2019 PPPoker World Championship Main Event : Live Updates

2019 PPPoker World Championship : Live Updates


3:35PM: Richard Marquez wins the PPWC Main Event! 

IMG 6708
Richard Marquez and friends

Richard Marquez steamrolled thew final 6 table knocking out four players just like he did in Day 3. At heads up, Marquez denied WSOP champ Mike Takayama the title by claiming pot after pot to cripple him down then eventually out. Marquez lifted his first-ever major championship title and the massive PHP 4,850,000 (US$93,000) first prize.

We will have a recap for you shortly.

3:30PM: Mike Takayama eliminated in 2nd place – PHP 2,716,000
Level 27: Blinds 35K-70K ante 10K

IMG 6287
MIke Takayama

Mike Takayama has fallen! Takayama may have multiple trophies on his poker altar but a PPWC championship title is not one of them. He did win a side event last night so PPPoker is still represented among his victories. Today though, it was not his for the taking. His final hand saw Richard Marquez raise to 170k, Takayama called. At the flop 5h10c7c, Takayama checked, Marquez fired 200k, Takayama raised to 470k, Marquez shoved, and Takayama called for his tournament life.

Marquez 8d8s
Takayama 5d7d two pair

Takayama was ahead but Marquez announced a ten would turn up, and it did. The turn slapped a 10d for a higher two pair to Marquez. With the river Ah, Takayama fell in 2nd place. He earned PHP 2,716,000 for his superb run.

3:20PM: Mike Takayama 
Level 27: Blinds 35K-70K ante 10K

With a raised pot before them, the flop landed Jd10c3h. Mike Takayama checked, Richard Marquez slid out 165k, called by Takayama. On the Ah turn, no bets came. On the river As, Takayama bet 405k, Marquez folded.

3:15PM: Richard Marquez
Level 27: Blinds 35K-70K ante 10K

Limped pot, the flop ran 6h3s2c. Richard Marquez checked, Mike Takayama bet 80k, called by the leader. The turn Qs, Marquez jumped out with a 200k bet, Takayama called. On the river Ac, Marquez fired 410k, Takayama folded.

3:10PM: Mike Takayama battles back
Level 27: Blinds 35K-70K ante 10K

IMG 6036
Mike Takayama

After losing multiple pots to Richard Marquez, Mike Takayama charged back to try and regain the lost chips. On one hand, a flop KsJs3d was felted, Takayama checked then called an 80k bet. On the 9d turn, no bets. The river 7h saw a 250k bet by Takayama and Marquez folded.

Raised pot preflop, the board fell 10h10d2c, turn Kc, river 4s, no bets landed and Takayama won it with Qs9s.

With the flop showing 8h6s2c and a limped pot in the middle, Mike Takayama check-called a 100k bet. On the 8c turn, no bets. The river 7s, Takayama bet 350k, Marquez folded.

3:05PM: Richard Marquez dominating 
Level 27: Blinds 35K-70K ante 10K

By the rate the game is going, Richard Marquez will be locking this up. He has been on a roll winning consecutive pots to create a gap of 5:1. His recent win saw flop Ad3d10c with a raised pot preflop. Marquez checked, Mike Takayama bet 70k, called. On the 3h turn, no bets, then on the river 7h, Marquez bet 200k, Takayama called, Marquez showed As2s, Takayama mucked.

3:00PM: Richard Marquez with rockets
Level 27: Blinds 35K-70K ante 10K

Richard Marquez raised to 140k, Mike Takayama called. At the flop 4h8d10h, Takayama checked to the raiser, Marquez bet and a quick fold from Takayama. Marquez showed his AdAs.

2:45PM: Break time update

The first round of heads up clearly went to Richard Marquez. He won a large majority of the pots. Here’s how they stand at the break:

Richard Marquez 9,225,000
Mike Takayama 2,265,000

2:35PM: Richard Marquez pulling away
Level 26: 30K-60K ante 10K

IMG 6121
Richard Marquez

Heads up has begun. First pot went to Mike Takayama but a majority of the next pots went to the leader Richard Marquez.

On a flop 6h2h4d, Takayama checked, Marquez bet 80k, called. On the Js turn, Takayama checked, Marquez fired 300k, called. The river 9s saw the same action with another 300k bet by Marquez check-called by Takayama. Marquez showed Jd7s and won it. Takayama mucked.

Marquez won another after. Takayama limped in, Marquez raised 160k, called. The board ran KsJsAcKc with no bets until the river 4s. Marquez bet 250k, Takayama folded.

On a flop Jc4c2d, Marquez checked, Takayama slid out 70k, called. The turn Ad saw no bets to bring on the river 2c. Marquez checked, Takayama bet 100k, Marquez called. Takayama showed 6s5c air, Marquez won with 7h4d pair.

Takayama limped, Marquez raised to 160k, called by Takayama. At the flop AsJs3c, Marquez checked, Takayama slid out 160k, Marquez raised to 400k, Takayama called. On the 3h turn, Marquez shoved his monstrous stack, Takayama folded.

Marquez raised to 170k, Takayama called, the flop ran KcJd5d. Both checked and the turn 8c saw Takayama check, Marquez bet 100k, called. The river Ah both checked. Takayama Qc9h miss, Marquez won with 9s9d.

2:30PM: Heads up: Richard Marquez vs Mike Takayama
Level 26: 30K-60K ante 10K

IMG 5844
Heads up

With the fall of Lester Edoc, we are now heads up!

Richard Marquez – 7,455,000
Mike Takayama – 4,035,000

2:20PM: Lester Edoc railed in 3rd place – PHP 1,649,000
Level 26: 30K-60K ante 10K

IMG 5960
Lester Edoc

Lester Edoc will not be claiming the title here as he was just bounced out by none other than the “executioner” Richard Marquez. From button, Edoc limped in, sb Marquez raised to 205k, bb Mike Takayama folded, back to Edoc who jammed. Marquez snap-called with AsAc, Edoc had 8c8s. The board ran dry for Edoc Kd2d5h6h6s. Edoc earned PHP 1,649,000 for his great run.

2:05PM: Richard Marquez retakes the lead
Level 26: 30K-60K ante 10K

IMG 5281
Richard Marquez

From button position, Richard Marquez raised to 130k, both Mike Takayama and Lester Edoc called. At the flop Ad7d2d, blinds checked, Marquez c-bet 150k, only Takayama called to see the turn Jd. Takayama checked, Marquez bet 200k, called. On the river 3d, check by Takayama again, Marquez slid out 300k, and got the call. Marquez won the pot with KdQs nut flush. Takayama had AcQd flush.

Marquez at 5.3M, Takayama down to 3.3M, Edoc at 2.2M.

1:55PM: Mark Gruendemann exits in 4th place – PHP 1,261,000
Level 26: 30K-60K ante 10K

IMG 5740
Mark Gruendemann

That’s it! It is an all Filipino affair final 3 with the fall of Irishman Mark Gruendemann in 4th place. Utg Gruendemann raised to 120k, button Lester Edoc called, bb Mike Takayama shoved, Gruendemann risked his tournament life, Edoc folded. Gruendemann AhQs, Takayama KdKc. The board bricked 10c4s2d3c6d. Gruendemann earned PHP 1,261,000 for his deep finish.

Mike Takayama in the driver’s seat with around 5.3M. Marquez at 4M and Edoc around 2M.

1:40PM: Mike Takayama wins the war against Marquez
Level 25: Blinds 25K-50K ante 10K

Sb Richard Marquez raised to 205k, Mike Takayama thee-bet to 480k, Marquez folded. Takayama showed QhQc.

1:30PM: Chips go round and round… Lester Edoc takes from the leader
Level 25: Blinds 25K-50K ante 10K

IMG 4722
Lester Edoc

With four remaining, small pots being won around the table. One of the pots went to Lester Edoc. On a flop 4d8d4h, sb Lester Edoc bet 180k and bb Richard Marquez called. On the 5c turn, Edoc slid out 400k, Marquez folded.

1:20PM: Richard Marquez against the blinds
Level 25: Blinds 25K-50K ante 10K

Richard Marquez raised from utg and both blinds called, Mark Gruendemann and Lester Edoc. At the flop 9dKs10c, blinds checked, Marquez c-bet 190k, no callers. Marquez at 4.8M.

1:10PM: Hans Jurgen Homner falls in 5th place – PHP 1,067,000
Level 25: Blinds 25K-50K ante 10K

IMG 4743
Hans Jurgen Homner

Richard Marquez continues to be the hatchet man. The next player falling to him was Hans Jurgen Homner. Marquez raised from cutoff, Homner jammed his short stack from the button, Marquez called. Marquez Qc10d, Homner As2d, the board offered ran 3d3cKd10d3h for a full house to Marquez. Homner fell in 5th place. He earned PHP 1,067,000 for his deep run. Marquez now at 5.3M.

1:05PM: Mark Gruendemann rising
Level 25: Blinds 25K-50K ante 10K

Mike Takayama and Mark Gruendemann face off again. On a raised pot preflop, the flop landed 6h3s7c. Both checked. The turn Jc, Takayama bet 90k, Gruendemann called. On the 9s river, another 160k sent out by Takayama, called by Gruendemann. Takayama had Qs10c air, Gruendemann won with KdKc. He now has around 1.5M.

1:00PM: Mark Gruendemann doubles up
Level 25: Blinds 25K-50K ante 10K

IMG 4696
Mark Gruendemann

Mike Takayama shoved on the button and sb Mark Gruendemann called for his tournament life. Takayama Ah2c, Gruendemann 9h9d. The board rand dry 6dQh7hJs7d for a double up to Gruendemann. He now has around 1.3M.

12:55PM: Mike Takayama next to take from Mark Gruendemann
Level 25: Blinds 25K-50K ante 10K

Mark Gruendemann’s short stack got even shorter having lost another pot. This time it was Mike Takayama benefiting. It was a limped pot between the blinds, the flop was Qs8h9h. Takayama bet 60k, Gruendemann called. On the 6d turn, Takayama bet 170k, Gruendemann called. On the 8d river, Takayama slid out 900k putting Gruendemann all in to call. Gruendemann folded.

Takayama up to 3.3M, Gruendemann down to 645k.

12:45PM: Break time chip update

First break of the day. Here are the estimated chip counts:

Richard Marquez 4.9M
Mike Takayama 3M
Lester Edoc 1.7M
Mark Gruendemann 950K
Hans Jurgen Homner 650K

Average stack: 2,298,000

12:40PM: Hans Jurgen Homner celebrates his double up
Level 24: 20K-40K ante 5K

Shortest stacked Hans Jurgen Homner moved all in for his remaining 325k, Lester Edoc called. Homner with QcJc, Edoc with Ad9d. The board ran well for the German Qs4c6s10d6c for a double up to 670k.

12:35PM: Richard Marquez picks up another pot
Level 24: 20K-40K ante 5K

IMG 4784
Richard Marquez

Hijack Lester Edoc raised to 100k and button Richard Marquez called. At the flop 10h3hKd, 8d, and Ah river, no bets landed. Marquez showed 7x7x and Edoc mucked. Another pot shipped to the chip leader. He now has around 4.9M.

12:30PM: Dong Kyoon Seo eliminated in 6th place – PHP 875,000
Level 24: 20K-40K ante 5K

IMG 4752
Dong Kyoon Seo

Having just won a big pot, Richard Marquez went on to add more by delivering the first casualty of the table. He raised to 100k from utg, hijack Dong Kyoon Seo all in for 1.090M, Marquez called. Marquez AcAh, Seo AsQd, the board ran Qh3hJsKs4h to end Seo’s run in 6th place. He earned PHP 875,000 for his impressive run.

Marquez now at 4.8M.

12:20PM: Big pot between Richard Marquez and Mark Gruendemann
Level 24: 20K-40K ante 5K

Button Mark Gruendemann raised to 100k, bb Richard Marquez three-bet to 250k, Gruendemann called. On the flop 7c3dKd, Marquez led for 150k, Gruendemann raised to 500k, Marquez called. On the turn Ac, Marqeuz sent the action to Gruendemann who bet 400k. Marquez answered with a 1M raise. Gruendemann folded.

Marquez up to 3.9M , Gruendemann down to 850k.

12:10PM: Mike Takayama over 3M
Level 24: 20K-40K ante 5K

IMG 4759
Mike Takayama

Mike Takayama picked up the first good pot of the table. It was a blinds on blinds with Dongkyoon Seo raising to 120k, called by Takayama on the bb. At the flop JdKs8s, both checked. On the 6h turn, Seo checked to Takayama who fired 90k. Seo called. On the river 10d, Seo switched up and led for 120k, Takayama called. Takayama showed QsJs and Seo mucked. Takayama over 3M in chips.

12:05PM: Hans Jurgen Homner shoves
Level 24: 20K-40K ante 5K

Hanas Jurges Homner shoved on the first hand of the final race, no callers.

12:00PM: Final race begins!!
Level 24: 20K-40K ante 5K

IMG 4765
Final 6 players

Cards are in the air! The first-ever PPWC Main Event champion will be crowned sometime today! Once again, here are the final 6 players by chip count:

Richard Marquez – Philippines – 2,795,000
Mike Takayama – Philippines – 2,670,000
Mark Gruendemann – Ireland – 2,480,000
Dong Kyoon Seo – Korea – 1,715,000
Lester Edoc – Philippines – 1,505,000
Hans Jurgen Homner – Germany – 425,000

Total chips in play: 11,490,000
Average stack: 1,915,000

Remaining payouts

1st PHP 4,850,000
2nd PHP 2,716,000
3rd PHP 1,649,000
4th PHP 1,261,000
5th PHP 1,067,000
6th PHP 875,000

4:15PM: Final 6 decided!

IMG 6333 2
Bagging time!

With the fall of Markus Garberg in 7th place, the final 6 has been formed. Day 3 is over, here are the chip counts by ranking:

Richard Marquez – 2,795,000
Mike Takayama – 2,670,000
Mark Gruendemann – 2,480,000
Seo Dongkyoon – 1,715,000
Lester Edoc – 1,505,000
Hans Jurgen Homner – 425,000

Players return tomorrow, Thursday, February 20 at 12pm for the race to the title and the ultimate first prize of PHP 4,850,000 (US$93,000)

Final 6 remaining payouts (in PHP)

1st 4,850,000
2nd 2,716,000
3rd 1,649,000
4th 1,261,000
5th 1,067,000
6th 875,000

4:10PM: Markus Garberg falls in 7th place – PHP 660,000
Level 24: Blinds 20K/40K ante 5K

IMG 3941
Markus Garberg

Markus Garberg was the next to fall into Richard Marquez’s firing line. He moved all in from hijack with 10c10h and Marquez snap-called from the button with QdQs. The board ran 5d7cAd4d9h. Garberg placed 7th and earned PHP 660,000 for his deep run.

3:55PM: Mike Takayama chunks Homner; rises to 2.6M
Level 24: Blinds 20K/40K ante 5K

IMG 3531
Mike Takayama

Mike Takayama has just shaved off nearly half of Hans Jurgen Homner’s stack. The hand began with utg Homner raising to 85k, from hijack, Takayama called. At the flop 5dAcQh, Homner c-bet 110k, Takayama called. On the Qc turn, Homner checked, Takayama slid out 90k, Homner called. On the river 4h, Homner checked, Takayama all in, Homner folded leaving himself around 400k. Takayama now at 2.6M.

3:45PM: Rajeev Kanjani eliminated in 8th place – PHP 446,200
Level 24: Blinds 20K/40K ante 5K

IMG 3762
Rajeev Kanjani

Hijack player Richard Marquez raised to 90k, sb Rajeev Kanjani three-bet shoved with 355k remaining, bb Seo Dongkyoon shoved as well, and back to Marquez with a fold. Kanjani QcJc, Seo AsQs, the board ran 10d10c6h2s8s. Kanjani fell in 8th place and earned PHP 446,200 for his finish.

We are down to 7 players. Seo now at 1.3M. One more bust out before we wrap up Day 3.

3:30PM: Estimated chip counts
Level 23: Blinds 15K-30K ante 5K

Seat 1: Markus Garberg – 654K
Seat 2: Richard Marquez – 2.4M
Seat 3: Hans Jurgen Homner – 720K
Seat 6: Rajeev Kanjani – 570K
Seat 7: Seo Dongkyoon – 1.3M
Seat 8: Mike Takayama – 2.3M
Seat 9: Mark Gruendemann – 2.4M
Seat 10: Lester Edoc – 1.030M

Average stack is 1.436M.

3:15PM: Ken Foo Hsien Loong busts in 9th place – PHP 291,000
Level 23: Blinds 15K-30K ante 5K

IMG 3710
Ken Foo Hsien Loong

Richard Marquez sent the axe down on Ken Foo Hsien Loong to drive his stack to a commanding 2.7M. The hand saw utg Marquez raise to 75k, Loong all in for 380k, Marquez called. When the cards turned up, Marquez was ahead with AdKd, Loong with AsQd. The board ran 9d8d7c2s10d for the nut flush to Marquez. Loong packed up in 9th place and earned PHP 291,000.

We are down to 8 players. Average stack is 1.436M.

3:00PM: Mark Gruendemann vs Mike Takayama
Level 23: Blinds 15K-30K ante 5K

IMG 3529
Mark Gruendemann

Action folded to the button, Seo Dongkyoon raised to 75k. Sb Mike Takayama three-bet to 255k, bb Mark Gruendemann called, back to Seo who folded. At the flop 5c4sQs, Takayama checked, Gruendemann bet 250k, Takayama folded.

2:45PM: Denis Cheremisin railed in 10th place – PHP 232,800
Level 23: Blinds 15K-30K ante 5K

IMG 3538
Denis Cheremisin

First casualty of the final table has landed, Denis Cheremisin has fallen at the hands of Seo Dongkyoon. Action folded around to the button Cheremisin, he jammed, big blind Seo Dongkyoon called with more chips. Cheremisin Ks10d, Seo JsJd, the board ran Qs5d7h10c8c. Cheremisin earned PHP 232,800 for his deep run.

9 players remaining. Seo up to 1.5M.

2:25PM: Final 10 players 
Level 23: Blinds 15K-30K ante 5K

IMG 3555
Final 10

From 383 players for the Main Event, we are now down to one table of 10 players. They will play until we reach the final 6 players.

Seat 1: Markus Garberg – 1M
Seat 2: Richard Marquez – 2.2M
Seat 3: Hans Jurgen Homner – 840K
Seat 4: Ken Foo Hsien Loong – 435K
Seat 5: Denis Cheremisin – 450K
Seat 6: Rajeev Kanjani – 1.225M
Seat 7: Seo Dongkyoon – 775K
Seat 8: Mike Takayama – 1.725M
Seat 9: Mark Gruendemann – 1.945M
Seat 10: Lester Edoc – 945K

2:20PM: Mark Amparo out in 11th place – PHP 232,800
Level 23: Blinds 15K-30K ante 5K

IMG 3330
Mark Amparo

Second hand after the break and Mark Amparo has fallen out of the running. His last hand started with a raise by Richard Marquez on utg, Amparo three-bet on the small blind to 200k. Marquez called. On the flop 2c7s4s, Amparo shoved his remaining 370k, called by Marquez. Amparo Ac7c, Marquez QsQd, the turn Kc and river Kd were no help to Amparo. He was out in 11th place and earned PHP 232,800 for his efforts. Marquez now leads the race with 2.2M.

2:00PM: Break time chip counts

First break of the day. 11 players remaining. Estimated chip counts below.

Richard Marquez 1.6M
Ken Foo Hsien Loong 450K
Mark Amparo 610K
Rajeev Kanjani 1.2M
Denis Cheremisin 460K
Markus Garberg 1.1M
Hans Jurgen Homner 850K
Mike Takayama 1.8M
Lester Edoc 900K
Seo Dongkyoon 800K
Mark Gruendemann 1.5M

1:58PM: Good call for Mike Takayama climbs to 1.8M
Level 22: Blinds 12K-24K ante 3K

Catching the action on a turn board 3sKs8c9s, Mike Takayama bet 82k, called by Hans Jurgen Homner. On the river 10d, Takayama bet 62k, Homner raised to 177k, Takayama called. Homner showed 6d8d, Takayama won it with 10c5h.

1:55PM: Seo Dongkyoon vs Lester Edoc
Level 22: Blinds 12K-24K ante 3K

Seo Dongkyoon raised to 52k, Lester Edoc called on the big blind. At the flop 8dAd7d, Edoc checked, Seo c-bet 52k, Edoc check-raised to 155k, Seo called. On the Jh turn and 9s river both checked. Seo showed Js9d and won the pot. Edoc mucked. Seo now at 680k.

1:50PM: Ivan Guillem eliminated in 12th place – PHP 232,800
Level 22: Blinds 12K-24K ante 3K

IMG 3497
Ivan Guillem

After losing a sizable chunk in a previous all in hand, Ivan Guillem was all in again. This time he had Qd10s. Mark Gruendemann called him with AcJh. The board was empty as it landed 6h2hKs5d6s to send Guillem out in 12th place. He earned PHP 232,800 for his deep run. We are down to 11 players. Gruendemann at 1.25M.

1:40PM: Daniyar Auganbayev out in 13th place – PHP 232,800
Level 22: Blinds 12K-24K ante 3K

IMG 3489
Daniyar Auganbayev

All in preflop, Daniyar Auganbayev with 9c9d, called by Richard Marquez with AsJh. It was a coin flip. Marquez won the bout with the board running 8s10s4c3sJd. Daniyar earned PHP 232,800 for his deep run. We are down to 12 players. Marquez now at 1.9M.

1:30PM: Georges Chehade falls in 14th place – PHP 232,800
Level 22: Blinds 12K-24K ante 3K

IMG 3290
Georges Chehade

Georges Chehade met his end at the hands of Hans Jurgen Homner in 14th place. Action began with Homner raising preflop, called by Chehade on hijack. At the flop 9h3s6d, Homner c-bet and Chehade called. On the turn 10d, Homner c-bet 161k, Chehade shoved, Homner called. Chehade 3d3c set, Homner 10c10s set, the river Qd ended the hand to send Chehade packing. He earned PHP 232,800 for his deep run. Homner now at 1.2M. We are down to 13 players.

1:20PM: Hans Homner rises, Ivan Guillem plummets
Level 22: Blinds 12K-24K ante 3000

Preflop action saw utg Lester Edoc raise, Ivan Guillem shoved, Hans Jurgen Homner shoved as well, Edoc folded. Guillem AcQc, Homner QhQd the board ran Jc9cQs8s8c for a crushing full house to Homner. He doubled up to 780k, Guillem dropped to 245k.

1:15PM: Ken Foo Hsien Loong doubles up Rajeev Kanjani
Level 22: Blinds 12K-24K ante 3K

IMG 3285
Rajeev Kanjani

We had an error in the chip counts last night, Ken Foo Hsien Loong had 1.13M not 113k. Moving on to the hand, Daniyar Auganbayev raised to 50k, button Loong three-bet 175k, bb Rajeev Kanjani shoved his 511k stack. Back to Daniyar, he folded then Loong called. Kanjani KdKh, Loong AsKc, the board threw blanks 2d10s5c2s10h for a double up to Kanjani. Kanjani at 1.2M, Loong down to 440k.

1:10PM: Georges Chehade vs Ivan Guillem
Level 22: Blinds 12K-24K ante 3K

A pot of 90k was weighing the middle with two players staring down a board 3h8c8s. Bb positioned Georges Chehade bet 110k and Ivan Guillem called. The turn 2h both checked it to bring on the river card 3s. Chehade led for 70k, Guillem folded. Chehade up to 350k.

12:55PM: Mark Gruendemann shaves some off Edoc
Level 21: Blinds 10K-20K ante 3K

IMG 3278
Mark Gruendemann

Lester Edoc continues to shell out chips that his once massive stack of 1.88M is now down to 750k. His recent loss was to Mark Gruendemann. The hand began with Gruendemann raising to 43k from hijack, Edoc three-bet to 157k, back to Gruendemann with the call. On the flop 8dKc8d, Gruendemann checked, Edoc fired 85k, called. On the Ad turn, Gruendemann switched gears and led for 110k, Edoc called. Then on fifth street 2c, Gruendemann bet 75k, Edoc called. Gruendemann opened AcQh and Edoc mucked. Gruendemann up to 1.54M.

12:40PM: Denis Cheremisin doubles up through Garberg
Level 21: Blinds 10K-20K ante 3K

Mid position Markus Garberg raised, Denis Cheremisin jammed on the big blind, Garberg called for a showdown. Cheremisin QsQh, Garberg 8d8c, the board fell 9s2s2h3h6h for a double up to the Russian Denis. Cheremisin up to 420k.

12:35PM: Jeffrey Pamplona out in 15th place – PHP 232,800
Level 21: Blinds 10K-20K ante 3K

IMG 3279
Jeffrey Pamplona

Lo-jack Jeffrey Pamplona and hi-jack Rajeev Kanjani found themselves all in preflop. Pamplona with Ad8d, Kanjani with Ah9h, the board bricked 4cKh6d7h7s. After the count, Pamplona was behind and was eliminated in 15th place. We are down to 14 players. Kanjani nearing 700k.

12:25PM: ATM machine Edoc doubles up a third; Hans Homner capitalizes
Level 21: Blinds 10K-20K ante 3K

IMG 3255
Hans Jurgen Homner doubles up

Hans Jurgen Homner was the next player to shave off some of Lester Edoc’s towers. He was all in for 280k, holding As9s, ATM machine Edoc called from the bb with KhJd. The board ran out Ac4h6d9h7d. Homner now at  590k. Edoc dropped to 1.25M.

12:20PM: Lester Edoc boosts another; Seo Dongkyoon doubles up
Level 21: Blinds 10K-20K ante 3K

IMG 3268
Seo Dongkyoon

Utg Lester Edoc raised to 45k, sb Seo Dongkyoon all in for 318k, Edoc called. Seo Kc9c, Edoc Ah10h, the board was kind to the short stack as it ran 5d9d6c6s9s for a full house and a double up to 650k.

12:15PM: Daniyar Auganbayev doubles up through Pamplona
Level 21: Blinds 10K-20K ante 3K

IMG 3327
Daniyar Auganbayev

Daniyar Auganbayev was all in with AsAc, Jeffrey Pamplona tangoed with AsKc, the board ran 5cJd3hJs6s for a double up to Daniya. He now has 335k.

12:10PM: Georges Chehade doubles up through Edoc
Level 21: Blinds 10K-20K ante 3K

Action folded around the orbit to the small blind Georges Chehade, he raised to 40k, called by bb Lester Edoc. At the flop 8cJs8s, Chehade c-bet 35k, Edoc called. On the river 9s, Chehade all in, Edoc called. Chehade Qs8d, Edoc 9h5s, double up Chehade to 500k.

12:05PM: William Ysmael exits in 16th place – PHP 155,200
Level 21: Blinds 10K-20K ante 3K

First hand of  the day at table 1 and cutoff William Ysmael shoved his short stack. He was called by Ivan Guillem on the button. Ysmael Qs9s, Guillem AhQd, the board ran 7cAc8s5h4h. And just like that, one down. 15 players remaining. Ysmael finished in 16th place and earned PHP 155,200.

12:00PM: Day 3 underway!
Level 21: Blinds 10K-20K ante 3K

This is the day it will be decided…. Who will advance to the final table of 9 players and who will end their run early by one day? Cards are underway at the Main Event! The final 16 players are here and already slugging it out.

Average stack 718,125
Total chips in play: 11,490,000

Here are the remaining payouts.

1st 4,850,000
2nd 2,716,000
3rd 1,649,000
4th 1,261,000
5th 1,067,000
6th 875,000
7th 660,000
8th 446,200
9th 291,000
10th~15th 232,800
16th 155,200


1:00AM: Final 16 players

Name Chip Count Nationality Seating Number
Lester Edoc 1,888,000 Philippine table 1 Seat 6
Mike Takayama 1,802,000 Philippine table 1 Seat 7
Richard Marquez 1,294,000 Philippine table 2 Seat 7
Markus Garberg 1,188,000 Norway table 2 Seat 6
Daniyar Auganbayev 794,000 Kazakstan table 2 Seat 4
Ivan Guillem 779,000 Spain table 1 Seat 1
Mark Gruendemann 552,000 Ireland table 1 Seat 4
Rajeev Kanjani 516,000 India table 2 Seat 2
Seo Dongkyoon 395,000 Korea table 1 Seat 3
Mark Amparo 375,000 Phillipine table 2 Seat 5
Jeffrey Pamplona 315,000 Philippine table 2 Seat 1
Dens Cheremisin 294,000 Russia table 2 Seat 3
Hans Jurgen Homner 254,000 GERMANY table 1 Seat 2
Georges Chehade 235,000 Lebanon table 1 Seat 5
William Ysmael 225,000 Philippine table 1 Seat 8
Ken Foo Hsien Loong 113,100 Malaysia table 2 Seat 8

12:45AM: Final payouts in PHP

1st 4,850,000
2nd 2,716,000
3rd 1,649,000
4th 1,261,000
5th 1,067,000
6th 875,000
7th 660,000
8th 446,200
9th 291,000
10th~15th 232,800
16th 155,200

12:30AM: Day 2 is over! 16 players remain
Level 20: Blinds 8K-16K ante 2k

After another long day at the Main Event races, the 130 starting runners thinned down to the final 16 players. We will have the official results for you shortly along with a recap.

12:25AM: Eliminations….

Eliminations 17th – 20th – PHP 155,200
17th Aditya Sushant
18th Aun Sin
19th Yoo Yong Hyun
20th Ko Isayama

Eliminations 20th – 25th – PHP 100,800
21st Edison Marzan
22nd Yongquan Tan
23rd Alpheus Chan
24th Kim Choong Kon
25th Thomas Lee

12:20AM: Aditya Sushant’s aces cracked!
Level 20: Blinds 8K-16K ante 2k

Richard Marquez opened only to face a huge shove from Aditya Sushant. Marquez called it. Sushant AhAc, Marquez QdJs, the board ran Qc9c7sQs6s for trips to Marquez. With Sushant’s aces cracked, he bowed out in 17th place.

12:10AM: Battle of the Marks
Level 20: Blinds 8K-16K ante 2k

On a full board 6h5s10sAcQc and a 155k pot in the middle, Mark Amparo checked, Mark Gruendemann bet 88k, Amparo called. Gruendemann showed AdQs, Amparo mucked.

12:00AM: James Yoo eliminated
Level 20: Blinds 8K-16K ante 2k

James Yoo moved all in with As9s but ran into Lester Edoc’s KsKc. He wasn’t able to improve on the board and exited in 19th place.

11:50PM: Mark Gruendemann claims one
Level 20: Blinds 8K-16K ante 2k

The flop was 6s7s8h, Hans Homner checked, Mark Gruendemann bet 35k, Homner called. On the turn 7h, Homner checked again, Gruendemann fired 35k, Homner folded.

11:40PM: Georges Chehade lands two double ups
Level 20: Blinds 8K-16K ante 2k

Georges Chehade may not be out of the hole but he is doing his darndest to make sure he gets there. In this new level, he scored two double ups to help him. The first one was through Ivan Guillem. Chehade had 3h3s, Guillem AcKh, the board ran 3c2dJd8c10s.

The next double up he had 5d5c, Ken Foo Hsien Loong called with AhJs, Chehade hit a full house on the board 5s7c3d3hKs.

11:30PM: James Yoo next to double through Edoc
Level 19: Blinds 6K-12K ante 2k

IMG 3139
James Yoo

James Yoo all in with Ah7s and faced Lester Edoc with 6d6c. A 7 landed on the flop Js7dQs8c5d for a higher pair to double up to around 210k.

11:20PM: Hans Jurgen Homner doubles up through Edoc
Level 19: Blinds 6K-12K ante 2k

IMG 3145
Hans Jurgen Homner

Lester Edoc raised to 28k, bb Hans Jurgen Homner shoved (273k), Edoc called. Homner 8h8d, Edoc 7h7c, the board ran Jh6h8c3h10s. Homner up to 560k.

11:10PM: Mike Takayama switches places with Markus Garberg
Level 19: Blinds 6K-12K ante 2k

IMG 3152
Mike Takayama

Markus Garberg called Mike Takayama’s raise preflop and both went to see the cards land 4c8h8c. Garberg jumped out with a shove and Takayama wasted no time calling. Garberg KcQc draw, Takayama KdKs. The turn 4s and river 5h were no help to Garberg. Takayama shipped a massive double up to 1.6M.

11:00PM: Lester Edoc doubles up to 650k
Level 19: Blinds 6K-12K ante 2K

Catching the action on a fourth street, Ac3h6h5h, Lester Edoc bet 60k, Yong Tan shoved, Edoc called. Edoc had As3s two pair, Tan with AxQx, the river Ah improved Edoc to a boat to drive his stack up to 650k.

10:50PM: Eliminations…..

Eliminations 26th – 30th – PHP 91,1000
26hth Rodgie Panila
27th Wendell Garcia
28th Francis Villamor
29th Terry Alindada
30th Haydar Merih Arkun

Eliminations 31st – 35th – PHP 85,300
31st Suipong Popitukkul
32nd Metasit Pratipsangkom
33rd Alexis Lim
34th Abhinav Iyer
35th Jim Bonanno

Eliminations 36th – 40th – PHP 83,400
36th Alex Lee
37th Victor Chong
38th Tran Thanh Dat
39th Loo Junzhong
40th Fidel Castro

Eliminations 41st – 43rd – PHP 81,400
41st Vamerdino Magsakay
42nd Carlo Calingasan
43rd Kenneth Anzano

10:40PM: Mark Amparo dusts another
Level 19: Blinds 6K-12K ante 2k

Mark Amparo shipped in another stack. His latest victim was short stacked Thomas Lee. Amparo with Ac4d, Lee with Kc8s, the board fell As8h9h3h5s.

We are down to 24 players.

10:15PM: Ken Foo Hsien Loong shoves for the pot
Level 18: Blinds 5000-10000 ante 1000

IMG 3131
Ken Foo Hsien Loong

Georges Chehade raised to 26k and Ken Foo Hsien Loong defended his big blind. At the flop Jc2d9c, Loong checked, Chehade c-bet 20k, Loong called. On the Ac turn, check again by Loong, Chehade fired 69k, Loong jammed then won the pot with Chehade folding up.

10:10PM: Markus Garberg ships 100k
Level 18: Blinds 5000-10000 ante 1000

IMG 3121
Markus Garberg

Markus Garberg added another tower of yellows to his stack by railing Rodgie Panila. Panila shoved with AxJx, Garberg with 10h10s, no help arrived for Panila. He was eliminated in 26th place. Garberg over 1.4M.

10:05PM: Tit for tat….. Lester Edoc vs James Yoo
Level 18: Blinds 5000-10000 ante 1000

Lester Edoc and James Yoo went head-to-head twice with each one doubling up the other. First to get a boost was Edoc. He raised to 22k, hijack Yoo three-bet 65k, Edoc called. On the flop 8h10d3h, Edoc jammed and Yoo called. Edoc Js9s, Yoo AsQs, the turn 8c and river Qd improved Edoc to a straight.

Three hands later it was Yoo’s turn. Action kicked off with Gruendemann bumping it up to 25k, Edoc three-bet to 75k, Yoo shoved, Gruendemann folded, Edoc called. Yoo KcKd, Edoc Ad2h, the board ran dry for a double up to Yoo.

10:00PM: Mike Takayama shakes some off the leader
Level 18: Blinds 5000-10000 ante 1000

Mike Takayama raised to 24k preflop and found customer in the chip leader Markus Garberg on the big blind. At the flop 3dKs9s, both checked and saw a turn land 6d. Garberg led 40k, Takayama raised to 104k, Garberg laughed and tossed his cards in the muck pile. Takayama sits with 790k.

9:50PM: Mark Gruendemann vs William Ysmael
Level 18: Blinds 5000-10000 ante 1000

IMG 3118
Mark Gruendemann

Utg+1 Mark Gruendemann raised preflop, William Ysmael defended on the big blind. The flop ran Qd5sAd, Ysmael checked, Gruendemann c-bet 35k, called. The turn 8s, action was the same with Ysmael check-calling a smaller bet of 15k. No bets arrived on the 10s river. Ysmael spiked a pair with Jd10d but Gruendemann had better with AsKc in the hole.

9:40PM: Ko Isayama ends Wendell Garcia’s run
Level 18: Blinds 5000-10000 ante 1000

IMG 3112
Ko Isayama

Wendell Garcia had a rollercoaster run all day, railing players and enjoying a big stack for sometime until the field downsized to three tables. His stack took several small hits and eventually pushed it all in the middle with AcKd. He was up against Ko Isayama’s made hand 9h9c. The board bricked running low to end Garcia’s day in 27th place. Isayama grew to 360k.

9:30PM: Aun Sin rails Francis Villamor
Level 18: Blinds 5000-10000 ante 1000

IMG 3110
Aun Sin

Aun Sin is now at 580k after railing Francis Villamor. Short stacked Villamor was all in preflop with 7s7h, Sin with AhJh, the board paired both of Sin’s cards. We are down to the final three tables with 27 remaining.

9:20PM: Rajeev Kanjani reaches 600k, Terry Gonzaga out
Level 18: Blinds 5000-10000 ante 1000

IMG 3078
Rajeev Kanjani

Terry Gonzaga was all in with 10c10s but ran smack into Rajeev Kanjani’s KhKs. The board ran low and just like that another one bites the dust.

9:15PM: Richad Marquez boots Haydar Arkun
Level 18: Blinds 5000-10000 ante 1000

Short stacked Haydar Arkun all in with Kc10c and had to get lucky on Richard Marquez’s Ah4s to double up. That didn’t happen with the board running 2dQs3c9dQc.

9:10PM: Markus Garberg skyrockets to 1.4M; Alexis Lim eliminated
Level 18: Blinds 5000-10000 ante 1000

IMG 3087
Markus Garberg

Next to fall was Alexis Lim. Lim was sitting with a very healthy above average stack of 470k but lost it all in one hand to Markus Garberg. Both players engaged in a preflop. Garberg raised to 23k, Lim three-bet to 100k, Garberg jammed his massive stack, Lim called putting himself at risk. Lim had AxKx, Garberg with QxQx, the board ran dry. Garberg zoomed to 1.4M and is now the player in command.

9:00PM: Mark Amparo ends Abhinav Iyer 
Level 18: 5000-10000 ante 1000

IMG 3089
Mark Amparo

This level’s knockout madness continued with Abhinav Iyer as the next to hit the rail. Iyer sat with a monstrous stack early on but in the later level, his momentum downshifted. He paid two costly double ups and couldn’t recover from there. He met his end moments ago at the hands of Mark Amparo. Iyer had AxKx, Amparor AxAx, no bad beats arrived. Amparo now at 555k.

8:55PM: Jim Bonanno falls to William Ysmael
Level 18: Blinds 5000-10000  ante 1000

IMG 3082
William Ysmael

Jim Bonanno was the next burnout here. His Ah7h didn’t improve against William Ysmael‘s As10h. The board was 10d4dJdKh6h.

8:50PM: Ivan Guillem knock out two in new level
Level 18: Blinds 5000-10000 ante 1000

IMG 3084
Ivan Guillem

New level and it seems to be the bust out round. Ivan Guillem delivered the axe on two players in separate hands. His first victim was Alex Lee. Lee had 9d9c, Guillem 4c4d, despite Lee ahead, the board switched that right up as it ran 4h10h6sJd5d.

Several hands after, Guillem sent a Thai player out with AxAx over QxQx. He now sits with 580K.

8:40PM: Rajeev Kanjani shows aces
Level 17: Blinds 4000-8000 ante 1000

Rajeev Kanjani raised from utgh and the bb defended. The flop 6c3s10c was checked by the bb player Rajeev Kanjani bet 47k, called. On the 7c turn, bb switched up and led out 57k, Kanjani jammed, no call. Kanjani showed aces.

8:30PM: Victor Chong exits; Alexis Lim at 500k
Level 17: Blinds 4000-8000 ante 1000

All in preflop action, Victor Chong 10d10c, Alexis Lim AdKc, the board ran Qc5hJcAs3c. Lim won the flip to send Chong out of the running.

8:20PM: Rajeev Kanjani lands a lucky double to stay in
Level 17: Blinds 4000-8000 ante 1000

It was all in preflop, Rajeev Kanjani with AcJh, his challenger with AdKh, the board ran QdKc5c10s7c for a straight to Kanjani. He sat back down to collect his double up.

8:10PM: Battle of the WSOP champions
Level 17: Blinds 4000-8000 ante 1000

WSOP champions Aditya Sushant and Mike Takayama have been sitting at the same table for sometime and they were bound to butt heads. We caught one of those moments. Takayama raised to 20k, Sushant three-bet 60k, Takayama answered with 160k, Sushant folded. Both players have big stacks. Takayama at 500k, Sushant at 350k.

8:00PM: Alex Lee chunked down by Yong Tan
Level 17: Blinds 4000-8000 ante 1000

Yong Tan had 9s9c, Alex Lee looked to boot him out with AcAh, the board felt otherwise running 9h10c2cQd10s. Lee down to 100k, Tan at 700k.

7:45PM: Back on the grind…. 43 players remaining
Level 17: Blinds 4000-8000 ante 1000

Russian Denis is over 600k after his JhJd spiked a two-outer on the river to crush QcQs.

6:45PM: Dinner break

Players are on a one hour dinner break. There are 44 remaining. When they return, another four rounds will be played before bagging up.

6:40PM: Chip leader update
Level 16: Blinds 3000-6000 ante 1000

Looks like the Filipino force is commanding the rankings at the moment. Here are the leaders:

William Ysmael 870k
Richard Marquez 670k
Aditya Sushant 470k
Mike Takayama 400k
Alexis Lim 350k
Abhinev Iyer 310k
Lester Edoc 290k

6:25PM: Wendell Garcia shows one to Victor Chong
Level 16: Blinds 3000-6000 ante 1000

On a turn board 7c8c4c8s and a pot of 55k in the middle, Victor Chong had 30k laid out, Wendell Garcia raisedto 72k, Chong tanked then folded. Garcia showed 3d as he happily scooped up the pot.

6:20PM: Aditya Sushant at 320k
Level 16: Blinds 3000-6000 ante 1000

IMG 3009
Aditya Sushant

After a series of raises and re-raises preflop, two players were all in, one had KdKs, Aditya Sushant had 9c9h. The board ran 3c6cQd8c2c for a flush to Sushant. He shipped it and now has 320k.

6:15PM: Eliminations….
Level 16: Blinds 3000-6000 ante 1000

Eliminations 44th – 60th – PHP 81,400
44th Kah Boon Teh
45th Albert Nguyen
46th William Tjokro
47th Gerardo Lubas
48th Witch Witoonchart
49th Veterano Tan
50th Jimmie Javier

Eliminations 51st to 60th – PHP 79,500
51st Simon Burns
52nd Ha Carson
53rd Samuel Santa Puche
54th Clement Guilleminot
55th Ying Lin Chua
56th Frederic Fauchereau
57th Kalyan Chakravarthy
58th Jae Chang
59th Gregory Benjamins
60th James Mendoza

6:00PM: Players dropping fast….
Level 16: Blinds 3000-6000 ante 1000

With the money guaranteed, short stacks began dropping out. We are down to 44 players. We will have that list for you shortly.

5:45PM: Abhinav Iyer gets hit twice, drops to 300k
Level 16: Blinds 3000-6000 ante 1000

Abhinav Iyer had towers of chips before him amounting to 700k. That has now dropped to less than half with two players capitalizing. The first one was Richard Marquez. Action kicked off with Mark Amparo raising to 14k, button Marquez called, sb Iyer three-bet to 32k. Amparo folded while Marquez called. At the flop 2x2x5x, Iyer bet 26.5k, Marquez called. On the Qx turn, Iyer checked, Marquez bet 48k, Iyer all in, Marquez called (140k behind) putting his tournament life on the line. Iyer had KxQx, Marquez with AxQx, the river 7x completed the board and Marquez doubled up with a better kicker.

Next pot, Iyer had AxAx, his opponent had AxKx, the board ran KxJx3xKx7x. Iyer’s rockets cracked. He paid out another 170k.

5:10PM: Bubble bursts! Albert Nguyen boots BJ Carbonell
Level 15: Blinds 2500-5000 ante 500

IMG 2937
Bubble bursts!

The money has been reached! The bubble burst on Bartolome Joseph Carbonell with Albert Nguyen delivering the bad news. Both players built up a preflop pot of around 28k, then stared down the flop 9c5s7h. Nguyen checked, Carbonell bet 17k, Nguyen all in, called by Carbonell while putting himself at risk. Nguyen QcQh, Carbonell 8c8s. The turn Kh and river Ks were not the outs for Carbonell to send him out of the game as the bubble boy.

Congratulations to all the 60 remaining players! Money is now guaranteed. They play to the end of Level 20.

5:05PM: Bubble round: Kalyan Chakravarthy’ rockets paid
Level 15: Blinds 2500-5000 ante 500

Another player doubled up in this crucial bubble round with 61 remaining. Kalyan Chakravarthy banked it off Alex Lee. The hand saw Lee raise on utg, called by Chakravarthy on the button. At the flop 10h5s4s, Lee all in, Chakravarthy shoved, called by Lee. Chakravarthy had AhAc, Lee Qs5d mid pair. The turn 10s and river 9d sealed the win for Chakravarthy.

5:00PM: Bubble time! Mike Takayama doubles up 
Level 15: Blinds 2500-5000 ante 500

IMG 2820
Bubble time!

We have reached the bubble round and the first player to be at risk was Filipino pro Mike Takayama. He faced off against Alpheus Chan. Takayama had JsJd, Chan KhQh, no hits on the board for Chan for a double up to Takayama to nearly 500k. Chan dropped to 250k.

4:50PM: Alexis Lim banks a double off Alex Lee
Level 15: Blinds 2500-5000 ante 500

No brainer hand, raise, re-raise, all in, called…. Alexis Lim wth AdKc, Alex Lee with QsQd. The board favored Lim as it ran Jd7h9sKsAs for a double up to 300k.

4:40PM: Richard Marquez dominates
Level 15: Blinds 2500-5000 ante 500

Richard Marquez raised from utg+1 to 12.5k, sb player all in for 61.5k, Marquez called. Marquez had AcKd, sb with Ah10h, the board ran 4d3h7s3cAc.

4:30PM: Approaching the bubble… 60 paid…. we are at 63 remaining
Level 15: Blinds 2500-5000 ante 500

Players are back from a break. 63 left, money at 60… bubble time coming.

4:05PM: Cooler! Abhinav Iyer gobbles up another; JC Sayo out
Level 14: Blinds 2000-4000 ante 500

Not long after he railed a player, Abhinav Iyer chomped up another, this time it was JC Sayo. Iyer raised to 9k, Sayo three-bet to 22k, Iyer all in, Sayo called for his tournament life. Sayo opened up a premium KsKh but was in a world of hurt upon seeing Iyer’s AcAh. No luck appeared on the board for Sayo. He was eliminated. Iyer now at 690k.

4:00PM: Alpheus Chan busts Jharome Pena
Level 14: Blinds 2000-4000 ante 500

Jharome Pena all in with A-9 that didn’t improve against Alpheus Chan’s 8-8. Chan shipped it then proceeded to win a small pot against Carlo Calingasan to bring his stack up to 500k.

3:55PM: Mike Takayama busts Benjie Mangaliman
Level 14: Blinds 2000-4000 ante 500

Mike Takayama raised to 9k, Benjie Mangaliman shoved, Takayama called. Takayama Ah4s, Mangaliman Qd9d. The board ran As4d8c7dJc. Mangaliman eliminated.

3:50PM: The rich get richer! Abhinav Iyer busts Valle
Level 14: Blinds 2000-4000 ante 500

Utg Abhinav iyer raised, cutoff Gandy Valle all in, Iyer called after some serious tanking. Valle had Ac9c, Iyer ahead with Ah10s, the board threw blanks to send Valle out of the running.

3:45PM; Jimmie Javier coming back strong
Level 14: Blinds 2000-4000 ante 500

Jimmie Javier entered Day 2 with just 33,500. Now he has well over 200k. Javier stormed up the ranks in the opening round to 165k. He has just eliminated a player with QsQd over 9s9c.

3:15PM Yong Tan rails Jerick Almusajin
Level 14: Blinds 2000-4000 ante 500

Jerick Almusajin all in with 7d7h, Yong Tan called with JcJh, the board bricked, Almusajin railed.

2:50PM: Georges Chehade takes it away
Level 13: Blinds 1500-3000 ante 500

IMG 2771
Georges Chehade

Cutoff Jim Bonanno raised to 6500, button Yoo Yong Hyun called, sb Mike Takayama called, bb Georges Chehade three-bet to 26k, Bonanno folded, Hyun folded, Takayama four-bet pushed, and Chehade called for his tournament life. Takayama with AsQs, Chehade with 9c9s, the board ran 4d9d5c7sKh for a double up and more to Chehade.

2:45PM: Wendell Garcia rails one, rises to 230k
Level 13: Blinds 1500-3000 ante 500

IMG 2791
Wendell Garcia

A short stack went all in wth Kd10d, Wendell Garcia called it with QhQs. The board ran JcKh7s to give hope to the short stack but the turn Qc quashed it and with the river 3s Garcia shipped it to reach 230k.

2:40PM: Phuwadon Jhuthanuwong rails one
Level 13: Blinds 1500-3000 ante 500

IMG 2781
Phuwadon Jhuthanuwong

One player all in preflop with two callers, the flop landed 7s7h2h. Bb Phuwadon Jhuthanuwong bet 15k for a side pot, called. The turn 7s both players checked. The river Qd, Phuwadon led for 20k then won the side pot with no call. All in player with A-K and fell to Phuwadon’s QhQs full house.

2:35PM: Ivan Guillem calls with bottom pair
Level 13: Blinds 1500-3000 ante 500

Not sure on the action but a full board was already laid out 7d7h2c10cAs, one player bet 12k and bb Ivan Guillem check-called. It was a good call exposing the QxJx bluff. Guillem won the pot with 8s2d two pair.

2:30PM: Clement Guilleminot doubles through Edoc
Level 13: Blinds 1500-3000 ante 500

Clement Guilleminot all in with AsKs, Lester Edoc called with 6s6d, the board ran well for the shover 9sAcAhQdKh for a dominating full house. Guilleminot doubled up.

2:25PM: Benjie Mangaliman triples up! John Tech busts
Level 13: Blinds 1500-3000 ante 500

IMG 2765
Benjie Mangaliman

Heated preflop action saw Benjie Mangaliman all in with JxJx, John Tech all in with AxKx, and utg+1 player hoping to bust them both out with KxQx. The board ran dry for jacks to hold. Tech busted while Mangaliman tripled up to around 100k.

2:20PM: Aces cracked! Tran Thanh Dat saved
Level 13: Blinds 1500-3000 ante 500

IMG 2778
Tran Thanh Dat

All in preflop, Tran Thanh Dat with QcQs, bb player AhAs, the board ran 10sJhJsQh2s for a full house to Tran to avoid elimination.

2:10PM: Chip leader update

Abhinav Iyer 450k
Alpheus Chan 328k
William Ysmael 305k
Mark Amparo 250k

1:55PM: Kannapong Thannarattrakul out
Level 12: Blinds 1200-2400 ante 300

On a turn board 10c3c4h5d, two players, the big stacked player bet 14.5k, Kannapong Thannarattrakul all in for 54k, called. Big stack held JcJh, Thannarattrakul Ad6d, the river 10h finished off the Thai Teams Event captain.

1:50PM: Jae Chang’s rockets get full pay
Level 12: Blinds 1200-2400 ante 300

IMG 2762
Jae Chang

Hijack player Ha Carson raised to 5k, button Jae Chang three-bet to 12.5k, Carson called. On the flop {4h2d6d, Carson checked, Chang c-bet 13.5k, called. On the 6h turn, Carson checked again, Chang bet 21.5k, Carson shoved, and snap-called by Chang. Chang with AsAh, Carson 8s8d, the river 7h ended the hand for a double up to Chang. He now has 180k.

1:45PM: Cooler! Lester Edoc doubles up through Magdagasang
Level 12: Blinds 1200-2400 ante 300

IMG 2756
Lester Edoc

Lester Edoc with aces, Rebel Magdagaasang with kings, no bad beats arrived for aces to hold. Edoc doubled up to 126.6k, Magdagasang crippled to 12k.

1:40PM: Daniel Smith doubles up through Seo Dongkyoon
Level 12: Blinds 1200-2400 ante 300

IMG 2747
Daniel Smith

Utg Seo Dongkyoon raised preflop and was looked up by two players, one of them was bb Daniel Smith. At the flop JxJx6x, Smith checked, Dongkyoon bet 11.5k, next player folded, Smith called. On the Qx turn, Smith checked, Dongkyoon all in, Smith called. Smith had AxJx trips, Dnogkyoon KxKx, the river Qx didn’t help Dongkyoon and had to pay the double up. Smith climbed to around 180k.

1:35PM: Marco Alvarez with a four-bet
Level 12: Blinds 1200-2400 ante 300

Utg raised to 5800, action folded around to the blinds, sb Jim Bonanno three-bet to 16.2k, bb Marco Alvarez four-bet to 42.5k, utg folded, and after deliberating, Bonanno folded while showing QdQc. Alvarez didn’t show.

1:30PM: Richard Marquez shaves some off Iyer
Level 12: Blinds 1200-2400 ante 300

IMG 2768
Richard Marquez

Utg Richard Marquez raised to 5500, Abhinav Iyer three-bet to0 15.5k, the flop ran Qx7d8x. Both players checked. On the turn 9d, Marquez sent out 10k, Iyer called. On the river 5d, Marquez checked, Iyer bet 30k, Marquez called. Iyer KxQx top pair, Marquez 7x7x set. Marquez up to 270k.

1:15PM: Seo Dongkyoon delivers a double KO
Level 12: Blinds 1200-2400 ante 300

IMG 2748
Seo Dongkyoon

Another big pot went down with two players along with it. Action began with utg Hanna Khalife all in AhKh, sb player all in AsAc, and bb Seo Dongkyoon with the largest stack KdKs. The board ran 8c10hKc9d8d for a two-outer spiked by Dongkyoon to knock out two players simultaneously. Dongkyoon over 300k.

1:10PM: Vamerdino Magsakay doubles up 
Level 12: Blinds 1200-2400 ante 300

Short stacked Vamerdino Magsakay is hanging in there. He was all in with 4h4s on the blinds and survived against Kd10h. He is now at 55k which is around 22 bbs.

1:00PM: 100 remaining 
Level 12: Blinds 1200-2400 ante 300

IMG 2665
Main Event Day 2

One hour done, new round begins. 100 players remaining, that means we lost 30 players just like that. By the rate it’s going, we will reach the money today, possibly early too. We shall see!

12:55PM: Martin Gonzales out! Abhinav Iyer leads with 400k
Level 11: Blinds 1000-2000 ante 300

IMG 2689
Abhinav Iyer

Undoubtedly the biggest hand of the first level, Martin Gonzales took a hard fall against one of the leaders, Abhinav Iyer. Both players sported big stacks entering the day.

This hand kicked off with Gonzales bumping it up to 4300, late position players Richard Marquez and Abhinav Iyer called. Moving over to the blinds, sb folded, bb Kim Enriquez shoved his short 24k stack. Back to Gonzales, he called, Marquez folded, Iyer called.

At the flop 10h9x3h, Gonzales c-bet 30k for a side pot, Iyer called. On the 8x turn, both checked. The river 8x Gonzales checked, Iyer all in (covering Gonzales), Gonzales tanked then decided to call, risking his remaining 140k+ stack. Iyer opened 10c10s full house, Gonzales with Kd9d, Enriquez with AxJx. Double knockout for Iyer as he shipped easily over 400k.

12:50PM: Teoh Ming Hong with another boost
Level 11: Blinds 1000-2000 ante 300

Teoh Ming Hong is now into the century marker having doubled up once again. He was all in with AcKd and despite a scary race, he won it as the board ran Jc5sQc10d7d for a winning straight over set.

12:45PM: Hajime Nakagawa boots Saigal
Level 11: Blinds 1000-2000 ante 300

IMG 2685
Hajime Nakagawa

Short stacked was all in for his remaining 27k holding 4s4c, Hajime Nakagawa with AcQs, the board ran Ah3hKd6sKh. Saigal eliminated.

12:40PM: Veterano Tan sends a Thai packing
Level 11: Blinds 1000-2000 ante 300

Filipino Veterano Tan and Thailand’s Pakinai Lisawad tangled on this pot that sent the Thai out of the running. Preflop action, Tan raised to 5200 and bb Lisawad called. On the flop Ax9x6x, Lisawad checked, Tan c-bet 5k, called. On the 10x turn, Lisawad checked, Tan moved all in, Lisawad called for his tournament life. Tan Ax9x two pair, Lisawad 8x6x, the river 9x further improved the already ahead Tan to a full house to ship it in.

12:35PM: Alex Lee shakes some chips off Valle
Level 11: Blinds 1000-2000 ante 300

IMG 2682
Alex Lee

With a raised pot built preflop, Alex Lee and Gandy Valle looked down on a board 10c3hKc. First to act Valle checked, Lee fired 7700, Valle called. On the {turn 9h, both players checked it. The river 7d, Valle checked again, Lee banged out 25.5k, Valle called. Lee had AsKh, Valle mucked.

12:30PM: Straight up for Marco Alvarez 
Level 11: Blinds 1000-2000 ante 300

30k in the middle, the flop JhKcKh, no bets by Marco Alvarez and his opponent. On the 10h turn, player checked, Alvarez bet 10k, no call. Alvarez wins the pot and shows AcQc straight.

12:15PM: Chip leader Alpheus Chan gains some off Tzai Wei Phua
Level 11: Blinds 1000-2000 ante 300

IMG 2752
Alpheus Chan

With a pot of 18k in the middle, two players stared down a full board 10h10c5s6cQh. Tzai Wei Phua bet 16k and chip leader Alpheus Chan snap-called. Phua showed JdJs but Chan had better KcQc to win the pot and increase his lead from the pack.

12:10PM: Teoh Ming Hong doubles up through Gruendemann
Level 11: 1000-2000 ante 30

IMG 2678
Teoh Ming Hong

On a board 7cKh9d5h4c, and a pot of 12k already brewed, Teoh went all in for his remaining 11k and with not much of a dent to his stack, Mark Gruendemann called. Teoh had Ks3s top pair and doubled up to around 80k. Gruendemann showed 10s10c.

12:00PM: Day 2 underway! 
Level 11: 1000-2000 ante 30

overview cropped
Main Event Day 2

And we are off! The TD has announced the infamous line…. “shuffle up and deal!” 130 players advanced to today’s elimination stage. The goal is to complete another 10 rounds of 60-minute blinds. There will be a dinner break at the end of Level 16.

The past three starting days drew 383 entrants and at PHP 55,000 each, the Main Event PHP 20 Million prize pool was not reached. This means there was an overlay of around 20 players. We have the payouts up in our morning article. Money is at 60 places. That should be met sometime today. Crowning a winner won’t be for another two days but just to keep everyone’s eyes glistening, top prize is PHP 4,850,000 (~US$92,700).

Day 2 info:
Total chips in play: 11,490,000
Average stack: 88,384

Current chip leader: Alpheus Chan – 273,500

Okay…. good luck to all! Live updates right here so check back to read up on the action.



1:45AM: Day 1C ends! 62 survivors

IMG 2317
Bagging tme!

That’s it! After ten hours of play, Day 1C is over. Out of the 176 players, only 62 advanced to Day 2. We will have the official results for you shortly. it looks like the day’s chip leader was Denis Cheremisin with 209,300. Gabriel Carter is next in line with 205,000. Stand by for the recap and chip counts. As for Day 2 payouts and seating arrangement, we will have that posted for you in the morning.

1:40AM: Duy Ho no look shove, Gerard Lubas doubles up
Level 10: Blinds 800-1600 ante 200

IMG 1489
Duy Ho

Last hand of the day, Duy Ho shoved on utg without looking at his cards. Down the orbit, Gerard Lubas looked down at pocket queens and shoved. No one else joined in. Duy had 8-5. No bad beats arrived and Lubas doubled up.

1:35AM: Denis Cheremisin shoves Takayama
Level 10: Blinds 800-1600 ante 200

On a raised pot preflop, the cards landed 5c3h2h. Mike Takayama bet 9.5k, Denis Cheremisin shoved, Takayama quickly folded.

1:30AM: Angel Kabigting vs Euryd Rivera
Level 10: Blinds 800-1600 ante 200

Euryd Rivera raised to 3800 then called Angel Kabigting’s three-bet of 12k. When the flop landed 10s10h3h, Rivera checked, Kabigting bet 10k, Rivera called. On the turn 8c and river 9s, both checked it. Rivera showed 9h7h two pair but Kabigting had better with JcJd.

1:25AM: Angel Kabigting muscles Gonzaga
Level 10: Blinds 800-1600 ante 200

Angel Kabigting has been a mover and shaker at his table often seeing initiating action and shipping in pots. His latest was against Terry Gonzaga who raised from utg to 3600. Gonzaga was called by three players, one of them was Kabigting on the big blind. At the flop 8h10c8d, sb checked, Kabigting bet 5k, Gonzaga raised to 12k, button and sb folded, Kabigting three-bet to 25k. Gonzaga folded.

1:20AM: Aun Sin takes from the leader
Level 10: Blinds 800-1600 ante 200

Christopher Chua raised to 3500, Aun Sin called, sb player called, and Denis Cheremisin on the bb joined in. At the flop 2hKdKs, Cheremisin bet 4k, Chua folded, Sin called, and sb check-folded. On the turn 4h both checked. On the river 8c, Cheremisin bet 6k and Sin called. Cheremisin opened Qc10h bluff, and Sin won with 3h3s.

1:15AM: “Zero bluff” says Bonanno to Luen Hei Kwok  
Level 10: Blinds 800-1600 ante 200

Cutoff Gabriel Carter raised to 3500, button Jim Bonanno called, sb Luen Hei Kwok called. At the flop QsJh7c, all checked. On the Ah turn, all checked again. The river 8s, Luen bet 9k, Carter folded, Bonanno thought about it then said “that’s a zero bluff”. Laughed then folded.

1:00AM: Denis Cheremisin grinding 
Level 10: Blinds 800-1600 ante 200

IMG 2289
Denis Cheremisin

Denis Cheremisin has been successfully grinding down his table bringing his stack to over 200k. He seems to be the chip leader. His recent hand, kicked off with Christopher Chua raising to 4k, Cheremisin three-bet on the button, Chua called. On the flop 10h7cAc, Cheremisin bet 8k and Chua check-called. On the turn 10d and river 9s, no bets landed and Cheremisin won with 6d6h over Chua’s KhQd.

12:50AM: Martin Gonzales shoves
Level 10: Blinds 800-1600 ante 200

IMG 2302
Martin Gonzales

From cutoff Martin Gonzales raised to 3500, button player three-bet to 8400, Gonzales called. At the flop 6d9d10h, Gonzales checked, button bet 10k, Gonzales shoved then claimed the pot with the button folding.

12:45AM: Victor Chong gains a little more
Level 10: Blinds 800-1600 ante 200

Victor Chong raised to 3500 from utg, Manuel Mascunana called, bb Czardy Rivera called. On the flop Ad7d2c, all three checked. On the Jc turn, Chong bet 8500 and won the pot with no callers.

12:35AM: Euryd Rivera takes in a sizable pot
Level 9: Blinds 600-1200 ante 200

Three players tossed in 7800 to the pot and the flop came Js3h9d. All checked – Angel Kabigting, Euryd Rivera, and Simon Burns. On the turn Qs, still no bets. The river 3s, Kabigting checked, Rivera bet 8k, Burns folded, Kabigting called. Rivera won the pot with AsQh.

12:30AM: Rebel Magdagasang celebrates a double up
Level 9: Blinds 600-1200 ante 200

IMG 2263
Rebel Magdagasang

Lots of chips were splashed onto this pot. It started with Frederic Fauchereau raising to 2400, called by the next three players, one of them was Rebel Magdagasang. After Magdagasang was Duy Ho who three-bet to 20k. Everyone folded except Magdagasang. He moved all in. Duy called. Magdagasang had 2s2h, Duy AcJh, the board ran 6sQc10c2d5s for a winning set to Magdagasang. He shouted, “King of the world!”

12:25AM: Angel Kabigting lands a gutshot
Level 9: Blinds 600-1200 ante 200

IMG 2310
Angel Kabigting

Angel Kabigting raised to 2600, the player to his immediate left three-bet to 6600, Kabigting called. On the flop 6hJd3d, Kabigting checked, opponent bet 4k, Kabigting called. On the 6h turn, Kabigting checked again, opponent moved all in, Kabigting called. Opponent had KdQc, Kabigting with 10d7d, the river 8s granted Kabigting a straight to ship it and boot one out.

12:20AM: Yuka Asaka vs Jae Wook Shin
Level 9: Blinds 600-1200 ante 200

Yuka raised to 2700 and button Jae Wook Shin called. At the flop AdKd9s, both checked. On the 7s turn, Asaka fired 3k, Shin called. On the 4s river, Asaka laid out 5k and this time Shin folded.

12:15AM: Matthias Schell bumps out Shyh Chyn Lim
Level 9: Blinds 600-1200 ante 200

IMG 2239
Matthias Schell

All in preflop Shyh Chyn Lim with AhJc, Matthias Schell with 9s9h. The board ran dry to send Lim packing.

12:05AM: Gerard Lubas avoids the rail
Level 9: Blinds 600-1200 ante 200

IMG 2248
Gerard Lubas

Gerard Lubas nearly banged the rail in this hand if not for a lucky lady saving him. The hand saw him raise to 4k, called by two players until Alvin Sembrano went all in. Lubas joined with less chips and the other two callers folded. Sembrano had KhKd, Lubas QhQc, the board fell 2s6s9h5dQs for a set to Lubas and a double up.

12:00AM: Victor Chong 
Level 9: Blinds 600-1200 ante 200

A Japanese player raised to 3500 and button player Victor Chong called. On the flop 8hJh2d and Jd turn, no bets. Then the river Kh saw the Japanese bet 4500, Chong called then won the pot with the Japanese player mucking. Chong didn’t show.

11:35PM: Chip leader update

Players are on a break. Currently leading is Simon Burns with 194k. Fidel Castro running second with around 160k. We are down to half the field with 88 remaining out of the 176 that entered.

11:30PM: Simon Burns claims the pot
Level 8: Blinds 500-1000 ante 100

Simon Burns and a Filipino player were involved in this pot. The board was 5c7h7cKd with 5k in the middle. Bruns bet 2300, the local raised to 6k, Burns called. On the river 4d, both checked. Burns showed QsQh and won it with the local mucking.

11:00PM: Runner runner boat for Cheng Xiong 
Level 8: Blinds 500-1000 ante 100

IMG 2217
Cheng Xiong

We only caught the hand at the shipping with Cheng Xiong banking a double up with Ad9d against KdKs on a board of 4h4d2d9h9s. Yup, that’s a runner runner full house.

10:50PM: Jim Bonanno pays Drilon’s straight
Level 8: 500-1000 ante 100

Utg+1 Jim Bonanno raised to 2500 and was called by both blinds. At the flop 9c7d5c, sb checked, bb Jose Drilon bet 2500, Bonanno raised to 7300, sb folded, and back to Drilon who called. On the 8d turn, both checked. On the river Qc, Drilon bet 8500, Bonanno called. Drilon had 9h6h straight to win the pot.

10:40PM: Yuka Asaka shoves
Level 8: 500-1000 ante 100

IMG 2229
Yuka Asaka

Button player Yuka Asaka raised to 2500, sb called, bb three-bet to 8k, Asaka jammed, no callers.

10:15PM: Gabriel Carter doubles up
Level 7: Blinds 400-800 ante 100

IMG 2201
Gabriel Carter

On a flop 3s10d2s, three players were in the hand. John Jay Magadan went all in, Gabriel Carter joined in, Luen Hei Kwok folded. Magadan had 10s7s, Carter with Ks10h, the turn Ad and river 5d were not the outs Magadan needed and Carter doubled up.

10:10PM: Duy Ho gets some pay for his boat
Level 7: Blinds 400-800 ante 100

Not long after the hand below, Kannapong Thannarattrakul had 11k out front then deliberated on Duy Ho’s 30k raise. The board was Qd6h6s8d3c. Thannarattrakul called it. Duy opened up Qc6c full house, Thannarattrakul mucked.

10:00PM: Preflop war goes to Pete Chen
Level 7: Blinds 400-800 ante 100

Around 9k was already in the pot, Duy Ho had 4k in front of him but faced Pete Chen’s 30.7k shove. Asking Chen if he wanted a call, Chen said it didn’t matter either way. Duy folded.

9:55PM: Simon Burns scoops up a big one
Level 7: Blinds 400-800 ante 100

We arrived at the outer table with a massive pot weighing down the middle. By the looks of it around 65k. The flop was 8d3s10d, Small blind Simon Burns was all in for 45.5k. Button player was tanking. Burns eventually claimed the pot with the button folding.

9:45PM: Markus Garberg doubles up with rockets
Level 7: Blinds 400-800 ante 100

IMG 2187
Markus Garberg

Button player Markus Garberg raised to 1800, big blind Carlo Calingasan three-bet to 3800. Garberg called. On the flop 10d7hQs, Calingasan checked, Garberg bet 3500, Calingasan called. On the 6h turn, check by Calingasan again, Garberg went all in, Calingasan called. Garberg turned over AcAd, Calingasan KsKd, the river 3d completed the board for a double up to Garberg.

9:35PM: Registration closed with 176 players

Players have returned from the one hour dinner break. Registration closed at the start of Level 7. 176 players turned up today which means there is an overlay of around 21 players. We will have the prize pool and payouts once that’s been announced.

8:30PM: Dinner break

Players are on a one hour dinner break. 175 players is the count. Registration closes at the end of the break. Current chip leader is Fidel Castro from General Santos down south in the Philippines. He sits with around 190k.

8:20PM: Kings for Jae Chang
Level 6: Blinds 300-600 ante 75

IMG 2172
Jae Chang

Hijack Jae Chang and the cutoff player engaged in a preflop war that eventually saw the pot balloon to around 17.5k. The flop 6dAc6h saw more added in. Chang checked then called a 7k bet. On the 4h turn and 9s river, both checked. Chang won it with KdKh against his opponent’s QhQs.

8:15PM: Clement Guilleminot wins the three-way
Level 6: Blinds 300-600 ante 75

IMG 2181
Clement Guilleminot

Getting to Table 9, three players had their hole cards turned up, Anthony Gabrito Ad9h, big stack player As10h, Clement Guilleminot AcQs. The board ran dry with no hits for any of them. Guilleminot doubled up and more while Gabrito was eliminated.

8:10PM: Euryd Rivera on the move
Level 6: Blinds 300-600 ante 75

IMG 2197
Euryd Rivera

Euryd Rivera entered three consecutive pots and claiming two of them. The first hand, he raised to 1250 from the button and was called by both blinds sb Shyh Chyn Lim and bb Linh Tran. The board ran out 5s3c8h8dJc with no bets seen. Lim won it with Js10d.

The next hand, one player raised to 1300, Rivera three-bet to 3850, initial raiser folded to award Rivera the pot. He showed his rockets. The third hand River raised to 1250 and found no callers again. He showed Ac.

8:00PM: Luen Hei Kwok doubles up through Ang Boon Seng
Level 6: Blinds 300-600 ante 75

IMG 2159
Luen Hei Kwok

Ang Boon Seng raised to 1300, button Luen Hei Kwok and big blind called. On the flop Jd7d5d, bb checked, Seng c-bet 1650, Luen called, bb folded. The turn Ah, Seng checked, Luen bet 3600, Seng called. The river 5h, Seng checked again, Luen bet 6600, Seng answered with a shove that covered Luen’s stack. Luen tanked then found the courage to risk it. Seng showed QsQc but it was not good enough against Luen’s 9d8d flush.

7:50PM: Marc Rivera vs Carlo Calingasan
Level 6: Blinds 300-600 ante 75

IMG 2144
Marc Rivera and Carlo Calingasan

Cutoff Marc Rivera raised to 1300 and found one caller in button Carlo Calingasan. At the flop QsKh9d, Rivera check-called a 2800 bet by Calingasan. On the Ks turn, both checked it. The river 5h also saw both check. Rivera showed As9h but Calingasan had him beat with AcQd.

7:40PM: Florencio Campomnaes vs Kannapong Thannarat
Level 6: Blinds 300-600 ante 75

Two players built up a pot preflop, Florencio Campomanes and Kannapong Thannaratrakul, and the flop landed KhQcJh. Both checked. On the Qh turn, Campomanes led out 1800, called. On the Ad river it was back to checking. Campomanes won it with Qd10s trips.

7:30PM: 170 players….
Level 6: Blinds 300-600 ante 75

More players have descended upon the Main Event. Among those in the new arrivals are Markus Garberg, Gabriel Carter, Luen Hei Kwok, Euryd Rivera, Julian Hasse, and Martin Gonzales.

6:55PM: Marvin Rettenmaier earns some for his straight
Level 5: Blinds 200-400 ante 50

IMG 2136
Marvin Rettenmaier

Marvin Rettenmaier was just moved to Table 6 and quickly claimed a sizable pot. He raised to 1025, got called by the button and sb Fidel Castro. At the flop Js6c2d, Rettenmaier c-bet 1350, button called, Castro check-folded. On the 5c turn, no bets landed to bring on the river 7d. Rettenmaier jumped out with a 3175 bet, button called. Rettenmaier showed 9h8s straight.

6:50:PM: Fidel Castro rails three players, soars to 196K
Level 5: Blinds 200-400 ante 50

IMG 2128
Fidel Castro

We looked over at table 6 and Fidel Castro was happily arranging a monstrous pile. We tried to get the details from him which he loosely shared. He had AxAx and saw a flop with three other players. One thing led to another, one player with 9-9 folded while the other two were all in. Castro’s aces held for a double knockout.

The very next hand, Castro raised to 2400 from utg, big blind jammed his 20,100 stack, Castro called. BB had AdKc, Castro with KdKs, the board bricked to award Castro another player’s stack. Castro now has 196k and may possibly be the current chip leader.

6:40PM: Cooler sends Le Ngoc Khanh’s stack plummeting
Level 5: Blinds 200-400 ante 50

Le Ngoc Khanh had it all on the line with KsKh but Russian player Nikolai had AcAs. The board ran a wild Kc9hAh7d9c improving both to a set but Nikolai was still ahead for a double up while Le Ngoc dropped to just under 7k.

6:35PM: Mike Takayama challenges Kampanatsanyakorn
Level 5: Blinds 200-400 ante 50

IMG 2184
Mike Takayama

Moments after Mike Takayama took his seat, he has been attacking the felt. The first hand we caught saw Chane Kampanatsanyakorn with a 3k raise laid out. Takayama challenged with a 7200 re-raise. Kampanatsanyakorn folded.

Two hands after, both players faced off again. Kampanatsanyakorn raised to 1100 and Takayama defended on the small blind. At the flop Qh10h9s, Takayama check-called a 1k bet. On the 9h turn, Takayama switched up and led for 2300. Kampanatsanyakorn called. On the 6h river, Takayama made it 10,225 to continue, Kampanatsanyakorn called. Takayama opened 10c9c full house. Kampanatsanyakorn mucked.

6:20PM: New level has begun.. more notables arrive
Level 5: Blinds 200-400 ante 50

New arrivals… Marc Rivera, Czardy Rivera, Mike Takayama, Pete Chen, and Marvin Rettenmaier, Cao Ngoc Anh. We are at 155 players.

6:15PM: 145 players… 
Level 4: Blinds 150-300 ante 25

We have surpassed Day 1B entries of 143…. we are currently at 145 players with three more hours of registration open. According to the organizers, the number needed to meet the PHP 20M guarantee is 400. With a combined 203 from the first two starting heats, 197 is needed today. More of course would be better. Notables out there to acknowledge, Sumit Sapra, Henrik Tollefsen, Jae Wook Shin, and Konstantin Pogodin.

6:00PM: Duy Ho shakes some chips for his straight
Level 4: Blinds 150-300 ante 25

IMG 1984