WSOP Syndney – Results

Here are the results of the World Series of Poker (WSOP) Sydney which is being held at Star Poker from November 29 to December 12, 2016.

NLH Teams
Tue, 29 Nov 2016 6:15pm
Prize pool: $81,000
Game type: No Limit Texas Hold ‘Em
Entrants: 180

Michelle and George Psarras (Photo Star Poker)
Michelle and George Psarras (Photo Star Poker)
1st Michelle Psarras $21,870
2nd Daniel Pham $13,516
3rd Martin P Sawtell $9,729
4th Sheng Ye $7,130
5th Gregory Togias $5,318
6th George Blazeski $4,036
7th Jymmi Briggs $3,115
8th Jamal Ishac $2,445
9th Paul Murray $1,949
10th Suzy Khoueis $1,579
11th Adrien J Levi $1,579
12th Stan Levitin $1,579
13th Nick Williams $1,299
14th Andrew Scarf $1,299
15th Sean Lannon $1,299
16th Martin Stewart $1,086
17th Johnny Jakobson $1,086
18th William Magnussen $1,086

 Turbo (Re-Entry)
Mon, 28 Nov 2016 6:15pm
Prize pool: $143,600
Game type: No Limit Texas Hold ‘Em
Buy-in: $400
Entrants: 359
1st Peter Dykes $32,628
2nd Sam Capra $20,418
3rd Michael Mihelakis $14,896
4th James P. Rann $11,049
5th Mathew Rolfe $8,323
6th John Kim $6,366
7th Hussain Hassan $4,940
8th Tae Park $3,889
9th Ismail Sahin $3,104
10th Nick Velcic $2,512
11th Greg Cook $2,512
12th Gary Benson $2,512
13th Daniel Schwartz $2,061
14th Mikael Larsson $2,061
15th John Conomos $2,061
16th Joe Dicello $1,713
17th Stephen Tambouras $1,713
18th Jakub Pawlak $1,713
19th Human Ghanbarinojehdeh $1,443
20th Dean Yuen $1,443
21st Dmitriy Tymoshenko $1,443
22nd Samuel Butters $1,232
23rd Joseph Alvaro $1,232
24th Trent Paul $1,232
25th Lior Segre $1,232
26th James Camilleri $1,066
27th Salvatore Lucisano $1,066
28th Antonis Kambouroglou $1,066
29th Fedrico Butteroni $933
30th Andrew Michael $933
31st Kaveh Ghezelbash $933
32nd Yonathan Marlow $827
33rd Suzy Khoueis $827
34th Sorabh Jagota $827
35th David Mar $742
36th Tam Truong $742
37th John Caridad $742

 Opening Event NLH Day 3
Sun, 27 Nov 2016 4:00pm
Prize pool:$480,000
Game type: No Limit Texas Hold ‘Em
Entrants: 1200
George Psarras (Photo Star Poker)
George Psarras (Photo Star Poker)
1st George Psarras $90,000
2nd Nathan Susnig $57,000
3rd Hauman Darbani $38,000
4th Ashish Gupta $26,000
5th Andrew Miller $20,000
6th Matthew Pongrass $15,600
7th Salvatore Lucisano $11,400
8th Jason Rix $9,840
9th Chris Diamantopoulos $8,184
10th Steven Papas $6,384
11th Rajesh Sabapathy $6,384
12th Alexander Lynskey $6,384
13th Joseph Del Duca $4,944
14th Royce Lui $4,944
15th Ross Stevenson $4,944
16th Nicholas Haidaris $3,552
17th Geoffrey Henshaw $3,552
18th James Pasinos $3,552
19th Errolyn Strang $2,784
20th Eva Docekalova $2,784
21st Mark A Ryan $2,784
22nd Nicholas Lee $2,784
23rd John Stefanopoulos $2,784
24th Jeffrey Vallance $2,784
25th Bradley Livermore $2,784
26th Scarf Maroun $2,784
27th Joseph Lorusso $2,784
28th Michaelangelo Longabela $2,448
29th Qing Ye $2,448
30th Joon Shin Ng $2,448
31st Alexandre Di Giampietro $2,448
32nd Carmelo Valerio $2,448
33rd Benjamin Jee $2,448
34th Calvin Goessler $2,448
35th Yusuf Dib $2,448
36th Andre de Melo $2,448
37th Isabella Ho $2,160
38th Aamir Riaz $2,160
39th Duy Quoc Vu $2,160
40th Thavisith Sithisakd $2,160
41st Unensaikhan Bolovson $2,160
42nd Carl Anderson $2,160
43rd Zac Duce $2,160
44th Fedrico Butteroni $2,160
45th Leon Sadr $2,160
46th Simon Moshi $1,872
47th Richard King $1,872
48th Caly Yang $1,872
49th Eduardo Soares $1,872
50th Dragan Savic $1,872
51st James N. Barnett $1,872
52nd Greman Leonardo Alzate Moreno $1,872
53rd Cameron Chen $1,872
54th Nicola Kordahi $1,872
55th Steve Tupua $1,632
56th Arnold Gualtieri $1,632
57th Paul Abela $1,632
58th Eric Assadourian $1,632
59th Ryan Hong $1,632
60th Chad M Bethell $1,632
61st Jim Pizanias $1,632
62nd George Kanan $1,632
63rd Kyrillos Gerges $1,632
64th Xiaoting Lu $1,440
65th Suzy Khoueis $1,440
66th Tai Troung $1,440
67th Zhi Ma $1,440
68th Mikael Larsson $1,440
69th Francesco de Luca $1,440
70th Thomas Bilby $1,440
71st Orien J Rasmussen $1,440
72nd Timothy Ulmer $1,440
73rd Joon H. Park $1,248
74th Tam Truong $1,248
75th Steve Pappas $1,248
76th Tom Pongrass $1,248
77th Bob Chen $1,248
78th Allan Maturana $1,248
79th Michael Oconnor $1,248
80th Wenjiang Lin $1,248
81st Zac Vigar $1,248
82nd Malcolm Macfarlane $1,152
83rd Jean Thomas $1,152
84th Thomas Chong $1,152
85th Peter Haddad $1,152
86th Matthew Mcguigan $1,152
87th Jordan Kilner $1,152
88th Andrew Mccreedy $1,152
89th Pankaj Sadana $1,152
90th Delu Gunasekera $1,152
91st Geoff Mooney $1,056
92nd Henry (hong Yi) Sun $1,056
93rd Tianyi Xie $1,056
94th Danny Ayoub $1,056
95th Mohammad Nasiry $1,056
96th Mehmet Bilir $1,056
97th Guang Yan Yu $1,056
98th Stan Levitin $1,056
99th Robert Spano $1,056
100th Douglas B $1,000
101st Kasra Bakhshaee $1,000
102nd Mark Bartrom $1,000
103rd Le Pham $1,000
104th Sum Trinh $1,000
105th Pankaj Gogia $1,000
106th Jason Ford $1,000
107th Selvan Eswaralingam $1,000
108th James Hoeppner $1,000
109th John Caridad $912
110th Hannah Lee $912
111th Wenbo Xu $912
112th Michel Bouskila $912
113th Jacob Horowitz $912
114th Milan Gurung $912
115th Khac Tran $912
116th Emmanuel Derecho $912
117th Yun Lin $912

 Ladies Event (Re-Entry)
Sun, 27 Nov 2016 12:30pm
Prize pool:$33,600
Game type: No Limit Texas Hold ‘Em
Entrants: 168
Suzy Khoueis (Photo Star Poker)
Suzy Khoueis (Photo Star Poker)
1st Suzy Khoueis $9,072
2nd Loretta Atkinson $5,606
3rd Amanda Wong $4,036
4th Alisha Wormald $2,958
5th Kimberley Manning $2,206
6th Denise Pelsley $1,674
7th Socheatta Kung $1,292
8th Teresa-ann Natoli $1,014
9th Yvonne Pollock $807
10th Sharron Forner $655
11th Nicola Wintle $655
12th Ling Liu $655
13th Michelle Psarras $539
14th Na Wei Segon $539
15th Glutia D’andrea $539
16th Kahlia Thompson $451
17th Lara Wheatley $451
18th Esstathia Bouyioukos $451





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