Alex Ward Wins the APT Cebu 2016 Main Event

The Asian Poker Tour Cebu 2016 Main Event concluded tonight with UK's Alex Ward defeating Korea's Ji Young Kim at the heads up round to claim the first place cash prize of P1,783,000 ($37,489). He was also awarded the championship trophy and the APT Championship Ring.

Getting to the finish line was not an easy task for Ward. He faced some very tough APT regulars such as chip leaders John Kim (Korea) and Michael Kim Falcon, and also the most decorated tournament player at the final table, Filipino pro Lester Edoc. Filipino player John Sayo was also at the table, returning from a final table appearance at the APT Finale in December and a tenth place finish at the APT Kickoff in January.

APT Cebu Winner

Alex Ward (Photo APT)

The final table saw its first big hand when Ward doubled up through Kim and then followed it up with the elimination of Edoc who seemed to have a difficult time chipping up at the table. Edoc was the first casualty of the day. Not long after, Singapore's Sheila Chung was eliminated in 7th by Falcon, and then Kim fell in 6th place. At five-handed, it was Falcon who dominated the felt. Falcon eventually eliminated Peruvian player Yohn Paredes in 5th place and controlled over half the chips in play. He later lost a big chunk of his chips when he doubled up Ward, which would be the beginning of the end for Falcon because that double up set Ward on fire. Ward eliminated Sayo in 4th place and increased further when he scooped up another double up against Falcon. Unable to take the heat, Falcon fell to Ward in 3rd place. That left Ward up against Korean female player Ji Young Kim. Ward had a significant lead against Kim however, she wasn't that easy to crack. Kim found a way to double up and took the lead from Ward. It didn't take long though for Ward to reclaim his lost chips when he won with two pair over her top pair. A couple of hands after, it was all over, Ward bested Kim's big slick with his jack-ten when it paired up on the board.

This is Ward's first APT title. He has had several cashes in Macau and in Manila but this is his largest tournament payout to date.

Payouts of the Final 8

1st Alex Ward – UK – P1,783,000

2nd Ji Young Kim – Korea – P1,044,000

3rd Michael Kim Falcon – Denmark – P723,000

4th John Sayo – Philippines – P527,000

5th Yohn Paredes – Peru – P437,000

6th John Kim – Korea – P360,000

7th Sheila Chung – Singapore – P297,000

8th Lester Edoc – Philippines – P248,000


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