APPT Manila Kick-Off – Live Updates – Day 1A

APPT Manila Kick-Off – Live Updates – Day 1A

Buy in: PHP 20,000 (~USD 365)
Starting stack: 30,000
Level intervals: 30 minutes
Reg close: 8:20pm
Bagging time: ITM of 15% of the field

Day 1A: 183 (148 unique, 35 re-entry)
Chips in play: 5,490,000

APPT Manila Kick-Off Day 1A ends with 28 players led by James Moriles and Kiril Alex Gelev

APPT Manila Kick-Off ran for 8.5 hours at Okada Manila with 28 players out of 183 entries surviving Day 1A. Filipino James Moriles and Canada’s Kiril Alex Gelev bagged the largest stacks of 470,000 and 460,000  which were equivalent to over 90 bb each.

james moriles
James Moriles – 470,000
kiril alex gelev 2
Kiril Alex Gelev – 460,000

End of Day 1A – 28 ITM / survivors

Player Flag Stack
James Moriles Philippines 470,000
Kiril Alex Gelev Canada 460,000
Xu Qiang China 438,000
Shimojo Keijiro Japan 267,000
John Dela Cruz Philippines 256,000
Annie Elizaga Philippines 241,000
King Dong-Il South Korea 237,000
Fandialan Prolan Philippines 230,000
Kenzo Mendoza Philippines 230,000
Bell John Perez Philippines 227,000
Jinlong Hu China 220,000
Minwoong Jeon South Korea 191,000
Ashley Patterson Ukraine 185,000
Chin Dickson Malaysia 172,000
Kang Minku South Korea 162,000
Johnson Tan Philippines 162,000
Jerson Quiras Philippines 155,000
Han Yeongwoo South Korea 152,000
Henrieto Acain USA 136,000
Henrik Tollefsen Norway 134,000
Jeong Soooh South Korea 128,000
Florencio Campomanes Philippines 126,000
Park Sangyong South Korea 125,000
Kim Jognsu South Korea 81,000
Alexis Lim Philippines 81,000
Cheng Ting Yi Taiwan 79,000
Ishii Masato Japan 76,000
Jung Yonghwa South Korea 62,000

Day 1A recap

The APPT Manila Kick-Off event has always been a magnet for early birds, and this year’s edition proved no different. As the cards were dealt and the chips flew, notable players graced the tables such as 2019 APPT Manila Main Event champion Florencio Campomanes, 2019 APPT Manila Kick-Off champion Jinlong Hu, WSOP bracelet winner Henrieto  Acain, 2023 PSPC Main Event runner up Max Menzel,  Henrik Tollefsen, Norbert Koh, John Tech, Mattias Schell, and Jenam Yu.

At the end of registration, 148 signed up with an added 35 re-entries for 183 entries in total. A further three hours later, the bubble burst with Xu Qiang outdrawing Albert Muir. 

Emerging as chip leader was Filipino  James Moriles who charged up the ranks during the last two levels of play. Canada’s Kiril Alex Gelev was at his heels, just 2 bb behind. One of Gelev’s biggest pots was quads Fives just before the close of day.

23:30: Albert Muir falls on the bubble to Xu Qiang
Level 16: 2000-5000 ante 5000


Albert Mui Jr shoves from utg with 3h3d, he is called by small blind Xu Qiang with AdJc, the board favors the big cards AsAcQh9s5s to end Muir’s run on the bubble.

Xu Qiang – 338,000
Albert Muir – eliminated on the bubble

23:25: Big stacks bump heads, Gelev with quads
Level 16: 2000-5000 ante 5000

kiril alex gelev
Kiril Alex Gelev

On a board that completed 8h9s5s10d5d and 60,000 brewed, under the gun big stack Kiril Alex Gelev bets 15,000, lojack James Moriles raises to 80,000, Gelev three-bets to 180,000, Moriles flats. Gelev shows 5c5h quads.

Kiril Alex Gelev – 460,000
James Moriles – 440,000

23:10: Florencio Campomanes gains off Gelev
Level 16: 2000-5000 ante 5000

Button Kiril Alex Gelev raises to 12,000, APPT champion Florencio Campomanes defends the big blind, the flop runs 4c9d5h. Both players check to bring the turn 6c. Campomanes leads out 8000, Gelev calls. The river Ks, Campomanes fires 17,000, Gelev tank-calls and shows Jc8s. Campomanes wins it with Kc7h pair.

23:00: Kiril Alex Gelev wins the flip to rail Chua
Level 15: 2000-4000 ante 4000

From cutoff, Kiril Alex Gelev raises to 12,000, small blind Ryan Chua three-bet shoves, Gelev calls. Chua KdQd, Gelev 8s8c, the board runs 10h10c4hAd3s, Chua goes bust, Gelev chips up to 350,000.

Kiril Alex Gelev – 350,000
Ryan Chua – eliminated

22:55: James Moriles continues to climb
Level 15: 2000-4000 ante 4000

From cutoff, Raymundo Gomez is all in with Js10s, small blind James Moriles dominates with QsQd, the board runs 5d10h9hQc2h. Moriles stays ahead and cleans out Gomez.

James Moriles – 580,000
Raymundo Gomez – eliminated

22:45: Park Sangyong doubles through Gomez
Level 15: 2000-4000 ante 4000

Raymundo Gomez three-bet shoves with Ad2c, initial raiser Park Sangyong calls for his tournament life holding 6s6d. The board runs Kh6h7c8s7h for a full house and a double up to Park.

Park Sangyong – 110,000
Raymundo Gomez – 70,000

22:41: 38 players remain
Level 15: 2000-4000 ante 4000

The field is down to 38 players. Bubble approaches with 28 players reaching ITM.

22:40: James Moriles soars high, rails Low
Level 15: 2000-4000 ante 4000

james moriles
James Moriles

Teck Guan Low ran strong throughout the day but one hand sent him straight out. He was all in with AsKs against James Moriles with {8}8d. The board ran 5hJs4h6h2d.

James Moriles – 460,000
Teck Guan Low – eliminated

22:25: Kenzo Mendoza wins the flip
Level 14: 1500-3000 ante 3000

kenzo mendoza
Kenzo Mendoza

All in preflop, lojack with QsQh, small blind Kenzo Mendoza with AsKs. The board runs 7cAc10c4c3s.

Kenzo Mendoza – 320,000
Lojack – eliminated

22:15: Jeong Sooh dominates with Aces
Level 14: 1500-3000 ante 3000

Button Jeong Sooh raises to 6000, small blind Kh10c three-bet shoves, snap-call by Jeong who opens AcAh. The board runs low for Jeong to boot one out.

Jeong Sooh – 130,000

22:05: Aces for Shimojo Keijiro 
Level 14: 1500-3000 ante 3000

Shimojo Keijiro four-bets shoves with AcAd, button player calls for everything with 8c8d, no bad beats land. Keijiro ships it and boots one out in the process.

Shimojo Keijiro – 200,000

22:00: John Tech busts to Low
Level 14: 1500-3000 ante 3000

Under the gun Teck Guan Low raises to 7,000, hijack John Tech shoves, Low calls. Tech’s KhJh is dominated by Low’s As3s and stays that way on a board AcAd2d9d6h. Tech is eliminated.

Teck Guan Low – 110,000
John Tech – eliminated

21:55: Nakagawa Ryuhei’s jacks hold against overcards
Level 13: 1000-2000 ante 2000

Utg+1 all in with AdQs, cutoff player Xu Qiang calls with KdQh, small blind Ryuhei Nakagawa three bet shoves JsJd, Xu calls for a three-way. With the board running 5hJh7h4s8c Nakagawa triples up.

Nakagawa Ryuhei – 150,000
Xu Qiang – 280,000
Utg+1 – eliminated

21:40: Bell John Perez hits two-outer to survive
Level 13: 1000-2000 ante 2000

bell john perez
Bell John Perez

From under the gun, Bell John Perez is all in holding 9d9c, and is called by two players. At the flop QhAs5d, Liao Po Hsun bets 10,000 other player folds for a head to head showdown. Liao AdQc has top two pair, Perez way behind. The turn quickly switches them as Perez lands the 9s two-outer. With the river 7s it’s a double up for Perez.

Bell John Perez – 65,000
Liao Po Hsun – 80,000

21:35: John Dela Cruz claims a pot
Level 13: 1000-2000 ante 2000

On a board 9c5s7cKd and 60,000 in the pot John Dela Cruz bets 35,000, Kiril Alex Gelev tank-folds.

John Dela Cruz – 170,000
Kiril Alex Gelev – 280,000

21:30: Minwoong Jeong catches lucky river to rail one
Level 13: 1000-2000 ante 2000

minwoong jeong
Minwoong Jeong

By the turn board 2s7c6cQh, two players battle for a pot that has grown to 34,000. Small blind Minwoong Jeong check-calls a player’s shove. Jeong has Ad6d pair and is behind 7d9c. A lucky 6s comes on the river to improve Jeong to trips and ship it.

Minwoong Jeong 160,000

20:55: Chang Chia Wei rails with ducks
Level 12: 1000-2000 ante 2000

Hijack Chang Chia Wei limps with 2s2h, cutoff player jams with Qd9d, the board run dry for the overcards for ducks to prevail.

Chang Chia Wei – 45,000

20:20: Registration closes at 183 entries
Level 10: 600-1200 ante 1200

20:05: Raymond Gomez rails on a counterfeit
Level 10: 600-1200 ante 1200

All in preflop with the board running 8d8cJhJsQs for hijack Raymond Gomez Ac10c to counterfeit a player’s 5h5s.

19:55: Liu Zhiqiang outkicks to boot one
Level 10: 600-1200 ante 1200

With 10,000 in the pot, two players stare down a flop 3c9cJs8c. Small blind Liu Zhiqiang bets 6,000, big blind goes all in, Liu calls and shows KhJd top pair that outkicks a player’s Jh10s. The river 4d seals with win for Liu to rail one.

17:50: No need for Tae Hoon Chang to rebuy
Level 6: 400-800 ante 800

Tae Hoon Chang open-shoved his 12,000 stack and said he wanted to rebuy. He had Ks10s and was called by cutoff with AdJc. The board ran AcQc10dKhKd for a a full house to Chang.

Tae Hoon Chang – 26,000

17:30: Big stacks at the break
Level 5: 300-600 ante 600

Teck Guan Low – 130,000
Kenzo Mendoza – 110,000
Liao Po Hsun – 105,000
Jerson Quiras – 100,000
Lloyd Locsin – 85,000

17:28: Ishi Masato rails one
Level 5: 300-600 ante 600

Big blind Ishi Masato three-bet shoved with KcJh and initial raiser Jong Sung Park called for everything with QcJd. The board ran 4sKsKh6s4h, Park was eliminated.

Ishi Masato – 45,000

17:22: Teck Guan Low rises to 100K
Level 5: 300-600 ante 600

teck guan low
Teck Guan Low

27,000 was in the pot by the river 10c5dKdJc7s. Teck Guan Low shoved with AdQc straight and cutoff risked it all with Qd9s lower straight to bust out.

Teck Guan Low – 100,000

17:15: Jerson Quiras top pair holds against big slick
Level 5: 300-600 ante 600

jerson quiras
Jerson Quiras

From under the gun, Jerson Quiras raises to 1400, hijack Jong Sung Park three-bets to 4400, Quiras calls. At the flop 7c10d2d, Quiras check-raises all in. Park calls with AhKc and is drawing against Quiras’ 10c8c top pair. The turn 4c and river 9s completes the board.

Jerson Quiras – 90,000
Jong Sung Park – 4,000

17:10: 143 entries
Level 5: 300-600 ante 600

17:05: Jong Sung Park banks a three-way
Level 4: 200-500 ante 500

Three way all in preflop starts with hijack raising to 1000, button Jerson Quiras three-bets to 4500, big blind Jong Sung Park shoves with the largest stack, back to hijack and Quiras, both call.

Hijack 10c10s
Quiras 8h8c
Park Ks8s

The board runs Kh7sQs5c6s for a higher pair spiked by Park.

Jong Sung Park – 50,000
Jerson Quiras – 45,000
Hijack – eliminated

16:50: Mac Mantos stands firm with his pair
Level 4: 200-500 ante 500

From under the gun Mac Mantos raises to 1300 and find three callers to the flop 2h6c6d. All check, the turn is 8h. Mantos bets 2100, Kenzo Mendoza raises to 5500, two folds follow then a call from Mantos. On the river Qs, Mendoza fires 7,200, Mantos check-calls. Mendoza has a busted 5h4h draw, Mantos wins the pot with 8d5d.

16:40: Good call by Cao Nguyen Thanh
Level 4: 200-500 ante 500

With a pot of 14,000 built and a board that completed Js8d10c4d6c, hijack player shoves with KcQs air, cutoff Cao Nguyen Thanh calls with AhKs better air to take the pot.

Cao Nguyen Thanh – 25,000

16:35: Liao Po Hsun doubles up with rockets
Level 3: 200-400 ante 400

Action packed preflop leads to Liao Po Hsun all in with Ah[as} that doubles up through Jarod’s AcKc on a board of 3sJs6h10c9d.

Liao Po Hsun – 46,000
Jarod – 30,000

16:15: Quentin De Rozieres check-calls and takes it
Level 3: 200-400 ante 400

Lojack raises to 1100, small blind Quentin De Rozieres and big blind call, the flop comes 6s6h2d. Action is checked to lojack who c-bets 1800, sb calls, bb folds. The turn Jd, lojack sends out 3500 and Rozieres check-calls again. Same action on the river 5s with Rozieres check-calling 10,000. Lojack has Ac8h, Rozieres with 8d8s to win the pot.

Quentin Rozieres – 35,000

16:10: 90 players
Level 3: 200-400 ante 400

16:00: Joseph Reyes rails one
Level 2: 100-300 ante 300

With 60-0 in the pot and a flop Kd9d8s, under the gun player bets 3500, hijack Joseph Reyes raises to 9000, utg shoves Kh9s two pair, Reyes calls and opens 8h8d set. With the turn 3h and river Ac, Reyes rails one.

Welcome to Day 1A of the APPT Manila Kick-Off! Live updates will begin shortly.

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