WPT Prime Cambodia – NagaWorld Millions Final Day

WPT Prime Cambodia – NagaWorld Millions Final Day

Maggie Chien-Chih Weng wins the NagaWorld Millions – US$ 50,150


After ten hours of competition, Taiwan’s Maggie Chien-Chih Weng wins the WPT Prime Cambodia NagaWorld Millions! Weng entered the final table as front runner, ploughed through six players to claim a career high payout of US$ 50,150 and a new WPT side event trophy to add to her collection. Last year, Weng won the Liar’s Dice Championship in Taiwan, and in January, she won the WPT Prime Paris Turbo event.

Congratulations to Maggie Weng!

PAYOUTS: Final table

1 Chien-Chih Weng Taiwan $50,150
2 Vikaash Shah India $35,170
3 Rolands Norietis Cambodia $22,600
4 Zarvan Tumboli India $15,150
5 Ting Hao Lian Singapore $11,650
6 Kiale Matthews Australia $9,650
7 Firat Basbaydar UK $8,100
8 Andrew McGregor UK $6,550
9 Xiaoqing Lu China $5,000

PAYOUTS: 10th to 53rd

10 Eric Sai Hoe Chan Malaysia $4,230
11 Dhanesh Chainani Singapore $4,230
12 Gabriel Carter UK $4,230
13 Jijun Xu China $3,500
14 Micheal O’Neill Ireland $3,500
15 He Zhou China $3,500
16 Rajeev Kanjani India $2,900
17 Gilbert Vetters Usa $2,900
18 Abbouchi Mohamad Lebanon $2,900
19 Eike Soren Strub Germany $2,400
20 Jeffry Kurniawan Indonesia $2,400
21 Taegeun Kim Korea $2,400
22 Lester Wee Singapore $2,030
23 Jonathan Pollard UK $2,030
24 Koen Breed Netherlands $2,030
25 Takashi Someya Japan $1,675
26 Xianbing Zhang China $1,675
27 Adam Kaufman $1,675
28 Joseph Adams UK $1,375
29 Jean Robert Autran France $1,375
30 Myat Thwe Chu Myanmar $1,375
31 Hua-Wei Lin Taiwan $1,375
32 Yu-Sheng Lin Taiwan $1,375
33 Jingjie Xu China $1,375
34 Harsh Bubna India $1,375
35 Yu-Chung Chang Taiwan $1,375
36 Martin Ng Singapore $1,375
37 Gaurav Sood India $1,220
38 Mark Kline USA $1,220
39 Duc Kien Tran Viet Nam $1,220
40 Shen-Syu Ho Taiwan $1,220
41 Florent Remi France $1,220
42 Farhad Aghayev Azerbaijan $1,220
43 Yong Chen China $1,220
44 Erik Roger Spets Senegal $1,220
45 Abhijith Cheruku India $1,220
46 Christopher Shebat USA $1,100
47 Ngoc Khanh Le Viet Nam $1,100
48 Melvin Ng Singapore $1,100
49 Kang Yoon Ko Korea $1,100
50 Stephen Nathan UK $1,100
51 Arun Sriram Namibia $1,100
52 Chao-Ting Cheng Taiwan $1,100
53 Selim Souissi Tunisia $1,100

23:00: Vikaash Shah eliminated in 2nd place – US$ 35,170
Level 28: 75K-125K, 125K ante

Vikaash Shah

Button Maggie Chien Chih Weng raises to 325,000, big blind Vikaash Shah calls. Both players check the flop Ac8d4c. On the turn 4s, Shah checks, Weng bets 350,000, Shah jams, Weng snap calls.

Shah Kc2c flush draw
Weng Jh4d trips

The river is 10h for trips to hold and Shah to bust in 2nd place.

22:45: Maggie Weng grinding down Shah
Level 28: 75K-125K, 125K ante

Maggie Chien Chih Weng

Maggie Chien Chih Weng has won three hands all courtesy of the river card. The third one was AdKc on a board 3s10d5s2sKs. Vikaash had Five-Six.

Weng went on to win the next hand that saw Shah limp, Weng checked, the flop ran 10d7c6h. Shah bet 150,000, Weng check-raised to 500,000, Shah folded.

22:40: Heads up! Maggie Weng vs Vikaash Shah
Level 28: 75K-125K, 125K ante

It is down to the final two with Maggie Chien Chih Weng leading 64 BB to Vikaash Shah’s 38 BB.

22:35: Roland Norietis eliminated in 3rd place – US$ 22,600
Level 28: 75K-125K, 125K ante

Roland Norietis

Roland Norietis all in with Jd10d and is up against the leader Maggie Chien Chih Weng with AhQh. Despite being live, he is unable to survive with the board running 2h7c8d4d8h.

Maggie Chien Chih Weng – 8,000,000
Roland Norietis – Eliminated in 3rd place

22:30: Vikaash Shah rising
Level 27: 50K-100K, 100K ante

On a board showing JhAhJd3s5d, big blind Maggie Chien Chih Weng checks, button Vikaash Shah bets 350,000, Weng calls, Shah shows As6s for two pair. Weng mucks.

Vikaash Shah = 4,840,000
Maggie Chien Chih Weng – 5,525,000

22:25: Vikaash Shah doubles through Norietis
Level 27: 50K-100K, 100K ante

From the butto, Vikaash Shah shoves his 1,680,000 stack and small blind Roland Norietis puts him at risk with more chips. It’s a flip with Shah holding AdQd and Norietis 2d2h. The board comes AsKh3c6c5d for a double up to Shah.

Vikaash Shah – 3,560,000
Roland Norietis – 2,520,000

22:15: Maggie Chien Chih Weng wins a pot
Level 27: 50K-100K, 100K ante

On a flop 9hKc8s, big blind Roland Norietis check-calls button Maggie Chien Chih Weng’s 200,000 bet. On the turn 4h and river 2s, both check it down. Norietis shows 7h8h pair, Weng wins it with 9d7d higher pair.

22:10: Zarvan Tumboli eliminated in 4th place – US$ 15,150
Level 27: 50K-100K, 100K ante

Zarvan Tumboli

Zarvan Tumboli three-bet shoves with KhJs to battle with, initial raiser Vikaash Shah challenges with As9d. With the board running 7h10sAh8s7s, Tumboli misses to fall in 4th place.

Vikaash Shah – 1,930,000
Zarvan Tumboli – Eliminated in 4th place

21:55: Lian Ting Hao eliminated in 5th place – US$ 11,650
Level 27: 50K-100K, 100K ante

Lian Ting Hao

Chip leader Maggie Chien Chih Weng raises to 200,000 from the button, small blind Lian Ting Hao three-bet jams for 605,000, Weng makes the call that barely dents her stack. Weng Ac3h, Lian KcJs, the board runs Qd2d6h4d7c to end Lian’s hunt in 5th place.

Maggie Chien Chih Weng – 6,300,000
Lian Ting Hao – Eliminated in 5th place

They are now down to four players. Weng sits with half of the chips in play.

21:45: Break time
Level 26: 40K-80K, 80K ante

Maggie Chien Chih Weng Taiwan 5,555,000
Lian Ting Hao Singapore 805,000
Vikaash Shah India 1,775,000
Roland Norietis Latvia 3,790,000
Zarvan Tumboli India 775,000

21:20: Kiale Matthews eliminated in 6th place – US$ 9,650
Level 26: 40K-80K, 80K ante

Kiale Matthews

Kiale Matthews all in with 9c9s but runs smack into Vikaash Shah’s AdAc to fall in 6th place. The board was 10c3d6h10s5h.

Vikaash Shah – 2,480,000
Kiale Matthews – Eliminated in 6th place

21:15: Firat Basbaydar eliminated in 7th place – US$ 8,100
Level 26: 40K-80K, 80K ante

Firat Basbaydar

Firat Basbaydar all in with QhJh, Maggie Chien Chih Weng has him dominated with KsQc. With no hits on the board 5sAh9c8s6d, it is the end of the road for Basbaydar.

Maggie Chien Chih Weng – 5,450,000
Firat Basbaydar – Eliminated in 7th place

21:10: Kiale Matthews doubles through Norietis
Level 26: 40K-80K, 80K ante

All in preflop, Kiale Matthews who is on his second final table appearance, is at risk with 7c7s and need to dodge Roland NorietisQcJc overcards. With the board running Ad9cAs2h7h, it’s a commanding full house for Matthews to earn a double up.

Kiale Matthews – 870,000
Roland Norietis – 2,740,000

20:55: Andrew McGregor eliminated in 8th place – US$ 6,550
Level 25: 30K-60K, 60K ante

Andrew McGregor

Another takedown by the chip leader Maggie Chien Chih Weng. On a flop Qc10s9d Andrew McGregor is all in with AcQh top pair and is behind Weng’s KcJh straight. The turn Qd improves McGregor to trips and give him more outs, but with the river 2h, he misses and busts in 8th place.

Maggie Chien Chih Weng – 4,100,000
Andrew McGregor – Eliminated in 8th place

20:35: Xiao Qing Lu eliminated in 9th place – US$ 5,000
Level 25: 30K-60K, 60K ante

Xiao Qing Lu

Down to just 10 bb Xiao Qing Lu all in with Six-Three offsuit and is eliminated by chip leader Maggie Chien Chih Weng with pocket Jacks.

Maggie Chien Chih Weng – 3,000,000
Xiao Qing Lu – Eliminated in 9th place

20:30: Andrew McGregor doubles through Tumboli
Level 25: 30K-60K, 60K ante

Andrew McGregor all in with Seven-Eight and is live against Zarvan Tumboli’s Ace-King. An Eight shows up on the turn to improve and avoid elimination.

Andrew McGregor – 900,000
Zarvan Tumboli – 1,350,000

20:15: NagaWorld Millions Final Table
Level 24: 25K-50K, 50K ante

Maggie Chien Chih Weng Taiwan 2,340,000
Lian Ting Hao Singapore 1,700,000
Vikaash Shah India 1,800,000
Firat Basbaydar England 860,000
Xiao Qing Lu China 680,000
Kiale Matthews Austalia 680,000
Roland Norietis Latvia 2,110,000
Andy McGregor UK 450,000
Zarvan Tumboli India 1,825,000

20:10: Eric Chan burned by the river
Level 24: 25K-50K, 50K ante

Eric Chan

Button Zarvan Tumboli min-raises to 100,000, big blind Eric Chan defends. At the flop 8hAhKc, Tumboli c-bets 100,000, Chan check-raises all in for 385,000. Tumboli calls.

Chan Kd8c two pair
Tumboli Qc10h gut shot

The turn 4h added to Tumboli’s outs, and with the river 7h one hit for a winning flush. Chan was eliminated in 10th place for US$ 4,230.

Zarvan Tumboli – 1,875,000
Eric Chan – Eliminated in 10th place for US$ 4,230

20:00: Maggie Weng claims a good pot
Level 24: 25K-50K, 50K ante

Small blind Maggie Chien Chih Weng limps, big blind Lian Ting Hao defends. At the flop 2h8dAd, both check. The turn 7c, Weng leads out 50,000 and is called. The river Jc, Weng bets 200,000, Hao calls, Weng opens Kc8s, Hao mucks.

19:45: Vikaash Shah shaves a chunk off Matthews
Level 24: 25K-50K, 50K ante

On a turn board 2sKs6d4s Vikaash Shah is all in and Kiale Matthews calls. Shah opens As10s flush, Matthews is drawing dead with 3c5c straight. The river is 2h

Vikaash Shah – 1,720,000
Kiale Matthews – 560,000

19:40: Roland Norietis shoves
Level 24: 25K-50K, 50K ante

Roland Norietis shoves 710,000 on a flop 8s9c7h with 400,000 in the pot. Xiao Qing Lu counts out the chips and can afford it but can’t pull the trigger.

Roland Norietis – 1,110,000

19:30: Zarvan Tumboli puts McGregor on Big Slick
Level 23: 20K-40K, 40K ante

On a flop Jc4s2s and 500,000 in the pot, Zarvan Tumboli check-calls Andrew McGregor’s 200,000 bet. On the turn Qh, same action with Tumboli check-calling another 200,000 bet. On the river Qs, both opt to check. McGregor has AsKc, Tumboli wins the pot with 3s3h while telling McGregor “I put you on that”.

Zarvan Tumboli – 2,100,000
Andrew McGregor – 475,000

19:20: Maggie Weng takes the lead
Level 23: 20K-40K, 40K ante

Cutoff Kiahle Matthews raises to 80,000, small blind Maggie Chien Chih Weng three-bets to 225,000, Matthews calls. At the flop 2h2s8s, Weng c-bets 100,000 and Matthews calls. On the turn 3h, it is Matthews that fires a bet of 200,000 and Weng check-calls. Both players check the river Ad. Weng shows AcJd, Matthews mucks.

Maggie Chien Chih Weng – 2,300,000
Kiahle Matthews – 1,380,000

19:10: Gabriel Carter falls to Basbaydar
Level 23: 20K-40K, 40K ante

All in preflop, Gabriel Carter with 10d9s, Firat Basbaydar ahead with AhKh, the board is 10s3dKc6s7d to end Carter’s run in 12th place.

Firat Basbaydar – 1,000,000

19:00: Round 2: McGregor and Chan
Level 23: 20K-40K, 40K ante

Another clash between Andy McGregor and Eric Chan. With a 230,000 pot built and a flop 10c9s8c, big blind McGregor shoves, Chan tank-calls. McGrego Qh10h top pair, Chan KcQc draw, the turn As and river 5s is good for a double up to McGregor.

Andrew McGregor – 1,040,000
Eric Chan – 700,000

18:55: Eric Chan doubles through McGregor
Level 23: 20K-40K, 40K ante

From under the gun, Eric Chan raises to 100,000, big blind Andrew McGregor defends. At the flop 5d6d8d, McGregor leads out 100,000, Chan shoves and is called.

Chan AsKd
McGregor 7h7c

The turn 2d give Eric Chan the flush, McGregor is drawing dead. River is Ac.

Eric Chan – 1,210,000
Andrew McGregor – 500,000

18:45: Maggie Weng shoves twice, no takers
Level 23: 20K-40K, 40K ante

Zarvan Tumboli opens, Andrew McGregor calls, big blind Maggie Weng shoves, no callers. Tumboli say he has pocket Eights, Weng says her hand is “secret”. Two hands after, Eric Chan raises to 100,000, Weng shoves again. Still no takers.

Maggie Chien Chih Weng – 940,000

18:35: Kiale Matthews finishes off Jijun Xu
Level 22: 15K-30K, 30K ante

Kiale Matthews

Another one bites the dust here with Jijun Xu eliminated by Kiale Matthews. It was all in preflop, Xu with AdKh, Matthews 10c10s. The cards land 3h8d10dQc5c.

Kiale Matthews – 1,820,000

18:25: Zarvan Tumboli rails Micheal O’Neill 
Level 22: 15K-30K, 30K ante

From under the gun +1, Micheal O’Neill raises to 60,000, button Zarvan Tumboli three-bets to 155,000, back to O’Neill who jams his 620,000 stack, and is called.

O’Neill Ac3c
Tumboli AsKd

O’Neill calls out for cards but the board doesn’t help out as it runs Jd10h8dJs4s. O’Neill is out in 14th place.

Zarvan Tumboli – 1,675,000

18:10: Firat Basbaydar doubles through Carter
Level 22: 15K-30K, 30K ante

Another flip here with Firat Basbaydar AhKc up against Gabriel Carter with JhJs. The board comes 10dKh4d6s9h.

Firat Basbaydar – 1,260,000
Gabriel Carter – 225,000

18:05: Zarvan Tumboli doubles through Weng
Level 21: 15K-25K, 25K ante

All in preflop with Zarvan Tumboli flipping with AcKs against Maggie Chien Chih Weng’s 6c6s. The board runs 10hJc7s3dQs for Tumboli to survive.

Zarvan Tumboli – 1,125,000
Maggie Chien Chih Weng – 450,000

17:55: Michael O”Neill saved by the river
Level 21: 15K-25K, 25K ante

Michael O”Neill

Micheal O’Neill celebrates the turn of events to keep him in the running. He shoves 8c8h and is at risk against big stacked Eric Chan 4d4h who spikes the two-outer on the flop 10c4c7d. Getting up to go, the turn Qc and river Ac give O’Neill the flush to sit back down and double up.

Micheal O’Neill – 645,000

17:45: Kiale Matthews tanks Basbaydar
Level 21: 15K-25K, 25K ante

On a board 5d9h3dAd5h and 800,000 in the pot, Kiale Matthews shoves for 415,000 that sends Firat Basbaydar deep into the tank. Basbaydar eventually folds leaving himself 600,000.

Kiale Matthews – 1,215,000
Firat Basbaydar – 600,000

17:40: Lian Ting Hao drags in a big one 
Level 21: 15K-25K, 25K ante

On a board 9d7c3s2hQd and 525,000 in the pot, hijack Jijun Xu checks to button Lian Ting Hao who fires a 300,000 bet, Xu folds.

17:30: Andrew McGregor chipping up
Level 21: 15K-25K, 25K ante

Hand opens with cutoff Rajeev Kanjani raising to 50,000, button player Zarvan Tumboli three-bets to 130,000, small blind Andrew McGregor calls, Kanjani folds. At the flop As2h3c, McGregor check-calls an 80,000 c-bet from Tumboli. On the turn 4h, McGregor leads out 150,000, quick fold from Tumboli.

17:25: Chip counts
Level 21: 15K-25K, 25K ante

Table 17
1- Lian Ting Hao – 900,000
2- Vikaash Shah – 765,000
3 – Firat Basbaydar – 855,000
4 – Kiale Matthews – 310,000
6 – Dhanesh Chainani – 1,575,000
7 – Gabriel Carter – 920,000
8 – Jijun Xu – 725,000
9  – He Zhou – 230,000

Table 18

1 – Roland Norietis – 1,370,000
2 -Rajeev Kanjani – 710,000
3 – Zarvan Tumboli – 425,000
4 – Andrew McGregor – 750,000
5 – Eric Chan – 740,000
6 – Gilbert Vetters – 360,000
7 – Xiao Qing Lu – 1,400,000
8 – Micheal O”Neill – 370,000
9 – Maggie Chien Chih Weng – 450,000

17:10: Lian Ting Hao doubles through Carter
Level 20: 10K-20K, 20K ante

Cooler with Lan Ting Hao KhKd dominating Gabriel Carter‘s JhJc. With the board throwing blanks, it’s a double up for Hao.

Lian Ting Hao – 840,000
Gabriel Carter – 908,000

17:00: Jeffry Kurniawan falls to McGregor
Level 20: 10K-20K, 20K ante

Andrew McGregor AdJd sends Jeffry Kurniawan out Ac7h with the board running 2d4h6s3c3s.

16:50: Gabriel Carter rising 
Level 20: 10K-20K, 20K ante

Gabriel Carter

Gabriel Carter is now one of the chip leaders after shipping two big pots that sent Eike Soren Strub out of contention. With 155,000 in the pot, and a board 2d8s7c, Carter bet 80,000, Abbouichi Mohamad check-raised to 275,000, Carter shoved, quick fold from Mohamad.

Following that hand, Strub was all in with Qh7h flush draw on a board 10h2hJs, Carter had QsJs top pair, the turn was 9d and river 7c.

Gabriel Carter – 1,440,000
Eike Soren Strub – eliminated
Abbouichi Mohamad – 427,000

16:20: Maggie Weng triples up!
Level 20: 10K-20K, 20K ante

Maggie Weng triples up!

Maggie Chien Chih Weng was just saying that she is dying out there then immediately wakes up with AdAh from the big blind. As betting goes around the table, Lester Wee shoves, Jonathan Pollard shoves, and Weng joins for a three-way and says “get the camera ready!” Then shows her big hand.

Lester Wee Ac6h
Jonathan Pollard AsQs
Maggie Weng AdAh

The board runs 9dKcJcKhQd for a triple up to Weng and 23rd place for Pollard. Wee drops to 1 bb.

Maggie Weng – 384,000
Lester Wee – 14,000

16:10: Basbaydar disappointed at the runout
Level 19: 10K-15K, 15K ante

All in preflop with Jijun Xu at-risk holding AhQh against big stacked Firat Basbaydar with AsKh. With the board running 9h3c10hJhAc, Xu improves to a flush to take a chunk from the overnight chip leader.

Jijun Xu – 820,000
Firat Basbaydar – 450,000

16:00: Lian Ting Hao ends Koen Breed
Level 19: 10K-15K, 15K ante

Lian Ting Hao

All in preflop with Lian Ting Hao ahead in chips and in holecards 7c7d against Koen Breed’s 6h6c. The board bricks to send Breed out of the running.

Lian Ting Hao – 530,000

15:50: Andrew McGregor shows Rockets
Level 19: 10K-15K, 15K ante

Andrew McGregor

Andrew McGregor raises to 30,000 and down the orbit Xiao Qing Lu calls. At the flop 2d10d9c, McGregor shoves his 222,000 stack, Lu tank-folds and shows AcKs. McGregor returns the gesture and shows AsAh.

Andrew McGregor – 322,000
Xiao Qing Lu – 1,500,000

15:35: Rajeev Kanjani takes the risk and wins
Level 18: 6K-12K, 12K ante

Rajeev Kanjani

From under the gun, Rajeev Kanjani raises to 25,000, cutoff Xiao Qing Lu and big blind Jeffry Kurniawan call. At the flop 10d7d9s, Kanjani c-bets 55,000, Lu pushes his massive stack, Kurniawan check-folds, Kanjani goes for it with 443,000 behind.

At the showdown, Kanjani is ahead Jc8c straight to Lu’s QdQs, the turn 4s and river 6s don’t help Lu to pay the double up.

Rajeev Kanjani – 920,000
Xiao Qing Lu – 1,600,000

15:25: Vikaash Shah vs Xianbing Zhang
Level 18: 6K-12K, 12K ante

Vikaash Shah

On a turn board 5s8s10sKh, Vikaash Shah sends out a 100,000 bet and Xianbing Zhang calls. The river 3s slow both players. Zhang has Js4s flush but is behind Shah’s higher QsQd flush.

Vikaash Shah – 680,000
Xianbing Zhang – 122,000

15:20: Eric Chan wins another pot
Level 18: 6K-12K, 12K ante

On a board showing 5cQh6c and 96,000 in the pot, Eric Chan bumps up a player’s bet from 30,000 to make it 70,000 to continue. He is called. The turn 6s and river 7c see no more chips in the pot. Chan wins with AdQd.

15:20: Eric Chan claims two pots
Level 18: 6K-12K, 12K ante

Eric Chan

All in preflop with at-risk player Jean Robert Autran KsJc behind Eric Chan’s Ad8d. The board runs 6h9s4s9h5h to end Autran. Next hand, Koen Breed raises to 24,000, Chan three-bets to 200,000, Breed folds.

Eric Chan – 530,000

15:15: Gabriel Carter eliminates Thwe
Level 18: 6K-12K, 12K ante

Gabriel Carter

All in with Gabriel Carter ahead pocket Queens against at risk player Chu Myat Thwe with pocket Nines. No help came for her on the board to bust in 30th place.

Gabriel Carter – 650,000

15:00: Break time, 30 remaining
Level 17: 5K-10K, 10K ante

Chip leaders at the break:

Xiao Qing Lu – 1,655,000
Dhanesh Chainani – 1,140,000
Firat Basbaydar – 1,000,000
Zarvan Tumboli – 770,000

14:56: Dhanesh Chainani snap-calls Tumboli
Level 17: 5K-10K, 10K ante

On a board that completed 4c2d5h8c8s, and a big pot brewed, big stacks battle with blind Zarvan Tumboli betting 68,000, Dhanesh Chainani snap-called, Chainani shows AsAh, Tumboli mucks.

Dhanesh Chainani – 1,140,000
Zarvan Tumboli – 770,000

14:55: Lester Wee recovers through Kanjani
Level 17: 5K-10K, 10K ante

Lester Wee

After paying a double up to Andrew McGregor, Lester Wee three-bet jams again and Rajeev Kanjani calls. Wee is ahead Ah10h against Kanjani’s Qc9d. Wee stays ahead on a board Kc3c5d2c3h to double up.

Lester Wee – 289,000
Rajeev Kanjani – 400,000

14:50: Andrew McGregor doubles through Wee 
Level 17: 5K-10K, 10K ante

Action opens with cutoff player Jeffry Kurniawan raising to 20,000, button Rajeev Kanjani calls, small blind Lester Wee shoves, big blind Andrew McGregor joins with less chips, Kurniawan and Kanjani fold.

Wee Ah6s
McGregor AsJh

The board runs 8c5c10dKc8s for a  double up and more to McGregor.

Andrew McGregor – 388,000
Lester Wee – 132,000

14:40: Kiale Matthew sends Vetters tanking
Level 17: 5K-10K, 10K ante

On a flop 9c2c2h, small blind Gilbert Vetters bets 30,000, late position Kiale Matthews jams, Vetters tanks then folds while showing Ad9d top pair, top kicker. Matthews doesn’t show.

Kiale Matthews – 300,000
Gilbert Vetters – 253,000

14:35: Gabriel Carter vs He Zhou
Level 17: 5K-10K, 10K ante

On a board showing 3h3sQs2c8c, big blind He Zhou bets 30,000, Gabriel Carter raises to 80,000, Zhou calls. Carter shows Qd8s two pair, Zhou mucks.

Gabriel Carter – 325,000
He Zhou – 290,000

14:25: Kiale Matthews doubles through Vetters
Level 17: 5K-10K, 10K ante

Kiale Matthews gets the max from Gilbert Vetters with pocket Jacks dominating pocket Tens throughout.

Kiale Matthews – 220,000
Gilbert Vetters – 230,000

14:20: Geun The Kim eliminates Martin Ng
Level 17: 4K-8K, 8K ante

Geun The Kim

All in preflop, Geun The Kim AhQh, Martin Ng AcKh, the board has hearts 7h8hQc2h7s and a queen for Kim to overtake and ship it. Ng busts.

Geun The Kim – 350,000

14:15: Zarvan Tumboli boots Sood
Level 17: 4K-8K, 8K ante

Zarvan Tumboli

Gaurav Sood all in for his remaining 100,500 stack, Zarvan Tumboli calls, no other takers. Sood opens QsJc and needs some luck against Tumboli’s KcKd, the board offers no such help as it runs }as}3s2c6cKh.

Zarvan Tumboli – 880,000

14:10: Gilbert Vetters shoves 
Level 17: 4K-8K, 8K ante

Gilbert Vetters

Abbouichi Mohamad raised to 16,000, big stacked Xiao Qing Lu on button called, small blind Gilbert Vetters jammed his 174,000 remaining stack, no callers.

Gilbert Vetters – 222,000

13:55: Xiao Qing Lu massive
Level 17: 4K-8K, 8K ante

Xiao Qing Lu

Undeniably, the new chip leader by miles is China’s Xiao Qing Lu with over 1,645,000. When we got to his table, he had more but paid a chunk to Eike Soren Strub wit Jc10d losing to Strub’s 8s2s straight on a board 10c9s6s7hQd.

Xiao Qing Lu – 1.645,000
Eike Soren Strub – 600,000

13:45: Martin Ng survives Chainani
Level 17: 4K-8K, 8K ante

Earlier, Dhanesh Chainani eliminated Melvin Ng and attempted to do the same to Martin Ng however this time the flip went the other way. All in preflop, Ng three-bet shoved with 7c7d, initial raiser Chainani called, As10c, the board ran Qh10h6h2h7s for a set to Ng.

Martin Ng – 104,000
Dhanesh Chainani – 630,000

13:40: 40 remaining, chip leader update
Level 17: 4K-8K, 8K ante

Firat Basbaydar

Blinds are up. The first level lost 13 players to bring the field down to 40. Currently leaders are Firat Basbaydar (960,000), Dhanesh Chainani (720,000), and WPT champion Zarvan Tumboli (675,000).

13:25: Adam Kaufman triples with Quads
Level 16: 3K-6K, 6K ante

Adam Kaufman

Three way all in with Mark Kline KdKc hoping to scoop it all up against Adam Kaufman’s JsJd and Christopher Shebat’s Ah8h, however, the poker gods were on Kaufman’s side running JhAs7hJc8s for quads-Jacks. Kaufman tripled up, Shebat busted, and Kline paid up.

Adam Kaufman – 210,000
Mark Kline – 130,000

13:20: Dhanesh Chainani rails Melvin Ng
Level 16: 3K-6K, 6K ante

Dhanesh Chainani

Another player sent packing with Dhanesh Chainani shipping it with 9d9h winning the race against  AdQc on a board of 5h2sAc9s2c.

Dhanesh Chainani – 720,000

13:15: Bust bust bust
Level 16: 3K-6K, 6K ante

A flurry of busts include Selim Soussi, Chao Ting Cheng, and Stephen Nathan, we are quickly down to 48 players.

13:10: Vikaash Shah doubles through Lester Wee
Level 16: 3K-6K, 6K ante

Vikaash Shah wins the flip with AsKh against Lester Wee’s QdQs with the board running 5d8cKdKc2d.

Vikaash Shah – 300,000
Lester Wee – 370,000

13:00: Cards in the air!
Level 16: 3K-6K, 6K ante

And they’re off! Cards in the air for the NagaWorld Millions. Track the game here as we bring you updates throughout the race.

Welcome to the Final Day of the Season XXI WPT Prime Cambodia – Event 2: NagaWorld Millions $150K GTD! The event kicked off on opening day, March 9 and after four starting days that pulled in a combined 508 entries, the guarantee was crushed. The final 53 players are now looking at a sweeter US$ 246,380 prize pool.

With the event paying out top 10%, that means heavier payouts all around. The minimum is US$ 1,100 while up top is a hardy US$ 50,150.

Action gets underway at 1pm. Track the game here. We will post highlights and updates until a champion has been crowned.

Buy in: US$ 550
Guarantee: US$ 150,000
Total Entries: 508
Prize pool: US$ 246,380
ITM: 53 players


Day 1A: 33 entries / 4 ITM
Day 1B: 182 entries / 19 ITM
Day 1C: 190 entries / 19 ITM
Day 1D: 103 entries / 11 ITM

Chips in play: 12,575,000
Average stack: 237,265
Day 2 Opening blinds: 3K-6K, 6K BB Ante

Day 2 qualifiers – 53 players

Rank Player Flag Stack BB Table/Seat
1 Firat Basbaydar England 705,000 118 T-18 [01]
2 Rajeev Kanjand India 625,000 104 T-23 [06]
3 Shen Syu Ho Taiwan 541,000 90 T-19 [05]
4 Lester Wee Singapore 521,500 87 T-22 [03]
5 He Zhou China 484,500 81 T-23 [03]
6 Zarvan Tumboli India 473,000 79 T-23 [04]
7 Jijun Xu China 467,500 78 T-18 [04]
8 Eike Soren Strub Germany 439,500 73 T-19 [08]
9 Abbouchi Mohamad Lebanon 420,000 70 T-19 [09]
10 Dhanesh Chainani Singapore 419,000 70 T-17 [06]
11 Kang Yoon Ko Korea 376,500 63 T-19 [06]
12 Xianbing Zhang China 364,000 61 T-21 [05]
13 Xiao Qing Lu China 341,000 57 T-19 [02]
14 Harsh Bubna India 300,000 50 T-21 [08]
15 Gabriel Carter UK 295,000 49 T-17 [07]
16 Xu Jing Je China 281,000 47 T-19 [01]
17 Joseph Adams UK 266,000 44 T-23 [02]
18 Koen Breed Netherlands 264,000 44 T-18 [06]
19 Jonathan Pollard UK 261,000 44 T-23 [01]
20 Selim Souissi Tunisia 244,000 41 T-19 [04]
21 Kien Duc Tran Vietnam 234,000 39 T-18 [02]
22 Chao Ting Cheng Taiwan 230,500 38 T-18 [09]
23 Gilbert Vetters USA 219,000 37 T-19 [03]
24 Geun The Kim Korea 211,500 35 T-17 [01]
25 Farhad Aghayev Azerbaijan 208,500 35 T-21 [02]
26 Andrew McGregor UK 207,000 35 T-22 [04]
27 Takashi Someya Japan 197,500 33 T-18 [07]
28 Adam Kaufman Canada 187,000 31 T-22 [06]
29 Chu Myat Thwe Myanmar 178,500 30 T-17 [04]
30 Gaurav Sood India 174,500 29 T-22 [07]
31 Micheal O’Neill Ireland 169,000 28 T-21 [03]
32 Mark Kline USA 167,500 28 T-22 [02]
33 Eric Chan Sai Hoe Malaysia 167,000 28 T-21 [01]
34 Rolands Norietis Latvia 166,000 28 T-21 [07]
35 Florent Remi Malta 156,000 26 T-17 [03]
36 Kiale Matthews Australia 155,000 26 T-23 [09]
37 Lian Ting Hao Singapore 154,000 26 T-18 [08]
38 Vikaash Shah India 152,000 25 T-22 [08]
39 Jeffry Kurniawan Indonesia 147,000 25 T-22 [01]
40 Maggie Chien Chih Weng Taiwan 145,000 24 T-23 [07]
41 Hua Wei Lin Taiwan 115,000 19 T-21 [09]
42 Abijith Cheruku India 112,000 19 T-23 [05]
43 Roger Spets Sweden 107,500 18 T-19 [07]
44 Jean-Robert Autran France 102,000 17 T-21 [06]
45 Arun Sriram India 101,500 17 T-17 [05]
46 Khanh Ngoc Le Vietnam 92,000 15 T-23 [08]
47 Martin Ng Zheng Wei Singapore 88,000 15 T-17 [08]
48 Yu Sheng Lin Taiwan 77,000 13 T-18 [05]
49 Melvin Ng Wei Zong Singapore 75,000 13 T-17 [09]
50 Yong Chen China 63,000 11 T-18 [03]
51 Nevan Yu Chung Chang Taiwan 61,500 10 T-17 [02]
52 Stephen Nathan UK 49,500 8 T-21 [04]
53 Christopher Shebat USA 32,500 5 T-22 [09]

Payouts 1 to 9

1 $50,150
2 $35,170
3 $22,600
4 $15,150
5 $11,650
6 $9,650
7 $8,100
8 $6,550
9 $5,000

Payouts  10 to 36

10-12 $4,230
13-15 $3,500
16-18 $2,900
19-21 $2,400
22-24 $2,030
25-27 $1,675
28-36 $1,375
37-45 $1,220
46-53 $1,100
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