WPT Vietnam 2019 Main Event 2nd Edition : Live Updates

WPT Vietnam 2019 Main Event 2nd Edition : Live Updates


Hamish Crawshaw wins the richest WPT Vietnam Main Event for VN₫ 3,782,723,000 (~US$ 163,000)

Hamish Crawshaw – Main Event champion

After 158 final day hands, New Zealand’s Hamish Crawshaw has done it! He crushed the competition, knocking out every player to win the richest Main Event ever produced by the brand. The heads up round ran three hours. Local player Huynh Tan Dung put up a strong fight but in the end, he fell on the 86th heads up hand. The winning hand was Qc9d over As3s on a board that ran 9c10c3d9s2d. Crawshaw shipped VN₫ 3,782,723,000 (~US$ 163,000), the WPT Championship Trophy, and his first major live title.

19:10: Huynh Tan Dung falls in 2nd place – VN₫ 2,648,278,000 (~US$ 114,000)
Level 34: Blinds 150K-300K ante 300K

Huynh Tan Dung – 2nd place

The last hand of the Main Event has been dealt! After multiple pots lost, Huynh Tan Dung went all in for his last 1.975M with As3s, Hamish Crawshaw challenged with Qc9d. Both players hit the flop 9c10c3d with Crawshaw ahead. The turn 9s sealed the victory for the New Zealander. River was 2d.

This was an incredible run for the lone Vietnamese finalist. He was the overall chip leader of the starting flights, entered the final day as the overwhelming chip leader, and finished 2nd to pocket his largest live score of VN₫ 2,648,278,000 (~US$ 114,000).

18:55: Huynh Tan Dung lands a double
Level 33: Blinds 125K-250K ante 250K

Huynh Tan Dung doubles up

Huynh Tan Dung pushed his remaining 1.975m with Kc5d and Crawshaw called with Js10d. The board spread KhJd3c5hQd for a double up. Huynh at 4.5m, Crawshaw at 10.4m.

18:50: Hamish Crawshaw grinding down Huynh Tan Dung
Level 33: Blinds 125K-250K ante 250K

Returning from the break, Hamish Crawshaw went on the attack grinding down Huynh Tan Dung to 2.6m in three hands. The first hand saw Huynh limp in, Crawshaw checked. At the flop 9hAdKc, Crawshaw check-called 500k. No bets on the Qh turn and river 8c. Crawshaw showed Kd7d, Huynh mucked.

Next hand, the leader limp-called a 750k raise and the flop ran 7c2c3d. Huynh checked then folded to the leader’s 400k bet. Following that hand, Huynh folded on the button. Crawshaw has a commanding stack of 12.3m.

18:20: Hamish Crawshaw maintains his lead
Level 32: Blinds 100K-200K ante 200K

Hamish Crawshaw continues to lead despite more pots going to Huynh Tan Dung. At one point Huynh rose to 6.6m. He limp-called a 700k raise to see the flop 9hAd9s. Crawshaw c-bet 300k, Huynh raised to 1m, called by the leader. The turn 4s, Crawshaw checked, Huynh jammed, Crawshaw folded and dipped to 8.3m.

The next two hands saw Crawshaw take 650k back and the players went on a break.

Hamish Crawshaw 8,970,000
Huynh Tan Dung 5,950,000

18:05: Huynh Tan Dung swinging
Level 32: Blinds 100K-200K ante 200K

Huynh Tan Dung is battling to bring his chips to par however Hamish Crawshaw is making it very tough. Huynh did make up some ground in this hand. Crawshaw raised to 400k, bb Huynh called. At the flop 9s6h2h, Huynh check-called 300k. On the turn As, Huynh shoved (.325m), Crawshaw tank-folded.

Hamish Crawshaw 10m
Huynh Tan Dung 4.9m

17:45: Huynh Tan Dung rises to 4.5m
Level 31: Blinds 75K-150K ante 150K

Huynh Tan Dung is enjoying this level. He picked up more pots with raises and shoves to bring his stack up to 4.5m. One hand that got him there started with Hamish Crawshaw limping in, Huynh raised to 500k, called by Crawshaw. At the flop AhKs9c and Kd turn, no bets landed. On the river 2c, Huynh led for 600k and Crawshaw folded. Crawshaw dipped to 10.4m.

17:25: Small pot for Huynh Tan Dung
Level 31: Blinds 75K-150K ante 150K

Huynh Tan Dung is not gaining much ground here. At the end of heads up Hand #111 that saw Hamish Crawshaw three-bet jam preflop, Huynh still sits with 2.5m while Crawshaw has a wide lead with 12.4m. Next hand though, Huynh won it with a jam on the flop AdJh4s having first raised preflop to 450k and called by Crawshaw. Huynh up a bit to 2.95m.

17:00: Full speed ahead for Hamish Crawshaw 
Level 30: Blinds 75K-125K ante 125K

Hamish Crawshaw continues to dominate driving his stack higher and higher. On Hand #100 he scooped a huge pot. Crawshaw opened 250k, bb Huynh called. On the flop 6hKh9d, Huynh check-called 200k. On the turn 8d, Huynh led for 500k, called by Crawshaw. On the river Js, Huynh checked, Crawshaw shoved, Huynh folded.

Hamish Crawshaw 12,395,000
Huynh Tan Dung 2,525,000

16:50: Bluff exposed! Hamish Crawshaw retakes the lead
Level 30: Blinds 75K-125K ante 125K

Hamish Crawshaw

On a flop 2sJh5s, Hamish Crawshaw bet 125k, called by Huynh Tan Dung. The turn felted 10c, Crawshaw checked, Huynh took a stab of 500k and was called. On the river Jd, Crawshaw checked, Huynh fired 1m, snap-called by Crawshaw. Huynh showed 8h6c bluff, Crawshaw claimed it with 3h5h two pair.

Hamish Crawshaw 10,320,000
Huynh Tan Dung 4,600,000

16:30: Hamish Crawshaw staging a comeback
Level 29: Blinds 50K-100K ante 100K

After the first six hands, pots went back and forth with no big hands tabled. Hamish Crawshaw picked up a bit of ground then a more decent pot on Hand #178. Huynh limped from the button, bb Crawshaw raised to 450k, Huynh called. On the flop 3hQd5d, Crawshaw c-bet 350k and got called. On the turn 8c Crawshaw fired 1.5m, Huynh folded. They are just about even in stacks.

Huynh Tan Dung 7.47m
Hamish Crawshaw 7.45m

16:08: Huynh Tan Dung retakes the lead
Level 29: Blinds 50K-100K ante 100K

Huynh Tan Dung

The Vietnamese is on fire here at heads up. Huynh Tan Dung won the first six pots to retake the lead. The opening heads up hand he raised to 300k , called by Crawshaw. On the flop 7d5hKd, Crawshaw folded to a 300k bet.

Hand #2: Crawshaw raised to 200k, Huyng three-bet to 625k, then called. On the flop 2h4d10s, Huynh led 1m, Crawshaw folded.

Hand #3: Huynh raised to 25k, bb Crawshaw called. At the flop AsQhQc, Huynh c-bet 200k, and was check-called. On the 3h turn, Huynh bet 800k and won the pot with Crawshaw check-folding.

Hand #4: Crawshaw raised to 200k, Huynh three-bet to 700k, Crawshaw folded.

Hand #5: Huynh raised to 250k, bb Crawshaw called. At the flop Ks6cJc, Crawshaw check-called a 300k c-bet. On the As turn and 8s river, no bets were fired, Crawshaw showed QdJh pair, Huynh had better Kd8c two pair.

Hand #6: Crawshaw min-raised, bb Huynh called. At the flop 4dQc5c, Huynh check-called 150k. No bets on the turn 8c. The river 9h, Huynh led 350k, Crawshaw folded.

Huynh Tan Dung 8,500,000
Hamish Crawshaw 6,400,000

Average stack is 7,460,000

16:00: Heads up! Hamish Crawshaw vs Huynh Tan Dung
Level 29: Blinds 50K-100K ante 100K

Heads up

After several photos, heads up is now underway. Title and trophy at hand. Here are their stack sizes.

Hamish Crawshaw 9,200,000
Huynh Tan Dung 5,720,000

Average stack is 7,460,000. Blinds go up every 30 minutes.

Remaining payouts
1st VN₫ 3,782,723,000 (~US$ 163,000)
2nd VN₫ 2,648,278,000 (~US$ 114,000)

In addition to the cash prize, the winner will receive the WPT Trophy and 1500 points towards the WPT Asia-Pacific leaderboard.

Heads up

15:50: Michael Seymour exits in 3rd place – VN₫ 1,702,497,000 (~US$ 73,000)
Level 29: Blinds 50K-100K ante 100K

Michael Seymour – 3rd place

Short stacked Michael Seymour shoved his remaining 1.55m and there to put the heat on was chip leader Hamish Crawshaw. When the hole cards opened, Seymour needed to get lucky with As9d behind QdQh. However, no such luck. The board ran QsJs3h10c5s to send him out in 3rd place. He earned VN₫ 1,702,497,000 (~US$ 73,000) for his superb run here in Vietnam.

15:40: Strong bets by Huynh Tan Dung
Level 29: Blinds 50K-100K ante 100K

Huynh Tan Dung picked up the next two pots to send his stack to 5.8m. First one, he raised to 275k from the small blind and bb Michael Seymour defended. Both players checked it down Js5sAcJh5h, Huynh showed AhKd, Seymour folded.

The next hand, Huynh raised to 225k from the button and bb Hamish Crawshaw defended. On the flop 9d2dJc, no bets. The turn 6s saw action with Crawshaw betting 425k, raised by Huynh to 1.2m, Crawshaw called. The river As, Crawshaw checked then folded to Huynh’s shove.

Hamish Crawshaw 7.4m
Huynh Tan Dung 5.8m
Michael Seymour 1.7m

Average stack 4,973,333

15:35: Hamish Crawshaw vs Huynh Tan Dung 
Level 29: Blinds 50K-100K ante 100K

Hamish Crawshaw vs Huynh Tan DungMultiple bouts between Huynh Tan Dung and Hamish Crawshaw saw stacks barely change until a full board arrived. Action was initiated by Huynh who raised to 300k, bb Crawshaw called. On the flop Kd3hKc both checked and the turn fell 10h. Crawshaw check-called a 350k bet then both checked the river Js. Crawshaw showed JhQs, Huynh mucked.

Hamish Crawshaw 9m
Huynh Tan Dung 3.7m
Michael Seymour 2.2m

Average stack is 4,973,333.

15:20: Michael Seymour jams for the pot
Level 29: Blinds 50K-100K ante 100K

Button Hamish Crawshaw raised to 225k, called by both Huynh Tan Dung and Michael Seymour. No bets on the flop Kd7s6c for a free turn9c. Huynh led for 400k, Seymour shoved (1.575m), Crawshaw and Huynh folded.

Hamish Crawshaw 8.195m
Huynh Tan Dung 3.975m
Michael Seymour 2.750m

Average stack is 4,973,333

15:15: Hamish Crawshaw rises to 8.4m
Level 29: Blinds 50K-100K ante 100K

Not much action in this new level so here’s a small pot post. Button Huynh Tan Dung raised to 275k, bb Hamish Crawshaw defended. On the flop Jc4c4s, Crawshaw check-raised a 200k bet to bump it up to 600k, Huynh folded.

Hamish Crawshaw 8.4m
Huynh Tan Dung 4.8m
Michael Seymour 1,7m

Average stack is 4,973,333

15:00: Chip counts at the break
Level 29: Blinds 50K-100K ante 100K

Hamish Crawshaw 7.62m
Huynh Tan Dung 5.48m
Michael Seymour 1.83m

Average stack 4,973,333

Remaining payouts
1st VN₫ 3,782,723,000 (~US$ 163,000)
2nd VN₫ 2,648,278,000 (~US$ 114,000)
3rd VN₫ 1,702,497,000 (~US$ 73,000)

14:55: Chen Da Jia eliminated in 4th place – VN₫ 1,118,174,000 (~US$ 48,000)
Level 28: Blinds 40K-80K ante 80K

Chen Da Jia – 4th place

On the 51st hand of the final table, a called shove led to the departure of China’s Chen Da Jia. He was all in wiht Ks10c and Hamish Crawshaw challenged with AcQc. The board ran 9c3sJc7h2d. Chen finished 4th and pocketed his largest live score worth VN₫ 1,118,174,000 (~US$ 48,000).

14:35: Huynh Tan Dung wins next four hands
Level 28: Blinds 40K-80K ante 80K

Huynh Tan Dung is on the move. After winning a pot against Chen Da Jia that saw a full board, he won the next four pots with uncalled raises and a shove. He is up to 5.3m.

14:30: Huynh Tan Dung takes it 
Level 28: Blinds 40K-80K ante 80K

Huynh Tan Dung

Reaching the river is hard to come by but we did see one on the 37th hand of the final table. Button Huynh Tan Dung limped, bb Chen Da Jia checked, the flop came 6sQcAd. Chen checked, Huynh bet 150k, was called. On the turn 10d and river Ks, no bets laid, Chen showed Qh7s pair, Huynh claimed the pot with Kh5d second pair.

Hamish Crawshaw 6.5m
Huynh Tan Dung 4.5m
Michael Seymour 2.87m
Chen Da Jia 1.05m

Average stack 3.73m

14:25: Stack sizes 
Level 28: Blinds 40K-80K ante 80K

Four remaining

After paying up a double to Chen Da Jia, chip leader Hamish Crawshaw proceeded to lose several pots to bring his stack to 6.5m which is still way over average of 3.73m. Gaining momentum was Huynh Tan Dung driving his stack to 4.3m.  Michael Seymour in third with 3.1m, and Chen Da Jia with 1m.

14:20: Chen Da Jia doubles up 
Level 28: Blinds 40K-80K ante 80K

Chen Da Jia

Chen Da Jia grabbed himself a much needed double up with Hamish Crawshaw paying up. Chen three-bet shoved As7d, Crawshaw called with Js9s, no hits on the board for a higher spread to Chen. He is up to 1.4m.

14:15: Michael Seymour spikes the winner 
Level 28: Blinds 40K-80K ante 80K

After a series of hands short stacked Chen Da Jia continued to drop, while Michael Seymour landed himself a double up. Button Huynh Tan Dung raised to 200k, sb Seymour jammed (1.44m), Huynh called.

Michael Seymour

Seymour JsJh
Huynh AhKc

When the flop felted 8hKd6s, Huynh jumped in front however the turn Jc turn the tides back to Seymour and with the As river, top two pair was still behind the set.

Hamish Crawshaw 8.8m
Michael Seymour 3.030m
Huynh Tan Dung 2.45m
Chen Da Jia 650k

Average stack 3,730,000

13:50: Failed bluff by Huynh Tan Dung sends another pot to Crawshaw
Level 27: Blinds 30K-60K ante 60K

Another pot for Hamish Crawshaw to send Huynh Tan Dung tumble below average for the first time. Crawshaw opened from the button to 150k, sb Huynh three-bet to 450k, Crawshaw called. At the flop 7c4s9s, turn 2h, and river 4c, Huynh triple barreled 200k, 500k, and 850k, Crawshaw called him down. Huynh showed As10h bluff, Ctrawshaw scooped it with Jh9h top pair.

Hamish Crawshaw 8.3m
Huynh Tan Dung 2.8m
Michael Seymour 2.5m
Chen Da Jia 1.3m

Average stack is 3,730,000.

13:47: Remaining payouts
Level 27: Blinds 30K-60K ante 60K

1st VN₫ 3,782,723,000 (~US$ 163,000)
2nd VN₫ 2,648,278,000 (~US$ 114,000)
3rd VN₫ 1,702,497,000 (~US$ 73,000)
4th VN₫ 1,118,174,000 (~US$ 48,000)

13:45: Finally a full board; Hamish Crawshaw continues to rise
Level 27: Blinds 30K-60K ante 60K

After eight hands that saw the board reach only as far as the flop, we finally see some action all the way to the river. From bb Huynh Tan Dung raised to a large 250k and sb Hamish Crawshaw limp-called. On the flop Kd6s5c, Crawshaw check-called 275k. On the turn 5h, Crawshaw switched up and led for 275k, Huynh folded while showing QcQd.

Crawshaw 6.3m
Huynh Tan Dung 4.8m
Michael Seymour 2.5m
Chen Da Jia 1.3m

Average stack is 3,730,000.

13:35: Aditya Agarwal railed in 5th place -VN₫ 861,108,000 (~US$ 37,000)
Level 27: Blinds 30K-60K ante 60K

Aditya Agarwal – 5th place

Following David Erquiaga to the rail was Indian pro Aditya Agarwal. Prior to this hand, Agarwal shoved twice but no callers. This time his three-bet shove (1.55m) was challenged by Hamish Crawshaw who just sent Erquiaga out.

Agarwal As7d
Crawshaw AdKs

Crawshaw dominated Agarwal throughout with the board running AcAhJh4dKh further improving to a full house again. Agarwal pocketed VN₫ 861,108,000 (~US$ 37,000) for his deep finish.

Hamish Crawshaw 5.9m
Huynh Tan Dung 5.14m
Michael Seymour 2.5m
Chen Da Jia 1.4m

Four players remaining. Average stack is 3,730,000. Crawshaw has not taken the lead.

13:30: David Erquiaga falls in 6th place – VN₫ 712,404,000 (~US$ 30,700)
Level 27: Blinds 30K-60K ante 60K

David Erquiaga – 6th place

The Philippines will not be bringing home the prestigious title. The first casualty of the final table was their lone representative, David Erquiaga who was delivered a bad beat on the river. The hand started with a 130k raise from Erquiaga from utg. It folded around to the sb Hamish Crawshaw who three-bet to 400k. Erquiaga answered with a shove (1.3m), called by Crawshaw to put the Filipino player at risk of elimination.

Erquiaga QcQd
Crawshaw 10d10s

When the board ran 8dAh9cAd it was looking like a double up for Erquiaga however the river 10h delivered the two-outer to improve Crawshaw to a full house and send Erquiaga out in 6th place. Erquiaga earned VN₫ 712,404,000 (~US$ 30,700) for another impressive final table appearance.

Huynh Tan Dung  5.14m
Crawshaw up to 4.2m
Michael Seymour 2.5m
Aditya Agarwal 1.6m
Chen Da Jia 1.4m

Five players remaining. Average stack is 2,984,000.

13:25: Chen Da Jia gets nice pay for his boat
Level 27: Blinds 30K-60K ante 60K

Chen Da Jia

Battle of the blinds, Michael Seymour limped and bb Chen Da Jia checked. The flop 2cQh9h Seymour check-called Chen’s 70k bet. On the turn 9d, Seymour switched up and led for 125k, Chen called. The river 3c, Seymour went back to checking, Chen slid out eight purple chips worth 200k, Seymour called then mucked when Chen turned over As9c full house.

Chen up to 1.4m, Seymour down to 2.5m.

13:15: Hamish Crawshaw makes it expensive to call
Level 27: Blinds 30K-60K ante 60K

Hamish Crawshaw

The second hand of the final table saw chip leader Huynh Tan Dung involved again. From the button he called Hamish Crawshaw’s 130k raise and the flop came 6dJc4c. Crawshaw checked, Huynh c-bet 300k, Crawshaw jammed (1.69m), Huynh folded.

Crawshaw at 3M, Huynh down to 5.3m.

13:10: Top two battle on the first hand
Level 27: Blinds 30K-60K ante 60K

No sooner than the cards were dealt it was immediate action between the top two big stacks. Opening the betting was Michael Seymour from hijack, he raised to 125k. Sb Huynh Tan Dung called. At the flop 4cJd6s, both checked. The turn Jd saw bets resume with Huynh sending out 175k, called by Seymour. The river As saw a 400k bet from Huynh called by Seymour. Huynh showed 7c7s set and scooped it.

Welcome to the final day of the WPT Vietnam Main Event! 

The race for the prestigious title has just begun! We are back at the Pro Poker Club with the final six players of the Main Event already in action. The first deal is underway. One of these players will ship his first major victory.

Huynh Tan Dung – Vietnam – 5,265,000
Michael Seymour – Australia – 3,920,000
Hamish Crawshaw – New Zealand – 2,090,000|
David Erquiaga – Philippines – 1,490,000
Aditya Agarwal – India – 1,205,000
Chen Da Jia = China – 980,000

Total chips in play: 14,920,000
Average stack: 2,486,667
Resuming blinds: 30K – 60K ane 60K (Level 27)

Final payouts
1st VN₫ 3,782,723,000 (~US$ 163,000)
2nd VN₫ 2,648,278,000 (~US$ 114,000)
3rd VN₫ 1,702,497,000 (~US$ 73,000)
4th VN₫ 1,118,174,000 (~US$ 48,000)
5th VN₫ 861,108,000 (~US$ 37,000)
6th VN₫ 712,404,000 (~US$ 30,700)

The WPT Vietnam Main Event kicked off on September 6 equipped with a VN₫ 15 billlion guarantee, a figure unheard of in the country. The buy-in was also bumped up to  VN₫ 55 million (~US$ 2,400). At the close of registration, the prize pool more than crushed the guarantee with 373 entries for a very rich  VN₫ 18,090,500 (~~US$ 780,000). This was officially the wealthiest Main Event pot ever put together in Vietnam.

In Day 2, the money was reached when reigning champion Vincent Chauve knocked out Hieu Ngo in 48th place. In Day 3, the event closed with today’s final six players led by the lone Vietnamese remaining, Huynh Tan Dung.

We will bring you all the action right here until the winner emerges. The winner will also receive 1500 points towards the Season XVIII Asia-Pacific leaderboard.


Main Event Day 3 ends with the final 6

Huynh Tan Dung 5,265,000
Michael Seymour 3,920,000
Hamish Crawshaw 2,090,000
David Erquiaga 1,490,000
Aditya Argawal 1,205,000
Chen Da Jia 980,000

Total chips in play: 14,920,000
Average stack: 2,486,667

Final payouts
1st VN₫ 3,782,723,000
2nd VN₫ 2,648,278,000
3rd VN₫ 1,702,497,000
4th VN₫ 1,118,174,000
5th VN₫ 861,108,000
6th VN₫ 712,404,000

Hunt for the the Season XVIII WPT Vietnam Main Event title begins at 1pm on Wednesday, September 11, 2019.

21:10: Tung Nguyen bows out in 7th place – VN₫ 596,986,000
Level 27: Blinds 30K-60K ante 60K

Tung Nguyen – 7th place

With only half a big blind left, Tung Nguyen was all in with JhJd again and it still failed him unable to dodge four players. When the board completed 9d7d8sKc3c, it was chip leader Huynh Tan Dung on top with Kh2h. For Nguyen’s strong performance, he earned VN₫ 596,986,000.

21:05: David Erquiaga fully paid again; Tung Nguyen crippled
Level 27: Blinds 30K-60K ante 60K

Showdown between David Erquiaga and Tung Nguyen, both with roughly the same stack size. Erquiaga with As8s, Nguyen with JxJx, the board was a sweat for Erquiaga until an ace showed up on the river Kd6h10h7hAh. Erquiaga shipped a double up to 1.5m, Nguyen plummeted to 30k. 

21:00: Michael Seymour vs Huynh Tan Dung
Level 26: Blinds 25K-50K ante 50K

Michael Seymour went up against Huynh Tan Dung with action opened by utg Chen Da Jia. Hijack Huynh and bb Seymour called the 110k raise for a three-way look at the flop AcKc3c. Check check to the leader Huynh, he fired 140k, called only by Seymour. On the turn 4h both checked and the river came 5d. Seymour jumped out with a 400k bet, Huynh folded. Seymour up to 3.7m, Huynh dipped to 5.15m

20:50: Nguyen Van Dung exits in 8th place – VN₫ 488,081,000
Level 26: Blinds 25K-50K ante 50K

Nguyen Van Dung – 8th place

On the 22nd hand of the final table, falling out of contention was Nguyen Van Dung with QdQc running into Michael Seymour’s AcAh. No help on the board. He earned VN₫ 488,081,000 for his finish. 

20:45: David Erquiaga doubles up to 730k
Level 26: Blinds 25K-50K ante 50K

Utg David Erquiaga raised to 100k, bb Nguyen Van Dung shoved over 1.4m, Erquiaga risked his 350k stack. Erquiaga with AhKs, Nguyen with KhQh, the board threw blanks for a higher spread to Erquiaga and a double up.

20:40: Nguyen Nam Duong falls in 9th place – VN₫ 378,272,000
Level 26: Blinds 25K-50K ante 50K

Nguyen Nam Duong – 9th place

On the 18th hand of the final table, the first casualty arrived. Nguyen Nam Duong was sent packing by Chen Da Jia. With action folding to the blinds, Nguyen shoved with Qd8d and bb Chen called with 3h3d. No hits on the board for Nguyen. He earned VN₫ 378,272,000 for his 9th place finish. 

20:35: Aditya Agarwal doubles up to 1.3m
Level 26: Blinds 25K-50K ante 50K

First double up of the final table went to Aditya Agarwal who shoved his last 590k with QdAs and got called by Huynh Tan Dung with 6c6d. The board ran Jc4d10hQsQc for trips to the Indian pro. Huynh went down to 4.9m which is still well above average stack. He still leads the table. Agarwal up to 1.3m.

20:30: Michael Seymour on the move, goes up to 2m
Level 26: Blinds 25K-50K ante 50K

Another pot taken down by Michael Seymour to bring his stack to 2m. He faced off with leader Huynh Tan Dung who raised from lo-jack to 125k, Seymour defended on the big blind. On the flop Js3sAh, Seymour check-called a 75k bet to see the turn Ad.  Seymour check-called a big 225k bet from Huynh. The river 4h saw no bets, Seymour showed Ac8s for trips and the pot. Huynh dipped to 5.5m.

20:20: First all in on the river; Michael Seymour reaches average 
Level 26: Blinds 25K-50K ante 50K

After five uncalled preflop shoves, there was action. Lo-jack David Erquiaga raised to 110k, button Michael Seymour called. At the flop KhAsJc, Erquiaga checked, Seymour bet 75k, called by Erquiaga. On the turn 9h, check again by Erquiaga, 225k banged out by Seymour, once again a call from Erquiaga. The river 3d, Erquiaga checked, all in by Seymour for 675k, Erquiaga tank-folded. Erquiaga down to 460k, Seymour up to average stack of 1.6m. 

20:05: Nguyen Van Dung picks up the first good pot
Level 26: Blinds 25K-50K ante 50K

Button Hamish Crawshaw raised to 125k, sb Huynh Tan Dung called, bb Nguyen Van Dung three-bet to 260k, called by both Crawshaw and Huynh. At the flop 3c4c}Jc Huynh led for 155k, called by Nguyen, Crawshaw folded. On the turn 6h, Huynh checked, Nguyen shoved his 340k stack, fold from Huynh. Nguyen up to 1.4m.

Final table formed!

WPT Vietnam Final Table

We have reached the final 9 of the Main Event! WPT’s Danny McDonagh has decided to have the players continue for another two hours of to 6th place whichever comes first. Here are the final 9 players by seat:

1 – Tung Nguyen – Vietnam – 1,095,000
2 – Michael Seymour – 1,085,000
3 – Nguyen Nam Duong – Vietnam – 730,000
4 – Chen Da Jia – China – 370,000
5 – Hamish Crawshaw – New Zealand – 3,000,000
6 – Huynh Tan Dung aka Pegasus – Vietnam – 6,005,000 (chip leader)
7 – Nguyen Van Dung – Vietnam – 810,000
8 – David Erquiaga – Philippines – 995,000
9 – Aditya Agarwal – India – 840,000

Action will resume at Level 25 with blinds at 20K-40K ante 40K for one hand then to Level 26 with blinds at 25K-50K ante 50K. Total chips in play is 14,920,000, average stack is 1,657,777.

19:15: Zhao Jia Jun misses the final table! Eliminated in 10th place – VN₫ 316,222,000
Level 25: Blinds 20K-40K ante 40K

Zhao Jia Jun – 10th place

Zhao Jia Jun is out of the running falling in a critical spot, 10th place, just missing the final table. It was battle of the blinds against massive chip leader Huynh Tan Dung. Huynh limped then called bb Zhao’s {100k raise. On the flop Jc4h2d, check from Huynh, all in for 600k from Zhao, called by Huynh.

Zhao AsJh top pair
Huynh 4d4s set

The turn Ad improved Zhao to two pair but with the river 8c, it was all over for him. He fell in 10th place. He earned VN₫ 316,222,000 for his great run. Huynh up t o a commanding 6M!

19:10: Huynh Tan Dung on a roll; takes from Erquiaga
Level 25: Blinds 20K-40K ante 40K

Huynh Tan Dung has taken command of his table winning pot after pot. Having just given William Kang the bad news, he proceeded to gain some off David Erquiaga to climb to 5m. The hand saw two limpers (button Huynh) and sb, then bb Erquiaga raised to 145k. He  was called only by Huynh. At the flop 3d6h8c, Erquiaga fired 100k, Huynh raised to 350k, fold by Erquiaga who went down to 1m.

18:56: William Kang falls in 11th place – VN₫ 316,222,000
Level 25: Blinds 20K-40K ante 40K

William Kang – 11th place

William Kang has just been bumped out by Huynh Tan Dung. It was all in preflop with Kang Ah10s and Huynh ahead AdKc. The board cam Kd4s8d3c3h. Kang VN₫ 316,222,000 for his deep run. Huynh is the overwhelming chip leader 4.5m

18:55: Nguyen Van Dung doubles up through Crawshaw 
Level 25: Blinds 20K-40K ante 40K

Nguyen Van Dung was in need of a double up with just 200k behind, he got it all in with Ad2c. He was called by Hamish Crawshaw Qd9s. The board ran 7h10cAcQc5c for a double up granted to Nguyen. He is up to 480k.

18:50: Tung Nguyen takes some back from Seymour
Level 25: Blinds 20K-40K ante 40K

Several hands prior, Tung Nguyen was dealt a terrible bad beat against Michael Seymour. The two met again and Nguyen won some of the lost chips. From mp, Nguyen raised to 90k preflop, cutoff Seymour three-bet to 290k, Nguyen jammed, Seymour folded. Nguyen up to 1.44m. He is now back to average stack.

18:45: Aditya Agarwal back in fighting form
Level 25: Blinds 20K-40K ante 40K

Aditya Agarwal was down to his final 545k and put it all out front from the big blind after being pushed by sb David Erquiaga. AGarwal AsKs, Erquiaga Ac3h, the board ran Kc6h7sKh8h. Agarwal up to 1.37m, Erquiaga down to 1.1m.

18:35: Hamish Crawshaw cripples Nguyen Van Dung
Level 25: Blinds 20K-40K ante 40K

Utg Nguyen Van Dung raised to 90k, bb Hamish Crawshaw three-bet to 270k, called by Nguyen. On the flop {3sQh8s, Crawshaw bet 100k, Nguyen raised to 250k, Crawshaw shoved with 2m behind, Nguyen folded while showing JcJs. Crawshaw showed AdKd over cards. Nguyen down to 300k, Crawshaw climbed to 2.8m.

18:25: Michael Seymour doubles up through Tung Nguyen
Level 25: Blinds 20K-40K ante 40K

Tung Nguyen was not happy at the result of this hand while Michael Seymour was relieved at the lucky turnout. Nguyen raised to 80k preflop, Seymour all in for 750k, called by Nguyen.

Nguyen {}kd}Kh
Seymour 4d4s

The board ran 8s7s6d5d6c for a winning straight to Seymour and the double up to 1.6m. Nguyen dropped to below average of 1m.

18:20: JC Sayo falls in 12th place – VN₫ 316,222,000
Level 25: Blinds 20K-40K ante 40K

JC Sayo

JC Sayo had an impressive ride at his first WPT Vietnam Main Event. On his final hand, he three-bet all in his 250k stack and was called by initial raiser, chip leader Huynh Tan Dung. Sayo had Ah2h, Huynh Ad4d, the board spread Ks7c3hJs4s. Sayo earned VN₫ 316,222,000 for his deep finish. Huynh now at 3.4m in chips.

18:15: Jaideep Sajwan out in 13th place – VN₫ 267,739,000
Level 25: Blinds 20K-40K ante 40K 

Jaideep Sajwan – 13th place

Jaideep Sajwan ran hot at the festival. He cashed at the Kickoff event and though he wished he could have won the Main Event, he did cash at a respectable 12th place. He was railed by Hamish Crawshaw. The hand saw Sajwan raise to 60k from cutoff, sb Crawshaw called and the big blind. At the flop QcJd7c, Sajwan c-bet 100k, Crawshaw check-raised to 240k., bb folded, Sajwan shoved and got called.

Sajwan Qs9s
Crawshaw KdQh

The turn fell 5h and river 10d for a higher spread to Crawshaw. He climbed to 2.3m while Sajwan packed up to get his VN₫ 267,739,000 earnings.

18:10: Edgar Antezana ends his run in 14th place –  VN₫ 267,739,000
Level 24: Blinds 15K-30K ante 30K

Edgar Antezana – 14th place

Edgar Antezana struggled with a short stack all day but managed to ladder up all the way to 14th place. At one point he even quadrupled up with just 50k in chips. However, his day ended at the hands of chip leader Huynh Tan Dung who just won a pot against Zhao Jia Jun to go up to 2.45m.

Antezana’s final hand saw a board 2cQh5cQc2h, both players checked it until the river. Huynh bet 40k, Antezana raise shoved his last 120k, called. Antezana showed 6c8c flush that fell to Huynh’s Qs5h full house. Antezana earned VN₫ 267,739,000 for his deep finish.

17:55: Huynh Duc Tai stopped in 15th place – VN₫ 267,739,000
Level 24: Blinds 15K-30K ante 30K

Huynh Duc Tai – 15th place

Big celebration by Tung Nguyen after railing Huynh Duc Tai to climb over 1.7m. The hand started with a 60k raise by Tung from hijack,, joined by three callers to the flop which included Huynh on the big blind. At the flop 4d9cJs, Tung bet 90k, Huynh check-called and was the only player to continue. The turn Qh, Huynh led for 135k, Tung called. The river 3c, Huynh jammed (430k), and still couldn’t push out Tung who tank-called. Upon seeing the cards, Huynh had 4d6c low pair, Tung shipped it with AdJh. Great call by Tung. Huynh out in 15th place and earned VN₫ 267,739,000 for his deep run.

17:50: Jin Yong exits in 16th place – VN₫ 219,438,000
Level 24: Blinds 15K-30K ante 30K

Jin Yong – 16th place

Jin Yong sent his remaining 320k out front and hoped his Qd8s was good enough however he ran right into Zhao Jia Jun’s AdAc to send him out in 15th place when the board ran empty. Yong earned VN₫ 219,438,000 for his deep finish.

17:45: David Erquiaga exposes Crawshaw’s bluff
Level 24: Blinds 15K-30K ante 30K

David Erquiaga is now leading with 1.85m after taking a sizable chunk from Hamish Crawshaw who failed on a bluff. Crawshaw kicked off the hand with a 70k raise from hijack, bb Erquiaga three-bet to 200k, called by Crawshaw. At the flop 2h5hJh no bets. On the turn 8h Crawshaw bet 150k, and Erquiaga check-called. The river card 7h saw more bets with Crawshaw betting 300k and Erquiaga check-calling. Crawshaw KdQs bluff, Erquiaga with 10h4s flush. Crawshaw down to 1.7m.

17:40: Rubin Labroo packs up in 17th place – – VN₫ 219,438,000
Level 24: Blinds 15K-30K ante 30K

Rubin Labroo – 17th place

On a raised pot preflop, Rubin Labroo check-raised all in on a flop 4d9d2h and was called by Huynh Tan Dung.  Labroo showed 9h8c top pair but Huynh Tan Dung had AsAh overpair. The turn 5s and river 6c sent Labroo packing in 17th place for a take of VN₫ 219,438,000.

17:36: 16 players remaining 
Level 24: Blinds 15K-30K ante 30K

Remaining: 16 players
Total chips in play: 14,920,000
Average stack: 932,500

17:35: Alok Birewar exits in 18th place – VN₫ 219,438,000
Level 24: Blinds 15K-30K ante 30K

Alok Birewar – 18th place

Another player falling in this round, India’s Alok Birewar went all in on the button with 8cJh but the big blind Zhao Jia Jun would not let him pass and called with KsJd. The board ran Kh4d3c2s6s. He earned VN₫ 219,438,000 for his deep finish. Zhao now at 1.550m. 

17:30: William Kang takes a bit from the leader
Level 24: Blinds 15K-30K ante 30K

Hijack William Kang raised to 75k and the big blind big stack Hamish Crawshaw defended. On the flop KdJs4c, Kang c-bet 95k and was check-called by the leader. On the turn 7d, Kang with a strong 100k bet, Crawshaw check-folded. Kang up to 850k, Crawshaw down to 2.35M.

17:20: Short stacked Edgar Antezana not going anywhere
Level 24: Blinds 15K-30K ante 30K

Edgar Antezana has been short stacked since the start and continues to be. However, he did win a double up to have more to play with. Pushing all in with Ah9h from mid position, Antezana was called by Zhao Jia Jun on the big blind with AdJh. When the board ran 9s6c5c7c2h, Antezan shipped it to go up to 375k.

17:15: Hon Cheong Lee out in 19th place – VN₫ 182,724,000
Level 24: Blinds 15K-30K ante 30K

Hon Cheong Lee – 19th place

This new level opened up with Hon Cheong Lee falling in 19th place. On a raised pot preflop, he check-raised all in on the flop Js4d7s and Zhao Jia Jun called.

Zhao AhAc
Lee Jh2h

The turn 4s and river Ks were no help to Lee. He earned VN₫ 182,724,000 for his deep finish. 

17:10: Chip leaders at the break
Level 24: Blinds 15K-30K ante 30K

Hamish Crawshaw 2,470,000
Nguyen Van Dung 1,250,000
Zhao Jia Jun 1,240,000
Huynh Tan Dung  1,230,000
David Erquiaga 1,130,000

17:05: Huynh Duc Tai goes back to 920k
Level 23: 15K-25K ante 25K 

Mp Nguyen Van Dung limped and big blind Huynh Duc Tai checked. Both saw the flop 2dQd4s, Huynh checked, Nguyen bet 35k, Huynh called. On the turn 3c, check again by Huynh, Nguyen bet 75k, raised by Huynh, shove by the bug stack Nguyen, and Huynh risked it.

Huynh Ac5h straight
Nguyen Qc10s top pair  

Nguyen was drawing dead. River was 10h. Double up for Huynh to 900k.

17:01: 19 players left
Level 23: 15K-25K ante 25K

Remaining 19 players
Total chips in play: 14,920,000
Average stack: 785,266

17:00: Phan Huu Minh Tri railed in 20th place
Level 23: 15K-25K ante 25K

Phan Huu Minh Tri – 20th place

Phan Huu Minh Tri all in with Ad7c and faced Zhao Jia Jun with 7d7s. No ace on the board to overtake. Phan railed in 20th place. He earned VN₫ 182,724,000 for his finish.

16:45: Aditya Agarwal drops on a Sayo boost
Level 23: 15K-25K ante 25K

Button JC Sayo shoved his remaining 225k with JdJc and found one caller in bb Aditya Agarwal with As3d. No hits on the board for Agarwal for a double up to Sayo. He now has 490k, Agarwal down to 270k.

16:40: Hamish Crawshaw keeps rising; Huynh Duc Tai down to 300k
Level 23: 15K-25K ante 25K

Hamish Crawshaw is unstoppable. He picked up another pot to send him far ahead of the pack with 2.56m. The latest win was against Huynh Duc Tai who raised from utg to 65k, hijack Crawshaw three-bet to 190k, called by Huynh. The flop landed Ad5s4c, both checked. The turn Kd had Huynh bet 150k, called by Crawshaw. Then on the river Qc check Huynh, bet 345k by Crawshaw, called. Crawshaw showed KhKs set. Huynh mucked and is down to 300k.

16:22: Short stacks go head to head
Level 23: Blinds 15K-25K ante 25K 

Two short stacks all in, Phan Huu Min Tri went up to 560k, Chen Da Jia down to 130k. The hands tabled were {Phan As5d, Chen Ac4s, the board ran 5s9sQh10dKd.

16:18: Thananat Therdtakoonrat falls in 21st place
Level 23: Blinds 15K-25K ante 25K

Thananat Therdtakoonrat was all in for his remaining 415k and Nguyen Van Dung called. Therdtakoonrat KsQd, Nguyen AcQc, the board bricked. Therdtakoonrat out in 21st place for VN₫ 182,724,000.

16:15: Sumit Sapra exits in 22nd place 
Level 23: Blinds 15K-25K ante 25K

Sumit Sapra – 22nd place

Sumit Sapra was all in with Ac4s and best he could hope for was a chop with his called holding As5d. No such luck as the board ran 5s9sQh10dKd. Sapra out in 22nd place for VN₫ 150,151,000.

16:10: Hamish Crawshaw over 2m in chips
Level 23: Blinds 15K-25K ante 25K

Hamish Crawshaw continues to lead the pack here. There are 21 remaining and he is up top with over 2m in chips. The hand that sent him there was against William Kang who opened to 55k from mid-postion and called by Crawshaw on the small blind. At the flop 3h6dQc, Crawshaw checked, Kang c-bet 45k, called. The turn 4s no bets by either and the dealer opened the river 2c. Crawshaw came out with a 145k bet, Kang called, Crawshaw showed 2h2d set on the river. Kang mucked. Kang down to 480k.

15:45: Tung Nguyen banks a double off Erquiaga
Level 22: Blinds 10K-20K ante 20K

Tung Nguyen

All in preflop action led to Tung Nguyen doubling with JdJh through David Erquiaga with Kc10d. The board was 9d8d7h2c8h. Nguyen up to 450k, Erquiaga dipped to 900k.

15:35: No repeat for Vincent Chauve, falls in 23rd place
Level 22: Blinds 10K-20K ante 20K

Vincent Chauve – 23rd place

The reigning champion Vincent Chauve will not bring home a back-to-back. He fell in 23rd place to Hamish Crawshaw. His final hand was total domination with Crawshaw AcAd and Chauve Kd10s. The flop did give Chauve a king but not much more. He earned VN₫ 150,151,000 for his finish.

15:30: Zhao Jia Jun rises to 1.4m
Level 22: Blinds 10K-20K ante 20K

Zhao Jia Jun

Zhao Jia Jun built up a very big stack prior to this hand however we weren’t able to get all the hands that helped him rise. One of them was a double up through Huynh Duc Tai with AhKh doing the job finding partners for both on the board. His 420k stack zoomed to 850k. Here is another winning hand to send his stack to 1.4m. Zhao raised to 45k preflop and found four callers to the flop 7c6sAd. Only one player called and the turn landed 2d. Zhao sent out a massive 325k, bet and this time no challenge to scoop it up.

15:26: 23 players remaining
Level 22: Blinds 10K-20K ante 20K

Remaining: 23 players
Total chips in play: 14,920,000
Average stack: 648,695

15:25: Nguyen Quang Huy out in 24th place
Level 22: Blinds 10K-20K ante 20K

Nguyen Quang Huy- 24th place

Another Vietnamese player is out of the running here with Nguyen Quang Huy getting the boot from fellow countryman Nguyen Nam Duong. It was all in preflop with Quang holding 9d9s and Duong AhKc. The flip went to Duong with the board Qs3dJcAs6d. Quang earned VN₫ 150,151,000 for his finish.

15:20: Jaideep Sajwan exposes the bluff; gets back in the game
Level 22: Blinds 10K-20K ante 20K

Jaideep Sajwan

Jaideep Sajwan is having an erratic ride entering as one of the big stacks, dropping to 10 bbs, and now on the upswing with a good pot won against big stacked Huynh Duc Tai. Opening it was utg Sajwan to 50k, called by Huynh in mid position. At the flop As10d3h, Sajwan led 40k, called by Huynh. The turn 9c action switched with Sajwan checking, Huynh firing 80k, called by Sajwan. The river 3c, check again by Sajwan, Huynh bet two green towers worth 200k, Sajwan tank-called. Huynh showed KdQc bluff, Sajwan won the pot with AhJd top pair. He rose to 900k, Huynh dropped to 950k.

15:11: 24 players remaining
Level 22: Blinds 10K-20K ante 20K

Remaining: 24 players
Total chips in play: 14,920,000
Average stack: 621,667

15:10: Le Anh Minh exits in 25th place
Level 22: Blinds 10K-20K ante 20K

Le Anh Minh – 25th place

Le Anh Minh three-bet all in his last 270k while holding AcKd, Rubin Labroo went to tango with As10d. The board ran 10c2d2sAh8h for a higher two pair to Labroo. Minh busted in 25th place and earned VN₫ 130,251,000 for his finish.

14:50: Break time info

Remaining: 25 players
Total chips in play: 14,920,000
Average stack: 596,800
Next blinds 10K-20K ante 20K

Nguyen Van Dung 1.4m
Hamish Crawshaw 1.3m
Huynh Duc Tai 1.23m
Michael Seymour 900k
David Erquiaga 900k

14:40: Jaideep Sajwan’s turn to double
Level 21: Blinds: 10K-15K ante 15K 

After his pocket kings were crushed by Vincent Chauve’s pocket eights turned set, it was Sajwan’s turn to double up. He had AcKs against Thananat Therdtakoonrat’s AdJs. The board ran 10s7h5hKc6d. Therdtakoonrat dropped to 480k, Sajwan up to 300k.

14:35: Vincent Chauve with some luck of his own
Level 21: Blinds: 10K-15K ante 15K 

Vincent Chauve is staging a comeback pushing his remaining 160k with 8c8s and getting lucky on Jaideep Sajwan with KcKh with the board running 4d6c3h8hQd. Sajwan fell to 140k, Chauve rose to 360k.

14:30: Nguyen Duc Hop falls in 26th place
Level 21: Blinds: 10K-15K ante 15K 

Nguyen Duc Hop

Despite a nice boost in chips at the start of day, Nguyen Duc Hop could not bring it any higher than 26th place. He fell to Huynh Tan Dung. It was all in preflop with Huynh KdKs, Nguyen 8d8h, the board ran empty for Nguyen. Huynh shipped it and climbed to 700k. Nguyen earned VN₫ 130,251,000 for his finish. 

14:27: William Kang lands the two-outer; Chauve plunges 
Level 21: Blinds: 10K-15K ante 15K 

William Kang

After shipping in Martin Stausholm’s chips, Vincent Chauve’s stack took a beating with William Kang getting very lucky. It was battle of the blinds. Sb Chauve raised to 45k, bb Kang all in (525k), called by Chauve. Kang 7h7s, Chauve 8s8d, the board ran clean until the river Ac3h6d5h7d for a winning set and a double up to Kang. Kang over a million, Chauve down to 170k.

14:25: Martin Stausholm out in 27th place
Level 21: Blinds: 10K-15K ante 15K 

Martin Stausholm

Next to eat dust was Martin Stausholm with reigning champion Vincent Chauve knocking him down to the ground. Prior to his hand, Chauve lost several pots to go below average. Both players needed this pot to get back in form.

Action saw Stausholm shove (160k) from the button with Qs4s, bb Chauve called with a dominating QsAs. The board came Ad9h5h5c2h. Chauve claimed it while Stausholm earned VN₫ 130,251,000 for his finish. 

14:15: Hoang Van Manh falls in 28th place
Level 21: Blinds: 10K-15K ante 15K 

Hoang Van Manh- 28th place

Unable to ladder up to the next payscale was Hoang Van Manh falling in 28th place. He was in a preflop war against Hon Cheong Lee that saw all his chips go in. Hoang had Ad10d, Lee with KsJs, the board ran well for Lee 4c9cJhKd6s. Hoang earned VN₫ 105,829,000 for his deep run. 

14:10: Sumit Sapra cripples JC Sayo
Level 21: Blinds: 10K-15K ante 15K 

Mp JC Sayo raised to 35k, sb Sumit Sapra called and the flop ran Js8d5d. Check from Sapra led to Sayo sending out a 36k c-bet, called. The turn Jh, check again by Sapra, 45k from Sayo, raise to 135k by Sapra, Sayo tank-called. On the river 7c, Sapra jammed (170k), Sayo tank-folded and dropped to 30k. Sapra back up to 600k.

14:05: Sumit Sapra plummets as Michael Seymour doubles up
Level 21: Blinds: 10K-15K ante 15K 

Action folded to the blinds, sb Sumit Sapra raised to 35k, bb Michael Seymour three-bet to 125k, Sapra all in, Seymour risked it with less chips.

Sapra Ac8c
Seymour AhQd

The board ran 3s10cQc2hKs for a double up to Seymour. He now has 960k, Sapra plummeted to 108k.

14:00: Three hits sends Aditya Agarwal’s stack to 720k
Level 21: Blinds 10K-15K ante 15K

Aditya Agarwal

Aditya Agarwal got involved in a few hands and all didn’t go his way to send him down to 720k. He lost two pots against Nguyen Van Dung. The first pot, Nguyen three-bet from mp to up utg Agarwal’s raise 30k to 80k. Agarwal called. On the flop Ks7s10c, no bets and the turn came Ac. Agarwal check-called 85k. The river 5c Agarwal check-called 50k then mucked to Nguyen’s Ah6d top pair. Nguyen went up to 1m in chips. 

The next loss to Nguyen saw an mp raise to 35k, hijack Agarwal three-bet to 120k, cutoff Nguyen four-bet to 210k, mp folded, Agarwal called and the flop came 4d3d7s. Agarwal checked, Nguyen bet 125k, Agarwal folded.  

The third drop in chips saw mp Rubin Labroo raise to 35k, called by button Huynh Tan Dung and bb Agarwal. The flop 7h10h8c, action was checked to Huynh who bet 23k, called by Labroo and Agarwal. On the turn, Huynh bet 76k and this time both Labroo and Agarwal check-folded.

13:50: Edgar Antezana quadruples up but still very short
Level 21: Blinds 10K-15K ante 15K

Edgar Antezana

Edgar Antezana was down to his last 26k and risked it all with Kc2c. He was called by three players who call checked down the board 2d9c8d3h8s. With his bottom pair, Antezana quadrupled up to 114k. 

13:45: Another double up for Alok Birewar
Level 21: Blinds: 10K-15K ante 15K 

Alok Birewar shipped another double up, this time paying it was chip leader Hamsh Crawshaw who could easily afford it. Birewar all in with JhQc, Crawshaw Ah10s, the board Qs3dJd7h3h. Birewar up to 470k. 

13:40: David Erquiaga vs Quang Huy
Level 21: Blinds: 10K-15K ante 15K 

David Erquiaga and Quang Huy were seen attacking each other’s chips on two separate occasions. During the opening level, Quang jammed on a turn board 8c4h5d2d to win the pot with Erquiaga tank-folding. This brought Quang up to around 320k while Erquiaga dropped to 500k. 

On their next meeting it was Erquiaga who sent Quang tanking. Preflop war, Erquiaga raised to 30k, Quang three-bet to 66k, Erquiaga four-bet to 146k, fold from Quang. Erquiaga up to 640k, Quang down to 270k. 

13:35: Martin Stausholm saved by the river
Level 21: Blinds: 10K-15K ante 15K 

After losing chips to Aditya Agarwal on a previous hand, Martin Stausholm has been sitting on a stack of 10bbs. He finally got it all in with AhKd and once again it was big stacked Agarwal there to put the heat on. Agarwal had Ac5c. When the flop ran 5hAd4d, Agarwal overtook with two pair however with the turn 9d and river 8d, Stausholm seized back the lead to double up to 300k. He is now at 20bbs. Agarwal is down to 1.4M.

13:29: Francis Garson out in 29th place
Level 20: Blinds 6K-12K ante 12K

Francis Garson – 29th place

The fourth casualty of the day also happened in the opening round with Francis Garson getting bounced out by Michael Seymour. Short stacked Garson was all in preflop with AhQs and faced Michael Seymour with 6d6c. When the flop came 9s6sJc, Seymour further improved, and despite the turn Qh pair for Garson, he was drawing dead. River was Jh. Garson earned VN₫ 105,829,000 for his deep run. 

13:25: Yuwen Pan exits in 30th place
Level 20: Blinds 6K-12K ante 12K

Yuwen Pan – 30th place

After getting crippled by a very bad beat against the Thai player, Yuwen Pan waited until he had a decent hand to get it all in. He shoved (131k) holding Kh10s but ran into Jin Yong’s AsQd. The board had a crazy spread 9dAd6s7d8dfor a winning flush to Yong over Pan’s straight. Pan earned VN₫ 105,829,000 for 30th place. 

13:20: Thananat Therdtakoonrat bets on every street
Level 20: Blinds 6K-12K ante 12K

Thailand player Therdtakoonrat doubled up earlier with a gorgeous foursome of ladies. He picked up another pot to bring him up to 590k. From utg, he opened to 25k, bb Tung Nguyen called. On the flop 3c5h10s, Nguyen checked, Therdtakoonrat c-bet 25k, called by Nguyen. On the turn 8h another 40k c-bet and that Nguyen check-called. However on the river 10d, Nguyen couldn’t bring it in, he tank-folded to a 50k c-bet. Nguyen dropped to 400k.

13:18: Manh Hoang doubles up through Huynh Duc Tai
Level 20: Blinds 6K-12K ante 12K

Short stacked Manh Hoang will be sticking around having just shipped a double through Huynh Duc Tai. Hoang had AcJc, Huynh AhQs, the board ran well for the lesser hand 5cKcJh2hJs to improve and climb to 310k.

13:10: Martin Stausholm loses some to Aditya Agarwal
Level 20: Blinds 6K-12K ante 12K

Utg player opened the betting to 25k, called by hijack Martin Stausholm, called by bb Aditya Agarwal. On the flop 4s5sAc, Agarwal led for 115k, utg folded, Stausholm called and the turn came 3s. Both players checked, the river 8s came, Agarwal bet 85k, Stausholm tank-folded.

13:05: Nguyen Duc Hop boosted by Crawshaw
Level 20: Blinds 6K-12K ante 12K

Nguyen Duc Hop

After Alok Birewar doubled up, another one followed at his table. Jaideep Sajwan opened, Hamish Crawshaw three-bet, Nguyen Duc Hop shoved, Sajwan folded, Crawshaw called.

Nguyen KhQh
Crawshaw 10d9d

The board ran Qc8d7s3h10s. Nguyen up to 400k. Crawshaw down to 1.3m.

13:00: Alok Birewar doubles through Jaideep Sajwan
Level 20: Blinds 6K-12K ante 12K

Alok Birewar

Two players from India had it all in, Alok Birewar three-bet shoved his 148k stack and fellow countryman Jaideep Sajwan called.

Birewar KdJd
Sajwan AhQh

The board ran 8h5cQc10hKc for a top pair spiked on the river by Birewar. He doubled up to 400k, Sajwan dropped to 430k.

12:55: Thananat Therdtakoonrat with quads, chunks Yuwen Pan
Level 20: Blinds 6K-12K ante 12K

Thananat Therdtakoonrat

Thananat Therdatkoonrat was in danger of elimination with his QcQd all in against Yuwen Pan’s KhKc. However, the poker gods shined on the Thai player as it ran 10c2h4cQsQh for a crushing quads. He doubled up to to over 520k, Pan dropped to 150k.

12:50: Josh McCully falls to Rubin Labroo
Level 20: Blinds 6K-12K ante 12K

Josh McCully has tumble out of the running. Despite enjoying a decent run yesterday, his half average stack today could not get any larger with big stacked Rubin Labroo denying him the coin flip. McCully was all in with AhKs, Labroo with JcJd, the board bricked. McCully earne VN₫ 105,829,000 for his finish in 31st place. 

12:47: William Kang muscles the big stack 
Level 20: Blinds 6K-12K ante 12K

Utg William Kang put the muscle on Huynh Duc Tai to claim himself a good pot. Action opened with Kang raising to 26k, Huynh three-bet to 62k, called by Kang. At the flop 10s3hQh, Huynh c-bet 52k, Kang shoved (251k), Huynh folded. Kang up to 430k

12:45: Nguyen Chi Thinh railed by Huynh Duc Tai
Level 20: Blinds 6K-12K ante 12K

Short stacked Nguyen Chi Thinh put it all in with AsKh, called by one of the leaders, Huynh Duc Tai with KdKs, the board ran 7s9dKh5d10c. That gives us the first elimination of the day. We are down to 31 players.  Nguyen earns VN₫ 105,829,000 for his finish. 

12:40: Big stacks battle; Sajwan triple barrels but Crawshaw draw first blood
Level 20: Blinds 6K-12K ante 12K

Hamish Crawshaw

Entering chip leader Hamish Crawshaw picked up a nice early pot against another big stack, Jaideep Sajwan. Mp Sajwan initiated the action with a 27k raise, called by bb Crawshaw. On the flop KsQc6c, Crawshaw checked, Sajwan c-bet 32k, called again by the leader. The turn 5d, same action with a 92k c-bet  called. The river Kd, check by Crawshaw, 77k bet by Sajwan, Crawshaw called, immediate muck by Sajwan. He dropped to 630k while Crawshaw climbed to 1.5m.

Cards in the air for Main Event Day 3!

Good afternoon players and welcome to the WPT Vietnam Main Event. We are getting down to the wire here with 32 players remaining out of the 373 entries. This is officially the most lucrative prize pool ever produced by the brand in Vietnam, coming in at an impressive VN₫ 18,090,500,000 (~US$ 780,000).

During the penultimate level in Day 2, the money was reached after reigning WPT champion Vincent Chauve eliminated Hieu Ngo on the bubble. Eliminations were rampant with short stacks shoving and busting. Capitalizing were two players, Hamish Crawshaw and Aditya Agarwal, both amassing over a million in chips and are today’s front runners. 

Action is underway. The first deal has been felted. The agenda for today is to secure a final table seat. We will have live updates for you throughout the day with blow by blow action once it reaches the final two table. For now, here are the payouts for today and all other info.

Eliminations 10th – 12th – VN₫ 316,222,000
Eliminations 13th – 15th – VN₫ 267,739,000
Eliminations 16th – 18th – VN₫ 219,438,000
Eliminations 19th – 21st – VN₫ 182,724,000
Eliminations 22nd – 24th – VN₫ 150,151,000
Eliminations 25th – 27th – VN₫ 130,251,000
Eliminations 28th – 32nd – VN₫ 105,829,000

Main Event info

Total: 373 entries
Prize pool: VN₫ 18,090,500,000 (~US$ 780,000)
ITM: 47 places
1st prize: VN₫ 3,782,723,000 (~US$ 163,000)

Total chips in play: 14,920,000
Average stack: 466,250
Opening blinds: 6000-12000 ante 12000 (Level 20)

Day 3: 32 players
Day 3 starting time: 1230pm
Bagging time: when the final 9 players is reached

Top 5 Chip Leaders

Hamish Crawshaw – 1,281,000
Aditya Agarwal – 1,137,000
Vincent Chauve – 935,000
Huynh Duc Tai – 927,000
Jaideep Sajwan – 821,000

23:20: Day 2 closes with 32 remaining; Hamish Crawshaw bags the lead

Hamish Crawshaw

A rocking day at the felt has come to an end with 32 players remaining in the Main Event. Bagging up the lead was Hamish Crawshaw with 1,281,000. Joining him up top also with over a mil was Aditya Agarwal with 1,137,000. We shall see you back here tomorrow. Stay tuned for the recap with all the details including the record VN₫ 18 billion prize pool set by WPT here in Vietnam.

Day 3 – Chip Counts & Seat Draw

23:15: Hon Cheong Lee makes up the lost chips
Level 19: Blinds 5000-10000 ante 10000

Hon Cheong Lee doubled up JC Sayo in a previous hand to bring him down to around 340k then found a spot to make up the loss. Heavy preflop betting against Michael Seymour led to both all in. Seymour with KdKh, Lee with AsQs, the board came QdJc6sQc10c for certain victory. Lee up to 720k, Seymour down to around 80k.

23:10: Current eliminations
Level 19: Blinds 5000-10000 ante 10000

Eliminations 33rd – 36th – VN₫ 105,829,000

33rd Eu Woong Kim (Canada)
34th Jimmy Guerrero (France)
35th Burin Shinawatra (Thailand)
36th Jun Yamada (Thailand)

23:05: Jacks double up Phan Huu Minh Tri 
Level 19: Blinds 5000-10000 ante 10000

Phan Huu Minh Tri

Action preflop saw hijack Martin Stausholm raise to 25k, sb Phan Huu Minh Tri three-bet to 60k, called by Stausholm. On the flop 7s6c2d, Phan c-bet 40k, called by Stausholm. The turn Qc, Phan switched up and checked, Stausholm took the chance to bet 100k, Phan shoved (206k), Stausholm called.

Phan JdJs
Stausholm 9d9s

The river 2s was a double up for Phan to 620k, Stausholm dropped to 420k.

22:55: JC Sayo doubles up through Hon Cheong Lee
Level 19: Blinds 5000-10000 ante 10000

JC Sayo

Button player JC Sayo raised to 22k, bb Hon Cheong Lee shoved his big stack that well covered Sayo, Sayo called and put himself at risk.

Sayo AhQs
Lee 5d5h

The board ran 10h9h10c3sAs for a higher pair spiked on the river by Sayo. He doubled up to 481k. Lee dropped to 340k.

22:50: Jaideep Sajwan banks a big one off Aditya Agarwal
Level 19: Blinds 5000-10000 ante 10000

Jaideep Sajwan

Two players from India faced off, Jaideep Sajwan and Aditya Agarwal. Sajwan opened the betting to 22k, Agarwal called from the big blind. On the flop 7d4c9s, Agarwal checked, Sajwan bet 17k, Agarwal called. The turn Ac, Agarwal checked again, Sajwan bet 17k, called again by Agarwal. The river Ah, Agarwal checked, Sajwan bet 155k, Agarwal called. Sajwan showed AsQh trips, Agarwal mucked. Sajwan up to 800k.

22:45: William Kang shoves JC Sayo
Level 19: Blinds 5000-10000 ante 10000

William Kang raised to 23k, and bb JC Sayo defended. The flop As2d10s, Sayo checked, Kang c-bet 22k, called by Sayo. The turn Jc, Sayo checked again, Kang shoved 294k, Sayo tank-folded. Kang up to 390k.

22:31: Aditya Agarwal up to 1.4m
Level 19: Blinds 5000-10000 ante 10000

Aditya Agarwal

Aditya Agarwal is now at 1.4m after winning chips off Doan Tien Thanh. With everyone folding to the button Doan, he raised to 23k, bb Agarwal defended and they saw the flop Qh10c5h. Agarwal check-called a 23k c-bet. On the 7c turn, Agarwal check-called a 40k bet. Then with the river Ac, Agarwal checked, Doan fired 100k, Agarwal called once more, Doan mucked. Agarwal didn’t have to show.

22:30: Current eliminations
Level 19: Blinds 5000-10000 ante 10000

Eliminations 37th – 45th – VN₫ 96,965,000 (~US$ 4,200)
37th Tom Alner (UK)
38th Tran Hoai Linh (Vietnam)
39th Peter Robertson (Australia)
40th Tran Anh Trung (Vietnam)
41st Bobby Xinghua Zhou (Singapore)
42nd Tai Chen Lye (Singapore)
43rd Dang Duy Thanh (Vietnam)
44th Pham Thang Tung (Vietnam)
45th Binh Zhang (China)

Eliminations 46th -47th – VN₫ 88,643,000 (~US$ 3,800)
46th Alan King Lun Lau (Hong Kong)
47th You Heung Youl (Korea)

21:40: Hieu Ngo busts! Vincent Chauve delivers the bubble!
Level 18: Blinds 4000-8000 ante 8000

Hieu Ngo bubbles

Vincent Chauve is a monster. He has built up a very big stack, crushing the table, and now delivering the bubble in Hieu Ngo. Ngo lost a series of big pots that left him with a very short stack of 68k. He had it all in with 8s8h against Chauve’s drawing overcards As10h. The flop came 6sJc10d for a higher pair immediately awarded to Chauve. The turn Ks and river 5d didn’t improve Ngo to bust out on the bubble. Chauve now at 850k.

Everyone remaining is in the money. They play until the end of Level 19. From here on, it’s payday.


21:40: You Heung Youl rivers it to stay alive
Level 18: Blinds 4000-8000 ante 8000

You Heung Youl

You Heung Youl looked down at AcKs and shoved (55k). He was called by Han Cheong Lee with Qh7d. When the flop ran Qc2c8c, Youl was in danger of elimination with Lee spiking a pair however, Youl had plenty of outs to help him. The turn 8d wasn’t one of the, and with the big rail eagerly awaiting the river, it came down Kh for a higher pair and a happy victory for Youl. He doubled to 120k.

21:30: Rubin Labroo with a big river bet to scoop it
Level 18: Blinds 4000-8000 ante 8000

Rubin Labroo

Cutoff Rubin Labroo raised to 17k, button Doan Tien Thanh called, blinds folded, flop landed JhAhQs. Labroo checked, Doan bet 15k, Labroo called. The turn 5c saw more bets with a check from Labroo, 25k bet by Doan, called again by Labroo. The river Kh, Labroo switched up and bet 105k, no call from Doan. Labroo showed 6s and scooped it up to rise to 650k.

21:00: Bubble time! 48 players remaining
Level 18: Blinds 4000-8000 ante 8000

We have reached the bubble! There are 48 players remaining, only 47 get paid. They are now hand-for-hand.

20:45: David Erquiaga continues to beef up
Level 17: 3000-6000 ante 6000

David Erquiaga is currently Hieu Ngo’s nemesis with another tower shaved off. Ngo raised to 15k from utg, hijack called, button Erquiaga three-bet to 50k, called only by Ngo. On the flop 7hQs8h and turn As, both players checked. On the river 7s, Ngo checked, Erquiaga shoved, no call from Ngo who went down to 150k. Erquiaga chipped up to 580k.

20:35: Hamish Crawshaw gains from Jimmy Guerrero
Level 17: 3000-6000 ante 6000

Having just scooped up all of David Tai’s stack, Hamish Crawshaw was at it again. Action was set off by mp Jimmy Guerrero with a 14k raise, button Crawshaw called. The flop 8d5s8c and turn Kd saw Crawshaw call bets of 15k and 78k. The river 5c, Guerrero checked, Crawshaw all in, Guerrero opted to fold. Crawshaw up to 630k, Guerrero dropped to 290k.

20:30: Set over set! Hamish Crawshaw rails David Tai
Level 17: 3000-6000 ante 6000

Hamish Crawshaw

Crazy hand on table 2 with two players looking to capitalize off the other only to find out it was a set over set. The hand opened with mp raising to 14k, button David Hsing Tai called, bb Hamish Crawshaw joined in for a three-way to the flop 7d5c9c. Crawshaw led 20k, mp and Tai called. On the turn 5h, Crawshaw sent out 15k, mp folded, Tai called. On the river 3s, Crawshaw checked, Tai all in for 75k, Crawshaw called. Tai showed 7s7c full house but it wasn’t good enough for a double up with Crawshaw tabling 9d9h higher full house. Tai out, Crawshaw up to 510k.

20:20: Good pot for Jaideep Sajwan 
Level 17: 3000-6000 ante 6000

Action kicked off with mp Jaideep Sajwan laying out a 13k raise, cutoff called, bb Thanh Dang defended, and all three went to see the flop 3s6d8h. Action was checked to the cutoff player who bet 16k, Thanh called, Sajwan raised to 54k, cutoff folded, Thanh called. The turn Jd, Thanh checked, Sajwan all in for 160k, Thanh folded. Sajwan up to 320k, Thanh dropped to 110k.

20:10: JIn Yong defends and doubles up
Level 17: 3000-6000 ante 6000

Everyone folded to the button Peter Robertson, he raised to 13k. Sb folded, bb Jin Yong defended. At the flop Jd7hKc, Yong checked, Robertson fired 15k, called again by Yong. The turn 10d no bets landed and the river felted 5c. Yong checked, Robertson banged out a large 76k, Yong all in (80k), and Robertson called the 4k difference.

Yong Ks7c two pair
Robertson Qc6s bluff

Double up for Yong to 220k.

20:00: Chen Da Jia vs Nguyen Chi Thinh
Level 17: 3000-6000 ante 6000

Action packed table 6 where Vincent Chauve has been taking control. However, in this hand, the bout was between Chen Da Jia and Nguyen Chi Thinh. Mp Nguyen raised to 16k, called by hijack, three-bet 45k by cutoff Chen, called by Nguyen while hijack got out of the way. The flop 10d2h8s, Nguyen checked, Chen bet 30k, Nguyen called. On the turn 2s, Nguyen checked, Chen all in (73k), Nguyen tank-folded. Nguyen down to 190k, Chen up to 240k.

20:50: Chip leaders 
Level 17: 3000-6000 ante 6000

Vincent Chauve 730k
Aditya Agarwal 665k
Rubin Labroo 577k
Huynh Duc Tai 550k

19:45: Hieu Ngo loses more; David Erquiaga doubles up
Level 16: Blinds 2500-5000 ante 5000

David Erquiaga

Hieu Ngo continued to fall, this time it was David Erquiaga taking some. Action began with lo-jack raising to 11k, cutoff Erquiaga called, sb called, bb Ngo called. At the flop 8h10c5h, sb checked, Ngo bet 20k, called by lo-jack, Erquiaga shoved (156k). Only Ngo called.

Ngo Jh4h flush draw
Erquiaga 8s8d set

The turn 4s and river 5c kept Erquiaga ahead to double up to 400k. Ngo down to 210k.

19:30: Another falls to Vincent Chauve
Level 16: Blinds 2500-5000 ante 5000

If this were boxing, this round would be a knock out for Vincent Chauve who sent another player to his doom. This time it was Toan Phan booted. He was all in with his short stack of 55k, Chauve called on the small blind. Chauve Ac5c, Phan 3d3c, the board ran 2sAh4hQd2h for a higher pair spiked by Chauve. He now has 720k.

19:25: Hamish Crawshaw vs Alok Birewar
Level 16: Blinds 2500-5000 ante 5000

Mp player raised to 12k, hijack Alok Birewar called, cutoff Hamish Crawshaw three-bet to 42k, mp folded, Birewar called. The flop Jh4d5d, Birewar checked to the aggressor Crawshaw who bet 27k, called by Birewar. On the turn Qc, Birewar checked again, Crawshaw bet 55k, this time Birewar folded but not after a long deliberation. Crawshaw up to 390k, Birewar down to 240k.

19:20: Huynh DucTai puts the hammer on Hammen
Level 16: Blinds 2500-5000 ante 5000

Huynh Duc Tai

Huynh Duc Tai is currently leading the race with 760k having just knocked out Joel Hammen. The hand saw Hammen four-bet shove his short stack and big stacked Huynh easily called.

Huynh 4d4h
Hammen AdKc

The board ran dry for Hammen. Huynh shipped it.

19:15: More chips for Vincent Chauve
Level 16: Blinds 2500-5000 ante 5000

Vincent Chauve is on fire this round picking up another sizable pot to climb to 660k. Choo Yoh Han four-bet all in and Chauve snap-called. Han with Qs10d, Chauve with a much stronger AdKd, the board ran 6s4cAhAh7s and out went Han.

19:05: Nguyen Nam Duong up, Dinh Xuan Dinh plummets
Level 16: Blinds 2500-5000 ante 5000

Preflop battle between two locals saw lo-jack Dinh Xuan Dinh slide in a 12k raise, bb Nguyen Nam Duong defended on the big blind. When the flop came 7h10hJd, Nguyen checked, Dinh c-bet 12k, called by Nguyen. The turn Ad same action with Nguyen check-calling 25k to bring on the river {Qd. Nguyen checked, Dinh bet 47k, Nguyen jammed (162k), Dinh folded leaving himself 120k behind. Nguyen up to 300k.

18:55: Vincent Chauve hits Hieu Ngo again to go over 500k
Level 16: Blinds 2500-5000 ante 5000

Mp Hieu Ngo and Vincent Chauve meet again. Ngo raised to 12k, button Chauve three-bet to 35k, back to Ngo, he four-bet to 85k, Chauve called. At the flop QhKs8h, check by Ngo, Chauve bet 55k, called. The turn 5h another check from Ngo, Chauve shoved 219k, Ngo tank-folded while showing Kc top pair. Ngo down to 280k, Chauve up to 510k.

18:20:  Vincent Chauve takes a pot, rises to 330k
Level 15:  Blinds 2000-4000 ante 4000

Vincent Chauve

Hijack  Vincent Chauve raised to 9k, button called, bb Hieu Ngo three-bet to 35k, Chauve called, button folded. At the flop 5h2h6d, Ngo c-bet another 35k and was called. The turn 5d, Ngo checked, Chauve bet 40k, Ngo tank-folded. Chauve up to 330k. Ngo dipped to 400k

18:15: Aditya Agarwal doubles then rails two; zooms to 600k
Level 15:  Blinds 2000-4000 ante 4000

Aditya Agarwal

Aditya Agarwal scored two huge pots to send him into the leadership zone. The first hand saw him take command with bets pref, flop, and a shove on the turn 7h6s10c. He was called down every time by Pham Minh Tuan. Agarwal showed Kd8d, Pham {10s10h set, the river 5d was one of the outs Agarwal needed to complete his straight to send Pham fuming in defeat. Agarwal zoomed to 420k, Pham plunged to 16k.

Next hand, Agarwal knocked out two players simultaneously- Pham and Iori Yogo. After a preflop betting war, all chips were out front.

Pham Qc10c, Yogo JdJh, Agarwal AhKc. The board ran 4s4d7hKdQs. Agarwal up to 600k.

18:00: Josh McCully gets action for his boat
Level 15:  Blinds 2000-4000 ante 4000

A splash of chips entered the pot preflop initiated by the utg+1 player. Lo-jack Josh McCully, cutoff Martin Stausholm, and bb Francis Garson all joined to the flop 2sAcKc. Garson checked, urg+1 c-bet 12k, called only by McCully. The turn Ad both checked. On the river Kd, McCully bet 9k and got check-called. McCully showed As8s full house. He is back up to 200k.

18:00: Lucky Iori Yogo triples up to 170k
Level 15: Blinds 2000-4000 ante 4000

One of the most decorated Asian players remaining is Japanese pro Iori Yogo. He entered with a short stack and hasn’t made much ground until now. He earned a triple up to rise to 170k. He was all in preflop with 6s6h and was called by two players one with pocket nines and the other with pocket queens. With the worst hand, Yogo was in danger of elimination however the board ran 7s2cKc6d4c to give him a victorious set.

17:55: Sang In Lee falls to Dave Erquiaga
Level 15: Blinds 2000-4000 ante 4000

Sang In Lee was one of the day’s big stacks however we didn’t get much action on him other than his demise. Delivering the bad news was David Erquiaga. Both players were all in preflop, Lee with KhKs, Erquiaga AhKc, the lone ace found a partner on the board 3cAc6s2c10c. Lee out, Erquiaga up to 130k.

17:50: Nguyen Chi Thinh claims a good pot 
Level 15: Blinds 2000-4000 ante 4000

Nguyen Chi Thinh

Lo-jack Nguyen Chi Thinh raised to 9k, hijack Hieu Ngo called, the flop came KdJh9h. Both players checked and the dealer opened the turn Qd. Nguyen bet 6k, Ngo raised to 21k, called by Nguyen. On the river 2d, Nguyen bet 41k, Ngo called. Nguyen showed Ad5d nut flush and won the pot with Ngo mucking. Nguyen up to 300k, Ngo down to 420k.

17:35: Phan Huu Minh Tri’s aces pumps in the double
Level 15: Blinds 2000-4000 ante 4000

Button player Phan Huu Minh Tri looked down at AsAc and three bet the utg’s raise of 6500 (called by hijack Ben Lai) to make it 16.5k. Utg folded, Lai called. When the flop landed 5c10s3h, Lai checked to the aggressor Phan who bet 19k, called by Lai. The turn 7s, Lai all in (93k), Phan all in (86k), the tirver Jd sealed the win for Phan and the double up to 330k. Lai plummeted to 5k.

17:25: Yun Yamada’s set of ladies get full pay from Patni
Level 15: Blinds 2000-4000 ante 4000

On a turn board 2s8dJcQc and 38k in the middle, Yun Yamada bet 18k, called by one players, check-raised by bb Kunal Patni to  46k, three-bet shove (94k) by Yamada, fold followed, then Patni called.

Yamada QhQd set
Patni Jd8s two pair

The river was Ks, Yamada doubled up to 250k, Patni dropped to 90k.

17:15: Rubin Labroo skyrockets to the chip lead
Level 14: 1500-3000 ante 3000

Rubin Labroo

Big stacks are now right beside each other with Nguyen Van Dung joined by Rubin Labroo in the leader’s bracket. Sending Labroo there was the knockout of Junichi Nakanawatori. Opening the action was lo-jack with a 7k raise. Button Labroo called, sb Nakanowatari three-bet to 27k, lo-jack folded, Labroo called. At the flop 4sQs8c, Nakanowatari c-bet 25k, Labroo called. On the turn 9d, Nakanowatari bet 49k, Labroo shoved, Nakanowatari all in for less chips.

Labroo Jd10h straight
Nakanowatari AhKs

Nakanowatari was drawing dead. The river Js was formality. Labroo zoomed to 620k.

17:06: Yuwen Pan puts the doorstop on Tran Anh Trung  
Level 14: 1500-3000 ante 3000

Preflop action, Yuwen Pan raised to 6500, bb Tran Anh Trung three-bet to 25k, called by Pan. At the flop Jc2sQs, Tran checked, Pan shoved (153k), Tran tanked then folded. Pan up to 280k, Tran down to 390k.

17:00: No call for Nguyen Nam Duong
Level 14: 1500-3000 ante 3000

From hijack, Nguyen Nam Duong three-bet from 7500 to make it 20.5k, initial raiser Pham Thanh Tung called. At the flop Kd4d10h, Pham bet 20.5k, Nguyen jammed (57k), Pham tank-folded. Pham down to 270k, Nguyen rose to 120k.

16:50: Tran Anh Trung on a killing spree
Level 14: 1500-3000 ante 3000

Another one bites the dust to Tran Anh Trung. This time it was Wu Yuanning who three-bet shoved (49k) holding 7s7c. Tran had him well covered and made the call with Ac9c. The board ran JdAd10h8s3d. Tran shipped it, Wu out.

16:45: Aces cracked! Thananat Therdtakoonrat avoids the rail
Level 14: 1500-3000 ante 3000

Thananat Therdtakoonrat

Preflop war led to two players all in in. Pham Minh Tuan had AhAc, Thananat Therdtakoonrat holding KhKd, with the board running 5s3d9hQc all was clear for Pham until that river Ks awarded a dominating set to Therdtakoonrat. Pham down to 140k, Therdtakoonrat with a lucky double to 280k.

16:40: Martin Stausholm vs Sumit Sapra
Level 14: 1500-3000 ante 3000

Martin Stausholm

Two bigshots battle for a pot. Mp Sumit Sapra raised to 6500, Martin Stausholm three-bet to 18k, Sapra called. On the flop 3h6c5c, Sapra checked, Stausholm c-bet 15k, called by Sapra. The turn 6d Sapra checked then folded to a 55k bet. Stausholm up to 370k, Sapra down to 260k.

16:30: Nguyen Van Dung up to 550k
Level 14: 1500-3000 ante 3000

Nguyen Van Dung

With 16.3k already in the middle, the dealer felted 10sQh3h. Bb Junichi Nakanowatari checked to button Nguyen Van Dung who bet 7k. Nakanowatari called. On the turn 6h no bets were laid out and the river came 2h. Nakanowatari switched up and led for 14k, Dung called. Nakanowatari had {qc]7d top pair but the pot went to Dung with KhJc flush. Dung up to 550k.

16:15: Break time, 99 players remaining
Level 14: 1500-3000 ante 3000

We are at another break. 99 players remaining. Money is at 47 places which means plenty more to bust before we get close.

16:05: Dao Minh Phu paid by Martin Stausholm
Level 13: Blinds 1500-2500 ante 2500

Dao Minh Phu has been very active all day however it hasn’t been all up and up. Not long after doubling up Sumit Sapra, he earned a double up of his own through Martin Stausholm. Cutoff Stausholm opened to 5k, bb Phu three-bet shoved (37k), Stausholm called.

Phu Kd7d
Stausholm AhJh

The board ran KcKhJd5h5s for a full house to Phu. He now has 78k.

16:00: Rockets award Francis Garson maximum pay
Level 13: Blinds 1500-2500 ante 2500

Francis Garson

Plenty of players wanting in on this hand. It started with a raise by an mp player, lo-jack called, hijack Josh McCully three-bet to 27k, sb Francis Garson shoved (90k), back to mp and lo-jack who both folded, McCully called.

Garson AsAh
McCully AcKc

The board bricked to double up Garson to nearly 200k.

15:55: Yan Heung Youl ends Abhinav Iyer
Level 13: Blinds 1500-2500 ante 2500

WSOP champ Abhinav Iyer will not be taking this one down having just fallen to Yan Heung Youl. On a flop 5dAd7s and 23k in the middle, both players had it all in with Iyer at risk. Iyer AcJh, Youl AsQh, the turn 3s and river 4s were no help to Iyer. Youl shipped it while Iyer shipped out. Youl up to 180k.

15:50: Sumit Sapra doubles up through Dao Minh Phu
Level 13: Blinds 1500-2500 ante 2500

Sumit Sapra

Hijack Sumit Sapra raised to 6k and found three callers to join him to the flop 10sJc8h. Everyone checked and the turn came Qh. Bb Dao Minh Phu bet 8k, Sapra raised to 21k, two folds followed, called by Phu. The river 6h, Sapra all in for 49k, check-called by Phu. Sapra showed AhKh straight to defeat Qc8c two pair. Sapra doubled up to 220k.

15:45: Tran Anh Trung rails Nguyen Bao Trung
Level 13: Blinds 1500-2500 ante 2500

Tran Anh Trung piled in more chips after railing Nguyen Bao Trung who entered the day with a decent stack. Tran raised preflop to 6k, called by two players. The flop AxQx8x Tran checked, Nguyen bet 7k, one player folded, Tran raised to 27k, called by Nguyen. On the turn 10x, all in by both. Tran AxJx, Nguyen AxKx, the river 9x granted Tran the straight to ship it and climb to 400k.

15:35: Three -way showdown goes to Dinh Xuan Dinh
Level 13: Blinds 1500-2500 ante 2500

Dinh Xuan Dinh

Heavy action preflop led to three players all in.

Gerald Karlic 10d10h stack 163k
Dinh Xuan Dinh KsKd stack 143k
Hai Janess AhJs stack 55k

The board ran5d7dKh4sAs. Dinh scooped up a double up and then some to over 340k. Janess busted. Karlic plummeted to 20k.

15:20: Zhang Zhiwei folds straight to Vincent Chauve’s shove
Level 13: Blinds 1500-2500 ante 2500

Reigning champion Vincent Chauve raised to 5500 from the button, Zhang Zhiwei defended his big blind. At the flop 9d8hKh and 8c turn, no bets. The river 10c, Zhang bet 20k, Chauve shoved (80k), Zhang folded while showing 6s7s straight. Chauve up to 110k.

15:15: Chip leader update
Level 12: Blinds 1000-2000 ante 2000

Nguyen Van Dung 470k
Andrew Tai 360k
Hon Cheong Lee 330k
Josh McCully 320k
Michael Seymour 310k
Dao Minh Phu 300k
Tran Anh Trung 280k
Huynh Tan Dung 250k

15:10: Dao Minh Phu triple barrels, rises to 300k
Level 12: Blinds 1000-2000 ante 2000

Preflop action between Dao Minh Phu and Tran Anh Trung generated a pot of 22k as the flop spread 7c4h7s. Sb Phu led for 10k, button Tran called. On the turn 3h, Phu c-bet 11k, Tran called. The river Qh, Phu sent out a huge 125k bet, Tran tanked until time was called. He couldn’t pull the trigger and folded. Phu rose to 300k, Tran down to 280k.

14:50: Huge double up for Josh McCully 
Level 12: Blinds 1000-2000 ante 2000

JOsh McCully

With plenty of tables still running, we missed the action that sent Nguyen Van Dung’s stack to over 500k. When we arrived at his table, he already lost a third of it to Josh McCully with both players banging out huge bets on every street.

Button McCully raised to 5k, bb Dung three-bet to 17k, McCully called. At the flop Kh7d9c, Dung checked, McCully bet 9500, Dung raised to 25k, called by McCully. More heavy bets on the turn 2d with Dung firing 57k, McCully called. The river 5s, Dung shoved, McCully risked it with 72k. Dung opened 10x10x, McCully won it with KxJx top pair. McCully zoomed to 340k. Dung plunged to over over 300k.

Despite the drop, Dung scooped some back in another hand to bring him over 450k.

14:40: Aditya Agarwal doubles through Zhang Zhiwei
Level 12: Blinds 1000-2000 ante 2000

Aditya Agarwal three-bet shoved on Zhang Zhiwei and got the call. His Ah10c found a pair on the river Qs4cKd5dAc to avoid the rail and double up to around 65k. Zhiwei had 9c9d.

14:30: Tran Anh Trung storms to 320k
Level 12: Blinds 1000-2000 ante 2000

Tran Anh Trung

Tran Anh Trung scored two big pots to bring his stack to 320k. Frist hand, he raised to 5k, Ashish Munot three-bet to 16k, Tran called. At the flop 5dQd4s, Tran checked to the aggressor Munot who c-bet 13.5k, called by Tran. The turn 6c, Tran checked again, Munot fired 31k, Tran replied with a shove Munot folded. Tran climbed to 260k.

Next hand, utg+1 Yuwen Pan raised to 5k, button and sb Tran and bb called. On the flop 7c4c8s, Tran bet 9k, bb folded, Pan called. On the turn Ah Tran banged out 21k, and still Pan called. The river 10s, the 37k bet by Tran was good enough to win it with Pan folding.

14:25: Tung Nguyen cracks Abhinav Iyer’s aces
Level 12: Blinds 1000-2000 ante 2000

Preflop action, Tung Nguyen raised to 4500, bb Iyer three-bet to 16.5k, Nguyen called. At the flop Kd8dKh, Iyer bet 8500, called by Nguyen. On the turn 4d, Iyer fired 18k, Nguyen all in (52k), Iyer called. Nguyen opened KcQc trips, Iyer AxAx, the river 8c filled up Nguyen to a boat for a double up. Nguyen up to 160k, Iyer down to 100k.

14:20: Binh Minh rising
Level 12: Blinds 1000-2000 ante 2000

Preflop action saw a 6500 raise from Ming Sang Chung, called by Binh Minh on sb position. At the flop 4h5hQd, Binh check-called a 16k bet. On the turn Js, same action with Binh check-calling a 25k bet. The river 8d, check again by Binh, Chung fired a large 45k, Binh called. Chung showed KxKx, Binh won the pot with 4x4x set. Binh up to 250k.

13:58: Hamish Crawshaw takes the pot
Level 11: Blinds 1000-1500 ante 1500

Hamish Crawshaw

Everytime we see Hamish Crawshaw he seems to be losing chips however this time it went his way. He opened to 3800, Tran Thanh Tung three-bet to 10.5k, Crawshaw called. At the flop 6hJhKs, both checked. On the turn 7h, Crawshaw checked, Tran slid out 9k, Crawshaw answered with a raise to 20k, Tran called. The river Ad, more chips sent out. Crawshaw checked, Tran bet 30.5, Crawshaw tanked then called. Crawshaw showed AhJd two pair, Tran immediately mucked. Crawshaw up to 160k. Tran dipped to 200k.

13:55: Rollercoaster for Pegasus
Level 11: Blinds 1000-1500 ante 1500

Huynh Tan Dung

After losing to Nguyen Thanh Binh, Huynh Tan Dung aka Pegasus proceeded to lose more chips to several players around the table. Before the level closed, he managed to gain some back to sit with 250k. The hand was against Junichi Nakanowatari. Pegasus raised to 4k, Nakanowatari three-bet to 8500, Pegasus four-bet to 33k, called by Nakanowatari. At the flop Js9s7d, Nakanowatari bet 13.5k, Pegasus called. On the turn 3h, Nakanowatari checked to Pegasus who muscled with his big stack firing 25.5k. Nakanowatari tank-folded.

13:45: Pegasus vs Nguyen Thanh Binh
Level 11: Blinds 1000-1500 ante 1500

Two local powerhouse players battled for a big pot. The hand saw three players in on a raised pot to 22k and a flop showing AdJd5d. After two checks, mp Huynh Tan Dung aka Pegasus bet 9500 and found one caller in Nguyen Thanh Binh. The turn Qs, check by Nguyen again, Pegasus bet 16k, was called. The river Js, both checked, Nguyen showed Ac4c and won the pot with Pegasus mucking. Nguyen up to 180k, Pegasus dipped to 250k.

13:40: Re-entry player Chi Chung Ho busts to Jaideep Sajwan
Level 11: Blinds 1000-1500 ante 1500

Jaideep Sajwan

It is clearly not Chi Chung Ho’s tournament to win having been sent to the rail again and this time he could no longer jump back in. The hand saw Jimmy Guerrero raise to 3500, Ho shoved, joined Sajwan all in with more chips, Guerrero folded. When the hole cards opened, Sajwan had a dominating AhAc while Ho needed to get lucky with Ks10s. Ho found a ten on the turn but not much more. Sajwan shipped it and climbed to 130k.

13:35: Julius Lagman outkicks Seymour
Level 11: Blinds 1000-1500 ante 1500

Button Xiao Yu Cheng raised to 3500 and found two callers in the blinds Michael Seymour and Julius Lagman. At the flop 5hAdJd, all checked. On the turn 4c, Seymour led 7k, Lagman called, Cheng folded. The river 4d, Seymour bet another 9k, Lagman called. Seymour showed As6s top pair but the pot went to Lagman with AhJh.

13:30: Mike Takayama doubles up
Level 11: Blinds 1000-1500 ante 1500

WSOP decorated champion Mike Takayama doubled up his short stack through High Roller 1 winner Nguyen Thanh Binh. It was all in at the flop Js3s10h. Nguyen held Jc9h top pair, Takayama with KdKs, the turn 7c and river Kh filled in the board for a winning set to Takayama. He rose to 78k.

13:25: Akshay Nasa claims a sizable pot
Level 11: Blinds 1000-1500 ante 1500

Akshay Nasa

Button Akshay Nasa raised to 3k, bb Dinh Gia Hung defended to see the flop land 9c8dAs. Both players checked and the turn felted 3c. Hung bet 6k, Nasa called. The river 4s Hung bet 15k, Nasa raised to a massive 75k, Hung called. Nasa showed Asac}, Hung AdQs, Nasa claimed it to rise to 170k.

13:15: Higher kicker for Nguyen Hoang Huy drops Cao Ngoc Anh 
Level 11: Blinds 1000-1500 ante 1500

Nguyen Hoang Huy

After registration closed, Vietnamese pro Cao Ngoc Anh dropped out of the running with fellow countryman Nguyen Hoang Huy delivering the hurt. Utg  Anh raised to 3500, hijack Huy called. The flop KdKh4h saw Anh c-bet 3500, Huy called. The turn 8d, Anh shoved {30k}, Huy called with more to put Anh at risk.

Anh KcJd trips
Huy KsQd trips higher kicker

The river Ah was no help to Anh. Huy shipped it and climbed to 130k.

13:10: Big pot to Tran Duc Phuong
Level 11: Blinds 1000-1500 ante 1500

Heavy betting action went down between Tran Duc Phuong and Hamish Crawshaw. Button Tran raised to 3k preflop, Crawshaw three-bet to 11.5k, Tran four-bet to 25k, Crawshaw called. At the flop 8h7s6h, both checked. The turn 5h, Crawshaw bet 21k, Tran raised to 52k, Tran won the pot with Crawshaw folding. Tran up to 170k.

13:05: Registration closes at 373 entries; prize pool VN₫ 18 BN!
Level 11: Blinds 1000-1500 ante 1500

Main Event prize pool

That’s it registration has closed! 29 signed up in Day 2 to bring the total tally to 373 entries (295 players, 78 re-entries). With each entry at VN₫ 55 million (~US$ 2,400), the prize pool crushed the guarantee for a wealthier VN₫ 18,090,500 (~US$ 780,000). This is the largest and richest Main Event pot ever produced by the brand in the country. Only 47 are due to profit. The top prize is an incredible VN₫ 3,782,723,000 (~US$ 163,000). The next three down the line will also become instant billionaires. 

12:55: Thai Sanh Bao Huy shoves the heavyweights
Level 10: Blinds 600-1200 ante 1200

Thai Sanh Bao Huy

Thai Sanh Bao Huy faced off against pros Minh Le and Tom Alner and earned himself a pot the sent his stack to 170k. Minh kicked off the hand with a raise to 3200 from utg+1, hijack Thai called, cutoff Alner three-bet to 11.5k, both Minh and Thai called. On the flop 8c5sJs, all checked and the turn came 3h. Minh resumed the betting with 18.5k, called by Thai and Alner. The river 6s, Minh bet 16.5k, Thai shoved, Alner and Minh folded.

12:45: Abhinav Iyer on the move
Level 10: Blinds 600-1200 ante 1200

Abhinav Iyer

WSOP decorated champion Abhinav Iyer got involved in several hands that saw his stack dip then rise to around 120k. The first hand he lost around 13k to Nguyen Nam Duong to bring his stack down to 60k. However, on their next battle, Iyer sent Nguyen tumbling. The hand saw button Nguyen raise to 2500, sb Iyer three-bet to 7500, Nguyen called. At the flop 9h4s7d, Iyer c-bet 10k, Nguyen matched it. The turn 3c, Iyer shoved (45k), Nguyen called for his tournament life.

Iyer 7s9s two pair
Nguyen AdAc

The river Js was no help to Nguyen, he busted. Following that hand, Iyer won another pot. He claimed 6100 of Pham Minh Duc’s stack. Iyer now over 130k.

12:42: Sahil Agarwal re-enters then rails a champion
Level 10: Blinds 600-1200 ante 1200

Sahil Agarwal was the first casualty of Day 2 but immediately jumped back in hoping to fare better which he did. He railed WSOP decorated champion Alex Lindop with A-Q over A-J with both players missing the board. Agarwal up to 80k. Lindop immediately re-entered.

12:40: Nguyen Duc Hop stops the charging Minh Le
Level 10: Blinds 600-1200 ante 1200

Nguyen Duc Hop

Minh Le just won a pot against Tom Alner with action seeing Minh three-bet preflop called by Alner then an uncalled c-bet on the flop. Next hand, Minh raised to 2600 from the button, bb Nguyen Duc Hop three-bet to 7k, Minh called. At the flop Ac5d5c, Nguyen c-bet 6k, Minh raised to 12.5k, Nguyen three-bet to 35k, Minh folded. Nguyen over 130k.

12:38: Dinh Xuan Dinh rails Kunal Patni
Level 10: Blinds 600-1200 ante 1200

Dinh Xuan Dinh

With 27.2k built prior, the board showed Jd2hAd3dKc, Kunal Patni bet 8k, Dinh Xuan Dinh shoved, Patni called and put himself at risk, Patni busted with Ah10s not good enough against Dinh’s JcJh set. Dinh up to 85k.

12:35: Chip leaders in action; Pegasus dips, Mateo lifts
Level 10: Blinds 600-1200 ante 1200

Entering chip leader Huynh Tan Dung aka Pegasus defended his big blind by calling db player Akash Chandrashekhar’s raise to 2500. The flop ran 5c8s8c, Pegasus checked, Akash bet 3100, Pegasus raised to 8600, Akash shoved, Pegasus called.

Akash QsQd
Pegasus 2s5s

The turn 7d and river Js were good for a double up to Akash with his higher two pair. He climbed to 55k. Pegasus dropped to 250k.

At a separate table, the other entering chip leader, Christopher Mateo, faced off against Nguyen Bao Trung who also entered with a large stack.

Christopher Mateo

Mateo raised from hijack to 2600, sb Nguyen called. On the flop 8hQh6s, Mateo c-bet 3200, Nguyen check-called. On the turn Jd, both checked to bring on the river Jh. Nguyen led out 9k, Mateo called, Nguyen showed Jc10s trips but Mateo had better with 4h6h flush to win the pot. Mateo up to 290k.

12:30: Burin Shinawatra chunks down Lim Yo Hwan
Level 10: Blinds 600-1200 ante 1200

Burin Shinawatra

Korean pro Lim Yo Hwan aka Boxer came in with a short stack and proceeded to lose more after doubling up Burin Shinawatra. With 10.8k brewed preflop and 2s5c8s on the green, sb checked, bb Boxer checked, utg Shinawatra bet 7200, hijack folded, sb folded, Boxer shoved and Shinawatra snap-called for all his chips.

Boxer 3s5s
Shinawatra JsJh

The turn 2h and river 8h were gold for Shinawatra to bring his stack to 68k. Boxer plummeted and busted a couple hands later.

12:25: Ping Liu knocks out Chi Chung Ho
Level 10: Blinds 600-1200 ante 1200

Ping Liu

Another one bumping the rail early was Chi Chung Ho. After utg+1 Edgar Antezana limped, utg+2 Ho shoved (15.3k), action folded around to the bb Ping Liu who shoved as well with more chips. Antezana bowed out for a two way showdown.

Liu Ad9d
Ho KhJc

The board ran Jd8d5s to improve Ho to a pair and stayed ahead on the turn 3s however the river 10d was one of Liu’s outs for the nut flush to knock out Ho and climb to 80k.

12:20: Doan Tieu Thanh rises to 230k 
Level 10: Blinds 600-1200 ante 1200

Doan Tieu Thanh

We’ve got a new player entering the 200k range, at table 13, Doan Tieu Thanh eliminated Yin Mingbao to send his stack to 230k. On a board that completed Ah4hAsQc5d and 49k brewed, Thanh shoved and Yin risked it. Thanh had AhQd top two pair, Yin held AcKc.

12:18: Dung God vs Hamish Crawshaw
Level 10: Blinds 600-1200 ante 1200

Mp Hamish Crawshaw raised to 4500, Nguyen Van Dung aka Dung God limp called from utg. At the flop Ac5sJs, Dung God checked, Crawshaw bet 4k, Dung God raised to 9500, Crawshaw called. The turn 5d, Dung God fired 19k, Crawshaw gave up his stake on the pot. Dung God up to 130k.

12:15: SJ Kim with an early pot
Level 10: Blinds 600-1200 ante 1200

Five players in on an unraised pot of 7200, the flop 4c2d5h saw three players fold followed by a bet of 3200 from SJ Kim on cutoff. Only button Vu Duc Trung called and the turn felted 4s. Kim c-bet 5k, Trung folded.

12:10PM: En-Ching Wu gets a full boost from Julius Lagman
Level 10: Blinds 600-1200 ante 1200

Julius Lagman and En-Ching Wu

Action is brutal out there. We’ve already seen Sahil Agarwal bust out but he went straight to registration to take advantage of his two available bullets. As for En-Ching Wu, he fared much better picking up a double up through Julius Lagman. The hand began with Ming Sang Chung raising to 3k, called by hijackLagman, three-bet shove (33.6k) by Wu on the cutoff, Chung folded, Lagman called.

Wu AdQh
Lagman JcJd

With the board running 4h7sQs6s3h, Wu doubled up to 77k.

12:00: Cards in the air! 
Level 10: Blinds 600-1200 ante 1200

The first hand has been dealt here in Day 2 of the Main Event and already 17 players have joined the action. Registration closes at the start of the next level. We will have the official tally immediately after.

Welcome to WPT Vietnam – Main Event Day 2!

Here we go! Cards in the air! Three starting days locked up, the WPT Vietnam – Main Event VN₫ 15 billion guaranteed enters Day 2. Out of the 344 entries, 156 advanced to Day 2. With registration still open for one hour today, expect the day’s field to grow then trim down once the freezeout stage begins. 

Main Event Day 2 info

Day 1A: 41 advanced out of 93 entries
Day 1B: 53 advanced out of 121 entries
Day 1C: 62 advanced out of 130 entries

Total: 344 entries

Day 2 qualifiers: 156 players
Total chips in play: 13,760,000
Average stack: 88,205
Opening blinds: 600-1200 (Level 10)
Bagging time: end of Level 19

For entering players

Starting stack: 40,000 (~33x opening big blind)
Level intervals: 60 minutes
Registration: closes at the start of Level 11
Structure: Main Tour
Format: Ante Big Blind

Important note: If you are a new player in Day 2, you will be allowed one re-entry before registration closes. For Day 2 qualifiers that bust out early, you can buy-in your first Day 2 entry. If you bust out again, you can re-enter before registration closes.

Chip leaders

Today’s entering chip leader is Huynh Tan Dung who bagged up 272,300 at Day 1C. He is seated at Table 18 and may have a field day shipping chips with five below average stacks surrounding him. Right on his heels is Christopher Mateo with 272,000 in chips amassed at Day 1A. Mateo may have big challenge on his hands with numerous heavyweights at his table: Sumit Sapra, Alan King Lun Lau, Nguyen Bao Trung, and hot-running Andre Lettau who has already cashed in two events.

Table 17

Prize pool

With registration still open, we will have the official prize pool for you once it has been announced. Kicking off the day, it was already in the vicinity of VN₫ 16.5 billion. Once again this is the richest WPT Main Event offered in the country. 

Somuchpoker is on-site to bring you full coverage including live updates. Make sure to check in from time to time for all the latest stories.

23:00: Day 1C closes with 62 players led by Huynh Tan Dung

Huynh Tan Dung

As predicted, Main Event Day 1C produced the largest field with 130 entries (108 players, 22 re-entries) however only 62 remained at the end of regulation. Bringing his stack to the summit was Vietnam’s Huynh Tan Dung with 273,300 bagged. He will enter Day 2 as the overall chip leader.

Full chip counts and seat assignments coming shortly along with a recap on today’s action. You can read up on the updates for some of the day’s thrilling moments.

Day 2 – Seat Draw

Day 1 ABC – Chip Counts

22:45: Le Anh Minh doubles up through Tzai Wei Phua
Level 9: Blinds 500-1000 ante 1000

Mp Le Anh Minh raised to 3k, sb Tzai Wei Phua called, the flop ran 3dJd4s. Kang checked, Minh bet 5k, Phua raised to 15k, Minh jammed (61k), Phua tank-called.

Phua Ad9d draw
Minh KdKs

The turn 8c and river 6s were no help to Phua, Minh shipped it for a double up to 130k.

22:40: William Kang with another pot
Level 9: Blinds 500-1000 ante 1000

William Kang picked up another pot to beef up to 230k. With a board showing 2d7s7cJd and 17k already brewed, Kang bet 13k and got called. The river 7d saw Kang send out 30k, no call to win the pot.

22:30: Jin Yong vs Mike Takayama
Level 9: Blinds 500-1000 ante 1000

From utg, Jin Yong made it to the 2300 to go, utg+1 Mike Takayama three-bet to 6500, everyone folded around and back to Yong who called. At the flop 5c6cKc, Yong checked, Takayama bet 4200, Yong called. The turn 10s, Yong check-called 8500 and the river fell 9d. Both players checked. Yong showed JsQc straight, Takayama folded.

22:20: Michael Seymour rises to 100k
Level 9: Blinds 500-1000 ante 1000

After flop betting 8h4dKd, the pot built up to 60k. The turn 5h saw Ming Sang Chung check to Michael Seymour who shoved (43.6k). Chung folded.

22:10: William Kang loses some to Jimmy Guerrero
Level 9: Blinds 500-1000 ante 1000

Jimmy Guerrero busted earlier and upon re-entering was sent back to William Kang’s table on a different seat. Both players engaged in a pot kicked off by Guerrero who raised to 2300 from hijack. Cutoff Kang and button player called. The flop landed 6c6sJs, all checked. The turn 10c, Guerrero bet 8k, Kang called, button folded. The river 10d, Guerrero fired 15k, Kang folded. Guerrero up to 50k, Kang down to 200k.

22:05: Junichi Nakanowatari busts one and climbs to 140k
Level 9: Blinds 500-1000 ante 1000

Junichi Nakanowatari

Plenty of players wanting in on this pot but only two went head-to-head. Mp player raised to 2200, called by four players before it reached bb Junichi Nakanowatari who three-bet to 15k. Mp answered with a shove (51.9k), the next four players folded, Nakanowatari called with over 20k more in chips.

MP: 9c9h
Nakanowatari 10h10c

The board ran dry for the mp player to send all the chips to Nakanowatari who now has 140k.

21:55: Trinh Anh Dung denies Dao Minh Phu
Level 9: Blinds 500-1000 ante 1000

Button Trinh Anh Dung three-bet a 220 raise to make it 5200 to go. Big blind Dao Minh Phu shoved (51k), initial raiser folded, Dung called.

Phu Ac2c
Dung QdQh

When the flop ran 10hAh3c, Phu overtook with a higher pair however the turn Kh and river 2h produced more hearts for the nut flush to Dung. Dung up to 160k.

21:35: William Kang rails Duy Ho
Level 8: Blinds 400-800 ante 800

Next on William Kang’s black book was Duy Ho. From cutoff, Kang raised to 2200, button Duy all in for 25k, blinds folded, action back to Kang with the snap-call. Duy 3s3d, Kang AcAd, no help arrived for Duy.

21:25: William Kang knocks out Ray Chiu on a higher boat
Level 8: Blinds 400-800 ante 800

William Kang continues to pile it in. He just shipped all of Ray Chiu’s chips to climb to 210k. utg+1 Kang opened for 2k, hijack Chiu and cutoff Quang Nguyen called. On the flop Qd7h2c, Kang checked, Chiu bet 4k, Nguyen folded, Kang called. The turn Qc Kang  check-called 8k and the river 4s completed the board. Once again Kang sent the betting to Chiu who shoved (21.4k). Kang called.

Chiu 2s2h full house but Kang had better with Qs7s higher full house.

21:15: Huynh Duc Tai crosses into 200k
Level 8: Blinds 400-800 ante 800

Huynh Duc Tai crossed over 200k after this hand against Yin Kwok Chun. Chun raised to 1600, Huynh called on the big blind. The flop KcAc10h, Huynh check-called a 3200 bet. The turn 2h, another check-called 7600. The river 10d, Huynh switched up and fored 18.2k, Chun tank-called. Huynh showed Ad10s for a winning full house. Huynh at 210k.

21:10: Mike Takayama puts the heat on Chen Xianling
Level 8: Blinds 400-800 ante 800

Mike Takayama

From utg, Mike Takayama raised to 1800 and found one caller in the button player Chen Xianling. At the flop Kc6sQd, Takayama checked, Chen took a stab with a 3800 bet, Takayama called. On the turn 7s, check again by Takayama, Chen fired 9k, Takayama answered with a 26k raise, Chen folded.

21:05: Huy Coshet doubles up through Duy Ho
Level 8: Blinds 400-800 ante 800

Huy Coshet

Utg raised to 1900, lojack Duy Ho called, hijack Huy Coshet three-bet to 7600, utg folded, Duy shoved (30k), Huy Coshet all in (26k).

Duy 3d3s
Huy Coshet AdAs

The board ran empty for Duy to double up Huy Coshet to 53k. Duy down to 4k.

21:00: Ming Sang Chung busts Florencio Campomanes
Level 8: Blinds 400-800 ante 800

Ming Sang Chung is up to 170k after giving Florencio Campomanes the boot. Action was set off by Chung in mid position. He raised to 1800. Cutoff three-bet to 5100, button Campomanes called, back to Chung who four-bet pushed, cutoff folded, Campomanes called while announcing “I don’t fold this hand” and showed 7c7s. Chung had KcKh. The board ran 10c2c3s3hKs.

20:55: Tsang Dicky Siu Hang avoids the rail
Level 8: Blinds 400-800 ante 800

Tsang Dicky Siu Hang

Tsang Dicky Siuu Hang is on his re-entry bullet today having been coolered to a short stack on his first attempt and unable to recover. This time, he is doing a bit better. His starting stack dropped to 40k but was able to boost it on a lucky double up. He had 9c9h and was all in against a player with KhKc. In danger of elimination, the board ran {a8c}JcAh9s8h to give him a dominating full house. He now has over 33k.

20:40: William Kang up to 190k
Level 8: Blinds 400-800 ante 800

William Kang

William Kang now has around 190k after winning a decent sized pot against Duy Ho. From lo-jack, Kang raised to 1700 preflop, hijack Duy three-bet to 3500, Kang called. On the flop Qs8c9c, both checked and the turn fell 5s. Kang bet 3700, Duy called and the river came 10c. Kang fired 12.5k, this time Duy folded.

20:15: Aaron Lim goes up to 80k
Level 7: Blinds 300-600 ante 600

Aaron Lim

Getting a hand on one Aaron Lim who missed the mark yesterday. He is doing much better today with 80k after this hand. He was up against big stacked Pham Thanh Tung. Both players built a 13k pot preflop. At the flop 3d3s9c, Pham checked, Lim bet 3k, Pham raised to 9k, Lim called. The turn 10c, Pham checked, Lim bet 10k, Pham tank-folded.

20:10: Francis Garson in action
Level 7: Blinds 300-600 ante 600

Utg+1 raised to 1400, mp Jerry Delisle called, sb Francis Garson three-bet to 4200, he was called by both players. At the flop 8d3hJc, Garson c-bet 3500, called again by both players. The turn 8h saw no bets land and the river 6s was dealt. Garson bet 8200, no takers to give him the pot.

20:00 William Kang cripples Jimmy Guerrero
Level 7: Blinds 300-600 ante 600

[Hand retold by William Kang]

Everyone folded to the blinds, sb Jimmy Guerrero raised to 1800, William Kang defended his big blind. At the flop 10s7h5c, Guerrero c-bet 5k, Kang called. The turn 2h, Guerrero bet a large 20k, and still couldn’t push out Kang who called. On the river 7d, Guerrero banged out 60k, Kang tank-called. Guerrero had to show the bluff Jd4h, Kang scooped the pot with a winning Qh10h top pair. Guerrero down to 10k, Kang zoomed to 174k.

19:50: Nguyen Bao Trung sends Le Ngoc Khanh below starting stack
Level 7: Blinds 300-600 ante 600

Nguyen Bao Trung

Catching the action with the two players on a turn board 3h10d10h9c with 50k already weighing down the middle. utg Nguyen Bao Trung bet 40k, utg+1 Le Ngoc Khanh tank-called. The river 8d, Khanh tanked again after Nguyen shoved (55k). Khanh folded and dropped to 30k. Nguyen climbs to 160k.

19:40: Manish Lakhotia climbing
Level 7: Blinds 300-600 ante 600

Manish Lakhotia

Another good pot for Manish Lakhotia, this time he got a bump up from Nguyen Tuan Hung. With 10k in the middle and a flop JhQc2h before them, Lakhotia check-called a 6k bet. The turn 4h, both players checked and the dealer opened the 8s river. Lakhotia bet 12k, Nguyen called, Lakhotia showed 9s10s for the straight. Lakhotia up to 120k, Nguyen dropped to 17k.

19:20: Three-way all in goes to Quang Nguyen
Level 6: Blinds 300-500 ante 500

Quang Nguyen

Just before the break, Quang Nguyen celebrated a triple up with his drawing hand getting there on the river. The hand had Nguyen open-shove 13.8k, called by Jimmy Guerrero, William Kang then shoved 41k, action back to Guerrero who tank-called.

Nguyen AhKd
Kang QcQd
Guerrero 8d8h

The board ran 3d4h4c7hAs. Nguyen tripled up to 42.5k, Kang won the side pot and now has 55k, Guerrero down to 108.7k.

19:11: Trinh Anh Dung lands a big double off Dao Minh Phu
Level 6: Blinds 300-500 ante 500

Trinh Anh Dung

Trinh Anh Dung and Dao Minh Phu engaged in a hand that saw big bets tabled. Phu kicked off the action with a raise to 1200, big blind Dung called. At the flop AcJd5h, Dung check-called 1600 and the turn fell 4c. Another check by Dung, Phu bet 3000, Dung raised to 8000, Phu three-bet to 20k, Dung all in for 45.9k total, Phu called to put Dung at risk.

Phu AhQh top pair
Dung Ad4h two pair

The river 10h didn’t improve Phu to send his stack down to 40k. Dung doubled up to 100k.

18:55: Manish Lakhotia takes some off re-entry player Cao Ngoc Anh
Level 6: Blinds 300-500 ante 500

Mp Cao Ngoc Anh re-entered after getting bounced by Alan King Lun Lau. Seated at a new table, he raised to 1200, hijack called, button Manish Lakhotia three-bet to 3800, only Anh called. When the flop ranJh2h2d, both players checked and the dealer felted 6h. Anh bet 4000, Lakhotia raised to 12k, called by Anh. The river Qs Anh checked, Lakhotia fired 18k, Anh tank-folded leaving himself 30k. Lakhotia up to 100k.

18:50: Florencio Campomanes doubles up to 70k
Level 6: Blinds 300-500 ante 500

We only caught the action as Florencio Campomanes was getting paid. The board was 5s10s5c9s10h. Campomanes held Kh5h full house, his opponent had As3s nut flush.

18:40: Jimmy Guerrero rises to 160k
Level 6: Blinds 300-500 ante 500

Jimmy Guerrero scored a very big pot against Jerry Delisle to send his stack soaring to 160k. The hand began with utg raising to 1200, mp Guerrero called, lo-jack called, cutoff Delisle called, utg folded. When the flop landed Ac10h10d all checked for a free turn 4s. Guerrero checked, lo-jack bet 5300, Delisle called, Guerrero raised to 16k, lo-jack folded, Delisle called. On the river 9h, Guerrero jumped out with a 28k bet, Delisle called. Guerrero showed As10s full house on the flop, Delisle mucked and was left with 15k.

18:35: Ben Lai doubles up
Level 6: Blinds 300-500 ante 500

Preflop action saw a late position player three-bet to 8000 and Ben Lai called while one player folded. The flop Ac9s2d, Lai check-called a 5000 c-bet. The turn 8s, Lai checked, aggressor bet 15k, Lai all in with less. Lai Ah9h two pair, aggressor AdKc top pair. The river Jc completed the hand. Lai doubled up to 57k.

18:25: Another head chopped by Alan King Lun Lau
Level 6: Blinds 300-500 ante 500

After sending a Vietnamese pro to his knees, Alan King Lun Lau railed another local. Cutoff Vinh Tran was the next victim who raised to 1000, button Lau called, and bb defended. At the flop 2h4h9d, action was checked to Tran, he c-bet 2500, Lau and bb matched it. On the turn Js, check check to Lau, he slid out 7500. Bb folded, Tran shoved (13k), Lau called. Tran Ad9s second pair, Lau Jh10h top pair, the river 10c further improved Lau to dust Tran and climb to 84k.

18:20: Alan King Lun Lau takes down Cao Ngoc Anh
Level 5: Blinds 200-400 ante 400

Alan King Lun Lau

Sitting side by side, and action folding to them on the blinds, sb Alan King Lun Lau shoved (45k), bb Cao Ngo Anh risked it with just 16k. Lau AsQh, Anh 9c9h, the board ran 4hAd4s2s8c. Anh out, Lau up to 60k.

18:05: Duy Ho tanks one
Level 5: Blinds 200-400 ante 400

The highly cheerful Duy Ho has entered the Main Event. We caught him win a pot that kicked off with mp player raising to 800. It was called by cutoff and Duy on the bb. On the flop 3h4h7s, two checks, cutoff bet 3500, Duy raised to 10k, mp folded, cutoff called. The turn Jh, Duy led 11k, cutoff tanked then folded. Duy up to 59k.

18:00: Guarantee surpassed! 109 entries and rising
Level 5: Blinds 200-400 ante 400

The guarantee has been met and crushed! The tally is 109 so far (101 players, 8 re-entries) with registration open all day plus one hour into Day 2. This is officially the richest prize pool ever built in Vietnam!

17:55: Dao Minh Phu into 100k
Level 5: Blinds 200-400 ante 400

Dao Minh Phu

Catching the action on a turn board QdAcKs8c and 9k already brewed, Dao Minh Phu bet 7000, opponent called. On the river 3s, Phu shoved (38k), called again. Phu won with 10sJh straight, caller showed AsQd top two pair.

Shortly after, Phu won another pot. He was on the big blind, three players called his three-bet to 3600, the flop 3s7s6d, he c-bet 6600, no callers. Phu showed Qc5d bluff.

17:40: Three-way showdown! Xiao Yu Cheng ships it
Level 5: Blinds 200-400 ante 400

Xiao Yu Cheng

Three-way showdown began with utg Xiao Yu Cheng raising to 1000, lo-jack Joseph Cona three-bet to 2400, hijack called, button Nguyen Thanh Binh called, back to Cheng who shoved(27k), Cona shoved (32.6k), hijack folded, Nguyen all in for (14k).

Cheng Ad6d
Cona KdKs
Nguyen Kh10h

The board ran 10d3h5d2d5h for the nut flush to Cheng to double up through Cona and rail Nguyen. Cheng rises to 69k. Cona drops to 5600. Nguyen re-entered.

17:30: Ming Sang Chung banks a double off Aditya Sushant
Level 5: Blinds 200-400 ante 400

Ming Sang Chung

Utg raised to 1000, mp player Ming Sang Chung three-bet to 2600, sb player Aditya Sushant four-bet to 7200, utg folded, and Chung called. At the flop 10s9h5c, Sushant checked, Chung bet 5000, called by Sushant. The turn 8d same action with Sushant check-calling an 18k bet. The river Kc, Sushant checked, Chung jammed (18.4k), Sushant tank-called with more chips. Sushant had QhQc, Chung won it with 10c10d set for a double up.

17:20: Break time chip leader update
Level 5: Blinds 200-400 ante 400

Currently leading at the break is Pham Thanh Tung with 180,000. Huynh Tan Dung follows with 140,000. There are several also just into the 100k range. Among the latest entries are Aaron Lim, Florencio Campomanes, Ray Chiu, Alan King Lun Lau, Vu Minh Tri, Nguyen Pham The Quan, Cao Ngoc Anh, Jin Yong, and Wayne Heung.

17:10: Pham Thanh Tung up to 180k
Level 4: Blinds 200-300 ante 300

On a turn board 3cJd8s5c and 9k brewed, Pham Thang Tung bet 5500, Phan Trang Linh folded. Tung now up to 180k.

16:50: Xiaoyu Cheng boosted by Nguyen Thanh Binh
Level 4: Blinds 200-300 ante 300

Preflop action led to shoves. From lo-jack, Nguyen Thanh Binh (High Roller 1 champion) raised to 800, hijack called, button Xiaoyu Cheng three-bet to 3000, Nguyen four-bet to 12.8k, hijack folded, Cheng all in (21.8k), Nguyen tank-called.

Nguyen Qc7c
Cheng AhAd

The board ran 7h7dAs for trips to Nguyen and a dominating full house to Cheng. The turn 10d and river 4d was not the one-outer Nguyen needed to win to send his stack down to 35k. Cheng doubled up to 45k.

16:40: Huynh Tan Dung rails Nguyen Van Thuan
Level 4: Blinds 200-300 ante 300

Huynh Tan Dung (aka Pegasus) raised to 1000, sb called, bb Nguyen Van Thuan three-bet to 3000, Pegasus called. On the flop AsJs4s, sb checked, Nguyen bet 5500, Pegasus called, sb folded. The turn 2h, Nguyen checked, Pegasus bet 8000, Nguyen all in (28.5k), Pegasus called with more chips. Pegasus 3s9s flush, Nguyen AhKd top pair. Pegasus rises to 130k.

16:30: Notables at the scene
Level 4: Blinds 200-300 ante 300

We have 87 entries with only 11 needed to pass the guarantee. Joining the action are Mike Takayama, David Hsing Tai (CTP club owner), Co Chung Chuen, Jiaping Zhou, Kong Seong Su, Men “the master” Nguyen, Bobby Zhu Xinghua, Richard Marquez, Sumit Sapra, Sang Yeon Hwang, Francis Gerson, and Huy Coshet.

16:25: Round 3: Huynh Duc Tai vs Alex Lindop
Level 4: Blinds 200-300 ante 300

We’ve seen these two tangle in previous hands, here’s another for our reports. From lo-jack, Huynh Duc Tai raised to 700, hijack Lindop three-bet to 2500, Huynh called. The flop 3h4dKc Huynh check-raised an 1800 c-bet to make it 4200 to continue. Lindop called. The turn 7c, Huynh bet 11k, Lindop called. The river Jd, Huynh banged out jd}, Lindop folded. Huynh up to 90k.

16:20: Aditya Sushant with another two pots
Level 4: Blinds 200-300 ante 300

Earlier we reported on Aditya Sushant winning two back-to-back pots, well, he was at it again. The first hand was a coller. It was all in preflop against Co Chung Chuen. Sushant AcAd, Chuen KcKs, the board bricked for a double up to Sushant.

The next hand Sushant raised on the button, big blind only had around 3k behind, bb shoved. Sushant snap-called. Bb Qs6s, Sushant As4d. The board ran 7d4cKd10s2h. Sushant up to 73k.

16:10: Jimmy Guerrero over 100k
Level 3: Blinds 100-200 ante 200

Jimmy Guerrero picked up another hefty pot to drive his stack over 100k. Action opened with utg+1 Dao Minh Phu raising to 600, called by mp player and cutoff Guerrero. The flop 6d2d8d, all checked. The turn 9h, check check to Guerrero who bet 4500. Phu raised to 24k, mp folded, Guerrero called. The river 4h Phu checked, Guerrero bet 5800, Phu folded.

16:05: Sam Beesley vs Manish Lakhotia
Level 3: Blinds 100-200 ante 200

Sam Beesley and Manish Lakhotia went toe-to-toe on two hands. The first one went to Lakhotia whose AdJd earned him 11k against 3s3d with the board running 9d8h2hAsQs.

The next hand went to Beesley who raised to 500, called by utg+1, three-bet to 1900 by Lakhotia, called only by Beesley. At the flop KcAd3h, both checked and the turn felted 2h. Beesley bet 2000, Lakhotia called. The river 5s both checked. Beesley had Ac7c, Lakhotia folded.

15:55: Jiaping Zhou railed by Edgar Antezana
Level 3: Blinds 100-200 ante 200

Edgar Antezana

APT Vietnam Jiaping Zhou met an early end with Short Deck champion Edgar Antezana delivering the blow. Zhou raised to 800 from cutoff, bb Antezana three-bet to 2500, Zhou called. At the flop 2s7c3h, both players went on a betting spree. Antezana checked, Zhou bet 4000, Antezana raised to 8000, Zhou three-bet to 17k, Antezana all in for 35k, called by Zhou with less (23k).

Zhou JcJs
Antezana AdAc

Antezana ships it and rises to 63k.

15:50: Ly Tran Tien busts on a bluff; Pham Thanh Tung zooms to 120k
Level 3: Blinds 100-200 ante 200

Pham Thanh Tung

Ly Tran Tien had a very healthy stack before him but after this hand, he will have to re-enter to get back in the game. The hand opened with mp Pham Thanh Tung raising to 600, hijack three-bet to 1800, bb Tien called, back to Tung who four-bet to 6600, hijack folded, Tien with the snap-call.

The flop Ac2s3h, Tien checked, Tung c-bet 3600, Tien raised to 12k, Tung called. The turn 3c, Tien shoved (31.2k), snap-called by Tung with more chips.

When the hole cards opened, Tung had AsKc top two pair, Tien Qs10d bluff. Tien was drawing dead. The river was 6h. Tung up to 120k.

15:45: WSOP champion Aditya Sushant takes two
Level 3: Blinds 100-200 ante 200

Aditya Sushant

Aditya Sushant is one of India’s finest players and is a decorated with a WSOP title. He is seated at the table closest to us and we managed to catch two back-to-back hands go his way, both up against Xuewei Li.

The first on saw the hijack Xuewei Li limp in, button Sushant raised to 800, bb called, Li called. The flop Qs7s10c, Sushant c-bet 1500, only Li check-called. The turn 4d Sushant bet 5k, Li folded.

The next hand, Li raised, cutoff Sushant called, joined by both players on the blinds. The flop ran Jc4s8h, action was checked to Sushant who bet 1000, only Li check-called. On the turn 2s, same action with Sushant betting 1300, check-called by Li. The river 6s, both checked, Li missed with AcQd, Sushant won it with 9c8c pair. Sushant has 42k.

15:30: Tran Thanh Tung with top two 
Level 3: Blinds 100-200 ante 200

Hijack Tran Thanh Tung opened to 600, cutoff player called. The flop KhJc8h, Tran checked, cutoff bet 8k, Tran shoved (45k) a stack that well covered cutoff’s (29k) stack. Cutoff risked it with Kc2c top pair flush draw. Tran had AdKs top pair higher kicker. The river Ah further improved Tran to top two pair to ship it and send one out.

14:50: Good pot for Laksh Pal Singh 
Level 2: Blinds 100-200

Laksh Pal Singh

Laksh Pal Singh has already cashed at the festival with a 6th place finish at the Kickoff event. He is at the table now looking to bag an even bigger one. Tracking his action, we saw him win a good pot against Xuewei Li. Opening the betting was hijack player with a min-raise, button Singh called, joined by sb and bb (Li).

At the flop 10hAh7d, sb checked, Li fired 700, hijack folded, then Singh and sb called. On the turn 6h, bigger bets laid out with Li sliding out 2200, raised to 6000 by Singh, sb got out of the way, three-bet to 13k by Li. Singh called. The river 7h, check by Li, Singh all in (32k), Li tank-folded. Singh now at 62k.

14:45: Huynh Duc Tai fully paid for the nut flush
Level 2: Blinds 100-200

Huynh Duc Tai

Huynh Duc Tai grabbed himself a double up against Roland Kivi. Action was set off by utg with an 800 raise, called by lo-jack Huynh, called by button Kivi, and called by the bb player.

At the flop JdAs9h, bb checked, utg c-bet 1700, and was joined to the turn 6h only by Huynh and Kivi. More chips were sent to the middle with utg betting 3100, called by Huynh, raised to 10.5k by Kivi, called by utg and Huynh. The river 4h, utg checked, Huynh shoved (11.4k), Kivi called, utg folded. Huynh Ah10h nut flush, Kivi JcJs set.

14:40: William Kang gets the call for the pot
Level 2: Blinds 100-200

William Kang

William Kang had just sat at a table when found himself shipping in all of a player’s stack. We missed the action but we did get some of the details from Kang. Utg+1 player opened with a preflop raise, was called by four players which included mp Kang. The flop ran 5x5x7x, action was checked to the initial raiser (utg+1) who laid out a pot bet. Only Kang called. A 9x came on the turn, utg+1 c-bet 3000, Kang called. Then on the river 5x, utg+1 bet 10k, Kang shoved, utg+1 called while putting himself at risk. Kang showed 9x9x full house. Utg+1 mucked while showing 7x as he got up to leave. Kang now up to 78k.

14:30: Dongjun Kim tank-calls Thanh Nguyen’s bluff
Level 2: Blinds 100-200

Two players – Thanh Nguyen and Dongjun Kim – built a pot of 13k by the time the board completed 3dQh7d2c6s. Kim bet 5k, Nguyen raised to 18k, Kim tank-called. Nguyen showed AdKs bluff, Kim claimed the pot with AcQs pair.

14:25: Queens good for French pro Jimmy Guerrero 
Level 2: Blinds 100-200

Jimmy Guerrero

French pro Jimmy Guerrero is in action here in Vietnam. He recently ran very well at EPT Barcelona finishing 2nd at one of the events for a payday worth US$ 195k. Guerreo has been moved several times since the start of day yet it hasn’t compromised his game. We caught him scooping in a pot against Joseph Cona with a pair of ladies.

The hand saw a raise to 500 from the utg player, mp Cona called, hijack Guerrero three-bet to 2100, called by both. At the flop 3hKdJc, no bets landed. On the turn 7s, action was checked to Guerrero, he bet 2000, called only by Cona. The river 8s, same action, Guerrero bet 2800, Cona check-called. Guerrero showed QhQc, Cona mucked.

14:20: Faces in the crowd
Level 2: Blinds 100-200

Six tables up and running. Here’s an update on the players we recognize out there. Nguyen Thanh, Akash Chandrashekhar, Aigars Plivcs, Le Ngoc Khanh, Tzai Wei Phua, Konstantin Pogodin, Laksh Pal Singh, and Jiaping Zhou.

14:15: Alex Lindop and Huynh Duc Tai at it again
Level 2: Blinds 100-200

One of the early pots won by Alex Lindop was against Huynh Duc Tai. Once again, both tangled. It kicked off with an mp player raising to 500, called by lo-jack Huynh, and hijack Lindop. Button player three-bet to 2600, blinds folded, called by the three players. At the flop 6d8d7c, everyone checked. On the turn 3d, Huynh bet 3700, Lindop called, button and mp folded. The river 9c, Huynh bet 6700, Lindop shoved (80k), Huynh folded. Lindop rises to 105k.

14:00: New round; Ly Tran Tien paid for his straight
Level 2: Blinds 100-200

Ly Tran Tien

Players have entered the next level. We have 43 players seated with more trickling in. Glancing over at Table 3, we caught Ly Tran Tien (2nd place – High Roller 1) scoop a nice pot. The board showed 8d2c4c5s2s. Tien bet 16k and was called by Nguyen Quang Minh (6th place – High Roller 1). Tien had a very nice hand, Ac2c straight. A disappointed Nguyen mucked while showing QdQc. Tien now at 65k.

13:30: WSOP champion Alex Lindop in the house
Level 1: Blinds 100-100 

Alex Lindop

We’ve been awaiting the arrival of Alex Lindop, WSOP 2015 NLH $1500 champion. Two days ago, Lindop finished 5th at the High Roller 1 event. Looks like he is already making his presence felt at the table having won two pots that sent one player out in this first level.

The first pot saw utg raise to 300, called by three players which included Lindop on the big blind. At the flop Qc3s4c, utg c-bet 700, called by all. The 2d turn, sb Huynh Duc Tai checked, Lindop bet 2800, fold-fold, called by Huynh. The river 2s, Huynh checked, Lindop bet 4300, quick fold from Huynh. A couple of hands after, Lindop eliminated a player that missed on a nut flush draw. Lindop now at 90k.

13:10: Cards in the air!
Level 1: Blinds 100-100 

Here we go! First deal tabled! We have two tables up and running with more players lined up at registration. To pass the VN₫ 15 billion (~US$ 644,000) guarantee, they will need 98 entries today. No doubt that will be more than met. Also with registration still open for one hour in Day 2, players will be looking at an even richer prize pool once registration closes.

Good afternoon players and welcome to the final starting day of the WPT Vietnam Main Event!

Day 1C gets underway at 1pm. Buy-in is VN₫ 55,000,000 (~US$ 2,400) and the guarantee is whopping VN₫ 15 billion (~US$ 644,000). This is the first time the brand has put forward this enormous prize pool in the country. It is the richest Main Event pot offered to kick off Season XVIII WPT Asia-Pacific. For the first time in Vietnam, participating players will experience the main tour structure. 

Starting stack: 40,000
Opening blinds: 100-100 (Level 1)
Level intervals: 60 minutes
Bagging time: end of Level 9
Registration: closes at the start of Level 11 in Day 2

The past two starting days attracted a total of 214 entries – Day 1A (93), Day 1B (121) – with 94 advancing to Day 2 – Day 1A (41), Day 1B (53) – taking place on Monday, September 9th at host venue, Pro Poker Club right here in Ho Chi Minh City. Currently at the top is Day 1A chip leader Christopher Mateo with 272,000. He is the player to measure up to.

WPT Vietnam is the first stop of nine in the season’s schedule. It is also the first leg of the WPT Asia Swing comprised of three destinations: Vietnam – Japan – Korea. 

Good luck to all! We will post live updates throughout the day so make sure to refresh from time to time for the latest hands.


23:00: Day 1B closes with 53 players; Tuan Pham and Sang In Lee over 200k

Day 1B is a wrap with 53 players out of the 121 entries surviving the nine hours of play. During the last level, driving their stacks to the top were Tuan Pham (244,500) and Sang In Lee (217,600).  We will have the full chip count for you in our recap which will be up shortly. The day’s survivors join the 41 Day 1A players that advanced to Day 2 for a total of 94 qualifiers. There is still one more starting day ahead.

Day 1B Chip Counts


22:40: Big call by Tuan Pham, zooms to 240k
Level 9: Blinds 500-1000 ante 1000

Utg Tuan Pham raised to 2500, everyone folded around to the sb Dao Minh Phu who jammed his 80k stack. Tuan called to put Phu at risk of elimination. Tuan Ks10s, Phu Qh6d, the board ran 7hKd3s3d5d. Phu busted, Tuan zoomed to 240k.

Side note: Hands prior, Phu said he didn’t want to enter Day 2 with just 80k. It was too small. Seems he planned to shove.

22:20: Hamish Crawshaw muscles with his big stack
Level 9: Blinds 500-1000 ante 1000

Hamish Crawshaw

For a majority of the day, Hamish Crawshaw has been one of the big stacks. He fueled more in on a hand against Doan Tien Thanh. Preflop action, Crawshaw raised to 2000, cutoff Thanh called, joined as well by the sb and bb players. At the flop Ac2s6d, the blinds checked, Crawshaw c-bet 6k, Thanh called, the blinds folded. The turn 2c Crawshaw check-called a 13k bet by Thanh and the river came 10c. Crawshaw checked again, Thanh bet 26k, Crawshaw answered with a shove (106.2k), Thanh tank-folded. Crawshaw climbed to 190k.

22:00: Sang In Lee lands a two-outer
Level 9: Blinds 500-1000 ante 1000

Sang In Lee

Lucky Sang In Lee banked a big pot while simultaneously sending one out in brutal fashion. The hand kicked off with utg raising to 2200, mp Lee called, lo-jack three-bet to 8500, back to utg who folded, Lee called. The flop AsAd4s brought on more chips to the middle. Lee checked, lo-jack bet 9500, Lee raised to 28.6k, called by Lee. The turn Qs Lee shoved (25k), lo-jack called with 3k less.

Lee 7s7c two pair
Lo-jack Ac9c trips

When the river came down 7d, Lee landed a lucky two-outer to improve to a full house.

21:30: SJ Kim ships a double to reach 150k
Level 8: Blinds 400-800 ante 800

SJ Kim got full pay for his pocket pair to instantly cross over six digits. The hand saw an mp player raise to 1600, hijack called, cutoff Kim called, bb player three-bet to a very large 31k. Only Kim found the courage to call. At the flop 5s6c2h, bb player c-bet 30.5k, Kim snap-shoved, called by bb to put Kim at risk of elimination.

Kim 8d8h pair

The turn and river 9h9d did not improve the bb player. Kim shipped a double up. Bb plummeted then busted out on the next hand.

21:10: Rubin Labroo hits big-stacked Guan Tian Liang
Level 8: Blinds 400-800 ante 800

Rubin Labroo

Change in leadership here with Guan Tian Liang losing over 60k. Capitalizing was Rubin Labroo who recently finished 2nd at the Kickoff event. The hand began with Liang raising to 2800, hijack called, sb called, bb Rubin Labroo three-bet to 13.6k, Liang  and sb called while hijack folded in between.

At the flop 3sJc9h, sb checked, aggressor Labroo c-bet 16.5k, only Liang continued. The turn 10c, Labroo checked, Liang sent out 30k, Labroo called. On the river Jd, both players checked, Labroo showed QcQh, Liang mucked.

Labroo stormed to 210k, Liang dropped to 120k.

20:55: Chip leaders 
Level 8: Blinds 400-800 ante 800

Ashish Munot 200,000
Nguyen Chi Thinh 170,000
Guan Tian Liang 170,000
Tran Duc Phuong 150,000
Hamish Crawshaw 145,000
Doan Tien Thanh 130,000

20:40: Tran Anh Trung rails Kang with a higher straight
Level 7: Blinds 300-600 ante 600

Two players went to see the flop Jh9c10s. Tran Anh Trung checked, William Kang bet 5100, Tran called. The turn 4s, Tran checked again, Kang bet 10.1k, Tran raised to 45k, Kang shoved (38k total) putting himself at risk. Kang had 7c8d straight but Tran had better KsQc higher straight. Kang was drawing dead. The river was 7d. Tran over 100k.

20:30: Nguyen Chi Thinh sporting a big stack
Level 7: Blinds 300-600 ante 600

Nguyern Chi Thinh

Nguyen Chi Thinh has been sitting on a big stack since Level 4 but we haven’t been able to catch him ship a big hand. We finally caught one before the chips were sent his way. He had AxQx higher full house against a player’s 9x8x full house on a board of Qx7x7x7x8x. Nguyen up to 180k.

20:20: Hard-betting by SJ Kim
Level 7: Blinds 300-600 ante 600

Preflop action saw three players build a pot of 5300 as the flop ran Jc8cKs. Sb SJ Kim checked, utg checked, mp bet 1300. Back to Kim who raised to 4k, called by both opponents. On the turn 5h, Kim sent out 12.3k, utg called, mp folded. The river Qh, Kim continued with a 23.4k bet, utg tank-folded.

20:15: En-Ching Wu falls to Hamish Crawshaw
Level 7: Blinds 300-600 ante 600

A preflop betting war went down between Jack En-Ching Wu and Hamish Crawshaw that led to both players all in. The at-risk player was Wu with QdQh, Crawshaw with AcAs, no luck on the board for Wu.

20:10: Tran Duc Phuong rises to 150k
Level 7: Blinds 300-600 ante 600

Catching the action on a flop 7hJh10d and 7k already in the middle, sb checked, bb Tran Duc Phuong bet 4k, sb raised to 14k, bb shoved (100k), sb put himself at risk with (43k).

SB Qh10h flush
Tran KhJd top pair flush draw

The river 8h was one of the outs Tran needed to improve to a higher flush than his opponent to ship it all. Tran now up to 150k.

20:00: Benedict Koh earns a sizable pot
Level 7: Blinds 300-600 ante 600

Benedict Koh

Utg+1 raised to 1600, lo-jack Tran Anh Trung called, cutoff Benedict Koh three-bet to 7000, utg+1 and Tran called for a three-way to the flop Ks9d5h. Action was checked to Koh, he fired 15k, only Tran joined to see the turn 7c. Both checked. The river 2h saw Tran check, Koh bet 25k, Tan tanked then folded.

19:50: Jaideep Sajwan drops Huynh Duc Tai
Level 7: Blinds 300-600 ante 600

Jaideep Sajwan

Huynh Duc Tai was on his second bullet having busted at Day 1A. Once again, he was bounced out in a hand against Jaideep Sajwan. From the button, Huynh raised to 1600, bb Sajwan three-bet to 5300, Huynh called. The flop came Qc5c4d, Sajwan led out 5400, called by Huynh. The turn Jc, Sajwan c-bet 10k, Huynh shoved (25k), Sajwan called with 10k more than Huynh.

Sajwan AsAc
Huynh 10sJd

The river 8s was no help to Huynh and he packed up.

19:35: Lewis Higham scoops a double
Level 6: Blinds 300-500 ante 500 

Lewis Higham

On a board 3s4s9h and 3800 in the middle, bb Huynh Duc Tai checked to button Lewis Higham who bet 2300. Back to Huynh, he raised to 7200, Higham called. On the turn 6c, Huynh led for 7100, Higham called. On the river 6s, Huynh checked, Higham shoved (31.2k), Huynh tank-called. Higham opened JsQs flush, Huynh mucked.

19:25: Benjamin Gonzva shoves Linh Tran 
Level 6: Blinds 300-500 ante 500 

On a raised pot built preflop, two players stared down a flop 8s5d9c. Linh Tran bet 5k, called by button Benjamin Gonzva. On the turn 8c, Tran fired 7500, Gonzva called. On the river 10c, Tran checked, Gonzva all in (18.5k) which covered Tran. Tran folded.

19:15: Ronak Vyas takes two 
Level 6: Blinds 300-500 ante 500 

Ronak Vyas

Five way limped pot saw a flop run Kd5h4h. Action was checked to the button player who bet 1300. Only utg player Ronak Vyas called. On the turn Qs Vyas check-called a t 2600 bet. On the river, Vyas checked, button bet 6k, Vyas raised to 15k and was called. Vyas showed AhQd and won the pot. Vyas entered the next hand and also claimed it with an uncalled flop bet. He now has 72k.

19:10: Guan Tian Liang up to 180k
Level 6: Blinds 300-500 ante 500 

Guan Tian Liang

Guan Tian Liang has been sitting on a big stack and it just got fatter after railing a player. The hand began with utg+1 raising to 1200, three-bet to 3300 by a mid positioned player, sb Liang called, back to the initial raiser who four-bet to 13.3k, mp folded, Guan called. On the flop 2d10h5d, Guan checked, utg+1 shoved, snap-call by Guan.

Guan Ad9d flush draw
Utg+1 KcKd

The turn 8c and river Jd gave Guan his flush to ship it and climb to 180k.

19:00: SJ Kim bets every street
Level 6: Blinds 300-500 ante 500 

On a raised pot preflop, the board showed 10s9cAh, sb Alok Birewar checked to db SJ Kim who bet 2k. Birewar called. The turn As saw Kim send out 4k and Birewar check-called. The river 8c, Birewar checked, Kim bet 10k, Birewar folded.

18:55: Bottom pair good for Ashish Munot 
Level 6: Blinds 300-500 ante 500 

Ashish Munot

Cutoff Ashish Munot raised to 1300, button Wayne Heung (2nd bullet today) three-bet to 3000, called by Munot. The flop 2dJs5c brought in more chips with Munot check-calling a 2800 c-bet by Heung. On the turn 7c, another 7500 bet check-called by Munot. The river 3s was checked by both. Munot showed As2s for bottom pair, Heung mucked.

18:45: Trinh Anh Dung takes the pot
Level 6: Blinds 300-500 ante 500 

Benedict Koh min-raised to 1000, called by mp Trinh Anh Dung and the bb defended. At the flop 8s8dJs, bb checked, Koh c-bet 1300, Dung called, bb folded. The turn 2d saw another c-bet called by Dung. On the river Qh, Koh slowed to a check, Dung slid out 5k, Koh called then mucked to Dung’s AdJh.

18:35: Tzai Wei Phua wins a splash of chips 
Level 6: Blinds 300-500 ante 500 

Utg Linh Tran min-raised to 1000, three players called. Button Tzai Wei Phua three-bet to 5000, only Tran called. The flop Ah3s8s, both checked. On the turn Jd, Tran checked again, Phua bet 2000, Tran mucked.

18:30: A pot for Huy Pham 
Level 5: Blinds 200-400 ante 400

Utg player opened to 800, utg+1 Huy Pham three-bet to 3000, sb called, back to utg who folded. At the flop 2dKh4s, sb check-called Pham’s 2500 c-bet. The turn 5d saw checks. The river 9s, sb checked, Pham bet 12k, sb tank-called. Pham showed AhKs, his opponent mucked.

18:10: Indian battle: Sahil Agarwal versus Jaideep Sajwan
Level 5: Blinds 200-400 ante 400

Two fellow countrymen went head to head, Sahil Agarwal and Jaideep Sajwan. Action began with a 1k raise from Agarwal, Sajwan three-bet to 3600, Agarwal called. The flop 5c4dAh, Sajwan led for 2100, called by Agarwal. The turn 4s Sajwan led again for 3400 then faced a shove of 14k. Sajwan tank-folded.

18:00: Tung Nguyen ships it, Wayne Heung ships out
Level 5: Blinds 200-400 ante 400

Tung Nguyen

Tung Nguyen earned a very good pot for his full house while simultaneously sending Wayne Heung up and out. The hand saw Kim Phan raise to 1000, hijack Heung three-bet to 3200, bb Nguyen and Phan called. The flop Qh5hKs saw everyone check and the turn landed 4c. Nguyen led for 5k, Phan folded, Heung called. The river 5s, Nguyen bet 13k, Heung jammed (32k), and a quick call from Nguyen. Heung showed Kd10d two pair, Nguyen QcQd full house.

17:45: Hon Cheong Lee’s queens rise above premium hands
Level 5: Blinds 200-400 ante 400

Hon Cheong Lee

Catching the action with three players all in, AhAs versus KcKs versus Hon Cheong Lee’s QsQd. The board ran 7sQc3d4c8s for a triple up to Lee to 103k.

17:30: More pros enter the battlefield
Level 5: Blinds 200-400 ante 400

The tournament stage is pumping with a long list of decorated players. While several have been seen in Vietnam at previous events, many are here for the first time. The mixed list of players now seated are Tom Alner (two-time Red Dragon champion), Aaron Lim, Aditya Agarwal, Andre Lettau,  Bobby Zhang, and Abhinav Iyer.

17:15: Break time; Day 1A entries matched
Level 4: Blinds 200-300 ante 300

We are on the second 10 minute break of the day. The screens say 93 entries which is exactly what Day 1A closed with. Among the latest arrivals are Mike Takayama (who busted in Day 1A), En Ching Wu, Ashish Munot, Huy Pham, Akshay Nasa, Wayne Heung, Co Chung Chuen, and Sahil Agarwal.

17:00: Khoi Nguyen doubles through William Kang
Level 4: Blinds 200-300 ante 300

Khoi Nguyen

Three way raised pot, the flop came 6h9d6c. Khoi Nguyen checked, William Kang bet 3300, one player folded, Nguyen raised to 8400, called by Kang. The turn Qh, Nguyen jammed (26k), Kang tanked then slid out the call while saying “gamble!”. Kang was indeed gambling as he was behind with AhKh, Nguyen ahead with AcAs. In danger of elimination, Nguyen stood up, the river felted 7d, Nguyen celebrated his win and double up to 82k.

16:40: Oliver Helm earns one
Level 4: Blinds 200-300 ante 300

Getting a hand on one of the recent champions at Pro Poker Club- Oliver Helm who won the APT Championships Event 2019 in July. Hijack player raised to 800, called by cutoff Jaideep Sajwan and sb Helm. On the flop 4dAcQs, hijack c-bet 1k, and both Sajwan and Helm called. The turn and river Kc5s saw no bets. Helm showed Ad8h to win the pot.

16:10: Crazy cooler! Smit Trivedi sends one packing
Level 3: Blinds 100-200 ante 200

Smit Trivedi

Smit Trivedi picked up another pot to grow to 35.5k while simultaneously booting one out. It was a doozy of a hand. Both players all in preflop. Trivedi with AhAs, challenger KcKh. When the flop ran 8sKs5c, the cowboys improved, however the turn Ac drowned the player’s hopes. The river 2s completed the board.

16:00: Jacky Lou doubles up
Level 3: Blinds 100-200 ante 200

Jacky Lou

Four players limped in until it landed on the sb player who raised to 700, utg Jacky Lou three-bet to 2700, three folds followed, then a call by the initial raiser. At the flop 8cAc9h, sb bet, Lou called. On the turn Js, sb bet 5k, Lou raised to 16k, sb called. On the river 6c, sb checked, Lou all in (11.2k), called by sb. Lou doubled up with 10c9c flush. Sb showed AdJc.

15:50: Smit Trivedi triples up his short stack
Level 3: Blinds 100-200 ante 200

Four players limped in, the flop came 9s3s10c, three players checked while cutoff Huynh Duc Tai bet 1000. Everyone called and the turn fell 6c. Sb checked, bb Smit Trivedi all in (5100), called by utg, fold by Huynh, called by sb. The river Kc, no side pot generated with both players checking. Trivedi showed 8d7s straight to win the pot against Kh10h two pair and AdAh.

15:35: Straight up for SJ Kim 
Level 3: Blinds 100-200 ante 200

SJ Kim

With the pot already at 16k and a board of 10d8s9hKd4d, a local player led out 6500, Korean pro Soo Jo Kim raised to 18.8k, he was called. Kim showed 7h6h for a straight.

15:20: New level brings in more players
Level 3: Blinds 100-200 ante 200

After a quick ten-minute break, players headed back to their seats. More players have arrived to form two more tables. We are over 65 players. Among the new sluggers are SJ Kim, Oliver Helm, Ping Liu, Rubin Labroo (2nd at the Kickoff), Sumit Sapra, William Kang, and Nguyen Pham The Quan (7th at the Kickoff).

Registration is open all day. One re-entry per starting day allowed. Players bag at the end of Level 9. Registration closes at the start of Level 11 in Day 2.

14:45: Game is heating up! Six tables and rising
Level 2: Blinds 100-200

No bust outs yet. 48 players splashing chips out there. Among the new arrivals are Benedict Koh, Fuk On Wong, Nguyen Quang Minh (6th at the High Roller 1), Tung Nguyen, and Thinh Chi Nguyen. 

13:30: Action underway; notables on the felt
Level 1: Blinds 100-100

Main Event Day 1B

We have four tables going with over 30 players already shuffling chips. Among them are Vietnam’s leading pro Linh Tran, Singapore’s Tzai Wei Phua, and Latvian Aigars Plivcs (Main Event Satellite winner). Some re-entering players are Benjamin Gonzva, Huynh Duc Tai, Guan Tian Liang, and Jaideep Sajwan. More are lined up at registration… we will have another update shortly.

Welcome to WPT Vietnam Main Event Day 1B!

Here we go! Another starting day to the World Poker Tour’s largest event of Season XVIII Asia-Pacific. WPT Vietnam is the first leg of the tour’s Asia Swing. For the first time in the country, the Main Event guarantees a very rich VN₫ 15 Billion (~US$ 644,000) prize pool. That’s 2.5 times more than last season’s guarantee. Buy-in has also been upped to VN₫ 55,000,000 (~US$ 2,400). Keep in mind, only one re-entry is allowed per day.  One added treat, for the first time in Vietnam, players will experience a structure reserved only for the main tour. Details below: 

Starting stack: 40,000
Opening blinds: 100-100 (Level 1)
Blind duration: 60 minutes
Bagging time: end of Level 9
Format: Ante Big Blind

At yesterday’s heat, Day 1A drew 93 entrants (80 uniques, 13 re-entries). By the end of day, 41 survived. Philippine’s Christopher Mateo was up top with 272,000 in chips. That’s the stack to measure up to. Also in the same range was Austria’s Martin Stausholm with 234,400 in chips.

Live updates will be running throughout the day, make sure to hit that refresh button for all the latest stories.

23:10: Main Event Day 1A ends with 41 players; Christopher Mateo bags the lead

Christopher Mateo

After nine rounds of action, the first starting day of the VN₫ 15 Billion (US$ 644,000) guaranteed Main Event came to a close with 41 players remaining out of the 93 entries (80 uniques, 13 re-entries). Driving his stack to the top was Filipino player Christopher Mateo with 272,000 at bagging time. Also racking up in the same range was Austria’s Martin Stausholm with 234,400. Stay tuned, we will have a recap for you shortly. 

Day 1A Chip Counts

23:05: Christopher Mateo muscles with his large stack
Level 9: Blinds 500-1000 ante 1000

One of the last hands of the day was won by Christopher Mateo to bring his stack over 260k. Catching the action on a board showing 4c7d8c4c and 38k brewed, Josh McCully checked, Mateo bet 10.5k, McCully called. On the river Ah, McCully checked, Mateo shoved his huge stack, no call from McCully. Mateo courtesy showed KhJc while shipping in the pot.

23:00: Vincent Chauve eliminates Nguyen Ngoc Dai
Level 9: Blinds 500-1000 ante 1000

Five players were in on a raised pot, the flop fell 9hJsQs. Action was checked to the button player Vincent Chauve who bet 5k. He was called by one player, Nguyen Ngoc Dai. On the turn 4d, Nguyen checked to Chauve who fired 12k. Nguyen replied with a shove (40k), Chauve called with 5k more.

Chauve Ks10c straight on the flop
Nguyen AsJd mid pair

Nguyen was drawing dead. The river 4h completed the board. Nguyen busted while Chauve shipped it to bring his stack over 100k.

22:50: Thanh Quyen vs Nguyen Van Dung
Level 9: Blinds 500-1000 ante 1000

On a board showing 4hJdKh2c and 26k already swimming in the middle, Thanh Quyen bet 12k and Nguyen Van Dung (aka Dung God) called. The river 2h, Thanh Quyen sent out 55k, Dung folded.

22:35: Aggressive bets by Dajia Chen 
Level 9: Blinds 500-1000 ante 1000

The betting opened with a player raising to 2100, Gerald called, button player Dajia Chen three-bet to 8k, initial raiser folded, Gerald called. At the flop Ad9h10s, Gerald checked, Chen c-bet 6k, called by Gerald. On the turn 4d, Chen bet 17k, and still Gerald check-called. The river 8c, Gerald checked, Chen shoved (55.1k), this time Gerald folded.

22:25: Vincent Huang wins the preflop war
Level 9: Blinds 500-1000 ante 1000

Vincent Huang jumped into the Main Event after finishing 3rd at the High Roller 1. We caught him in action against Arravind Udayakumar who raised to 2300, called by one player, Huang three-bet to 7500, Udayakumar answered with a four-bet to 15.5k, one player folded, Huang five-bet shoved (42.5k), Udayakumar tank-folded.

22:00: Peter Robertson with a huge double up 
Level 8: Blinds 400-800 ante 800

In just one big double up, Peter Robertson joined with over 100k in chips. The hand saw him open to 2600, called by one player. At the flop 3s3c9d, Robertson c-bet 4200, was raised to 12.7k, Robertson called. On the 6d turn, Robertson checked, his opponent banged out 9500, Robertson raised to 27k, and was called. On the river 5s, Robertson shoved (45.4k), his opponent tank-called. Robertson shipped it with QcQd. His challenger held 10d10s.

21:40: Good call by Van Sang Nguyen 
Level 8: Blinds 400-800 ante 800

Van Sang Nguyen

Vincent Chauve kicked off the hand with a 1800 raise then faced a three-bet by Van Sang Nguyen to 6k. Chauve called and off to the flop they went 10s3c4d. Chauve checked to the aggressor Nguyen who c-bet 4500. Chauve called. The turn 9s saw no bets. The river 5s, Chauve fired 12k, Nguyen called. At the showdown, Chauve had AcQc, Nguyen AdKs, both missed. Nguyen earned the pot for his higher five-card spread.

21:20: Hamish Crawshaw jams for the pot
Level 8: Blinds 400-800 ante 800

Big pot preflop fueled by two players, Hamish Crawshaw and Nguyen Nam Duong. Crawshaw raised to 1600, Nguyen three-bet to 3700, Crawshaw four-bet to 10.7k, Nguyen called. At the flop and turn KdKs9h5c, no bets landed. On the 2d river, Crawshaw shoved (60k) then shipped it with Nguyen folding up.

21:15: Nguyen Duc Hop folds second nuts to Stausholm
Level 8: Blinds 400-800 ante 800

Big hand just went down at table 7 with Nguyen Duc Hop very unhappy at having to fold his Ks4s second nuts. Action began with four players in on a limped pot. The flop landed 7s2s3s, three players checked to Martin Stausholm who bet 1500. Nguyen raised to 5k, two players folded, Stausholm three-bet to 17k, Nguyen called. On the Qc turn, Nguyen bet 30k, Stausholm called. On the river Js, Nguyen checked, Stausholm shoved his stack the covered Nguyen, that’s when Nguyen folded and showed his hand.

21:05: Vincent Chauve rails Wongwichit
Level 8: Blinds 400-800 ante 800

Pros Vincent Chauve and Phachara Wongwichit tangled for a pot that sent one of the pros tumbling. Catching the action on a board 3d9s4d2c2d and 13k in the middle, Chauve checked, Wongwichit jammed his remaining 8500 stack, Chauve called. Wongwichit’s KsQs bluff sent him packing to Chauve’s 8c9h two pair.

21:00: Charlton Hawes doubles up through Jaideep Sajwan
Level 8: Blinds 400-800 ante 800

A mid position player opened to 1600, one player called, cutoff Jaideep Sajwan three-bet to 4500, button Charlton Hawes four-bet to 10k, initial raiser and caller folded, Sajwan five-bet shoved (48k), Hawes called with 36k behind.

Hawes AcKc
Sajwan Ah5h

The board ran As4cKd8s7d for a double up to Hawes.

20:50: Set over set sends Gonzva tumbling; Martin Stausholm soars to 140k
Level 7: Blinds 300-600 ante 600

Martin Stausholm

Hard fall for Benjamin Gonzva who faced off against Martin Stausholm. Gonzva raised to 1500 then called Stausholm’s three-bet to 4500. At the flop Ac5h10d, Gonzva checked, Stausholm c-bet 2500, Gonzva called. On the turn 7d, check again by Gonzva, Stausholm bet 12k, Gonzva shoved (26k), and a quick call by Stausholm.

Gonzva 5d5s set
Stausholm AdAh nuts

The river 2d was not the out Gonzva needed. He busted while Stausholm rose to 140k.

20:40: Binh Minh doubles with higher pockets
Level 7: Blinds 300-600 ante 600

Big pot at table 3 with Binh Minh capitalizing. The hand opened with utg player raising to 1500, lo-jack Binh three-bet to 4500, called by Kjell Ove Dyb,  sb Phachara Wongwichit shoved (45k), only Binh called with less chips.

Wongwichit JcJd
Binh KcKd

The board ran 7sKs2s10c2d for a double up to Binh.

20:35: Christopher Mateo gets lucky on Xiao Yu Cheng
Level 7: Blinds 300-600 ante 600

Christopher Mateo

After a 1200 raise by the hijack player, cutoff Christopher Mateo three-bet to 4100, sb Xiao Yu Cheng four-bet to 24k, hijack folded, Mateo five-bet shoved (63k), Cheng called for his tournament life with 61k behind. Cheng held QhQd, Mateo As4h, when the board completed 7dJd|8h6c5s, Mateo improved to a lucky straight on the river to end Cheng’s run and ship a big one.

20:30: Good pot for Abhinav Iyer 
Level 7: Blinds 300-600 ante 600

Abhinav Iyer

Vincent Chauve raised to 1300, hijack Van Sang Nguyen three-bet to 3600, button Abhinav Iyer four-bet to 9k, called by both Chauve and Nguyen. When the flop came Ad9s4c, no bets arrived to bring on a free turn card 6d. Chauve checked, Nguyen bet 20k, Iyer called, Chauve folded. The river 5d, Nguyen checked, Iyer jammed (33k), then won the pot with Nguyen surrendering his hand.

20:15: Nguyen Duc Hop wins some off Mateo
Level 7: Blinds 300-600 ante 600

After losing some chips to Nguyen Dang Long, Nguyen Duc Hop proceeded to gain some back off Christopher Mateo. On a board showing 10h9h8s9s and 12k already brewed, Nguyen bet 5k, Mateo raised to 10k, Nguyen called. On the river 6c both checked. Nguyen showed JdJs, Mateo mucked. Nguyen up to 100k.

20:10: Nguyen Dang Long on his second bullet
Level 7: Blinds 300-600 ante 600

Nguyend Dang Long returned to action after getting the boot on his first bullet. We caught him winning a good pot against Nguyen Duc Hop. Long opened with a 1600 raise, called by a cutoff player, sb Hop three-bet to 5300, Long called. At the flop 5c8c5d, Hop c-bet 4k, Long called. On the turn Ad, Hop fired 9400, Long shoved (30.7k), Hop tank-folded. Long showed Ah then scooped up the pot.

19:50: Xiao Yu Cheng tanks Christopher Mateo
Level 6: Blinds 300-500 ante 500

Heavy betting preflop staerted with a mid position player raising to 1500, cutoff Christopher Mateo three-bet to 5000, Xiao Yu Cheng four-bet to 14.4k, initial raiser folded, Mateo tank-called. At the flop 9d2d10h, Cheng shoved (44k), Mateo tanked, then opted to fold.

19:45: Frederic Bolliet bumped up by Alok Birewar
Level 6: Blinds 300-500 ante 500

Prior betting action saw the pot grow to 25k with Alok Birewar and Frederic Bolliet staring down a turn board 9d10d9cKh. At this point both got all their chips in. Bolliet held Qs9h trips, Birewar ahead with Ah9s higher kicker, however when the river came Qh, Bolliet was saved and doubled up with his full house.

19:35: Dinh Gia Hung ends Nguyen Dang Long
Level 6: Blinds 300-500 ante 500

Action packed preflop began with a raise to 1500 by Yin Mingbao, Nguyen Dang Long called, Dinh Gia Hung three-bet to 6300, Yin tank-folded, Nguyen jammed (17K), called by Hung.

Nguyen As10c
Hung 8d9h

Board ran 8hJdJc2d6h. Nguyen eliminated.

19:30: Dinh Xuan Dinh rails Jae Rui Hong
Level 6: Blinds 300-500 ante 500

After losing chips on a previous hand to David Wang, Jao Rui Hong lost the rest of it to Dinh Xuan Dinh. Five players were in on a raised pot preflop, cards landed AcJc10c. Everyone checked. The turn 3h saw Hong take stab with a 3k bet, Dinh check-raised to 8100, Hong called. On the river Ac, Dinh shoved, Hong called with less chips, Dinh showed 4c6c flush sending Hong out with Ad7d trips no good. Dinh climbed to 110k.

19:25: Michael Seymour saved by a runner runner
Level 6: Blinds 300-500 ante 500

Michael Seymour

Unfortunate turn of events for Ca Phe against Michael Seymour. Both players were all in preflop with Ca Phe holding 7d7s and Seymour AcJh. When the flop ran 10s7c10d, it was an instant full house for Ca Phe. The turn Ah gave Seymour outs to win the hand, and when the river fell 10c, that’s exactly what happened. Seymour doubled up his short stack with a higher full house.

19:15: David Wang cracks rockets for a double up
Level 6: Blinds 300-500 ante 500

David Wang

David Wang banked himself a sweet double up. Kicking off the hand, he raised to 1200, Benjamin Gonzva three-bet to 4k, Wang called. At the flop 2d9h7s, Wang check called a 3500 c-bet by Gonzva. On the 6c turn, check again by Wang, Gonzva slid out 5500, Wang shoved (20k), Gonzva called. Wang 9c9d set, Gonzva showed AdAc.

19:10: Dinh Gia Hung takes it on a shove
Level 6: Blinds 300-500 ante 500

Preflop raise war awarded to Dinh Gia Hung. Initial raiser was Minh Le who bumped it up to 1200, Hung three-bet to 4300, Alex Wei Xiang Lee four-bet to 12k, Minh folded, Hung jammed (55k), Lee with the snap-fold.

18:55: Nguyen Duc Hop bets on every street
Level 6: Blinds 300-500 ante 500

Nguyen Duc Hop

A nice pot formed preflop began with a raise to 1100, called by Jao Rui Hong, three-bet to 5500 by big blind Nguyen Duc Hop, called by initial raiser and Hong. At the flop 2d5dAc, Nguyen c-bet 6300, one fold followed, Hong called. On the turn Ah, another 12k fired by Nguyen, and Hong continued to match it. The river 7s, Nguyen bet a lower 11k, Hong called, Nguyen showed QcQd, Hong mucked. Nguyen up to 95k.

18:30: Aysee Nguyen vs Ta Duy Quoc Chinh
Level 5: Blinds 200-400 ante 400

Four way raised pot preflop saw a flop land 6h8s7c. Three players checked to Ta Duy Quoc Chinh who fired 3200. Only Aysee Nguyen called. The turn 4h saw more chips dropped with Chinh betting 5200. Nguyen check-called. On the river 5c, another 11k check-called by Nguyen. With the board showing a straight, Chinh played the board with his 8c7d, Nguyen won the pot with Jh9h higher straight.

18:15: Players on the felt
Level 5: Blinds 200-400 ante 400

More players have shown up since our last update. Among them are Minh Le, Alex Wei Xiang Lee, Vincent Li, Christopher Mateo, Ta Duy Quoc Chinh, Nguyen Van Dung, and WSOP bracelet winners Aditya Sushant and Abhinav Iyer.

18:00: Dajia Chen rails Cao Ngoc Anh
Level 5: Blinds 200-400 ante 400

Tough table for Cao Ngoc Anh who initiated a preflop raise war with 6c6d only for his four-bet shove to be called by Dajia Chen with QsJs. The board ran 5d4s8d3sKs for a flush to Chen and the exit for Anh.

17:50: Sriharsha Doddapaneni zooms to 123k
Level 5: Blinds 200-400 ante 400

Sriharsha Doddapaneni

We caught the action only on the river with both hands already tabled. The board showed 9sJc10h6h8d, a local player with 9d9c set was eliminated by Sriharsha Doddapaneni’s {qh]Jh straight. Doddapaneni shipped a big one to rise to 123k.

17:10: Arravind Udayakumar at 130k
Level 4: Blinds 200-300 ante 300

Arravind Udayakumar

Passing by action table #5, looks like the round has downsized a bit with Arravind Udayakumar sitting on a nice pile worth 130k. Udayakumar shared the winning hand. With pocket eights in the hole, he flopped a full house then rivered quads. His opponent shoved on the river.

16:45: Vincent Chauve in the house and ships a fast double
Level 4: Blinds 200-300 ante 300

Vincent Chauve 

Vincent Chauve -Season XVII WPT Vietnam Main Event champion and Asia-Pacific Player of the Year winner – took a seat moments ago and immediately doubled up off Vu Duc Trung. Vu Duc raised to 700, Chauve three-bet to 2500, Vu Duc four-bet to 7500, Chauve called. The flop ran Qc10c8d, both players checked. On the turn 2c, Vu Duc bet 8k, Chauve called. The river 9s, Vu Duc checked, Chauve went all in for 24.5k, Vu Duc tank-called. Chauve opened AcKc nut flush and shipped it. He now has 80,800.

16:25: Current chip leaders
Level 3: Blinds 100-200 ante 200

61 entries so far – 58 uniques, 3 re-entries – and already we have one player with a visible lead. China’s Yuwen Pan has over 100k, his closest challenger is Korea’s Jeonggyu Cho with around 88k.

16:20: Nguyen Dang Long wins the three-way 
Level 3: Blinds 100-200 ante 200

Nguyen Dang Long

According to Kunal Patni, we may as well park ourselves at his table with plenty of action on every hand. True enough, we witnessed a three-way that saw a raise (1,600), three-bet to 4,300 (by a larger stack), four-bet shove (9,300 shortest stack – Nguyen Dang Long), five-bet shove (initial raiser), called by the largest stack.

Initial raiser: KcQc
Larger stack: 10d10s
Nguyen Dang Long: KhJh

The board ran Ks5cJs8dAd for a triple up to Nguyen. Initial raiser won the side pot.

16:00: Six tables up and running…. 
Level 3: Blinds 100-200 ante 200

The ante stage has begun. Six tables are now up and running. Among the newcomers are Lim Yohwan (Boxer), Cao Ngoc Anh, Terry Nguyen, and just taking a seat is David Erquiaga.

David Erquiaga

Filipino player Erquiaga has been running extremely well this year. He recently finished 2nd at the PKC Taiwan Main Event, 2nd at the APT Vietnam Championships Event in July, and 6th at the Manila Megastack Main Event in March. We will be tracking his progress throughout the day.

14:30: More join the action
Level 2: Blinds 100-200 

Another table has opened up. New faces on the poker green are Iori Yogo, Jeonggyu Cho, Benjamin Gonzva, Guan Tian Liang, Kunal Patni, and Jaideep Sajwan (4th place at the Kickoff).

14:20: Nguyen Ngoc Dai busts one 
Level 2: Blinds 100-200 

Nguyen Ngoc Dai

We have an early bust here with Nguyen Ngoc Dai delivering the boot. All the chips went in on the flop with the board completing 6dAd2s5hKs. Bust out player had Ac2c two pair but the river denied him the win with Nguyen holding KhKs for a winning set.

13:30: Players slowly trickling in
Level 1: Blinds 100-100

Cards are in the air here at the Main Event. Only three tables are up and running so far with 22 players registered. We see several more at the reg area. Among the early faces are Van Sang Nguyen, Dinh Xuan Dinh, and two players from the final table of the opening Kickoff event – Huynh Duc Tai and Suren Balachandran.

Welcome to the WPT Vietnam Main Event!

Good afternoon players and welcome to the World Poker Tour’s richest Main Event of Season XVIII. The tour has boosted the buy-in for this event to VND 55,000,000 (~US$ 2,400) and with it comes a very ambitious VND 15,000,000,000 (~US$ 644,000) guarantee. This figure will no doubt drive everyone in to host venue Pro Poker Club, the site of WPT Vietnam events starting last season.

The festival’s opening days has already seen a substantial number of pros and champions on the felt. Among them was Vincent Chauve, the Season XVII WPT Vietnam Main Event winner / Asia-Pacific Player of the Year title-holder. Other players seen were WSOP bracelet winners Alex Lindop, Abhinav Iyer, and Mike Takayama. A large contingent of Indian players have already descended with more expected to arrive within the next two days. Recent APPT Manila champion Florencio Campomanes has also been spotted. 

The Main Event Day got underway at 1pm today, September 6th, and is set to conclude on Wednesday, September 11. For the first time ever in Vietnam, players will be entitled to a structure reserved only for the brand’s main tour.

Things to know:

There are three starting days to join the action. Each starting day plays a total of nine (9) rounds of 60 minutes each. Players are allowed one re-entry per day. Registration closes at the start of Level 11 on Day 2. Players that sign up in Day 2 will also be allowed one re-entry. That’s a maximum of 8 buy-ins per player (two per day). 

Starting stack: 40,000
Opening blinds: 100-100
Format: Ante Big Blind

Somuchpoker is onsite to provide live updates on the action so just keep refreshing to get the latest stories.


1 - Huynh Tan Dung - Vietnam - 5,265,000
2 - Michael Seymour - Australia - 3,920,000
3 - Hamish Crawshaw - New Zealand - 2,090,000
4 - David Erquiaga - Philippines - 1,490,000
5 - Aditya Argawal - India - 1,205,000
6 - Chen Da Jia - China - 980,000

1 - Hamish Crawshaw - New Zealand - 1,281,000
2 - Aditya Agarwal - India - 1,137,000
3 - Chauve Vincent - UK - 935,000
4 - Huynh Duc Tai - Vietnam - 927,000
5 - Jaideep Sajwan - India - 821,000
6 - Nguyen Van Dung - Vietnam - 766,000
7 - Hon Cheong Lee - Hong Kong - 731,000
8 - Nguyen Nam Duong - Vietnam - 697,000
9 - Dave Erquiaga - Philippines - 692,000
10 - Phan Huu Minh Tri - Vietnam - 672,000
11 - JC Sayo - Philippines - 569,000
12 - Rubin Labroo - India - 544,000
13 - Jin Yong - Malaysia - 527,000
14 - Martin Stausholm - Austria - 408,000
15 - Yuwen Pan - China - 393,000
16 - Sumit Sapra - India - 391,000
17 - Nguyen Quang Huy - Vietnam - 363,000
18 - Willam Kang - Vietnam - 343,000
19 - Chen Da Jia - China - 321,000
20 - Tung Nguyen - Vietnam - 281,000
21 - Huynh Tan Dung - Vietnam - 271,000
22 - Thananat Therdtakoonrat - Thailand - 258,000
23 - Zhao Jia Jun - China - 230,000
24 - Josh McCully - Australia - 223,000
25 - Le Anh Minh - Vietnam - 222,000
26 - AIok Birewar - India - 178,000
27 - Nguyen Duc Hop - Vietnam - 166,000
28 - Manh Hoang - Vietnam - 133,000
29 - Nguyen Chi Thinh - Vietnam - 121,000
30 - Edgar Antezana - South Africa - 107,000
31 - Francis Garson - France - 94,000
32 - Micheal Seymour - Australia - 82,000

1 - Huynh Tan Dung - Vietnam - 272,300
2 - Huynh Duc Tai - Vietnam - 268,000
3 - William Kang - UK - 226,900
4 - Pham Thanh Tung - Vietnam - 213,900
5 - Nguyen Bao Trung - Vietnam - 192,800
6 - Trinh Anh Dung - Vietnam - 144,500
7 - Manish Lakhotia - India - 135,900
8 - Thai Sanh Bao Huy - Vietnam - 131,800
9 - Le Anh Minh - Vietnam - 130,000
10 - Edgar Antezana - South Africa - 114,000
11 - Tom Alner - UK - 111,700
12 - Tai Hsing Hsiung - Taiwan - 108,800
13 - Aaron Lim - Australia - 108,700
14 - Junichi Nakanowatari - Japan - 108,400
15 - Andrew Tai - Singapore - 104,500
16 - Bobby Zhuo Xing Hua - Singapore - 100,800
17 - Xiao Yucheng - China - 100,100
18 - Nguyen Hoang Huy - Vietnam - 98,300
19 - Michael Seymour - Australia - 96,800
20 - Bin Zhang - China - 87,700
21 - Laksh Pal Singh - India - 87,300
22 - Nazih Sibaei - Australia - 87,100
23 - Lau King Lune Alan - Hong Kong - 83,500
24 - Pham Minh Duc - Vietnam - 83,000
25 - Ming Sang Chung - Hong Kong - 82,100
26 - Jin Yong - Malaysia - 79,800
27 - Sumit Sapra - India - 79,000
28 - Charalampos Lappas - Greece - 76,700
29 - Ang Boon Seng - Singapore - 72,700
30 - You Heung Youl - South Korea - 69,000
31 - Zhao Jiajun - China - 68,100
32 - Francis Garson - France - 67,900
33 - Michael Wenzhong Fan - USA - 66,700
34 - Nguyen Van Phinh - Vietnam - 66,700
35 - David Wang - Australia - 64,100
36 - Nguyen Hung - Vietnam - 63,400
37 - Kenichi Takarabe - Japan - 61,400
38 - Yip Kwok Chun - Hong Kong - 59,800
39 - Lifeng Yang - China - 57,000
40 - Guerrero Jimmy - UK - 56,000
41 - Co Chung Chuen - Hong Kong - 55,000
42 - Phua Tzai Wei - Singapore - 54,600
43 - Weis Felix - Luxembourg - 52,400
44 - Hwang Sang-Yeow - HongKong - 51,100
45 - Ma Chun Yu - Hong Kong - 49,500
46 - Zhang Zhiwei - China - 48,000
47 - Yinfei Xiao - China - 47,300
48 - Nguyen Hoang Linh - Vietnam - 46,500
49 - Nguyen Trong Quang - Vietnam - 45,300
50 - Wayne Hung - Hong Kong - 44,500
51 - Jae Wook Shin - South Korea - 43,200
52 - Nguyen Pham The Quan - Vietnam - 41,400
53 - Tran Cao Tam - Vietnam - 40,000
54 - En Ching Wu - Taiwan - 39,600
55 - Chen Xian Ling - China - 37,700
56 - Mike Takayama - Philippines - 37,600
57 - Ben Kai - Hong Kong - 36,500
58 - Akash Shekhar - India - 29,900
59 - Tran Thanh Dat - Vietnam - 29,400
60 - Alex Lindop - UK - 28,400
61 - Pham Duy Hung - Vietnam - 25,600
62 - Burin Shinawatra - Thailand - 25,400

1 - Pham Minh Tuan - Vietnam - 244,500
2 - Lee Sang In - Korea - 217,600
3 - Rubin Labroo - India - 188,000
4 - Hamish Crawshaw - New Zealand - 176,700
5 - Tran Anh Trung - Vietnam - 172,500
6 - Tian Liang Guan - China - 144,500
7 - Nguyen Chi Thinh - Vietnam - 144,000
8 - Tran Duoc Phuong - Vietnam - 144,000
9 - Lewis Higham - England - 140,900
10 - Doan Tieu Thanh - Vietnam - 139,800
11 - Hon Cheong Lee - HongKong - 136,700
12 - Soo Jo Kim - Korea - 136,300
13 - Wu Yuanning - China - 128,000
14 - Khoi Nguyen - Vietnam - 127,500
15 - Dang Duy Thanh - Vietnam - 124,800
16 - Kiem Phan - Vietnam - 120,600
17 - Linh Hoai Tran - Vietnam - 118,400
18 - Oliver Helm - New Zealand - 105,000
19 - Alok Birewar - India - 103,800
20 - Benedict Koh - Singapore - 103,200
21 - Phachara Wongwichit - Thailand - 95,700
22 - Ashish Munot - India - 92,700
23 - Vaibhav Sharma - India - 83,800
24 - Askshay Nasa - India - 81,300
25 - Abhinav Iyer - India - 80,300
26 - Julius Lagman - Philippines - 78,100
27 - Phan Quoc Toan - Vietnam - 76,500
28 - Svihari B - India - 73,100
29 - Gonzva Benjamin - Thailand - 72,700
30 - Nguyen Nam Duong - Vietnam - 72,100
31 - Chen Yuanxi - Singapore - 71,200
32 - Sean Ragozzini - Australia - 69,700
33 - Ben Andrews - United Kingdom - 67,700
34 - Sriharsha Doddapanent - India - 66,000
35 - Hieu Ngo - Vietnam - 64,300
36 - Jun Yamada - Thailand - 58,600
37 - Neeraj Kumar - India - 57,600
38 - Jaideep Sajwan - India - 56,500
39 - Tran Nam Ty Trung - Vietnam - 56,000
40 - Ronak Vyas - India - 53,800
41 - Tung Nguyen - Vietnam - 53,500
42 - JC Sayo - Philippines - 52,700
43 - Aditya Agarwal - India - 51,800
44 - Linh Tran - Vietnam - 50,400
45 - Thananat Therdtakoonrat - Thailand- 48,700
46 - Ping Liu - USA - 48,000
47 - Hai Janus - Vietnam - 46,400
48 - Sahil Agarwal - India - 31,800
49 - Jayjit Ray - India - 29,500
50 - Andre Lettau - Austria - 26,500
51 - Bobby Zhang - Australia - 26,000
52 - Wong Fuk On - HongKong - 25,700
53 - Huy Pham - Vietnam - 9,000

1 - Christopher Mateo - Philippines - 272,000
2 - Martin Stausholm - Austria - 234,400
3 - Yuwen Pan - China - 167,300
4 - Peter Robertson - Australia - 164,400
5 - Nguyen Quang Huy - Vietnam - 156,500
6 - Manh Hoang - Vietnam - 153,200
7 - Thanh Quyen - Vietnam - 123,000
8 - Chen Da Jia - China - 119,600
9 - Josh McCully - Australia - 114,700
10 - Chauve Vincent - France - 114,400
11 - Phan Huu Min Tri - Vietnam - 113,200
12 - Gerald Karlic - Austria - 112,000
13 - Binh Minh - Vietnam - 111,500
14 - Tu Le - Australia - 99,700
15 - Nguyen Duc Hop - Vietnam - 99,200
16 - Nguyen Van Dung - Vietnam - 99,000
17 - Ta Duy Quoc Chinh - Vietnam - 95,400
18 - Jeonggyu Cho - South Korea - 93,500
19 - Joel Hammen - USA - 88,500
20 - Dinh Gia Hung - Vietnam - 85,900
21 - Yin Mingbao - Singapore - 84,000
22 - Van Sang Nguyen - Vietnam - 80,800
23 - Minh Le - Vietnam - 77,800
24 - Yen Yau Shern - Malaysia - 77,300
25 - Kjell-Ove Dyb - Norway - 74,600
26 - Terry Nguyen - Vietnam - 68,000
27 - Li Kwan Ngai Vincent - HongKong - 65,900
28 - Dinh Xuan Dinh - Vietnam - 64,700
29 - Vincent Huang - Australia - 58,100
30 - Arravind Udayakumar - Singapore - 52,900
31 - Darren Ong - Malaysia - 51,100
32 - Charlton Hawes - New Zealand - 49,900
33 - Edgar Evi Kim - Canada - 49,700
34 - Vu Duc Trung - Vietnam - 43,700
35 - Choo Yonh Han - Singapore - 39,100
36 - Kunal Patni - India - 34,700
37 - Chi Ching Ho - HongKong - 33,800
38 - Gaurav Sood - India - 29,900
39 - Iori Yogo - Japan - 28,000
40 - Lim Yo Hwan - South Korea - 21,700
41 - Nguyen Dang Long - Vietnam - 11,900

1st: VND 3,782,723,000 (~US $162,657)
2nd: VND 2,648,278,000 (~US $113,876)
3rd: VND 1,702,497,000 (~US $73,207)
4th: VND 1,118,174,000 (~US $48,081)
5th: VND 861,108,000 (~US $37,028)
6th: VND 712,404,000 (~US $30,633)
7th Tung Nguyen (Vietnam) - VN₫ 596,986,000
8th Nguyen Van Dung (Vietnam) - VN₫ 488,081,000
9th Nguyen Nam Duong (Vietnam) - VN₫ 378,272,000

Eliminations 10th - 12th - VN₫ 316,222,000

10th Zhao Jia Jun (China)
11th William Kang (UK)
12th JC Sayo (Philippines)

Eliminations 13th - 15th - VN₫ 267,739,000

13th Jaideep Sajwan (India)
14th Edgar Antezana (South Africa)
15th Huynh Duc Tai (Vietnam)

Eliminations 16th - 18th - VN₫ 219,438,000

16th Jin Yong (Malaysia)
17th Rubin Labroo (India)
18th Alok Birewar (India)

Eliminations 19th - 21st - VN₫ 182,724,000

19th Hon Cheong Lee (Hong Kong)
20th Phan Huu Minh Tri (Vietnam)
21st Thananat Therdtakoonrat (Thailand)

Eliminations 22nd - 24th - VN₫ 150,151,000

22nd Sumit Sapra (India)
23rd Vincent Chauve (France)
24th Nguyen Quang Huy (Vietnam)

Eliminations 25th - 27th - VN₫ 130,251,000

25th Le Anh Minh (Vietnam)
26th Nguyen Duc Hop (Vietnam)
27th Martin Stausholm (Austria)

Eliminations 28th - 36th - VN₫ 105,829,000

28th Hoang Van Manh (Vietnam)
29th Francis Garson (France)
30th Yuwen Pan (China)
31st Josh McCully (Australia)
32nd Nguyen Chi Thinh (Vietnam)

Eliminations 33rd - 36th - VND 105,829,000

33th Jimmy Guerrero (France)
34th Doan Tien Thanh (Vietnam)
35th Burin Shinawatra (Thailand)
36th Jun Yamada (Thailand)

Eliminations 37th - 45th - VND 96,965,000

37th Tom Alner (UK)
38th Tran Hoai Linh (Vietnam)
39th Peter Robertson (Australia) 40th Tran Anh Trung (Vietnam)
41st Bobby Xinghua Zhou (Singapore)
42nd Tai Chen Lye (Singapore)
43rd Dang Duy Thanh (Vietnam)
44th Pham Thang Tung (Vietnam)
45th Binh Zhang (China)

Eliminations 46th - 47th - VND 88,643,000

46th Alan King Lun Lau (Hong Kong)
47th You Heung Youl (Korea)

Overall poker festival dates are:

Tuesday, September 3 - Wednesday, September 11, 2019

WPT Vietnam 2019 2nd Edition Main Event dates are:

Friday, September 6 - Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Main Event Schedule

Day 1A - Friday, September 6 at 1:00 pm

Day 1B - Saturday, September 7 at 1:00 pm

Day 1C - Sunday, September 8 at 1:00 pm

Day 2 - Monday, September 9 at 12:00 pm

Day 3 - Tuesday, September 10 at 12:30 pm

Final - Wednesday, September 11 at 12:45 pm

Buy In

55,000,000 VND

Prize Pool

VND 27 Billion guaranteed

Event News & info - Schedule
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