APPT Manila Kick-Off – Live Updates – Day 1B and Day 1C

APPT Manila Kick-Off – Live Updates – Day 1B and Day 1C

appt kickoff day1b

Buy in: PHP 20,000 (~USD 365)
Guarantee: PHP 3,000,000 (~USD 55,000)
Starting stack: 30,000
Level intervals: 30 minutes
Reg close: 6:20pm
Bagging time: ITM of 15% of the field
Day 1A: 183 (148 unique, 35 re-entry) / 28 advanced
Day 1B: 226 entries / 34 advanced
Day 1C: 180 entries / 27 advanced


APPT Kick-Off Day 1C closes with Rommel Angeles bagging a massive 720,000 stack

rommel angeles
Rommel Angeles

The final entry flight of APPT Manila Kick-Off also drew a sizable field with 180 hitting the felt and 27 players advancing to the next round. The fast paced turbo edition was an easy haul for decorated local player Rommel Angeles who bagged up an astounding 720,000 stack. This was well beyond the previous flight front runners to seize the top spot entering Day 2. To get Angeles there, just before the bubble round he banked a double knockout with KhKc dusting JsJh and 7d7h.

APPT Kick-Off Day 1B closes with Euryd Rivera as chip leader; 34 players advance

euryd rivera
Euryd Rivera

Day 1B of APPT Manila’s Kick-Off event wrapped up with the 226 entry field down to 34 ITM players led by Filipino cash game player Euryd Rivera with 418,000 (52 bb).

Day 1B – Live Updates
Entries: 226
Chips in play: 6,780,000
End of day: 34 players (ITM)

22:33: Bubble round: Duhan Lee bubbles
Level 18: 4000-8000 ante 8000

bubble 4

Several hands prior to the bubble round, Duhan Lee lost a majority of his stack to Euryd Rivera to drop to 10,000. During the bubble round he proceeded to lose the rest of it to Rivera who shoved with KhKd. Big blind Lee turned over 10d9d. When the flop ran 8hJhAd there was hope for a double with an open ended but it fizzled out on the turn 2d and river 2h.

Euryd Rivera – 418,000

22:28: Bubble round: Liao Po Hsun doubles up
Level 18: 4000-8000 ante 8000

35 players remaining, it is bubble time. First all in call during the bubble round is Edwin Dela Cruz AdKd putting Liao Po Hsun JhJc at risk. With the board running 2h4s3s9hQc, Liao survives for a double up.

22:15: Edwin Dela Cruz gets lucky
Level 18: 4000-8000 ante 8000

edwin dela cruz
Edwin Dela Cruz

Action folds to the small blind who raises to 30,000, big blind Edwin Dela Cruz three-bet jams, small blind calls and is ahead KhJh against Dela Cruz’s Kd4d. With the board felting 10dKc9h4c3c, Dela Cruz improves to two pair to win the pot and send one out.

Edwin Dela Cruz – 350,000

22:03: Chulwoo Park vs Valeriy Park
Level 17: 3000-6000 ante 6000

By the turn As7s[3d}4d, a huge pot of 160,000 was already in the middle, lojack Chulwoo Park bet 100,000, button Valeriy Pak tank-folded.

Chulwoo Park – 300,000
Valeriy Pak – 330,000

22:00: Tom Lamb spikes two-outer
Level 17: 3000-6000 ante 6000

tom lamb
Tom Lamb

Action opens with utg limping in, lojack raises to 21,000, hijack Tom Lamb three-bet jams, utg folds, lojack calls and shows AsAc. Lamb is behind with 10c10s however with the board running 8s6s3d10dJh, Lamb spikes the two-outer to skyrocket while lojack’s rockets plunge.

Tom Lamb – 270,000

21:45: Cooler sends Yoshiki Maru soaring
Level 17: 3000-6000 ante 6000

Heavy betting preflop leads to two players all in, Yoshiki Maru is way ahead with AhAs against a player with KsKh. The board runs ten-high for a double up to Yoshiki.

Yoshiki Maru – 250,000

21:30: Park Chulwoo avoids the rail with lucky river
Level 16: 2000-5000 ante 5000

Under the gun Park Chulwoo raises to 11,000 and is called by the blinds. The flop is Kc3hQd, Park c-bets 20,000, blinds both check-call. On the turn 4c, Park shoves, small blind folds, big blind Rodrigo Medina calls. Park has AsAd and is far behind Medina’s 3s3d set. To everyone’s shock, the river comes Ah for a higher set to Park and a double up.

Park Chulwoo – 200,000
Rodrigo Medina – 240,000

21:25: Duhan Lee doubles up with cowboys
Level 16: 2000-5000 ante 5000

Duhan Lee three-bet jams with KsKh and finds one caller with KcJc. The board runs 9cJdAd5c2h for kings to stand firm.

Duhan Lee – 110,000

19:35: Li Oleg with the higher flush against Tech
Level 13: 1000-2500 ante 25000

li oleg
Li Oleg

Li Oleg and John Tech vie for a pot of 36,000 with a board that completed to Ks7hAd6h8h. Big blind Tech check-raised from 18,000 to make it 62,000 to go, lojack Oleg three-bet shoved. Tech called and showed 5h3h flush. Oleg had the better flush Jh10h.

Li Oleg – 260,000
John Tech – 35,000

18:30: Day 1B registration closes at 226 entries
Level 11: 1000-1500 ante 1500

That’s it! Day 1B registration closed with 226 entries. The total entries is 406 with one more flight to go. The remaining players of Day 1B now race for a spot in Day 2 which also guarantees a piece of the bloated pot. 34 players will advance in this flight.

18:13: John Niko Costiniano pushes for the pot
Level 10: 600-1200 ante 1200

On a flop 2s7s5c and 16,000 in the middle, small blind Lloyd Locsin bets 6500 and John Niko Costiniano calls. On the turn Ac, Locsin sends out 11,900, this time Costiniano responds with a shove, Locsin opts to fold.

John Niko Costiniano – 60,000
Lloyd Locsin – 55,000

18:03: John Philip Baider doubles up 
Level 10: 600-1200 ante 1200

All in preflop, John Philip Baider with AdQs dominates QdJh. With the board running As9dKhJs6d, it’s a double up for Baider to 21,000.

17:55: Lucky river for Hoshi Yuya
Level 10: 600-1200 ante 1200

On a turn board Ad6h2d3s with 29,000 in the pot, big blind Pangsrivinji Matupho and Hoshi Yuya are all in. Pangsrivinji dominates with AsKc, Yuya with AcQs, the river comes Qc for a lucky pair to Yuya to survive and double up.

Hoshi Yuya – 70,000
Pangsrivinji Matupho – 30,000

17:20: Hoshi Yuya doubles through Almusajin
Level 9: 600-1200 ante 1200

All in preflop, Mark Almusajin 9h10d, Hoshi Yuya As[10c}, the board runs Jd7c5c2d4d. No hits for either, Yuya doubles up.

Hoshi Yuya – 32,000
Mark Almusajin – 75,000

17:33: Set for the win for David Erquiaga 
Level 9: 600-1200 ante 1200

david erquiaga 2
David Erquiaga

Four players in on a raised pot preflop, the cards come 2s6d4s. David Erquiaga bets 10,000 then faces a shove, two players fold, Erquiaga calls and is ahead 4h4d set against As3s flush draw. The turn 10s grants the flush but the river 6c bounces the best spread back to Erquiaga to send one packing.

David Erquiaga – 320,000

17:25: Down and up for Hongo Kanata
Level 9: 600-1200 ante 1200

hongo kanata
Hongo Kanata

Back to back hands for Hongo Kanata. The first sees a flop 3h5c8c and 7800 in the pot, utg Moo Suk bets 4500, big blind Hongo Kanata check-raises to 13,000, Suk calls. More bets land on the turn Ks with Hongo betting 8000 then calling Suk’s raise to 16,000. On the river Kc, Hongo bets 26,000, Suk calls, Hongo has 8h9s and loses to Suk’s Ac7c flush.

The next hand, Hongo recovers some chips by railing a player. Hongo’s QhQc improves to a full house on a board 8s8h7sQd3d to oust Ac[8c} trips.

Hongo Kanata – 50,000
Moo Suk – 110,000

17:17: 211 entries
Level 9: 600-1200 ante 1200

211 entries so far for Day 1B with two levels of late reg yet to complete. Closing in one hour.

17:15: Mark Almusajin with higher pair chips up to 100 bb
Level 8: 500-1000 ante 1000

Mark Almusajin raises frum utg to 2500, hijack three-bets to 5000, big blind calls and Almusajin joins for a three-way to the flop 8hQs9c. All check, the turn comes 9d. Big blind leads out 10,000, Almusajin calls, hijack folds, river is 2s. Both players opt to check. Big blind has 10h10d, Almusajin claims the pot with QhJh higher pair.

Mark Almusajin – 100,000

17:06: Hanna Azimai with a strong check-raise
Level 8: 500-1000 ante 1000

hanna azimai 2 1
Hanna Azimai

Two players boost the pot to 19,000 and see the cards fan out 3h5d6d. Small blind Hanna Azimai check-raises all in, big blind Kubota Takuya tank-folds, giving up the pot and 10,000 bet.

Hanna Azimai – 60,000
Kubota Takuya – 32,000

17:02: Iso Takuma dominates to send one packing
Level 8: 500-1000 ante 1000

Under the gun shoves, cutoff Iso Takuma calls and dominates AdQh over Ah5c. The board runs out 4s10d8s9s8h. Takuma ships it and sends one packing.

Iso Takuma – 270,000

16:55: 206 entries
Level 8: 500-1000 ante 1000

Day 1B has breached 200 with 206 entries confirmed.

16:39: Ko Taekbeom wins the flip to boot one
Level 7: 500-1000 ante 1000

Ko Taekbeom calls a player’s preflop shove with AsJs. At risk player has 10c10d. The board runs 5d[4c}5sJdQs for a higher pair spiked by Ko.

Ko Taekbeom – 170,000

16:33: Pangsrivinji Matupho chips up
Level 7: 500-1000 ante 1000

On a turn board 7dJs10hKd and 16,000 in the pot, big blind Pangsrivinji Matupho bets half pot and is called. On the river 8h, Pangsrivinji bet a larger 14,000 and is called once more. Pangsrivinji shows Kh9s straight.

Pangsrivinji Matupho – 65,000

16:29: Roque Lima boots one
Level 7: 500-1000 ante 1000

roque lima
Roque Lima

All in preflop by a cutoff short stack with 6d8s, big blnd Roque Lima calls with As9c. Already ahead, Lima improves further when both his cards pair up to score a knockout.

Roque Lima – 40,000

16:22: John Clyde Tan jams the river
Level 7: 500-1000 ante 1000

On a flop 6c2s8s with 8000 in the middle, John Clyde Tan bets 3000 then calls a raise to 6000. The turn 9c is checked, Tan shoves on the 5s river, no challenge to win the pot.

John Clyde Tan – 37,000

16:20: 194 entries
Level 7: 500-1000 ante 1000

Day 1B has officially surpassed Day 1A’s 183 entries with 194 up on the screens. There is still four levels of late reg to complete, closing at 6:20 pm.

16:16: Michael Concepcion turns the flush
Level 6: 400-800 ante 800

With 15,000 in the pot and a flop QdQc3d, big blind goes all in with JcJh and lojack Michael Concepcion calls with KdJd draw. The turn 5d grants the flush, and with the river Ah, Concepcion eliminates a player.

Michael Concepcion – 45,000

16:09: Chierro De Leon with the better spread
Level 6: 400-800 ante 800

chierro de leon
Chierro De Leon

All in on the river 5sKh8d4cQc and 50,000 in the pot, Edilberto Gopez has a strong 8c8s set but still pays Chierro De Leon’s 6s7s straigbt.

16:06: More aces show up, Danilo Ola triples up
Level 6: 400-800 ante 800

Preflop action opens with a cutofff 2000 raise, small blind Danilo Ola three bets all in, big blind and cutoff call. The callers check down the board 5hQd9c5d6s. Ola opens AhAc and scores a triple.

Danilo Ola – 30,000

16:00: Cooler boosts Louis Bilodeau
Level 6: 400-800 ante 800

Louis Bilodeau wakes up wih AcAd and eliminates a player with AsKh. All in preflop, the board runs out 3cQs6s9c10s.

Louis Bilodeau – 47,000

15:55: Robin Gomes sweeps the three-way
Level 6: 400-800 ante 800

robin gomes

Three way shove, utg Robin Gomes AcQh, hijack AhKs, small blind KhJd. The board runs Qd2s5s6c5c, Gomes sweeps.

Robin Gomes – 80,000

15:51: Trips for Kang Byeong Hoon 
Level 6: 400-800 ante 800

On a board 9cJhQcJs2h and 30,000 in the pot, small blind bets 17,000, hijack Kang Byeong Hoon calls. Sb has KcQd two pair, Kang wins it with KsJc trips.

Kang Byeong Hoon – 70,000

15:45: 170 entries
Level 6: 400-800 ante 800

More entries at the previous level to bring the tally to 170. Registration stays open until the end of Level 10 which is at 6:20pm.

15:40: Ching Li Lok rails back to starting stack
Level 5: 300-600 ante 600

Hijack Chin Li Lok stares down a flop Jd5s10c with 4000 in the pot and bets 1800, big blind player check-raises all in. Ching calls and has open-ended Qd9d, big blind with Jc10d two pair. The turn 8h grants Ching the straight, and with As on the river, Ching ships and boots one.

Ching Li Lok – 30,000

15:32: Lloyd Locsin bets to win it
Level 5: 300-600 ante 600

On a board 9d5cKh6h and 12,000 in the pot, no bets land for a free river card 7h. Lloyd Locsin leads out 1600 and wins the pot.

Lloyd Locsin – 55,000

15:27: Jonathan Sia Hao outdraws 
Level 5: 300-600 ante 600

Hijack Jonathan Sia Hao limps, cutoff limps, small blind shoves, Sia three-bet shoves, cutoff folds for a heads up battle. Hao has Ad10c, sb with JdJh, the board grants the Ace on the flop and holds to the end.

Johnathan Sia Hao – 70,000

15:20: Nuestro June Brix puts on the muscle and wins 
Level 5: 300-600 ante 600

With 7000 in the pot and a board Qc8d2h5d, blinds check to button who bets 5,000, small blind calls, big blind Nuestro June Brix answer with a raise to 9500, button folds, small blind calls, the river comes 3c. Again sb checks, Nuestro jams, no call to drag in the pot.

Nuestro June Brix – 50,000

15:11: Ko Taekbeom busts one on a cooler
Level 5: 300-600 ante 600

All in preflop, big blind with KhKd, cutoff Ko Taekbeom with AsAh. The board runs out 3s2sAc7s10s for Ko to improve further and ship it.

Ko Taekbeom – 140,000

15:10: 148 entries
Level 5: 300-600 ante 600

Blinds are rising fast as players enter Level 5. Another 19 entered for 148 entries flashing on the screens. Registration stays open until the end of Level 10 which is at 6:20pm.

15:05: Takagi Sakae wins the betting war
Level 4: 200-500 ante 500

Takagi Sakae raises to 1500, hijack three-bets to 4500, Takagi four-bets to 12,000 which is good enough to claim the pot.

Takagi Sakae – 40,000

14:57: Kimura Masafumi boots with Aces
Level 4: 200-500 ante 500

Kimura Masafumi raises to 12,000 from utg and is called by the small blind, both see a flop Kc7c[2c}. Kimura c-bets all in, sb check-calls. Kimura is ahead AhAs over 9s9c. No change on the turn 3d and river Qs for Kimura to ship it and boot out a player.

Kimura Masafumi – 65,000

14:45: Chen Kang wins big without a showdown
Level 4: 200-500 ante 500

By the river board Qc8dAd8s2d with 36,000 in the pot, Chen Kang goes all in and Petrov Vladimir folds.

Chen Kang – 55,000
Petrov Vladimir – 48,000

14:40: 129 entries
Level 4: 200-500 ante 500

129 entries at the start of Level 4. Registration stays open until the end of Level 10 which is at 6:20pm.

14:39: Ting Yen Huang plays Aces with caution
Level 3: 200-400 ante 400

Cutoff Ching Li Lok raises to 1000, button calls, big blind Ting Yen Huang three-bets to 4500, Ching calls and button call for a three-way to the flop Kc6d5c. All check, the turn is 4c. Ching sends out a 7700 that finds both opponents calling. On the river 4h, all three go back to checking. Huang shows AsAh and wins the pot.

Ting Yen Huang – 52,000
Ching Li Lok – 14,000
Button – 19,000

14:34: Tom Lamb rails David Boyd
Level 3: 200-400 ante 400

Heavy action preflop starts with lojack raising to 1000, hijack Tom Lamb three-bets to 3600, small blind David Boyd four-bet jams, back to lojack who folds while Lamb makes the call. Lamb has AhQd, Boyd KsJd, the board runs 6h5c2s9d3c, Lamb ships it as Boyd busts.

Tom Lamb – 47,000
David Boyd – eliminated

14:30: Ko Taekbeom’s ladies set up the bust
Level 3: 200-400 ante 400

ko taekbeom 2
Ko Taekbeom

Two players stare down at premium hands then build a 10,000 pot then sees a flop As8cQh. Button player bets 3800, small blind Ko Taekbeom check-raises to 15,000, is answered with a three-bet shove, snap-call by Ko who opens QsQd set. Button has AdKh top pair. The turn 10h and river 2s seals the big win and the takedown for Ko.

Ko Taekbeom – 100,000

14:24: Kubota triple barrels
Level 3: 200-400 ante 400

Under the gun raises to 1200, lojack Kubota Takuya three-bets to 2500, utg calls, the flop is Qh9cJs. Kubota c-bets 3,500 and is check-called. On the Qc turn, Kubota sends out 10,000, this time utg check-folds.

Kubota Takuya – 38,000

14:18: Moses Saquing goes aggro
Level 3: 200-400 ante 400

moses saquing
Moses Saquing

On a board 5h3d6hAs and 4,000 in the pot, big blind Moses Saquing check-raises from 2800 to 8000, cutoff Ching Li Lok calls. On the river 2d, Saquing sends out 20,000, well covering Ching’s stack,who then folds.

Moses Saquing – 45,000
Ching Li Lok – 17,000

14:14: Hanna Azimai shoves for the pot
Level 3: 200-400 ante 400

hanna azimai
Hanna Azimai

By the turn 7cJh6h10s, two players are battling for the 16,000 pot. Big blind Ryuhei Nakagawa bets 8,000, cutoff Hanna Azimai shoves, Nakagawa folds.

Hanna Azimai – 47,000
Ryuhei Nakagawa – 15,000

14:05: 100 entries
Level 3: 200-400 ante 400

Players are pouring in with 100 entries now flashing on the screens. With this pace, it should easily surpass the Day 1A tally of 183 entries. Registration stays open until the end of Level 10 which is at 6:20pm.

13:00: 34 players kick off Day 1B
Level 1: 100-200 ante 200

Day 1B of APPT Kick-Off is underway with 34 players at the tables by the starting buzzer. Registration stays open until the end of Level 10 which is at 6:20pm.

Welcome to Day 1B of the APPT Kick-Off event! For those just signing up, opening day drew 183 entries to easily reach and breach the PHP 3,000,000 guarantee. Today will see the final two entry flights add more icing to that pool. Day 1B sets off at 1pm and Day 1C at 7pm.

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