2020 WSOP Online – Natural8: Enrico Camosci “GTOExploiter” wins a bracelet at the NLH Bounty Championship; added WSOPE Package for next two events

New bracelet winner at the 2020 World Series of Poker Online with Italy’s Enrico Camosci “GTOExploiter” emerging victorious at the WSOP #50: $ 2,100 No Limit Hold’em Bounty Championship. Camosci outlasted a field of 1,168 runners to become the 18th champion of the ongoing series. With this win, Italy’s overall gold tally bumped up to 10.

The international leg of the 2020 WSOP Online opened on July 19 on Natural8 – GG Network with 54 signature bracelets up for grabs. 18 have been captured and $ 35.5 million paid out. The next two events promise to be very fruitful with an added $ 15,000 WSOP Europe Package Ticket to the champions. Four of these packages have already been claimed with more offered before the series closes on September 6.

Currently underway is the HK$ 8,000 No Limit Hold’em Asia Championship [ HK$ 8M GTD ]. Four of 14 entry flights have completed. Other highlight events to come are the WSOP #71: BIG 50 [ $1M GTD ], for high rollers the WSOP #70: $25,000 NLH POKER PLAYER CHAMPIONSHIP [ $10M GTD ], and of course the brand’s much awaited marquee event, the one everyone seeks to conquer, the WSOP #77: $ 5,000 No Limit Hold’em Main Event [ $25 Million GTD ].

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For players signed up on Natural8, expect generous promos such as the WSOP Winner’s Circle Sponsorship Package, the WSOP First Deposit Bonus, and the WSOP Silk Road leaderboard top prize. Newest WSOP champions Teoh Ming Juen “Paul Teoh”, Shoma Ishikawa “pp_syon”, and Marcelo Jakovjlevic Pudla “Marolo” have already capitalized, each one awarded a WSOP Winner’s Circle Sponsorship package. All the info is provided at the bottom of the page.

WSOP #50: $2,100 NLH Bounty Championship – Enrico Camosci – $ 327,319.28

Enrico Camosci poker
Enrico Camosci. Credit: World Poker Tour

The next golden merch on the table was for WSOP #50: $2,100 No Limit Hold’em Bounty Championship where 1,168 took their chances. A juicy prize pool worth $ 2,336,000 was generated making it the richest single day event of the series to date. Just under ten hours of play, Italy’s Enrico Camosci “GTOExploiter” came out victorious to seize the $ 184,579.02 first prize and the signature WSOP winner’s bracelet. In addition, Camosci collected a phenomenal $ 142,740.26 in bounty rewards for a combined $ 327,319.28 in winnings.

WSOP 50 2100 NLH Bounty Championship
WSOP #50 – $2,100 NLH Bounty Championship

Prior to this win Camosci won one of the GG Network’s High Roller events in July for nearly $ 50K. He also cashed at three other WSOP Online events. His victory today marked his largest WSOP cash. He moved up to 4th rank in the WSOP Player of the Series Leaderboard.

Buy in: $ 2,100
Entries: 1,168
Prize pool: $ 2,336,000
ITM: 170 places
Running time: 9 hours and 47 minutes

Briefly recapping the action, countless superstar players sought the gold such as Team NLG Manig Loeser and Natural8 Team Hot Ambassadors Pete Chen and Danny Tang. All three cashed. Bertrand Grospellier “ElkY” ran the deepest in 29th place.

To form the final 9, Alex Di Felice was denied a third final table berth when his 7d6d missed its open ended / flush draw. The shove was on the turn against Camosci’s QsQc set on a board 5d8sJsQd2c. This gave Camosci the lead entering the final table.

WSOP 50 2100 NLH Bounty Championship final table
WSOP #50 – $2,100 NLH Bounty Championship final table

Among the players left were live tournament multi millionaires Connor Drinan, Damian Salas, and Dominik Panka “tiredfella”. All three players also had numerous cashes earned at the WSOP – however, no gold. One player already sporting a bracelet was Murilo Figueredo “muka82” who won it at the 2019 WSOP $1,500 HORSE event.

Kicking off the action, the first to fall were the three multi millionaires. On just the third hand of play, Aki Virtanen “Seabossss” railed Damian Salas (9th) with pocket Queens turned quads to dust pocket fives turned full house. Next out was Dominik Panka (8th) falling to Murilo Figueredo higher Ace kicker. This was followed by two more heads claimed by Virtanen. Connor Drinan (7th) lost the flip when ace-king suited missed the board against pocket sixes and Renato Valentim “MAIAAA” with ace-eight suited outdrawn by King-Queen offsuit that saw both cards pair up. With three quick busts collected, Virtanen took the lead, though briefly. Next showdown, Fitasov Alexander “xBGx” put the brakes on Virtanen by banking a double up with Aces over nines.

WSOP 50 2100 NLH Bounty Championship two pair for winner Camesci
WSOP #50 – $2,100 NLH Bounty Championship – two pair for winner Camosci

Five handed was the longest grind. Camosci took control and regained the lead after denying Figueredo (5th) a second gold. The momentum continued, Camosci won a big pot against Fitasov then took the rest with Ac10c two pair to QdQs (hand above). This stacked Camosci with well over half of the chips in play. Omer Ozsirkinti “omeroz01” trimmed the gap by rivering Virtanen in 3rd place. Shoves were at the flop, Virtanen with a diamond flush, Ozsirkinti on a draw, the fourth diamond graced the river for the nut flush.

Heads up sped off with Camosci ahead 61 BB to 35 BB. He kept his lead intact throughout. The final hand arrived with Camosci 7s7h, Ozsirkintti AdKh. The board 5sAsJs10c3s for a victorious flush. Both players earned their largest WSOP cash.

Final table payouts

1st Enrico Camosci “GTOExploiter” – Italy – $ 184,579.02 + $ 142,740.26 bounty = $ 327,319.28
2nd Omer Ozsirkinti “omeroz01” – Turkey – $ 133,948.45 + $ 48,615,.24 bounty = $ 182,563.69
3rd Aki Virtanen “Seabossss” – Finland – $ 97,206.44 + $ 47,042.96 bount = $ $ 144,249.40
4th Alexander Fitasov “xBGx” – Russia – $ 70,542.64 + $ 6,750 bounty = $ 77,292.64
5th Murilo Figueredo “muka82” – Brazil – $ 51,192.85 + $ 18,656.25 bounty = $ $ 69,849.10
6th Renato Valentim “MAIAAA” – Brazil – $ 37,150.69 + $ 7,312.50 bounty = $ $ 44,463.19
7th Connor Drinan – Canada – $ 26,960.24 + $ 17,351.56 bounty = $ 44,311.80
8th Dominik Panka “tiredfella” – Poland – $ 19,565.05 + $ 17,812.50 bounty = $ 37,377.55
9th Damian Salas – Argentina – $ 14,198.44 + $ 22,328.12 bounty = $ 36,526.56

Notable players in the money: Bertrand Grospellier “ElkY” (29th), Mustapha Kanit (43rd), Dario Sammartino (47th), Manig Loeser (49th), Michelle Shah “hu4trollzz” (54th), David Peters (62nd), Juha Helppi (71st), Elio Fox (97th), Pete Chen (127th), Mike McDonald (137th), Neel Joshi (139th), Simon Klas Lofberg (150th), and Danny Tang (167th).

Up Next: WSOP #51: $400 Pot Limit Omaha

Buy in: $ 400
Date: August 5 @ 18:00 UTC / August 6 @ 02:00 HKT
Late registration: 180 minutes
Re-entries: 2 times
Added to 1st place: $ 15,000 WSOP Europe Package Ticket

Up Next: WSOP #52: $ 1,000 No Limit Hold’em

Buy in: $ 1,000
Date: August 6 @ 18:00 UTC / August 7 @ 02:00 HKT
Late registration: 180 minutes
Re-entries: 2 times
Table: 6 Handed / 9 Handed (Final Table)
Added to 1st place: $ 15,000 WSOP Europe Package Ticket

Open: WSOP #55: HK$ 8,000 No Limit Hold’em Asia Championship [ HK$ 8M GTD ]

Buy in: HK$ 8,000 (~ US$ 1,000)
Guarantee: HK$ 8,000,000 (~US$ 1,032,000)
Cumulative Entries: 748
Day 2 qualifiers: 103
Entry Flights: 10 remaining
Final Day: August 9 @ 20:00 HKT

Top 15 in chips
WSOP 55 HK 8000 No Limit Hold’em Asia Championship top15 in chips

In addition to the top 15, other notable players through to Day 2 are Roberto Romanello, Joao Vieira, Andrei Konopelko “iosif stalin”, Sung Joo Hyun “ArtePokerTV”, Mike Leah, Kahle Burns, and Mike McDonald.

Final Table: WSOP #48: $1,500 MILLIONAIRE MAKER [ $5M GTD ]

The $ 1,500 MILLIONAIRE MAKER pulled in 6,299 across 15 entry flights for a prize pool worth $ 8,976,075. In three day’s time, two players will walk more than a million bucks richer with the champion shipping the $ 1,489,288.80 first prize. Nine players remain. The final chase is on August 8 @ 18:30 UTC / August 9 @ 02:30 HKT. Live broadcast cards face up on GGPoker.TV.

Buy in: $ 1,500
Guarantee: $ 5,000,000
Total Entries: 6,299
Day 2 Qualifiers: 1,041
Prize Pool: $ 8,976,075
ITM: 764 places

WSOP 48 1500 MILLIONAIRE MAKER final table 2
WSOP #48 – $1,500 MILLIONAIRE MAKER final table

Daniel Dvoress – Canada – 92,479,846 (30.8 BB)
Alejandro Caridad “pepealas” – Argentina – 64,001,642 (21.3BB)
Neville Mateus Endo Costa “NevSlater” – Brazil – 43,132,236 (14.4 BB)
Michael Nugent “MrFabulous” – Canada – 37,076,246 (12.4 BB)
Anatoly Filatov “Mr_Deer” – Russia – 22,480,138 (7.5BB)
Tomasz Cybulski “SushiJanushi”- Poland – 18,604,499 (6.2 BB)
Aneris Adomkevicius “TaiwanNumba1” – Albania – 13,452,228 (4.5 BB)
Caio De Almeida “Ez4ENCE” – Brazil- 12,558,546 (4.2 BB)
Ronny Kaiser – Switzerland – 10,506,666 (3.5 BB)

Remaining payouts

1st $ 1,489,288.80
2nd $ 1,072,428.22
3rd $ 772,251.22
4th $ 556,094.77
5th $ 400,441.55
6th $ 288,356.40
7th $ 207,644.44
8th $ 149,523.45
9th $ 107,670.71

High Rollers Super MILLION$ – Lucas Greenwood – $ 539,805

Canadian pro Lucas Greenwood was the newest champion of the High Rollers Super MILLION$ topping a field of 210 entries to pocket the largest wad worth $ 539,805. This was another fantastic score for Greenwood who kicked off his year with a victory at the Australian Poker Open in the Gold Coast. He shipped the A$ 50,000 buy-in No Limit Hold’em event for A$ 700,000 (~US$ 472,928). Before the pandemic grounded the world, he picked up another six figures, finishing 3rd at the partypoker MILLIONS Sochi Super High Roller – US$ 51,000 No LImit Hold’em for $ 337,500. According to Sharkscope, Greenwood – playing under the nickname “HotPot44” – placed 3rd at the WSOPC Ring Event #8: High Roller Championship in May on Natural8 for $ 1,181,109. Putting these four events together, his combined winnings amount to a whopping $ 2,531,342.

High Rollers Super MILLION
High Rollers Super MILLION$

Buy in: $ 10,000
Guarantee: $ 2,000,000
Entries: 210
Prize pool: $ 2,037,000
ITM: 25 places
Live stream on GGPoker.TV

Final Table payouts

1st Lucas Greenwood – Canada – $ 539,805
2nd Jesus Cortes – Spain – $ 315,735
3rd VAN BLARCUM – Mexico – $ 199,626
4th Niklas Astedt “SpeedyDouble” – Canada – $ 158,886
5th Jonathan Van Fleet – Canada – $ 138,516
6th Samuel Vousden – Finland – $ 93,702
7th Saquon – Canada – $ 73,332
8th Kahle Burns – Australia – $ 57,036
9th Conor Bersford – UK – $ 44,814


WSOP Side Event: $500 FIFTY STACK

WSOP Side Event – $500 FIFTY STACK

Buy in: $ 500
Date: August 4
Guarantee: $ 250,000
Entries: 917
Prize pool: $ 435,575
ITM: 134 places
Winner: SuricaTHOR – Brazil – $ 71,680.71

WSOP Side Event: $210 Bounty Turbo 6 Handed

WSOP Side Event 210 Bounty Turbo 6 Handed
WSOP Side Event – $210 Bounty Turbo 6 Handed

WSOP Side Event: $400 Warmup

Buy in: $ 400
Date: August 4
Guarantee: $ 75,000
Entries: 269
Prize pool: $ 101,144
ITM: 39 places
Winner: Pearblossom – Israel – $ 19,288.44

Update: WSOP Leaderboard

In addition to striving for the WSOP gold bracelet is the esteemed Player of the Series title. For the first time, three types of POS titles will be awarded. The ultimate leaderboard champion will win the WSOP Pure Gold Mouse, the WSOP Pure Gold Dragon will be awarded to the Asia Player of the Series – highest points accrued on the Asia Time Zone events -, and the exclusive Pure Gold Card to be given to leaderboard finishers 2nd to 5th. Current standings after 19 events.

WSOP 2020 Online Leaderboard – Top 10

wsop player of the years standing 3
WSOP Player of the Series leaderboard current standings

WSOP 2020 Online Leaderboard [ Asia Time Zone Events ] – Top 10

WSOP 2020 Online Leaderboard Asia Time Zone Events 1 2
WSOP 2020 Online Leaderboard [ Asia Time Zone Events ]


WSOP #77: $5,000 No Limit Hold’em Main Event [ $ 25M GTD ]

Year after year, players flock to Las Vegas with dreams of winning a bracelet, however no gold is more desired than that of the WSOP Main Event. The hunt for the 51st champion begins on August 16 with entry flights running daily until August 30. Players are allowed only three bullets with no same day re-entry offered.

Buy in: $ 5,000
Guarantee: $ 25,000,000
Entry Dates: August 16 to August 30
Entry Flights: 22 offered
Final Day: August 30 [ 3-Day Freezeout Flights ]


Buy in: $ 25,000
Date: August 23 @ 18:00 UTC
Guarantee: $ 10,000,000
Notes: 2 day event

WSOP #71: BIG 50 [ $1M GTD ]

At the 50th anniversary of the WSOP held last year, the BIG 50 event was introduced. Due to its massive draw of 28,371 entries, it is back in the roster. With the buy in lowered to a very affordable $ 50, players can expect a monstrous field.

Buy in: $ 50
Guarantee: $ 1,000,000
Entry Dates: August 16 to 23
Entry Flights: 15 offered
Final Day: August 23 @ 18:30 UTC

Other Games

For those looking to enter bracelet events for cheap, the WSOP Silk Road is your route. Daily tickets can be won until August 31. Alek Stasiak “astazz” earned his seat to WSOP #33: $1,111 Every 1 for Covid Relief via a $10 qualifier which bought him a seat in the $100 satellite to the above-mentioned bracelet event which he shipped for $ 343.2K. For non- bracelet events, several WSOP side events are scheduled with buy-ins from $125 to $800.

Natural8 Promos

WSOP Winner’s Circle Sponsorship Packages

wsop natural8 promotion big

Main Event = $100,000 Natural8 Sponsorship*

Win the WSOP Main Event and you’ll not only become a part of Team Bling, you’ll be the CAPTAIN of the team. This exclusive package includes:

12 month Team Bling Sponsorship
$15,000 Las Vegas Package ($10,000 to cover your buy-ins and $5,000 for expenses)
$25,000 for live event sponsorships
T$60,000 in online sponsorships, paid out over 12 months

Buy-ins of $1,000 and above = $15,000 Natural8 Sponsorship*

Win a WSOP Bracelet from any event with a buy-in of $1,000 and above, and you’ll get a Team Bling package that includes:

6 month Team Bling Sponsorship
$15,000 Las Vegas Package ($10,000 to cover your buy-ins and $5,000 for expenses)

Buy-ins from $50 to $999 = $7,500 Natural8 Sponsorship*

Win a WSOP Bracelet from any event with a buy-in of $999 and below, and you’ll get a Team Bling package that includes:

6 month Team Bling Sponsorship
$7,500 Las Vegas Package ($5,000 to cover your buy-ins and $2,500 for expenses)

WSOP First Deposit Bonus

First time depositors on Natural8 can expect a special bump in the load. For a minimum deposit of $20 are gifts worth up to $ 100 over six consecutive days. The initial $ 60 in WSOP tickets – WSOP Satellite and WSOP Spin & Gold, another $ 40 in WSOP tickets for those that complete all 6 AoF challenges of 100 AoF hands per day.

wsop natural8 promotion

WSOP Silk Road

The WSOP Silk Road Micro Series has been ongoing since July 1st and will run until August 31st. This is for players looking to enter bracelet events for cheap. And seriously, who wouldn’t want to win a multi million event for as low as $ 1.08? Via this route, buy-ins only go as high as $ 21.60. Top the Natural8 Silk Road Leaderboard to win an instant ticket to the WSOP #77: $5,000 Main Event [ $25M GTD ].

Plenty of action still to come so stick with us at Somuchpoker as we bring you daily updates on the ongoing 2020 WSOP Online on Natural8.

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