200 ante 1,200

Jinlong Hu
Jinlong Hu

Up against an open from the cut-off from Karl Edoria, Jinlong Hu slammed his 16,800 stack and was called by both Pranz Higi Sevilleno from the small blind and Edoria. Board ran Ks7d8h3cKc with no action from both players on either street. Hu shows Ah8s for two pair and a sweet triple up.

Edoria Jd9d
Sevilleno AsQh

Jinlong Hu jumps to 52,800 in chips.

19:13: No showdown for Mike Takayama 
Level 9: 600 – 1,200 ante 1,200

Mike Takayama 1
Mike Takayama

With 17,000 in the pot, action saw Mike Takayama check-raise from under the gun a turn of Qc6h10h2s to 29,000. Tomita Tetsuro on the cut-off called the raise and peeled a 4c for the river. Takayama moved all-in, pushing Tomita to throw his hand in the muck.

Mike Takayama surges to 110,000 in chips.

19:10: Segawa Masayuki crushes with kings
Level 8: 500 – 1,000 ante 1,000

Segawa Masayuki
Segawa Masayuki

Action began with a limp from under the gun, hi-jack raised to 3,000, and Segawa Masayuki called from the small blind. Back to the limper, he raised all-in to 16,300 total. Original raiser folds and Segawa makes the call. Board ran 8dJs5hJd9s and Segawa scoops up the pot with KcKh.

Segawa Masayuki piles a stack of 95,000.

19:03: Mike Takayama doubles through Miyoung Cho
Level 8: 500 – 1,000 ante 1,000

Super high roller champion Mike Takayama was seen raking in a 70,000 pot after showing down KcJs on a board of Ks4hKd4d3d. Takayama collects a full double up for his full house, leaving opponent Miyoung Cho down to 50,000.

Mike Takayama soars to 70,000 in chips.

18:41: Kim Hyungwoon heads for the exit
Level 8: 500 – 1,000 ante 1,000

Lee Gyuhyuk
Lee Gyuhyuk

Following a triple up in the previous hand, Kim Hyungwoon re-jammed all-in for 12,100 with AhQs after a short stack from under the gun had his chips in the middle KsJd. Small blind found a call with KdJh as Lee Gyuhyuk right after pushed all-in for 18,000 total. With the four way in tow, the board ran 6c8h10h2d4h and Lee sweeped the pot as he tabled the best hand KcKh.

Lee Gyuhyuk rises to 54,500 in chips.

18:35: Two all-ins, no bust
Level 8: 500 – 1,000 ante 1,000

Two short stack all-ins by Lee Gyuhyuk – 13,000 and Kim Hyungwoon – 3,200, called by Tetsuya Tsujisaka. Board shows 2h3c3s7sAc for no busts this round.

Lee 9h9d
Kim AhQd
Tetsuya QcJs

Kim Hyungwoon triples up to 12,100 while Lee Gyuhyuk claims 18,000 side pot.

18:35: PHP 20,000,000 guarantee crushed!
Level 8: 500 – 1,000 ante 1,000

A total of 372 entries have already registered bringing the pot over to PHP 21,165,885 at just Day 1A Level 8!

18:23: Tan Joshua Kai En flops full house
Level 7: 400 – 800 ante 800

joshua tan 1
Joshua Tan

With 19,000 already in the middle, the board 10h7s10cJc5s saw Gerges Kyrillos check-call a 13,600 all-in by the river. His opponent, Tan Joshua Kai En reveals 7h7c for a flopped full house and a full double up.

Tan Joshua Kai En takes the 46,000 pot leaving Gerges Kyrillos still with a healthy 100,000 in chips.

18:01: Tetsuya Tsujisaka saved by river
Level 7: 400 – 800 ante 800

Beginning with an open to 2,000, Yamamoto Daisuke from the hi-jack found a three-bet to 5,800. Tetsuya Tsujisaka on the button cold called as the original raiser folded. Flop came 9sJs10d. Yamamoto continued with a bet of 4,300, Tetsuya jammed all-in from behind and Yamamoto made the call. Yamamoto ahead with KcKd against Tetsuya’s KhJd. The runout 10cQd however, gave both players a king-high straight for a chop.

Tetsuya Tsujisaka maintains 40,000 in chips.

17:07: Haruto Takuo clips some off of Tan Kwang Chung
Level 6: 300 – 600 ante 600

Tan Kwang Chung 2
Tan Kwang Chung

Action began with an open from the lo-jack to 1,300 and was met with a three-bet from Tan Kwang Chung to 3,600 from the cut-off. Haruto Takuo joined in with a call from the button, leaving the original raiser to fold. Flop came 8hJsQs and Tan continued with a 4,000 bet. Takuo raised to 14,000, called by Tan. Turn saw a Jh, Tan checked and Takuo fired another 15,000. Tan makes the fold and moves on to the next hand.

Haruto Takuo bumps up to 65,000 in chips.

16:56: Hori Masaki hits the nuts
Level 6: 300 – 600 ante 600

Fighting for 5,000 in the middle on a flop of JsQc9d, player on small blind moved all-in for 10,000 and was called by Hori Masaki on the button with AhKs. Opponent was way ahead with top two pair QsJh but was immediately crushed when the turn 10s gave Hori the nut straight. River was of no help as Hori raked in the pot.

Hori Masaki recovers to 26,000 in chips.

16:51: Aces for Archie Mariano
Level 6: 300 – 600 ante 600

Archie 2 1
Archie Mariano

An early open from Archi Mariano, two players from behind came along to see a flop of 5d8dQs. Checked to Shinagawa Kei on the button, he bets 3,000, called by Mariano. Turn saw Qd and Mariano once again check-calls a 6,500 bet from Shinagawa. River 4h goes check-check and Mariano shows AcAs for the win.

Archie Mariano packs in 70,000 in chips.

16:45: Park Taewook dusts opponent
Level 6: 300 – 600 ante 600

Facing an open-jam of 10,000 from under the gun, Park Taewook made the call from the big blind with 8c8d. Opponent showed AsJd for a flip, revealing a board of Ks8sAd9h10d.

Set of eights wins the hand and Park shoots up to 47,000.

16:43: PHP 18 Million pot with late reg still open for Day 1A
Level 6: 300 – 600 ante 600

Only four hours in and already 328 entries have been recorded. Day 1A set to conclude after 13 levels of play.

16:23: Kao Sze Ngai responsible for double elimination
Level 5: 200 – 500 ante 500

Kao Sze Ngai
Kao Sze Ngai

Fighting for 15,000 in the middle, a three way all-in was seen on a flop of JcKh10c. Kao Sze Ngai who covered both his opponents, revealed AhKd, utterly behind two sets Tens and Jacks. Kao however, spiked a runner-runner full house AdKs for the win.

Kao Sze Ngai soars to 150,000 in chips.

16:20: Akihiko Hasumi rivers boat
Level 5: 200 – 500 ante 500

A 15,500 pot was already brewing in the middle when action on the flop 8cQhKs was reported. Terry Gonzaga on the big blind was seen leading out a bet of 6,000 against Akihiko Hasumi from under the gun. Hasumi pushed back with an all-in for 13,100, followed by a call from Gonzaga. Hasumi tables AdQs, ahead of Gonzaga’s AsJc. The runout saw QdAc complete the board, giving Hasumi a full boat queens over aces.

Akihiko Hasumi collects the pot and is up to 41,700 in chips.

16:15: Satoshi Sugimoto crushed by Aces
Level 5: 200 – 500 ante 500

Drobin Llia

Another all-in preflop situation was seen, this time with Drobin Llia’s AcAh against Satoshi Sugimoto’s AsKh. The board 4s2d9dJh9h gave Drobin no sweat as he raked in all his opponent’s chips.

Drobin Llia’s stack is boosted to 73,000 as Satoshi Sugimoto hits the rails.

16:07: Hisashi Yamanouchi reaches 100K mark
Level 5: 200 – 500 ante 500

Hisashi Yamanouchi

All the chips were found in the middle preflop with Hisashi Yamanouchi at risk with JcJd up against Takeshi’s AsAh. Lucky for Yamanouchi, his two outer appeared on board 2d2h5cJs7c, crushing Takeshi ultimately. Yamanouchi scoops up the 100,000 pot, leaving Takeshi with 18,000 behind.

15:54: Nishio Masato scores a double up
Level 4: 200 – 400 ante 400

Nishio Masato
Nishio Masato

A blind vs blind battle, a pot of 8,200 was already generated on a board of 5s10c4d6d. Nagy Andres on the small blind bet 2,200 and was raised all-in to 20,700 by Nishio Masato. Nagy found the call with top pair Jc10d, drawing dead against Nishio’s set 5h5c.

Nishio Masato surges to 46,000 in chips while Nagy Andres drops to 11,000.

15:37: Tan Kwang Chung delivers bust
Level 4: 200 – 400 ante 400

25 big blinds was already in the middle by the turn Qc6d8h6c. Tan Kwang Chung on the early position, check-raised to 12,000. Player on hi-jack makes the call and the 2h appears on the river. Tan jammed for his opponent’s remaining chips with the latter making the call with AdAc. Tan reveals a full boat 8c8s eights over sixes for the win.

Tan Kwang Chung builds up to 75,000 in chips.

14:59: Ryosuke Yamazaki gets there on the river
Level 3: 100 – 300 ante 300

Action was spotted with 14,000 already in the pot on a board of 9c3s8d5c10s. The river saw all the chips in the middle with Ryosuke Yamazaki at risk. Lucky for him his straight 7hJh turned out good against Eugene Tito’s set 3d3h.

Ryosuke Yamazaki doubles to 40,000 in chips.

14:47: Farboud Feridoun wins bluff vs bluff
Level 3: 100 – 300 ante 300

Farbound 3
Farboud Feridoun

Battling for 9,000 in the middle, the board faced up 5c4s7c7hJc and saw Yu Yuanning throw in a pot sized bet. Farboud Feridoun from behind, answered with an all-in for 37,000 total. Yu makes the fold and reveals 10c8c. Feridoun returns the favor and shows Ac8s air.

Farboud Feridoun up to 55,000 in chips.

14:42: Max Menzel wins preflop battle
Level 3: 100 – 300 ante 300

Action began with Yuki Nakada raising from under the gun to 1,000. Lee Jaehyeon on the small blind found a small three-bet to 1,800. Max Menzel four-bet to a larger 5,600, leaving both players to make a fold.

Max Menzel picks up the dead money and sits with 32,000 in chips.

14:38: Lloyd Locsin spotted on the felt
Level 3: 100 – 300 ante 300

Lloyd Locsin 3
Lloyd Locsin

A pot of 2,800 was already in the middle by the flop 7hAc10h. Lloyd Locsin on the big blind threw in an overbet of 3,500 and was raised by Zhigang Chen to 8,500 from under the gun. Locsin makes the call and proceeds to check the turn 8h. Chen checks behind, leaving both to see the river 6c. Locsin bet 8,000, enough for Chen to fold.

Lloyd Locsin collects the pot and piles a stack of 40,000 chips high.

14:27: Narangerel Temuujin crippled
Level 2: 100 – 200 ante 200

A huge pot of 25,000 in the middle was seen on board 10cAd2c5d2d. Nguyen Duy Tung on the big blind moved all-in by the river for 15,700 total. Narangerel Temuujin on the button made the call and threw his hand in the muck after seeing Nguyen’s Ace-King.

Nguyen Duy Tung climbs to 56,000 in chips while Narangerel Temuujin diminishes to 2,000.

14:24: Set good for Haney Daryanani
Level 2: 100 – 200 ante 200

Heavy preflop action ensued with 5,600 already in the pot by the flop 4d2h10d. Masato Nishio on the small blind led out a bet only to be raised by Haney Daryanani behind to 6,000. Nishio called and moved on to turn 3d which both players checked round. A  fourth diamond Jd completed the board and Nishio pushed out a 6,000 bet. Daryanani makes the call and sees his opponent’s 4hQh. Daryanani reveals JcJh as the winning hand.

Haney Daryanani picks up the pot and sits with 35,000 in chips.

14:17: Miyoung Cho on the rise
Level 2: 100 – 200 ante 200

Miyoung Cho
Miyoung Cho

Fighting for 8,000 in the middle, a button vs big blind battle was happening with Miyoung Cho and Yudai Akisada on a flop of 6d4c2h. Action was seen on Akisada with a check-call for 4,000. Both players checked the turn 2s and saw a 9c for the river. Akisada led out a 15,000 bet, pushing Cho to move all-in for 50,000 total. Akisada gives up the fight and makes the fold.

Miyoung Cho rises to 81,000 in chips.

14:11: John Tech loses a third of his stack
Level 2: 100 – 200 ante 200

John Tech 2
John Tech

With deep stacks at this stage, John Tech on the big blind and Lemmor Patuby on the hi-jack had already built a sizable 13,000 pot by the river. The board saw 3cJd6s3hAh with Tech leading out a 5,100 bet. Not much bluffs on this spot, Tech folded to a 16,700 raise from Patuby and showed 3d. Patuby in turn, showed Jc while raking in the pot.

Lemmor Patuby steps up to 46,000 in chips.

13:07: Action begins!
Level 1: 100 – 100 ante 100

Cards are in the air! Players get a starting stack of 30,000 with blinds increasing every 40 minutes.

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Today marks the beginning of the much awaited Asia Pacific Poker Tour (APPT) Manila Main Event at Okada, Manila, Philippines! A total of three starting flights will play through for the Main Event, two of which are scheduled for tomorrow. Buy in is set at PHP 65,000 (~USD 1,174) for a guaranteed prize pool of PHP 20,000,000 (~USD 361,366). Action will start at 13:00, good luck to all the players!

APPT Manila Main Event

Dates: August 3-6, 2023
Buy in: PHP 65,000 (~USD 1,174)
Guarantee: PHP 20,000,000 (~USD 361,366)

Start Time: 13:00
Starting stack: 30,000

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