WPT Philippines 2020 Main Event : Live Updates

Bulgaria’s Dimitar Blazhev wins the WPT Philippines Main Event for Php 4,812,000 (~US$ 95,200)

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It took a total of 195 final table hands for the Main Event title to be captured, 81 of those were at heads up. After a grueling heads up battle that lasted over two hours, the newest Asia Pacific Season XVIII Main Event champion emerged! Bulgaria’s Dimitar Blazhev defeated Kunwoo Kim to take home the top dog payout of Php 4,812,000 (~US$ 95,200) and the WPT Deepstacks Champion’s Trophy. Along with the prizes, Blazhev earned 900 points towards the APAC Player of the Year race.

Congratulations to the champion! We will have a recap for you soon. For now, you can browse the live updates to catch up on the action.

8:50PM: Kunwoo Kim eliminated in 2nd place – Php 3,372,000 (~US$ 66,700)
Level 32: Blinds 75k-150k ante 150k

DSC 6474
Kunwoo Kim

After two hours of heads up play, the final hand of the Main Event arrived. It was heads up hand #81. Kunwoo Kim raised to 400k, Dimitar Blazhev three-bet shoved, Kim tanked then called for his tournament life.

Blazhev Ac9d
Kim KdJc

The final board ran 7sQs3sQc7d, ace held to end Kim in 2nd place. He earned Php 3,372,000 (~US$ 66,700) for his largest live score.

8:45PM: Dimitar Blazhev building a distance
Level 32: Blinds 75k-150k ante 150k

Dimitar Blazhev checked on Kunwoo Kim’s limp, the flop ran 5c4h9d, no bets. On the turn 3c, Blazhev led for the minimum 150k, Kim called. It was back to checking on the 5s river. Blazhev won it with Qd3h higher kicker to Kim’s 8s3s.

Blazhev claimed the next pot as well, limping in and Kim checking. The flop ran KhAs5s, both checked. On the turn 6d, Kim bet 300k, Blazhev called. On the river 8c, Kim folded to a 500k bet.

Blazhev up to 6.7M, Kim down to 3.6M.

8:40PM: Dimitar Blazhev back on top
Level 31: Blinds 75k-125k ante 125k

Heads up hand #77, the board completed Kc9hQs10c4h, Dimitar Blazhev bet 350k, Kunwoo Kim folded. Blazhev 5.5M, Kim down to 4.8M.

8:30PM: Dimitar Blazhev boosts a bit
Level 31: Blinds 75k-125k ante 125k

It was Dimitar Blazhev’s turn to take in some heavier pots. He earned 500k off Kunwoo Kim on a board that completed 3cAs5d4cQd. Limped pot preflop, both checked the flop, Kim check-called 150k on the turn. Kim check-folded to a 250k river bet.

Five hands after, Kim raised to 300k, Blazhev called, flop AsQc5h. Both checked. On the turn 7h, Blazhev led for 300k, Kim folded. Back to even.

8:25PM: Kunwoo Kim retakes the lead
Level 31: Blinds 75k-125k ante 125k

Kunwoo Kim is on a roll here, claiming a majority of the larger pots. Heads up hand #66, Dimitar Blazhev limp called a 300k raise by Kim. On the flop 5hQh9c, Kim led for 575k, no call.

Next hand, Kim raised from the button and was called. On the flop Js10s4s, Kim bet 300k, Blazhev check-called. On the turn 10c, Kim fired 1M, Blazhev check-folded. Kim up 5.4M to 4.9M.

8:15PM: Blinds up, Kunwoo Kim wins the pot
Level 31: Blinds 75k-125k ante 125k

Limped pot, flop ran 5hJh3h, Kunwoo Kim check-called 125k. No bets on the Qs turn. The river 2c, Kim banged out 200k, Blazhev folded.

8:10PM: Kunwoo Kim evens it up
Level 30: Blinds 50k-100k ante 100k

DSC 6446

Kunwoo Kim claimed several pots in succession to bring it up to just 100k difference. Heads up hand #53 Dimitar Blazhev limped, Kim checked. At the flop 4d5sJh, Kim check-called 100k. No bets on the 2d turn. The river 3h, Kim led for 200k, no call.

Next hand, Km limped, Blazhev checked, flop 10sAhQh. Blazhev led for 125k, called by Kim. On the turn Jd, Blazhev check-foled to a 400k bet.

Right after, another pot to Kim. Blazhev limped, Kim checked, flop Ac3s9d, Kim check-called 125k. No bets on the 10c turn. Kim bet 200k on the 7c river to win it.

8:00PM: Kunwoo Kim four-bet jams
Level 30: Blinds 50k-100k ante 100k

Kunwoo Kim raised from the button, Dimitar Blazhev three-bet to 650k, Kim four-bet jammed, quick fold from Blazhev.

7:25PM: Hefty pot for Dimitar Blazhev
Level 29: Blinds 40k-80k ante 80k

Hand #33, Dimitar Blazhev limped, Kunwoo Kim checked. Heavy betting action at the flop Jc3c5d, Kim check-ed, Blazhev bet 80k, Kim raised to 280k, Blazhev three-bet to 925k, Kim folded.

7:15PM: Kunwoo Kim grinds for chips
Level 29: Blinds 40k-80k ante 80k

Kunwoo Kim picked up 400k from Dimitar Blazhev to rise to 3.8M. One of the hands sawm him three-bet jam preflop. Another he had Qs8h on a board Qd9h3sAh6s.

7:05PM: Dimitar Blazhev with a 2:1 lead
Level 29: Blinds 40k-80k ante 80k

DSC 6478

Dimitar Blazhev picks up a few pots to rise to a 2:1 chip lead. The first big one he raised to 200k from the button, called by Kunwoo Kim. No bets on the flop Jh8d6s. Blazhev fired 165k on the 2h turn, called by Kim. Another bet on the river Qh but Kim quickly check-folded.

Blazhev won a larger pot on a board showing 9d2c7s.7dKh. Kim raised to 200k preflop, Blazhev called. On the flop, Blazhev check-called 200k. On the turn, Blazhev led for 200k, called by Kim. Blazhev fired 1.5M on the river, Kim folded.

Blazhev 6.9M, Kim 3.4M.

6:55PM: Kunwoo Kim with the flush
Level 29: Blinds 40k-80k ante 80k

Kunwoo Kim made up some of the lost chips with Qc6s flush on a board 8s4s2sJsKd. It was a limped pot then Kim bet 200k on the river. Dimitar Blazhev check-called.

6:50PM: Another good pot for Dimitar Blazhev
Level 29: Blinds 40k-80k ante 80k

After a five small pots, a decent one arrived. Button Dimitar Blazhev raised to 200k, Kunwoo Kim called. Both checked the flop 5d4dQd. On the turn As, Blazhev bet 175k, Kim check-called. Blazhev bet 350k on the Jh river, Kim check-folded.

6:35PM: Dimitar Blazhev wins the first heads up hand
Level 29: Blinds 40k-80k ante 80k

First hand button Dimitar Blazhev raised to 200k, called by Kim. Flop 5c10sKc was checked by both. The turn 3d, Kim led for 250k, Blazhev called. The river Ac was checked again by both. Kim had Qc10d, Blahev took it with Kh7c.

6:30PM: Heads up between Kunwoo Kim and Dimitar Blazhev
Level 29: Blinds 40k-80k ante 80k

DSC 6442
Heads up

After all the paparazzi pics, heads up is underway between Kunwoo Kim and Dimitar Blazhev.

Km 5,370,000
blazhev 4,950,000

Chips in play 10,320,000
Average stack 5,160,000

6:20PM: Mark Dela Cruz crippled then eliminated in 3rd place – Php 2,168,000 (~US$ 42,900)
Level 29: Blinds 40k-80k ante 80k

DSC 6422 1
Mark Dela Cruz

Mark Dela Cruz was knocked out in 3rd place by Kunwoo Kim but before doing so, it was Dimitar Blazhev who crippled him down to 4.5 bbs. Small blind Blazhev limped then called a raise by big blind Dela Cruz. At the flop 9s10d5h, Blazhev check called a 300k c-bet. No bets on the Qd turn. The river 5s, Blazhev fired 1M and Dela Cruz called. Blazhev showed 5d6d trips for the win. Dela Cruz revealed his AcAd hole cards.

Down to just 360k, Dela Cruz put it all in two hands later. He was on the big blind. Kim raiased on the button and Dela Cruz tossed in the rest of his chips. Kim Kd7d, Dela Cruz 3d4h, the board 4c5s9s5dKs.

6:00PM: Dimitar Blazhev doubles up 
Level 28: Blinds 30k-60k ante 60k

Dimitar Blazhev got full pay off the leader Kunwoo Kim to bring him to 3.62M. He raised from the button to 140k, called by sb Mark Dela Cruz and bb Kunwoo Kim. On the flop 6sQsJh, Kim bet 200k, Blazhev jammed for 1.57M, Dela Cruz got out of the way, Kim called.

Blazhev AcQd, Kim Qh9h, both had top pair. With the turn 4d and river 10d, Blazhev’s kicker played and shipped it. Kim down to 4.75M. Dela Cruz down to 1,95M.

5:45PM: Mark Dela Cruz takes from Kim
Level 28: Blinds 30k-60k ante 60k

Button Mark Dela Cruz raised to 130k, both blinds called and the flop came 2d8h4h. All three checked. On the turn Qc, Dela Cruz fired 275k, Kim check-called, big blind folded. The river 6c was checked down. Kim showed Jh3h missed draw, Dela Cruz shoved Jd10h missed draw but higher spread to take the pot. Dela Cruz up to 2.6M, Kim dipped to 5.65M.

5:35PM: Final 3 chip counts
Level 28: Blinds 30k-60k ante 60k

Kunwoo Kim 6M
Dimitar Blazhev 2.25M
Mark Dela Cruz 1.975M

Average stack 3,440,000
Chips in play 10,320,000

5:20PM: David Erquiaga falls in 4th place – Php 1,397,000 (~US$ 27,600)
Level 28: Blinds 30k-60k ante 60k

DSC 6385
David Erquiaga

David Erquiaga will not be taking the top spot in the APAC Player of the Year race. He fell short in 4th place to Kunwoo Kim. This earned him 630 points added to his 750 points to take 4th rank with 1380 points. He is positioned just below the top three joint leaders each with 1500 points.

The hand that ended Erquiaga saw Kunwoo Kim raise to 150k from utg, called by sb Erquiaga and bb Dela Cruz. At the flop 7d5h7s Erquiaga led fro 170k, Dela Cruz folded, Kim raised to 500k, Erquiaga tank-jammed for 1.64M more, Kim reluctantly called.

Kim’s call was a good one. He dominated with 10d10c to Erquiaga’s 9d9s. The turn 4h and river 6s completed the board. Kim shipped it and climbed over 6M.

5:10PM: Dimitar Blazhev in action
Level 28: Blinds 30k-60k ante 60k

DSC 6305
Dimitar Blazhev

It was Dimitar Blazhev’s turn to stir up the table and in return, he climbed to 2.95M. The first pot was a double up through David Erquiaga. After Mark Dela Cruz opened 150k from utg, sb Blazhev shoved, bb Erquiaga called, Dela Cruz folded. Blazhev KcKs, Erquiaga was dominated with 10d10c board ran dry for Erquiaga to bring him down to 1.74M.

Next hand, Blazhev three-bet Kunwoo Kim’s 140k raise to make it 400k. Kim called. On the flop and turn 4d10dAh10h no bets. On the river 3c, Kim immediately folded when Blazhev slid out a bet. Kim dropped to 2.9M.

5:00PM: Kunwoo Kim rising…
Level 28: Blinds 30k-60k ante 60k

DSC 6391
Kunwoo Kim

We haven’t seen Kunwoo Kim in many pots until now. He won a couple of good ones off leader David Erquiaga. First was a double up. Kim jammed from the button with Ad9h, Erquiaga called on the big blind with 8h8c. A nine came on the flop and held throughout. Board was 10dKs9c10h2c.

He also siphone more off Erquiaga check-raising from 400k to make it 1M on a board 8cKh7dQh. Erquiaga folded. Erquiaga down to 2.7M, Kim in the lead with 3.1M.

4:50PM: Rogel Del Rosario empties out in 5th place – Php 1,077,000 (~US$ 21,300)
Level 27: Blinds 25k-50k ante 50k

DSC 6354
Rogel Del Rosario

After losing the lead, Rogel Del Rosario continued to spiral downwards and was out in 5th place. It took three hands to do it. The first one he raised 110k from utg+1, got called by big blind Mark Dela Cruz. At the flop and turn Jd3c6c3s, Dela Cruz check-called 200k and Del Rosario’s jam. Del Rosario showed 9c9s, Dela Cruz had better Jh10d, the river 2s doubled up Dela Cruz to 3M, Del Rosario down to 525k.

Two hands after Del Rosario dropped to 275k with Erquiaga winning a small pot holding AsJd on a board 6s5s10s9dAd. No bets on the board. Del Rosario showed Ac.

Four hands later it was all over for Del Rosario. He pushed with AdQd, Erquiaga called with As2s. The board favored Erquiaga running 9d6h6s7sKs for a flush.

We are down to four players. Erquiaga up to 4.8M.

4:40PM: Good call by David Erquiaga earns him the lead
Level 27: Blinds 25k-50k ante 50k

David Erquiaga grabbed another pot and this time much bigger to take the chip lead off Rogel Del Rosario. Action opened with button Del Rosario bumping it up to 150k, called by Erquiaga on the big blind. On the flop Ac2hJc both checked. On the turn 2h, Erquiaga check-called 175k. Then on the river 10d, Erquiaga bet 225, Del Rosario raised to 750k, Erquiaga tanked then found the courage to call. When Del Rosario showed 7c7h, Erquiaga KcJd for a higher pair. Erquiaga shipped it while commenting to Del Rosario “you always check the nuts but this time you bet”. Del Rosario said “good call”.

Erquiaga up to 3.9M, Del Rosario down to 2.050M.

4:30PM: David Erquiaga calls Blazhev a tight player
Level 27: Blinds 25k-50k ante 50k

David Erquiaga picked up two pots back-to-back against Dimitar Blazhev to rise to 2.55M. The first pot Blazhev raised 125k from utg, called by Erquiaga from utg+1. At the 4c8c10h, Blazhev folded to a 100k bet.

Next hand, Erquiaga raised to 110k from cutoff, Blazhev defended on the big blind. No bets on the flop and turn for the board to complete 10s4d9hQs6s. Blazhev led for 65k, Erquiaga raised it to 140k, Blazhev folded. Erquiaga showed his winning Qc7c hand to Blazhev while saying “you’re so tight”.

4:10PM: Final 5 chip counts
Level 27: Blinds 25k-50k ante 50k

Rogel Del Rosario 3,295,000
David Erquiaga 2,080,000
Dimitar Blazhev 1,880,000
Mark Dela Cruz 1,815,000
Kunwoo Kim 1,250,000

4:00PM: Christos Vlahos exits in 6th place – Php 891,000 (~US$ 17,600)
Level 27: Blinds 25k-50k ante 50k

DSC 6286
Christos Vlahos

Hand #60 of the final table brought the downfall of Christos Vlahos in 6th place. From utg+1, he shoved with 705k holding 2s2c. Small blind Rogel Del Rosario shoved his monster stack to isolate. He had AsQh. The board ran AdKcKdJc9h. Del Rosario shipped it.

We are down to 5 players. Del Rosario ahead with 3.4M. Average stack is 2,064,000.

3:55PM: Mark Dela Cruz’s turn to hit Del Rosario
Level 27: Blinds 25k-50k ante 50k

DSC 6215
Mark Dela Cruz

After Rogel Del Rosario paid a chunk to David Erquiaga, he lost a bit more to Mark Dela Cruz. From utg+1, Del Rosario raised to 110k, big blind Dela Cruz defended. On the flop and turn Ac5s9d7h, Dela Cruz check-called 110k and 225k. On the river 5h, both checked. Dela Cruz won it with 8s7s two pair. Del Rosario down to 2.590M.

Dela Cruz also won the next hand on a battle of the blinds against Kunwoo Kim. His flush earned him 175k off Kim’s stack.

3:45PM: David Erquiaga’s straight holds against Del Rosario
Level 27: Blinds 25k-50k ante 50k

DSC 6277
David Erquiaga

First hand after the break brought immediate action between David Erquiga and massive chip leader Rogel Del Rosario. The hand opened with a button raise of 110 by Del Rosario, Erquiaga defended on the big blind. At the flop 8cJhJd, Erquiaga check-called 100k. The Qh turn, Erquiaga led for 250k, Del Rosario shoved his huge stack, Erquiaga tank-called for his tournament life.

Erquiaga had 10h9d straight, Del Rosario with KhJc trips, the river 4h secured the win for Erquiaga. He doubled up to 2.1M. Del Rosario dropped to 3M.

3:30PM: Break time chip counts
Level 27: Blinds 25k-50k ante 50k

Seat 1 – Christos Vlahos – 705,000
Seat 2 – Mark Dela Cruz – 1,270,000
Seat 3 – Kunwoo Kim – 1,355,000
Seat 4 – Rogel Del Rosario – 4,050,000
Seat 5 – Dimitar Blazhev – 1,905,000
Seat 6 – David Erquiaga – 1,065,000

Average stack 1,720,000

3:20PM: Christos Vlahos’s turn to double up
Level 26: Blinds 20k-40k ante 40k

Earlier, Christos Vlahos doubled up David Erquiaga to bring his stack below 10 bbs. He made up some of the lost chips off the same challenger. Action folded to the small blind Erquiaga who pushed with Js6h, big blind Vlahos risked it with 3c3d. No hits on the board for both players for a double up to 670k. Erquiaga dropped to 1M.

3:10PM: Rogel Del Rosario commands with 4M
Level 26: Blinds 20k-40k ante 40k

DSC 6266 1
Rogel Del Rosario

Rogel Del Rosario won a pot against Dimitar Blazhev to amass 4M in chips. The board completed 6cAh8cKh4h, both had a pair but Del Rosario’s kicker played. Blazhev with KsJc, Del Rosario KdQc. Del Rosario won the 440k pot.

3:00PM: David Erquiaga doubles up through Vlahos
Level 26: Blinds 20k-40k ante 40k

After getting chunked, David Erquiaga shoved on the next hand from small blind with KsJc, was called by big blind Christos Vlahos with Ad8h. The board favored Erquiaga running 10h9h5dKcJs for a double up. Vlahos plummeted to 375k.

Two hands after, Erquiaga picked up more chips. He raised to 100k from cutoff, Kinwoo Kim defended. On the flop Kd3d7h, Kim bet 140k, Erquiaga shoved, Kim folded. Erquiaga up to 1.36M. Kim down to 1.2M.

2:50PM: Dimitar Blazhev takes a chunk from Erquiaga
Level 26: Blinds 20k-40k ante 40k

DSC 6245
Dimitar Blazhev

Battle of the blinds, Dimitar Blazhev limped in, big blind David Erquiaga raised to 165k, Blazhev called. On the flop 3h3d5s, Blazhev check-called 130k, then both floated the turn 10h. On the river Qs, Blazhev checked, Erquiaga took a stab with 200k, Blazhev answered with a shove. Fold from Erquiaga who dropped to 510k.

2:40PM: Ryo Naito eliminated in 7th place – Php 784,000 (~US$ 15,500)
Level 26: Blinds 20k-40k ante 40k

DSC 6258
Ryo Naito

The only Japanese player in the lineup, Ryo Naito, won’t be bringing the trophy back home. He fell in 7th place to Rogel Del Rosario. The hand opened with hijack Del Rosario bumping it up to 90k, button David Erquiaga three-bet to 290k, big blind Naito shoved his 1.155M. Del Rosario joined and announced all in, Erquiaga folded and is down to 1.030M.

Naito AcKc
Del Rosario AdAs

Naito’s final board was Qs10dQh5d3h. He earned Php 784,000 (~US$ 15,500) for his deep run. This is his largest live cash.

We are down to 6 players. Average stack is 1,720,000.  Del Rosario is chip leader with 3.9M.

2:30PM: Dimitar Blazhev vs Christo Vlahos
Level 26: Blinds 20k-40k ante 40k

Christos Vlahos raised to 80k from utg, called by small blind Dimitar Blazhev. Vlahos c-be the flop 4sKdJd and was called. On the turn Ks both checked. The river Ad, Blazhev led for 140k, no call. He boosted up to 1.77M, Vlahos dropped to 1.35M.

2:15PM: Rogel Del Rosario puts pressure on Erquiaga
Level 25: Blinds 15k-30k ante 30k

DSC 6251

Rogel Del Rosario has watched David Erquiaga muscle him with big bets and seemed to return the punch. Action opened with hijack Del Rosario raising to 60k, button Erquiaga three-bet to 180k, tank-called by Del Rosario. No bets came on the 8c4h8d flop but on the Jd turn, Erquiaga fired 400k, Del Rosario tanked then check-raised to 1M. Erquiaga tank-folded.

Del Rosario goes up to 2.33M, Erquiaga goes slightly below average to 1.45M. Average stack is 1.474M.

2:00PM: Ryo Naito with the better spread
Level 25: Blinds 15k-30k ante 30k

Hijack Ryo Naito raised to 70k, Dimitar Blazhev defended on the big blind. At the flop Js4h3h, and turn 8d, Naito betr 95k and 135k, both called by Blazhev. The river 2s, botrh checked. Blazhev with 10h8h, Naito won it with Ac8c higher spread.

1:45PM: Vikaash Shah exits in 8th place –  Php 613,000 (~US$ 12,100)
Level 25: Blinds 15k-30k ante 30k

DSC 6204
Vikaash Shah

Hand #16 and another player was booted out. India’s lone representative, Vikaash Shah pushed with JcJs that ran into button Dimitar Blazhev’s AdAh. The board came As4h3c10d7s to ensure the win for Blazhev and Shah an 8th place finish for Php 613,000 (~US$ 12,100).

Blazhev up to 1.68M. We are down to 7 players. Average stack is 1.474M.

1:40PM: First double up goes to Ryo Naito
Level 25: Blinds 15k-30k ante 30k

DSC 6209
Ryo Naito

Ryo Naito three-bet jammed with AhQh and initial raiser Christos Vlahos called with 7c7d. The board came 4d8d2hQcQh for a double up tp Naito to 915k, Vlahos down to 1.6M.

1:30PM: Rogel Del Rosario with jacks again, rises over 1.75M
Level 25: Blinds 15k-30k ante 30k

Rogel Del Rosario very active with yet another pot claimed. From utg with JdJh, he raised to 60k, called by big blind Kunwoo Kim. At the flop 6c6d7h, Kimled for 50k, called by Del Rosario. Betting switched on the turn Qs with Kim check-calling 75k. The river 4c, Kim led again for 50k and was called. Kim showed 7d5d two pair, Del Rosario won it with a higher two pair.

1:20PM: Jongjun Park first to fall – 9th place for Php 481,000  (~US$ 9,500)
Level 25: Blinds 15k-30k ante 30k

DSC 6196
Jongjun Park

On just the fifth hand of the final table, the first casualty was delivered with Jongjun Park eliminated by Rogel Del Rosario. From utg, Park jammed (515k), no callers until it reached the end of the orbit with Del Rosario on the big blind. He called and showed JcJh. Park needed to hit with AhQh overcards. No luck came with the board running 2d6d10s2c3c. Park earned Php 481,000  (~US$ 9,500) for his efforts for his largest live score.

Del Rosario at 1.5M. We are down to 8 players.

1:15PM: David Erquiaga takes first big pot
Level 24: Blinds 15k-25k ante 25k

DSC 6234
David Erquiaga

After four opening hands without a board, we finally got to see significant action. It was between two local players. Utg Rogel Del Rosario raised  to 60k, APAC POY contender David  Erquiaga three-bet to 155k. Del Rosario tank-called. Both players slowed down at the flop Jc7hKs with a check. The turn Js brought a 125k bet by Del Rosario, called by Erquiaga. On the river 5c, Del Rosario switched up and checked, Erquiaga fired 400k, no call.

Erquiaga up to 1.78M, Del Rosario down to around 1.1M.

Here we go! Final day of the Main Event! A new Asia Pacific Main Event champion will emerge today!

The past three days witnessed 344 entries with 79 advancing to Day 2. Yesterday the bubble burst at the fall of Kyungkun Lee, then Yeongpil Han bubbled to the final table. Sending him there was Australia’s Christos Vlahos who brings in the largest stack.

DSC 6163
Final Table

Here are the final 9 players.

Christos Vlahos – Australia – 2,105,000 -84 bbs
Kunwoo Kim – Korea – 1,695,000 – 68 bbs
David Erquiaga – Philippines – 1,440,000 – 57 bbs
Rogel Del Rosario – Philippines – 1,385,000 -55 bbs
Mark Dela Cruz – Philippines – 1,200,000 – 48 bbs
Dimitar Blazhev – Bulgaria – 850,000 – 34 bbs
Ryo Naito – Japan – 600,000 – 24 bbs
Vikaash Shah – India – 595,000 – 23 bbs
Jongjun Park – Korea – 450,000 – 18 bbs

Chips in play: 10,320,000
Average stack: 1,146,666

Opening blinds: resume Level 24 at 15k-25k ante 25k clock counting down from 11:20

Buy-in: Php 75,000 (~US$ 1,500)
Entries: 344
Prize pool: Php 22,523,400 (~US$ 445,400)

Remaining payouts

1st Php 4,812,000 (~US$ 95,200)
2nd Php 3,372,000 (~US$ 66,700)
3rd Php 2,168,000 (~US$ 42,900)
4th Php 1,397,000 (~US$ 27,600)
5th Php 1,077,000 (~US$ 21,300)
6th Php 891,000 (~US$ 17,600)
7th Php 784,000 (~US$ 15,500)
8th Php 613,000 (~US$ 12,100)
9th Php 481,000  (~US$ 9,500)

Live updates running here until a champion is crowned so keep refreshing for all the new posts.


12:00AM: Day 2 closes with Final 9 formed

At the fall of Yeongpil Han in 10th place, we have reached the end of Day 2 with the final 9 players determined.

Chips in play  10,320,000
Average stack 1,146,666

Players by rank 

Christos Vlahos – Australia – 2,105,000
Kunwoo Kim – Korea – 1,695,000
David Erquiaga – Philippines – 1,440,000
Rogel Del Rosario – Philippines – 1,385,000
Mark Dela Cruz – Philippines – 1,200,000
Dimitar Blazhev – Bulgaria – 850,000
Ryo Naito – Japan – 600,000
Vikaash Shah – India – 595,000
Jongjun Park – Korea – 450,000

Players by seat

Seat 1 – Christos Vlahos – Australia – 2,105,000
Seat 2 – Vikaash Shah – India – 595,000
Seat 3 – Ryo Naito – Japan – 600,000
Seat 4 – Mark Dela Cruz – Philippines – 1,200,000
Seat 5 – Kunwoo Kim – Korea – 1,695,000
Seat 6 – Rogel Del Rosario – Philippines – 1,385,000
Seat 7 – Jongjun Park – Korea – 450,000
Seat 8 – Dimitar Blazhev – Bulgaria – 850,000
Seat 9 – David Erquiaga – Philippines – 1,440,000

When they return on Monday, February 17 for the final race to the crown, they resume at Level 24 blinds 15k-25k ante 25k clock counting down from 11:20. Cards in the air at 1pm

We will have a finalist presentation and recap shortly.

11:55PM: Yeongpil Han rivered in 10th place – PHp 405,000 (~US$ 8,000)
Level 24: Blinds 15k-25k ante 25k

DSC 6114
Yeongpil Han

Yeongpil Han will not be joining the finalists, he finished 10th at the hands of his nemesis Christos Vlahos. This was the third time Han was all in and Vlahos calling. Han limped from the button, sb Vlahos limped, bb Rogel Del Rosario checked. At the flop Qs7hAs, action was checked to Han, he shoved, Vlahos called, Del Rosario folded.

Vlahos 7s3s flush draw
Han Ah9d

Han had top pair but was sweating it with Vlahos on a flush draw. The turn 6d kept Han ahead but the river 2s awarded the flush.

11:50PM: Graeme Siow out in 11th place – Pp 405,000 (~US$ 8,000)
Level 24: Blinds 15k-25k ante 25k

DSC 6095
Graeme Siow

After getting crippled by Dimitar Blazhev, Graeme Siow was all in with QhJc, two players called then big blind Mark Dela Cruz raised to 200k, no takers for a showdown. Siow QhJc, Dela Cruz AsKd, the board saw only number 3c6h8s10c6s to rail Siow in 11th place.

11:45PM: Dimitar Blazhev avoids the rail, cripples Siow
Level 24: Blinds 15k-25k ante 25k

Biutton Graeme Siow all in for 380k, small blind Dimitar Blazhev joined with 355k. Siow with QdQh, Blazhev Ah8s. The board ran 4c8cJh7c10c for a straight to double up to 405k, Siow down to 25k.

11:35PM: Markus Garberg eliminated in 12th place – Php 405,000 (~US$ 8,000)
Level 24: Blinds 15k-25k ante 25k

DSC 6088
Markus Garberg

On a flop 4h2h6h, Markus Garberg was all in from cutoff and small blind Kunwoo Kim tank-called then showed 4c4s set. Garberg had Ah9d. The turn 2s ensured the win for Kim, the river was Qd. Garberg out in 12th place, Kim goes up to 1.4M.

11:30PM: Vikaash Shah survives against Erquiaga
Level 24: Blinds 15k-25k ante 25k

Big blind Vikaash Shah gambled with KcQh three-bet shoving, initial raiser utg Daivd Erquiaga called with JcJh. A queen was on the window, the board completed Qc10s7s2sAh. Shah up to 815k, Erquiaga dipped to 1.28M.

11:25PM: Second shove does the job for Yeongpil Han
Level 24: Blinds 15k-25k ante 25k

DSC 6075
Yeongpil Han

Yeongpil Han shoved in back-to-back hands and both times he was called by chip leader Christos Vlahos. The first hand split it with both holding A-6 suited and improvement on the board. The next hand, Han all in with AsJc, Vlahos with 10h10d. When the flop came 2cQc9h, Han was still behind. On the turn 7c, he called out “clover” and he got just that with a 6c on the river. Han up to 415k, Vlahos just over 2M.

10:50PM: Joshua Chargualaf denied by Vlahos in 13th place – Php 345,500 (~US$ 6,800)
Level 23: Blinds 10k-20k ante 20k

DSC 6068
Joshua Chargualaf

Action folded to the small blind, Joshua Chargualaf limped, Christos Vlahos shoved, Chargualaf caled for his tournament life. Vlahos Kd8c, Chargualaf Ad9d, the board favored Vlahos running 9s7h10d10hJh for a winning straight. Chargualaf out in 13th place, Vlahos leads the final 12 players with 2.145M.

10:40PM: Kunwoo Kim wins the flip
Level 23: Blinds 10k-20k ante 20k

Chip leader Christos Vlahos raised from cutoff, small blind Kunwoo Kim shoved 295k, Vlahos called. Kim opened 10h10s, Vlahos with AcJs overcards, the board ran 7s7dKd9c3s, no improvement for Vlahos to award Kim the double up. Kim up to 640k

10:30PM: No second trophy for Xin Lin, 14th place – Php 345,500 (~US$ 6,800)
Level 23: Blinds 10k-20k ante 20k

DSC 6055
Xin Lin

Xin Lin has been using his event trophy as a card protector throughout the Main Event and it has brought him into the cash stage. However, he will have to settle for 14th place having just fallen to Joshua Chargualaf. From cutoff, Lin shoved with As10h, button Chargualaf called with AdKh, the board ran low with no hit for either player. Chargualaf shipped it and is well over 800k.

10:20PM: Daniel Sammarco’s aces cracked, exits in 15th place – Php 345,500 (~US$ 6,800)
Level 23: Blinds 10k-20k ante 20k

DSC 6051
Daniel Sammarco

Another player bit the dust and he was dusted in brutal fashion. Action opened with Joshu Chargualaf raising to 50k, hijack Christos Vlahos called, small blind Jongjun Park also called, then big blind Daniel Sammarco jamed for 230k. Only Vlahos called.

Vlahos 5s5d
Sammarco AcAd

The board ran 5hQcJcJd3c for a full house to Vlahos. Sammarco departed in 15th place. Vlahos up to 1.92M.

10:10PM: Dimitar Blazhev doubles through Dela Cruz
Level 23: Blinds 10k-20k ante 20k

Dimitar Blazhev all in with KcQs dominated by Mark Dela Cruz with AcJc. Dela Cruz has been on a rush busting players on lucky draws but this time it was the opposite. It was Blazhev that got lucky with the board running KsJh9s7s8d. He dobuled up to 350k.

10:00PM: Junya Kubo railed by Erquiaga in 16th place – Php 286,000 (~US$ 5,600)
Level 23: Blinds 10k-20k ante 20k

DSC 5978
Junya Kubo

David Erquiaga booted out another player to rise to around 1.6M. Taking the fall was Junya Kubo who shoved with 160k from utg, called by both mid plaeyr Vikaash Shah and Erquiaga on hijack. At the flop and turn KhAs5sQc, no bets landed. The river 8d, Shah check-folded to Erquiaga’s 50k bet. Erquiaga showed 8h8s set, Kubo out wiht 3d3c.

9:50PM: Chip counts at the break
Level 23: Blinds 10k-20k ante 20k

16 players
Chips in play 10,320,000
Average stack 645,000

Table 1
Junya Kubo 160k
Markus Garberg 920k
Dimitar Blazhev 170k
Vikaash Shah 840k
David Erquiaga 1.235M
Ryo Naito 510k
Mark Dela Cruz 1.453M
Graeme Siow 275k

Table 2
Christos Vlahos 1.575M
Rogelio Del Rosario 950k
Kunwoo Kim 365k
Jongjun Park 695k
Daniel Sammarco 250k
Yeongpil Han 225k
Xin LIn 150k
Joshua Chargualaf 655k

9:45PM: Naoyo Fujihisa departrs in 17th place – Php 286,000 (~US$ 5,600)
Level 22: Blinds 8000-16000 ante 16000

DSC 6046
Naoyo Fujihisa

After taking several big hits to his stack, Naoya Fujihisa looked for a spot to shove it and did so from the big blind. Rogelio Del Rosario opened from utg to 35k, mid position Daniel Sammarco called, Fujihisa all in, Del Rosario called and Sammarco folded.

Fujihisa KhQs
Del Rosario QhQc

The board ran 7d10d4d6d2s. Out went Fujihisa, Del Rosario up to 951k.

9:45PM: Youngsin Ko booted in 18th place – Php 286,000 (~US$ 5,600)
Level 22: Blinds 8000-16000 ante 16000

DSC 5964
Youngsin Ko

Youngsin Ko was the first one out of the final two tables. After button David Erquiaga raised, he three-bet jammed on the big blind a massive 383k. Erquiaga called with Ac10d, Ko had Kh5h. The board ran Qs10h2hJs5s. Higher pair to Erquiaga to ship it and go over 1.2M.

9:40PM: Rogelio Del Rosario doesn’t call Kim’s push
Level 22: Blinds 8000-16000 ante 16000

From utg+1, Rogelio Del Rosario raised to 35k, beside him Kunwoo Kim called and bb Christos Vlahos called. At the flop 5sQh9d, Del Rosario c-bets 35k, Kim jams for 204k, Vlahos folds, Del Rosario tank folds.

9:30PM: Table draw

18 players remaining
Chips in play 10,320,000
Average stack 573,333

Table 1
Junya Kubo
Markus Garberbg
Dimitar Blazhev
Vikaash Shah
David Erquiaga
Ryo Naito
Youngsin Ko
Mark Dela Cruz
Graeme Siow

Table 2
Christos Vlahos
Naoya Fujihisa
Rogelio Del Rosario
Kunwoo Kim
Jongjun Park
Daniel Samarco
Yeongpil Han
Xin Lin
Joshua Chargualaf

9:20PM: Qibing Wang unlucky, falls to Dela Cruz in 19th place – Php 237,000 (~US$ 4,700)
Level 22: Blinds 8000-16000 ante 16000

DSC 6032
Kibing Wang

Qibing Wang could not believe the result of this hand but he was not surprised either. Action folded around to the small blind Mark Dela Cruz who has been very luck at the table. Dela Cruz raised to 36k, bb Wang shoved 283k, Dela Cruz tank-called. Wang with 10h10s, Dela Cruz 7d7c, Wang said to Dela Cruz “if you get lucky, you will never lose.” Sure enough, Dela Cruz got lucky when the board ran Qh2d9h7sKd. Dela Cruz improved to a set, Wang was out, Dela Cruz shipped it and is over 1.5M for the chip lead.

9:10PM: Jongjun Park lands lucky two outer against Fujihisa
Level 22: Blinds 8000-16000 ante 16000

DSC 6001
Jongjun Park

Naoya Fujihisa’s stack took another hit. He raised to 51k from hijack, small blind Jongjun Park shoved, snap-called by Fujihisa with AdAs. Park with KcKs. Upon seeing the aces, Park stood up then immediately sat back down when the flop ran 4sKd4c to give him a commanding full house. He doubled up when the turn 3s and river 6s completed the board. Park up to 627k, Fuijihisa down to 270k.

9:05PM: Yeongpil Han ships a double up Erquiaga
Level 22: Blinds 8000-16000 ante 16000

DSC 5981
Yeongpil Han

Utg+1 Davd Erquiaga raised to 36k, small blind Yeongpil Han three-bet all in with 158k, Erquiaga called. Han showed AcKh, Erquiaga challenged with Qs10s, the board ran 9h3d8c7dAd, and Han breathed a sigh of relief when the board completed. Han now has 356k, Erquiaga dropped to 515k.

9:00PM: Jeonggyu Cho calls to his doom in 20th place – Php 237,000 (~US$ 4,700)
Level 22: Blinds 8000-16000 ante 16000

DSC 5895
Jeonggyu Cho

Jeonggyu Cho lost a previous pot to Mark Dela Cruz and faced him once again for all his chips. The hand saw Cho raise to 35k from cutoff, big blind Dela Cruz jammed, Cho called for his tournament life with 10h9h. Dela Cruz had KcQh. The board kept Dela Cruz ahead running Kh6s2dKd8h trips. Cho eliminated, Dela Cruz up to 942k.

8:55PM: Daniel Sammarco gets full pay from the leader
Level 22: Blinds 8000-16000 ante 16000

Daniel Sammarco earned a double up through Christos Vlahos with his AhKh dominating KdQh throughout. The board was 6sAc9h2dQc. Sammarco up to 340k.

8:50PM: Mark Dela Cruz claims another pot, rises to 633k
Level 22: Blinds 8000-16000 ante 16000

Pot had built to 150k when the flop ran 7s8d3h. Utg Jeonggyu Cho bet 160k, Mark Dela Cruz jammed for 323k, Cho folded and showed JhJd. Cho dropped to 240k, Dela Cruz up to 633k.

8:45PM: Christos Vlahos with a huge double through Fujihisa, sits with 1.38M
Level 21: Blinds 6000-12000 ante 12000

DSC 6018

From lo-jack, Christos Vlahos raised to 26k, chip leader hijack Naoya Fujihisa three-bet to 75k, Vlahos four-bet shoved with AcKh, Fujihisa called with 10c10d. The board ran 2cQs6sAs3h. Vlahos had 676k to double up to 1,380,000. Fujihisa dropped to 844k.

8:40PM: Motokatsu Uhara railed in 21st place – Php 237,000 (~US$ 4,700)
Level 21: Blinds 6000-12000 ante 12000

DSC 5956
Motokatsu Uhara

Mark De la Cruz avoided the rail earlier when he rivered a flush. He did the same this time but instead, he railed Motokatsu Uhara. Action folded to the button Uhara who shoved his 108k, big blind Dela Cruz called. Uhara 4s4d, Dela Cruz Ac2c, the board spread 3c10sJc5h7c. Dela Cruz at 373k.

8:30PM: Markus Garberg takes a chunk from Jeonggyu Cho
Level 21: Blinds 6000-12000 ante 12000

DSC 5968
Markus Garberg

Catching the action on a board showing 5c10c9h7hKc and 120k in the pot. Cutoff Markus Garberg raised to 500k and button Jeonggyu Cho had 150k out front. Cho opted to fold. Garberg claimed it and is now at 992k.

8:25PM: Simen Gulbrandsen railed in 22nd place for Php 192,000 (~US$ 3,800)
Level 21: Blinds 6000-12000 ante 12000

DSC 5966
Simen Gulbrandsen

Norwegian battle, Simen Gulbrandsen all in with AhJc, Markus Garberg challenged with 7c7d, no help came for Gulbrandsen. The board was 8s6s4s10h2h. Garberg up to 745k.

8:15PM: Thijs Hilberts dominated by Chargualaf, out 23rd for Php 192,000 (!US$ 3,800)
Level 21: Blinds 6000-12000 ante 12000

DSC 5993
Thijs Hilberts

Action opened with a 25k raise by Kunwoo Kim from mid position, button Thijs Hilberts shoved, small blind Joshua Chargualaf joined with a much larger stack, Kim folded for a showdown.

Hilberts 4h4c
Chargualaf KhKd

The board ran 2d10s6d10c6c. Chargualaf shipped it and is up to 640k. Hilberts out in 23rd place.

8:05PM: Mark Dela Cruz wins the race against Garberg
Level 21: Blinds 6000-12000 ante 12000

DSC 5963
Mark De la Cruz

From mid-position, Markus Garberg raised to 27k, called by small blind Ryo Naito, then big blind Mark Dela Cruz shoved for 204k. Garberg called, Naito tank-folded. Cruz showed KcJc, Garberg Ah10h, the board came 4cAcKhQd10c for the nut flush to Cruz and a double up to 459k. Garberg dropped to 646k.

8:00PM: David Erquiaga pays two double ups
Level 21: Blinds 6000-12000 ante 12000

DSC 5949
Davd Erquiaga

David Erquiaga dropped to 480k after doubling up two players, Graeme Siow and Junya Kubo. First to ship it was Siow who pushed with AsQs, Erquiaga tank-called with Ah10d. The board ran Ac7d3c4c7c. No one had clubs. Siow’s kicker played. He is up to 350k.

DSC 5978
Junya Kubo

Next player paid was Kubo with pocket queens holding against Erquiaga’s pocket jacks. Kubo climbed to 260k.

7:40PM: Chip counts at the break 
Level 21: Blinds 6000-12000 ante 12000

Chips in play 10,320,000
Average stack 448,695

Table 1 
Simen Gulbrandsen 222k
Markus Garberg 560k
Jeonggyu Cho 738k
Vikaash Shah 765k
Motokatsu Uhara 223k
Ryo Naito 774k
Mark De La Cruz 99k
Qibing Wang 340k

Table 4 
Christos Vlahos 86k
Naoya Fujihisa 1.080M
Rogel Del Rosario 500k
Kunwoo Kim 360k
Jongjun Park 390k
Daniel Sammarco 355k
Thijs Hilberts 222k
Joshua Chargualaf 410k

Table 5
Graeme Siow 170k
Xin Lin 434k
Yeongpil Han 155k
Dimitar Blazhev 285k
Youngsin Ko 440k
Junya Kubo 100k
David Erquiaga 770k

7:30PM: Kunwoo Kim doubles up through Del Rosario
Level 20: Blinds 5000-10000 ante 10000

DSC 6014
Kunwoo Kim

Cutoff Rogel Del Rosario raised to 22k, beside him Kunwoo Kim shoved with Kd8d Del Rosario called with 6d6s. The board favored Kim, 3cQh2h8hJc for a double up to Kim to around 350k.

7:20PM Ryan McAllister railed by Siow in 24th place – Php 192,000 (~US$ 3,800)
Level 20: Blinds 5000-10000 ante 10000

DSC 5900
Ryan McAllister

Ryan McAllister all in with JhJd, Graeme Siow put pressure with two overcards AcQc, the flip went Siow’s way. Board was Kd8hQh10cJs for a straight to Siow and McAllister 24th place.

7:10PM: Jun Obara out in 25th place – Php 166,000 (~US$ 3,300)
Level 20: Blinds 5000-10000 ante 10000

Jun Obara tumbled out next. He risked it all with QcJc but faced Xin Lin with better Ah10h. Both got a piece of the board but in the end it was still Lin on top QhAc9c8d3d.

7:05PM: Julien Weymouth’s kings cracked out 26th for Php 166,000 (~US$ 3,300)
Level 20: Blinds 5000-10000 ante 10000

DSC 6004
Julien Weymouth

Julien Weymouth’s run ended in 26th place. He had KcKh and Christos Vlahos AsKs, the board favored Vlahos as it ran AcJd4c7c2s for a higher pair.

7:00PM: Zackery Lowrie out in 27th place – Php 166,000 (~US$ 3,300)
Level 20: Blinds 5000-10000 ante 10000

DSC 5991
Zackery Lowrie

Zackery Lowrie 5 bb all in with Qd9d, Jun Obara called with Kh7s, the board ran 5s4s4hKcQc.

6:45PM: Eliminations 28th to 36th – Php 140,500 (~US$ 2,800)
Level 20: Blinds 5000-10000 ante 10000

28th Takumi Matsuzaka – Japan
29th Yuka Asaka – Japan
30th Si Yang Phua – Singapore
31st Daniel Holmedahl – Norway
32nd Sebastian Schade – Germany
33rd Adones Carmona – Philippines
34th Sean Ragozzini – Australia
35th Kristian Wiermhyr – Norway
36th Olivier Duran – France

6:30PM: Table draw… 27 remaining
Level 19: Blinds 4000-8000 ante 8000

Table 1
Simen Gulbrandsen
Markus Garberg
Jeonggyu Cho
Vikaash Shah
Motokatsu Uhara
Ryo Naito
Youngsin Park
Mark Dela Cruz
Qibing Wang

Table 4
Christos Vlahos
Naoya Fujihisa
Rogel Del Rosario
Kunwoo Kim
Jongjun Park
Daniel Sammarco
Thijs Hilberts
Julien Weymouth
Joshua Chargualaf

Table 5
Zackery Lowrie
Graeme Siow
Xin Lin
Yeongpil Han
Dimitar Blazhev
Jun Obara
Ryan McAllister
Junya Kubo
David Erquiaga

6:28PM: Takumi Matsuzaka eliminated
Level 19: Blinds 4000-8000 ante 8000

Short stacked Takumi Matsuzaka was all in with 10d8d, Rogel Del Rosario had JsJd. No help came to send him out in 28th place. Del Rosario up to 460k.

6:25PM: Yuka Asaka runs into Vlahos’s aces
Level 19: Blinds 4000-8000 ante 8000

Yuka Asaka was all in with pocket jacks but ran into Christos Vlahos with pocket aces. Her run ended in 29th place. Vlahos is up to 540k.

6:20PM: Si Yang Phua falls to Sammarco
Level 19: Blinds 4000-8000 ante 8000

DSC 5815 1
Si Yang Phua

POY contender Si Yang Phua was just taken out by Daniel Sammarco. It was a battle of the blinds with Sammarco with 6s6c, Phua with KhQs. The board ran empty for Phua. He finished in 30th place. The only POY contender remaining to overtake the leaders is David Erquiaga.

6:15PM: Daniel Holmedahl goes up and out
Level 19: Blinds 4000-8000 ante 8000

DSC 5919
Daniel Holmedahl

Daniel Holmedahl was railed next in 31st place but before falling, he doubled up through Youngsin Ko. Ko raised to 20k from mid-position, Holmedahl shoved from the small blind with QsJs, Ko tank-called with As3s. Ko was ahead but when the board ran Jd6d10s9d8d, Holmedahl paired up to stay alive.

Several hands later, Homedahl was all in again. He had Ac8c dominated by Jeonggyu Cho with AdKc. No improvement for Holmedahl. Cho approaching 1M.

6:10PM: Naoya Fujihisa breaches a million, rails Schade
Level 19: Blinds 4000-8000 ante 8000

DSC 5932
Naoya Fujihisa

Naoya Fujihisa crossed over a million after sending Sebastian Schade out 32nd place. Fujihisa limped from utg, cutoff Kunwoo Kim raised to 25k, small blind Sebastian Schade three-bet to 79k, back to Fujihisa with the call. Kim tank-folded.

At the flop 7h5h9s, Schade wasted no time counting and just shoved. Fujihisa quickly called. Schade opened AcKc which was way behing Fujihisa’s 9d9h set. The turn was  Qh and river Qc for a full house to Fujihisa and 1.090M.

5:45PM: Si Yang Phua dropping
Level 19: Blinds 4000-8000 ante 8000

Si Yang Phua dropped to to around 10 bbs after losing two pots back-to-back. The first hand he raised to 18 from utg, +1 McAllister three-bet all in for 161k, Phua folded. Next hand, Phua called button Dimital Blazhev’s 20k raise and saw a flop land 7hKsJh Phua check-called 16k. The turn Qs and river Jd, no bets seen. Phua had As7s, Blazhev won it with Kh6h pair.

5:40PM: Xin Lin rails Carmona
Level 19: Blinds 4000-8000 ante 8000

DSC 5904
Xin Lin

End of the line for Don Carmona. After a very exciting day for him watching his stack swing wildly, it all came to an end at the hands of Xin Lin. Takumi Matsuzaka opened for 27k, Carmona jammed, Xin Lin joined with more behind, Matsuzaka tank-folded. Lin QdQh, Carmona AsKh, board came Qc9h8s2d9s for a full house to Lin. Lin up to 326k. Downt o 32 players.

5:35PM: Chip counts at the break
Level 19: Blinds 4000-8000 ante 8000

Table 1
Mark Dela Cruz 330,000
Sean Ragozzini 80,000
Jun Obara 356,000
Youngsin Ko 217,000
Markus Garberg 464,000
Jeonggyu Cho 715,000
Julien Weymouth 170,000
Daniel Holmedahl 75,000
Simen Gulbrandsen 240,00

Table 2
Ryan McAllister 320,000
Qibing Wang 165,000
David Erquiaga 500,000
Graeme Siow 300,000
Jongjun Park 250,000
Dimitar Blazhev 220,000
Daniel Sammarco 330,000
Kristian Wiermyhr 90,000
Si Yang Phua – 230,000

Table 4
Rogel Del Rosario 425,000
Joshua Chargualaf 354,000
Yuka Asaka 128,000
Xin Lin 217,000
Zackery Lowrie 150,000
Christos Vlahos 581,000
Vikaash Shah 576,000
Takumi Matsuzaka 160,000
Don Carmona – 185,000

Table 5
Motokatsu Uhara 80,000
Ryo Naito 520,000
Junya Kubo 190,000
Yeongpil Han 60,000
Sebastian Schade 430,000
Thijs Hilberts 165,000
Naoya Fujihisa 740,000

5:30PM: Jeonggyu Cho vs Julien Weymouth
Level 18: Blinds 3000-6000 ante 6000

DSC 5906
Jeonggyu Cho vs Julien Weymouth

Raise preflop by cutoff Jeonggyu Cho, called by button Julien Weymouth, the flop ran 5c4h6h. Cho c-bet 24k, Weymouth called. On the turn 10d, Cho sent out 66k and won the pot.

5:20PM: Good pot for Ryan McAllister
Level 18: Blinds 3000-6000 ante 6000

DSC 5900
Ryan McAllister

Late positioned player Ryan McAllister min-raised to 12k, called by two players button  Jongjun Park and big blind Daniel Sammarco. At the flop Ad2h2c, Park bet 20k, only McAllister check-called. On the turn Js no bets. McAllister bet 65k on the river 4d, Park folded. McAllister won it to rise to 328k.

5:15PM: Sebastian Schade takes two from Kunwoo Kim
Level 18: Blinds 3000-6000 ante 6000

25k in the pot, Sebastian Schade and Kunwoo Kim faced off. The flop was 6cAh5s, both checked. On the turn Jh, sb Kim led for 15k, utg+1 Schade called. On the river 8d, Kim fired 20k, called by Schade. Kim showed K-J, Schade won it with pocket kings.

Three hands later, Kim raised to 23k from hijack, Schade three-bet to 68k from small blind, Kim folded. Schade up to 295k.

4:55PM: POY players face off 
Level 18: Blinds 3000-6000 ante 6000

POY contenders Si Yang Phua and David Erquiaga are seated at the same table and were bound to face off. We did catch a hand between them. Button Phua raised to 12k, Erquiaga defended on the big blind. At the flop 9d9h2s, no bets. On the turn 10h, Erquiaga slid out 12k, Phua check-called. It was back to checking on the river 4c. Erquiaga showed 7h5h, Phua won it with Qc10c two pair. Phua up to 270k, Erquiaga with 410k.

4:45PM: Eliminations 37th – 43rd – Php 115,000 (~US$ 2,300)
Level 18: Blinds 3000-6000 ante 6000

37th Johnson Tan – Philippines
38th Andre Berg – Norway
39th Scott Iain Alm – UK
40th Johnnie Moreno – USA
41st Michael Saludes – Philippines
42nd Christopher Mateo  – Philippines
43rd Hidekazu Tanaka – Japan

4:40PM: Don Carmona lands two double ups
Level 18: Blinds 3000-6000 ante 6000

DSC 5846
Adones Carmona

Don Carmona was down to around 50k during the bubble round but after reaching the money round, he was able to bring up his stack on two winning shoves. The first one was 7d7s surviving against AsJc. The next was pocket tens staying ahead of pocket sevens.

4:30PM: David Erquiaga doubles up
Level 18: Blinds 3000-6000 ante 6000

DSC 5759
David Erquiaga

Getting to the table as they were counting out the chips. The board was 4sJd5d7hQh, Erquiaga had KhJh, Krisitan Wiermhyr with 10d7d. Not sure when the shoves were but Erquiaga is up to 160k, and Wiermhyr down to around 50k.

4:20M: Bubble bursts! Zackery Lowrie rails Kyungkun Lee
Level 17: Blinds 3000-5000 ante 5000

DSC 5879
Kyungkun Lee

The bubble has been delivered! Short stacked Zackery Lowrie and Kyungkun Lee were both all in. Lowrie with 10d10h, Lee with AdKh, the board bricked Js8c2c2h2s. Lee eliminated.

4:10PM: Bubble round: No look Yuka Asaka survives! Triples up
Level 17: Blinds 3000-5000 ante 5000

DSC 5872
Yuka Asaka

Yuka Asaka was down to 12k and was on the big blind. Having to pay the ante and bb, she was down to 2k behind. Utg+1 Johnson Tan raised to 12k, button Christopher Mateo called, Asaka tossed in her 2k and said she didn’t look at her cards. When the board ran Kc6c7h2c9d, no bets fired between Tan and Mateo. Asaka opened 7cQc for a flush. Mateo had As2s and Tan with Jd10d, both missed. Aksaka tripled up to 29k.

4:05PM: Bubble round: Joshua Chargualaf vs Rogel Del Rosario
Level 17: Blinds 3000-5000 ante 5000

DSC 5865
Joshua Chargualaf

Battle of the blinds, the pot was at 35k when the dealer laid the flop 6hJc10c. Sb Joshua Chargualaf check-called bb Del Rosario’s 58k bet. On the turn 4d, no bets. On the river 3d, Chargualaf bet 48k, Del Rosario immediately called. Chargualaf showed AsJs top pair, Del Rosario mucked. Chargualaf up to 323k, Del Rosario down to 122k.

4:00PM: Bubble round: Zackery Lowrie triples up to 84k
Level 17: Blinds 3000-5000 ante 5000

Short stacked Zackery Lowrie was all in with AsKs and had to stay on top of his callers Junya Kubo with Qs10d and Kyungkun Lee AcJc. When the board ran 4s8d4c3s7s, no hits for anyone, Lowrie tripled up to 84k.

3:55PM: Bubble round: Christos Vlahos chunks Carmona
Level 17: Blinds 3000-5000 ante 5000

DSC 5930
Christos Vlahos

Just before this hand, Don Carmona raised then folded to a three-bet shove from Christopher Mateo. Mateo showed ace-jack offsuit, Carmona said he had ace-queen suited. Next hand, he did get it in there. Carmona raised to 15k, button Xin Lin called, bb Christos Vlahos three-bet to 45k. Back to Carmona, he shoved with QcQs, Lin folded, and a fast call by Vlahos with AsAd. The board ran dry for Carmona as it went {2sd}3h6d2c6h. Vlahos doubled up to 511k, Carmona down to 50k.

3:50PM: Bubble round: Graeme Siow rises to 480k
Level 17: Blinds 3000-5000 ante 5000

DSC 5892
Grame Siow

Graeme Siow brought his stack up to 480k. Kristian Wiermhyr opened for 12k, sb David Erquiaga three-bet to 40k, bb Siow four-bet to 100k, no callers.

3:45PM: Bubble round: Junya Kubo pushes for the pot, Sammarco folds
Level 17: Blinds 3000-5000 ante 5000

DSC 5842
Junya Kubo

Rogel Del Rosario raised to 12k, beside him Daniel Sammarco three-bet to 35k, Junya Kubo four-bet to 80k, only Sammarco called. At the flop 3c2c9d, Kubo pushed with around 190k, Sammarco tank-folded. Kubo up to 400k.

3:40PM: Dimitar Blazhev busts Kalaquin  bubble round reached
Level 17: Blinds 3000-5000 ante 5000

DSC 5785
Elmer Kalaquian

Dimitar Blazhev railed Elmer Kalaquian with AcKd winning the draw against JsJd on a board running Ad6sKc5dAs. 44 remaining. Hand for hand begins!

3:30PM: Don Carmona rivers Morales out 
Level 17: Blinds 3000-5000 ante 5000

All in on the turn between Don Carmona and Francesco Morales, both had the straight . Board was 4hKhQsAd, Morales Js10c, Carmona Jh10h with a flush draw. The river 3h awarded the flush. Morales eliminated. Carmona up to 300k.

3:20PM: Youngsin Ko ends short stacked Teh
Level 17: Blinds 3000-5000 ante 5000

Youngsin Ko had As7h, short stacked Kah Boon Teh Ac2d, four spades showed up for a winning flush to Ko. 46 remaining.

3:10PM: Three quick bust… bubble round approaching..
Level 17: Blinds 3000-5000 ante 5000

We are nearing the bubble with three short stacks quickly dusted off here. Recent busts were Jay Tolon, Moses Saquing, and Jaeho Kim. 3 to the money. We will go hand-for-hand once we reach 44 players.

3:00PM: Break time chip counts; 50 remain, 43 ITM
Level 17: Blinds 3000-5000 ante 5000

Chips in play: 10,320,000
Average stack 204,500

Table 1
Mark De La Cruz 240k
Jun Obara 373k
Jaeho Kim 56k
Markus Garberg 595k
Jeonggyu Cho 500k
Julien Weymouth 100k
Daniel Holmedahl 200k
Simen Gulbrandsen 136k

Table 2
Elmer Kalaquian 191k
Qibing Wang 100k
David Erquiaga 347k
Graeme Siow 381k
Jongjun Park 228k
Dimitar Blazhev 84k
Scott Iain Alm 285k
Kristian Wiermhyr 127k
Hidekazu Tanaka 170k

Table 4
Christopher Mateo 235k
Sebastian Schade 141k
Francesco Morales 175k
Xin Lin 265k
Johnson Tan 220k
Jay Tolon 58k
Vikaash Shah 470k
Takumi Matsuzaka 140k
Don Carmona 180k

Table 5
Motokatsu Uhara 110k
Ryo nato 320k
Andre Berg 181k
Yeongpil Han 110k
Olivier Duran 140k
Moses Saquing 70k
Maoya Fujihisa 385k

Table 6
Kah Boon Teh 57k
Sean Ragozzini 85k
Youngsin Ko 181k
Zackery Lowrie 66k
Ryan McAllister 157k
Junya Kubo 235k
Kyungkun Lee 59k
Thijs Hilberts 315k
Joshua Chargualaf 1990k

Table 7
Christos Vlahos 275k
Rogel Del Rosario 320k
Daniel Sammarco 411k
Si Yang Phua 165k
Michael Saludes 152k
Yuka Asaka 25k
Johnnie Moreno 58k
Kunwoo Kim 355k

2:50PM: Vikaash Shah pushes out Mateo
Level 16: Blinds 2000-4000 ante 4000

Strange hand went down at action table 4 with a flop at 10-10-7, Vikaash Shah checked, Christopher Mateo bet 37k, Shah raised to 91k, Mateo three-bet to 200k, Shah jammed for 250k total for only 50k more to Mateo, he folded. Shah now at around 500k. Mateo down to around 200k.

2:40PM: Jun Obara gains off Weymouth
Level 16: Blinds 2000-4000 ante 4000

Action between mid-positoned Jun Obara and button Juiien Weymouth saw 30k in the pot preflop when the board ran 8c9cQh, Obara check-called a 15k half pot bet. On the turn 7c and river 4d, no bets landed. Obara showed KsKh, Weymouth mucked and is down 250k. Obara up to 260k.

2:30PM: Markus Garberg continues to rise
Level 16: Blinds 2000-4000 ante 4000

Pot was 55k, Markus Garberg fired 43k from cut off on a board showing Ks4c2dQs5h. Small blind Julien Weymouth check-called. Garberg showed the KhJd top pair, Weymouth mucked. Weymouth down to 290k, Garberg over 600k.

2:20PM: Jeonggyu Cho up to 465k
Level 16: Blinds 2000-4000 ante 4000

DSC 5825
Jeonggyu Cho

Plenty of action taking place at table 1. Jeonggyu Cho soared to 465k after railing a player who three-bet shoved with pocket fives and couldn’t crack Cho’s pocket tens.

2:15PM: Julien Weymouth chunks Lubas
Level 16: Blinds 2000-4000 ante 4000

We missed the action on this hand but we did see Julien Weymouth shipping a sizable pot against Gerard Lubas with a set of twos. Lubas was down  to his last 7k and lost it to Markus Garberg. Weymouth up to 340k.

2:10PM: Zheko Dinev gets lucky then departs
Level 16: Blinds 2000-4000 ante 4000

After losing costly pots, Zheko Dinev was down to his last 70k, he gambled with 4-5 offsuit and got very lucky against Ulrik Scotwin’s K-K, when the board showed 4-5-4-5-7. With 158k built up, he entered another hand and lost on a cooler. On the small blind with KdKh, big blind Xin Lin ahead with AdAs, all in preflop, the board further ensured the win for Lin with an ace on the flop. After the count, Lin was ahead by just 500. Dinev eliminated. Lin up to 340k.

2:00PM: Opening level see 19 bust
Level 16: Blinds 2000-4000 ante 4000

Plenty of players dropped on the opening round, 19 to be exact. We are down to 60 players. Money is at 43. Leading is Markus Garberg with 540k.

1:50PM: Si Yang Phua at 175k
Level 15: Blinds 1500-3000 ante 3000

POY contender Si Yang Phua is running well with two double ups and a KO of a short stack to climb to 170k. He doubled up with pocket kings over pocket nines then busted a short stack. David Erquiaga is at a separate table and has the same amount of 170k.

1:40PM: Markus Garberg rises to over 500k
Level 15: Blinds 1500-3000 ante 3000

DSC 5808
Markus Garberg

Markus Garberg is in command here with over 530k. Helping him get there was the elimination of Jessie Leonarez. From mid position, Garberg had KxQx, he raised and got three callers to the flop AxQc10x, all checked. On the Qx turn, Leonarez check-raised all in, Garberg called. Leonarez had Qx4x. The river was a rag card.

1:30PM: Action packed table 4
Level 15: Blinds 1500-3000 ante 3000

Table 4 iis providing plenty of stories for the media. Right offf the starting gun, Christopher Mateo delivered the first bust of Day 2 sending Masayo Suzuki out. Mateo had AsJh and won the flip when an ace came on the board to dust 5h5s. Mateo up to 360k. 

DSC 5714
Christopher Mateo

Zheko Dinev is also at the table and he was seen doubling up Johnson Tan. Dinev had 9c9s, Tan 8s8c, the board was 9h7d5s2h6c to save Tan from elimination. He now has around 250k while Dinev dropped to around the same amount. 

DSC 5713
Zheko Dinev

Next to double up was event winner Xin Lin with KcKd staying ahead of Sebastian Schade’s 7s7h. He jumped to 220k while Schade is just above 140k. 

Filling up seat 9 where Suzuki sat for one hand was Edilberto Gopez. However he couldn’t handle the heat and quickly fell to Vikaash Shah. gopez had AsQs, Shah dominated with AcKs, the board ran dry. Shah up to 230k.

DSC 5787
Vikaash Shah

Mateo won another pot to bring him up to 470k. He won two more pots to get there. The first one saw utg Shah raise to 8k, late-position Mateo three-bet to 26k, cutoff dinev called, Shah called. At the flop 10h2h2s, Mateo c-bet 42k, no callers. Several hands later, Tan lost roughly 120k of his chips to Mateo when trips lost to a flush. 

1:00PM: Asia Pacific Player of the Year race
Level 15: Blinds 1500-3000 ante 3000

The Asia Pacific Season XVIII Player of the Year race is on with two players in contention to steal the top spot, namely Si Yang Phua and David Erquiaga. Phua leads with 900 points however he had the shorter stack today of 80,000 around 26 bbs. He will need to place a minimum of 4th place to overtake the leaders.

DSC 5757
Si Yang Phua

As for Erquiaga, he has 750 points. He will need to finish at least 2nd place to overtake the leaders. He has a good stack entering today with 189,500 of around 63 bbs.

DSC 5759
David Erquiaga

Currently leading are Hamish Crawshaw, Hari Varma, and Brian Tougias, all of them with 1500 points. Only Crawshaw was able to attend however he busted out in Day 1B Same goes for Sim Jae Kyung aka Simba running 7th with 1263 points. He missed his chance to overtake when he failed to advance today.

Welcome to Day 2 of the Main Event!

Good afternon players! Cards are in the air for the Main Event with 79 players remaining. The goal for today is to reach the money then onwards to securing a seat to the final table of 9 players.

The event got underway on February 14 and is set to conclude tomorrow February 17 once a champion is crowned. The past two days drew 344 total entries to break the Php 12 million guarantee for a much larger Php 22,523,400 prize pool. Only 43 players stand to profit.

Currently leading in the pack is Bulgaria’s Zheko Dinev with 387,000. We didn’t catch much of his starting day action so we will be keeping a close watch today. At his table is another big stack, Christopher Mateo with 310,500 putting him in third rank

Have a look at the numbers below and keep refreshing for all the live posts.

Buy-in: Php 75,000 (~US$ 1,500)
Prize pool: Php 22,523,400 (~US$ 445,400)
ITM: 43 places
1st prize: Php 4,812,000 (~US$ 95,200)

Opening blinds: 1500 – 3000 ante 3000
Level duration: 60 minutes
Bagging time: Final table (9 players)

Chips in play: 10,320,000
Average stack: 130,632

DSC 5536

DSC 5535

10:00PM: Day 1B ends with 55 players

218 entries for Day 1B ended with only 55 remaining. Great news, the Php 12M guarantee was blown to bits for a much larger Php 22.5 million. All the info will be in our recap so stand by for that. For now, chip counts below on who made it through the day. Among the players advancing was Si Yang Phua. He may be the only player remaining in contention for the POY top spot. Hamish Crawshaw and Sim Jae Kyung failed to reach Day 2.

Zheko Dinev Bulgaria 387,000
Christopher Mateo Philippines 310,500
Christos Vlahos Australia 306,000
Rogel Del Rosario Philippines 287,000
Scott Iain Alm Uk 248,500
Daniel Holmedahl Norway 204,000
Hidekazu Tanaka Japan 202,500
Kristian Wiermyhr Norway 199,500
Mark Dela Cruz Philippines 195,500
Zackery Lowrie New Zealand 182,000
Jongjun Park Korea 177,000
Wei Lik Siow Singapore 175,500
Jiannan Yu China 169,000
Ryan Mc Allister Usa 156,500
Moses Saquing Philippines 151,500
Johnson Tan Philippines 147,000
Jeonggyu Cho Korea 136,500
Koji Takagi Japan 135,500
Jinho Hong Korea 133,500
Elmer Kalaquian Philippines 132,500
Sungchang Park Korea 112,000
Teh Kah Boon Malaysia 109,500
Xin Lin China 109,500
Edilberto Gopez Philippines 108,000
Takumi Matsuzaka Japan 107,000
Kyungkun Lee Korea 102,000
Dimitar Blazhev Bulgaria 99,500
Youngsin Ko Korea 97,500
Johnnie Moreno Usa 92,000
Attia Abdellatif Tunisia 87,000
Gerardo Lubas Philippines 82,500
Jessie Leonarez Philippines 82,000
Toshiyuki Watanabe Japan 81,500
Si Yang Phua Singapore 80,000
Olivier Duran France 77,500
Emmanuel Segismundo Philippines 77,000
Qibing Wang China 77,000
Taijin Kim Korea 76,500
Mathias Eriksson Finland 76,000
Ulrik Scotwin Denmark 69,000
Junya Kubo Japan 66,000
Tsuyoshi Matsuura Japan 62,500
Jian Xiang Soin Singapore 61,000
Yuka Asaka Japan 53,000
Masaya Suzuki Japan 51,500
Koki Takeishi Japan 51,500
Seungmin Kang Korea 50,000
Marvin Sumendap Indonesia 48,500
Michael Saludes Philippines 45,500
Ryo Naito Japan 44,500
Joseph Talamayan Philippines 44,500
Thijs Hilberts Netherlands 43,500
Hoai Linh Tran Vietnam 42,000
Adones Carmona Philippines 32,000
Felipe Quijano Philippines 32,000

9:55PM: Zheko Dinev in action

Level 14: Blinds 1500-2500 2500

DSC 5561
Zheko Dinev

The last two hands we saw Zheko Dinev in action. From the button, he limped, sb limped and bb Elmer Kalaquian checked. On the flop Jh8s10d, Dinev bet 4500, no callers.

The final hand, cutoff Dinev limped again, button Ryan McAllister raised to 10k, Dinev called. At the flop QsJh6d, McAllister c-bet 10k, Dinev check-folded.

9:50PM: Edilberto Gopez bluffs for the pot against Hilberts
Level 14: Blinds 1500-2500 2500

DSC 5596
Edilberto Gopez and Thijs HIlberts

Earlier in the day, Edilberto Gopez and Thijs Hilberts battled for a big pot that ended with Gopez shoving on the river and Hilberts tank-folding. Same situation here, like previous both were on the blinds. On a board showing 4d10h8sQd3d and 87.5k in the pot, sb Gopez shoved (45.5k), Hilberts tanked with around 30k+ then folded. Gopez showed 7h5h bluff.

9:45PM: Graeme Siow with the nut flush
Level 14: Blinds 1500-2500 2500

DSC 5593
Graeme Siow

Preflop raise to 5500 by utg Graeme Siow, three players called. On the flop 3d5c7d, all checked. On the Kd turn, button Leonarez bet 10k, only Siow check-called. On the river 4d, back to checking. Siow was first to show and had Ad2d.

9:35PM: Daniel Holmedahl denies Jessie Leonarez
Level 14: Blinds 1500-2500 2500

Mid-position Daniel Holmedahl raised to 5500, sb Jessie Leonarez three-bet to 13k, Holmedahl answered with a 35.5k, Leonarez folded. Holmedahl at 215k.

9:25PM: Last level of play
Level 14: Blinds 1500-2500 2500

63 players have reached the last level of play here. 40 minutes before the survivors bag up. Currently ahead is Zhekov Dinev with 345k. Let’s see if he will be able to hold it to the end of the day.

9:20PM: Christopher Mateo hits Matsuzaka’s stack
Level 13: Blinds 1000-2000 ante 2000

DSC 5573
Christopher Mateo

From utg+1, Takumi Matsuzaka raised to 4500 then called cutoff Chirstopher Mateo‘s three-bet to 10.5k. At the flop 2d9h4c, Mateo c-bet 13.5k, Matsuzaka check-called. No bets on the 8c turn. The river 3c, Matsuzaka checked, Mateo bet 32k, Matsuzaka called. Mateo showed 10c10s for the pot as Matsuzaka mucked. Mateo at 240k, Matsuzaka dropped to 135k.

9:15PM: Christos Vlahos adds more
Level 13: Blinds 1000-2000 ante 2000

Christos Vlahos was already sitting with well over 200k when he won another pot to bring him up to 273k. He maintains his status at third rank.

9:10PM: Moses Saquing takes from Siow
Level 13: Blinds 1000-2000 ante 2000

DSC 5567
Moses Saquing

Raised pot to 12k, the flop was Jd7s6s, mid-position Moses Saquing bet 6500, sb Graeme Siow check-called. On the turn 4h, Saquing fired 12k, Siow check-raised to 27k, Saquing called. On the river 9c, no bets. Siow showed 9s2s, Saquing won it with KcJh top pair. Saquing at 212k, Siow dropped to 115k.

9:00PM: Rogel Del Rosario vs Christopher Mateo
Level 13: Blinds 1000-2000 ante 2000

Pot at 16k preflop, the cards landed Ad2dQh, Christopher Mateo checked, Rogel Del Rosario bet 12.5k, Mateo tank-folded.

8:45PM: Big stack update…
Level 13: Blinds 1000-2000 ante 2000

Rogel Del Rosario 300k
Zheko Dinav 290k
Christos Vlahos 255k
Scott Iain Alm 249k
Takumi Matsuzaka 200k
Christopher Mateo 200k
Edilberto Gopez 177k

8:00PM: Payouts are up!
Level 12: Blinds 800-1600 ante 1600

DSC 5536

DSC 5535

7:35PM: Three locals lead with over 200k
Level 11: Blinds 600-1200 ante 1200

85 players remaining. Three players over 200k lead the race and they are all from the Philippines: Edilberto Gopez, Rogel Del Rosario, and Christopher Mateo.

7:25PM: Edilberto Gopez doesn’t show Hilberts, rises over 200k
Level 11: Blinds 600-1200 ante 1200

DSC 5516
Edilberto Gopez

On a flop 8h7d9h and a raised pot in the middle, sb Edilberto Gopez bet, bb Thijs Hilberts raised to 30.2k, Gopez callled. On the turn 3h, Gopez led out 30k, Hilberts called. On  the river Ks, Gopez all in for 66.5k, Hilberts tanked with 46k behind. Hilberts asked Gopez if he would show one card if he (Hilberts) folded, Gopez didn’t react. Hilberts folded. Gopez scooped and is over 200k.

7:20PM: Pete Chen loses the flip, Rogel Del Rosario zooms to 210k
Level 11: Blinds 600-1200 ante 1200

DSC 5541
Rogel Del Rosario

Pete Chen is out of the Main Event and the player that sent him there was Rogel Del Rosario. Chen opened for 2700, Del Rosario three-bet to 12.5k, Chen tank-jammed, snap-called by Del Rosario. Chen AhKd, Del Rosario QcQs, the board ran low. After the count, Chen had 4k less. Del Rosario zoomed to around 210k.

7:15PM: Victor Chong ends Takayama
Level 11: Blinds 600-1200 ante 1200

DSC 5548
Victor Chong

We got to the table as Mike Takayama‘s chips were being shipped to Victor Chong. Chong had As2s, Takayama Ks10s. We missed the board. Chong up to 75k.

6:25PM: Registration closed!
Level 10: Blinds 5000-1000 ante 1000

That’s it! Registration is closed for the Main Event. Day 1B dragged in 218 entries to add Php 14,273,550 to the Day 1A tally. This more than smashed the guarantee and the original Php 20M that was advertised. Here’s a look at the numbers.

Day 1A: 126 entries for Php 8,249,850
Day 1B: 218 entries for Php 14,273,550

Total entries: 344
Overall prize pool: Php 22,523,400

We will have the payouts for you once it is up on the screens.

6:20PM: Elmer Kalaquian calls out the triple up
Level 9: Blinds 400-800 ante 800

DSC 5520
Elmer Kalaquian

Elmer Kalaquian pushed his short stack (7800) from utg, was called by Felipe Quijano and Edilberto Gopez. Before the hand ended, Kalaquian told the SMP reporter he was going triple up. When the board completed As3sKc2dQc and no side pot was generated, Kalaquian showed his KdJd good for a triple up.

6:10PM John Lee with a double KO, rises to 130k
Level 9: Blinds 400-800 ante 800

DSC 5523
John Lee

Scoop scoop for John Lee to bring him up to 130k . From mid-position he raised to 2k, found two callers, then cutoff jammed for 13.8k, sb joined with 30.9k, Lee made it a three-way with the largest stack. Two initial callers folded. At the showdown, Lee had QcQs dominating Ad3d and 9d9h. Board ran clean. Lee shipped it.

6:00PM: Nathanael Seet takes some from Park
Level 9: Blinds 400-800 ante 800

Two players built up the pot to 12.5k then watched the flop come Ks4c8h. Nathanael Seet bet 3800, Sung Chang Park called. No bets on the Qd turn. The river came Kd. Seet fired 9500, Park folded. Seet up to 43k, Park slipped to 85k.

5:55PM: Scott Iain Alm up to 92k
Level 9: Blinds 400-800 ante 800

DSC 5580
Scott Iain Alm

Scott Iain Alm raised to 2500, next to act three-bet all in for 9700, called by Olivier Duran and Alm. Both players checked down the board QhKs8s8h9d. All in player had QcJc, Duran 10h10c, Alm won it with AdQd to ship it and boot one out. He now has 92k.

5:45PM: Level 9 begins! Last level to enter
Level 9: Blinds 400-800 ante 800

DSC 5511
Pete Chen

Current Day 1B entries at 213, prize pool Php 13.9M, this is the last level to enter. Combined with Day 1A, prize pool is over 22.1M and 339 entries. Due to the lifting of the Taiwan travel ban to the Philippines, pro Pete Chen has arrived. He is a WPT Asia POY champion. Another player in the field is Singapore’s Graeme Siow.

5:15PM: Lee Sukwon with over 140k
Level 8: Blinds 300-600 ante 600

DSC 5480
Lee Sukwon

At table 1, Lee Sukwon is chip leader with over 140k. We stuck around to try to get a hand on him and got lucky. He won two small pots back-to-back. First one, he raised to 1600 from utg, called by the big blind. At the flop 9d7sJh, he c-bet 2500, bb check-folded.

Next hand, Sangjun Lee raised to 1500, called by two players, then bb Lee three-bet to 6500. No callers.

5:06PM: Level 8 begins
Level 8: Blinds 300-600 ante 600

More have arrived, we are at 201 entries with Php 13.1M prize pool. Combine that with Day 1A, we are over the original Php 20M guarantee with 327 entries. Two more levels to join the action.

5:05PM: Junho Hyeon boots Daewoong Song
Level 7: Blinds 300-500 ante 500

DSC 5401
Junho Hyeon

All in preflop, Junho Hyeon 10c10d, Daewoong Song AhKs, board bricked. Out went Song.

5:00PM: Taijin Kim rails Huu Dung Nguyen
Level 7: Blinds 300-500 ante 500

3200 in the pot and an ace-high flop, Taijin Kim bet 3k, Huu Dung Nguyen jammed, Kim called. Kim had A-4 top pair, Nguyen K-9. No help on the turn and river of Nguyen. He busted and re-entered half an hour later. Kim up to 47k.

4:45PM: John Beveridge gets some from Spiess
Level 7: Blinds 300-500 ante 500

DSC 5453
John Beveridge

John Beveridge is just under 60k after winning a small pot against Hubert Spiess. A pot of 5200 preflop saw a board 7dKhQd. One player checked, Beveridge bet 1500, Spiess called, first player folded. No bets on the 5s turn and the river came 7c. Beveridge bet 2k, Spiess called, Beveridge had Ah7h trips, Spiess showed one card Qs pair.

4:35PM: Lester Edoc bets every street 
Level 7: Blinds 300-500 ante 500

DSC 5455
Lester Edoc

Utg Lester Edoc raised to 1100, big blind Vu Duc Trung defended. At the flop Js2sKc, Trung check-called a c-bet of 800. Same on the 6c turn with 2200 bet by Edoc. Then with the river 5d, Edoc bet 5500, this time Trung check-folded.

4:25PM: Level 6 ends with 184 entries
Level 6: Blinds 200-400 ante 400

Another level went by and the numbers continue to escalate. 184 is the current tally. Today’s prize pool is at Php 12M and rising, impressively breaking the guarantee this heat alone. Combined with Day 1A results, we are now over the original Php 20M guarantee and over 300 entries. Among the new arrivals were Victor Chong, Brett Kennedy, Flo Campomanes, Cao Ngoc Anh, Sven McDermott, and Christopher Mateo.

Chip leaders:

Edilberto Gopez 140k
Johnny Moreno 124k
John Tech 116k
Takumi Matsuzaka 100k
Hamish Crawshaw 90k

4:15PM: Last hand of the level sees Jinho Hong ends Talamayan
Level 6: Blinds 200-400 ante 400

DSC 5437
Jinho Hong

Players were getting up for the second break of the day but not for two players at the far table. Jinho Hong and Joseph Talamayan were in a hand. The board was 7h6cJc3c, Hong was all in and Talamayan called for his tournament life. Hong had Ac2c nut flush and Talamayan shook his head in disappointment while showing his Qc8c lower flush. the river As made no difference. Hong up to 78k.

4:05PM: Felipe Quijano drops Alfonso Daja
Level 6: Blinds 200-400 ante 400

Two players all in on a turn board 3d10sJc6c, Alfonso Daja was ahead with 10h6h two pair, Felipe Quijano with top pair KhJh. When the river dropped Jd, Quijano took the lead to bounce out a very upset Daja. Quijano with 36.5k.

4:00PM: Christos Vlahos ends Vu Duc Trung 
Level 6: Blinds 200-400 ante 400

DSC 5430
Christos Vlahos

Vu Duc Trung is back and looking to make it through after yesterday’s fall. His first bullet here didn’t pan out though. On a board KhQs5d7s6d, he was all in with KdQd top two pair but Christos Vlahos had better with KcKs set. Vlahos up to 70k, Trung out then quickly re-entered.

3:55PM: Pot for Si Yang Phua
Level 6: Blinds 200-400 ante 400

DSC 5425
Si Yang Phua

5400 built up preflop, the cards ran Qh4h3c. Koji Takagi bet 2800, POY contender Si Yang Phua raised to 6700, Takagi tank-folded. Phua is sitting at the same table as the other POY contender Sim Jae Kyung aka Simba. Both are back from missing the mark at Day 1A.

3:45PM: Level 5 ends with 150 entries
Level 5: Blinds 200-300 ante 300

20 more entries to bring the running total to 150 so far. Today’s pot is now at Php 9.2M. Among the new players were Si Yang Phua, Huu Dung Nguyen, and Vu Duc Trung. Chip leader is Edilberto Gopez with 150k.

3:35PM: John Tech rails Seungmook Jung 
Level 5: Blinds 200-300 ante 300

DSC 5412
John Tech

John Tech and Seungmook Jung were all in on a flop Jh10h6c. Jung with QhJd top pair, Tech with Js10c two pair, the turn 9h gave Jung a straight flush draw but with 3c on the river, Jung was eliminated. Tech up to 86k.

3:25PM: More good vibes for Johnny Moreno
Level 5: Blinds 200-300 ante 300

Johnny Moreno aka Johnnyvibes knocked out another player to bring him to 90k. His JcJs dominated 6d6c throughout.

3:15PM: Vamerdino Magsakay cripples Bardah
Level 5: Blinds 200-300 ante 300

DSC 5433
Vamerdino Magsakay

Vamerdino Magsakay claimed a pot that in turn sent Ronnie Bardah down then out. With 4800 in the pot, three players looked on a board As10h7d8h. Bardah bet 3300, called by Huu Dung Nguyen, Magsakay check-raised to 10k, tank-called by Bardah, Nguyen folded. On the river 4d, Magsakay bet 14k, Bardah tank-called. Magsakay showed the straight with Jh9h, Bardah mucked. With less than 5k, Bardah busted on the next hand.

3:05PM: Renato Villanueva rises to 90k
Level 5: Blinds 200-300 ante 300

DSC 5395
Renato Villanueva

Getting to the table with a full board 10c2h3h8cAh and 37k in the pot, big blind Renato Villanueva raised 10k, button player tank-folded. Villanueva up to 90k.

2:55PM: Level 4 ends with 130 entries 
Level 4: Blinds 100-200 ante 200

DSC 5410
Ying Lin Chua

Steadily climbing, 130 entries at the end of Level 4. Among the new arrivals was defending WPT Philippines champion Ying Lin Chua from Malaysia. Also pulling seats were Mike Takayama, John Tech, Linh Tran, Thomas Lee, Jinho Hong, Joseph Talamayan, Seungmook Jung, and just before the new round, Martin Gonzales.

2:45PM: Adonis Carmona gets there on the river
Level 4: Blinds 100-200 ante 200

DSC 5394
Adonis Carmona

A small pot of around 3k was in the middle when two players laid out huge bets on a flop 2d9cQd. One player had 9k out front, Adonis Carmona all in for 35.5k, he was eventually called. Player had 9s9h set, Carmona with Ad9d flush draw, the turn came 3s, no help to Carmona but with the river 4d, he completed the flush and celebrated his win while his challenger filed out. Carmona with 74k.

2:35PM: Hamish Crawshaw at 90k
Level 4: Blinds 100-200 ante 200

DSC 5424
Hamish Crawshaw

POY joint leader Hamish Crawshaw delivered a double knockout unfortunately we missed the hand. He now has 90k.

2:25PM: Johnnyvibes at 101k
Level 4: Blinds 100-200 ante 200

DSC 5398
Johnny Moreno

Johnny Moreno aka johnnyvibes shipped a pot to rise to 101k. The hand opened with cutoff Renato Villanueva raising to 600, called by button Moreno, then three-bet to 1800 by the small blind. The flop was checked and the turn board was 9sJc3hKc. Small blind led out, Villanueva raised to 6300, Moreno three-bet all in, sb all in, Villanueva folded.

Moreno Qh10h straight
Sb JsJd set

The river As didn’t improve the set to bust out. Villanueva down to around 40k.

2:15PM: First break of the day
Level 4: Blinds 100-200 ante 200

DSC 5387

First break of the day just completed. 104 entries so far, 97 seated. That puts today’s prize pool at Php 6.8M. Combined with Day 1A, we are well over the Php 12M guarantee. Among the new players joining the action were Lester Edoc, Linh Tran, Twitter personality Johnnyvibes, and Ronnie Bardah.

Chip leaders are Edilberto Gopez at 86k, Johnson Tan 79k, and Takumi Matsuzaka with 73k.

1:50PM: Ryan McAllister jams for the pot
Level 3: Blinds 100-200 ante 200

DSC 5405
Ryan McAllister

Four way action on a flop 9h4h5s with 2200 built preflop. Big blind Edgar Kim bet 1k, hijack Vincent Huang and button Ryan McAllister called. Small blind check-folded. On the turn 10d, check by Kim, Huang bet 3k, called by McAllister and Kim. On the river 3c, Huang bet 5500, McAllister shoved (20k), Kim check-folded, Huang folded as well. McAllister at 43k.

1:40PM: Michael Kim Falcon falls to Crawshaw
Level 3: Blinds 100-200 ante 200

Michael Kim Falcon was on his second bullet and had already lost just over half his starting stack when the rest went to Hamish Crawshaw. Crawshaw opened for 800, two players called, then Falcon shoved his 13.9k ammo. Crawshaw called, the rest bowed out. Falcon was dominated 8h8c to Crawshaw’s KsKd. The flop gave some hope Kh10h6h for a possible flush but it didn’t materialize with the turn Jc and river Qd. Crawshaw up to 77k.

1:30PM: Edilberto Gopez wins back-to-back pots
Level 3: Blinds 100-200 ante 200

DSC 5317
Edilberto Gopez

Edilberto Gopez is off to a great start. He just won back-to-back pots to bring his stack to 86k. The first one was against Shota Nakanishi. With 12.1k in the pot and a flop 3sAs2s showing, utg Nakanishi bet 6k, hijack Gopez called. On the turn 2d, action switched up with Gopez laying out 6k and Nakanishi check-calling. Nakanishi took charge and fired 14k on the river 6s, Gopez called. Nakanishi AcQh two pair, Gopez won it with 10h9s flush.

Next hand Gopez raised to 600, called by two players. On the flop Ac2s3h, Gopez bet 1100, cutoff Jhih Lou Wang called, bb check-folded. On the 8d turn, Wang bet 1100, Gopez check-raised to 4300, Wang called. The river 2h, Gopez bet 16k, Wang folded.

1:20PM: More players arrive including POY contenders
Level 3: Blinds 100-200 ante 200

The room is filling up with new arrivals jumping in the second level. Another 38 turned up for a current tally of 85 . The Php 12M guarantee has been obliterated. We are well over Php 14M and rising. The original Php 20M guarantee will likely be reached as well. Among the latest arrivals were POY contenders Hamish Crawshaw and Sim Jae Kyung. Also out there are Phachara Wongwichit, Seitaro Aso, Edgar Kim, William Kang, Michael Mariakis, and Ryan McAllister. As for the locals here are kickoff winner and 3rd placer Edilberto Gopez and Joseph Sia.

1:10PM: Good pot for Michael Mariakis 
Level 2: Blinds 100-100 ante 100

DSC 5379
Michael Mariakis

Heavy preflop action began with utg Hidekazu Tanaka raising to 800k, called by Michael Mariakis and Eum Mi Kwon. Button Seitaro Aso – 6 Max NLH champion – three-bet to 3300, Tanaka, Mariakis, and Kwon called. On the flop QsQd4h, action was checked to Aso, he c-bet 3500, only Mariakis called. On the turn and river 7c and 9h, no bets. Mariakis showed 10c10s, Aso mucked. Mariakis just over starting stack.

1:00PM: Takumi Matsuzaka busts Falcon
Level 2: Blinds 100-100 ante 100

DSC 5382
Takumi Matsuzaka

On a king high turn board, Takumi Matsuzaka {A-K) shoved and Michael Kim Falcon (K-Q) called for his tournament life. Both hit the king but Matzuka’s kicker held to the end.

12:50PM: Vincent Huang with aggressive bets against Yu
Level 2: Blinds 100-100 ante 100

DSC 5359
Vincent Huang

With 11.4k in the pot and a board 6cQh4h8s, bb Vincent Huang  bet 7500, button Jiannan Yu called. On the river 8c, Huang shoved (17.3k), Yu tank-folded. Huang up to 43.7k, Yu down to 17k.

12:40PM: Level 1 brings 47 entries, closing the gap on the Php 12M gtd
Level 2: Blinds 100-100 ante 100

Great start! We are headed for a big turnout here. The first level has quickly gone with 47 entries and for a prize pool of Php 3M. Just Php 756k more to breach the Php 12M guarantee. Should happen soon!

12:30PM: Rehg Delos Reyes first bust
Level 1: Blinds 100-100 ante 100

Within the first half hour of play brought on the first casualty and it was Rehg Delos Reyes. one of the few ladies in the field. Prior to her fall, Delos Reyes lost on two pair to a set. This brought her to half stack of around 160 bbs however, she proceeded to lose that as well ten minutes later.

12:20PM: Notables in action
Level 1: Blinds 100-100 ante 100

DSC 5328
Jim Bonanno

Here’s a list of some notable players already slugging it out. We have Jim Bonanno, Thijs Hilberts, Kim Hak Do, Anthony Abram, and just arriving was Michael Kim Falcon. Falcon has already won an event here. He took his seat next to Bonanno who exclaimed “Oh no! You’re sitting next to me? To my left?”

Welcome to Day 1B of the Main Event! 

Good afternoon players! Cards are in the air for the last starting day of the Main Event. This is your final chance to jump in and take part in this brewing pot. Day 1A drew 126 entries to bring the prize pool ot Php 8.25M. The event does guarantee Php 12M and the way it’s going, we are headed for a crushing.

Live updates will be running throughout the day. For now, here’s all the info you need:

Dates: February 14 to 17
Venue: Coral Lounge at Okada Manila
Buy-in: Php 75,000 (~US$ 1,500)
Guarantee: Php 12,000,000 (~US$ 237,300)
Re-entry: one allowed per day

Day 1A: 24 advanced out of 126 entries (completed)
Day 1B: Saturday, February 15 at 12pm
Day 2: Sunday, February 16 at 1pm
Final Day: Monday, February 17 at 1pm

Starting stack: 30,000
Opening blinds: 100 – 100 ante 100
Starting day level duration: 40 minutes
Registration: closes at the start of Level 10
Bagging time: end of Level 14

Day 2 and Final day level duration: 60 minutes
Final heads up level duration: 30 minutes

Day 1A Top 5

Jaeho Kim Korea 312,000
Julien Weymouth Guam 290,000
Francesco Morales Italy 252,000
Joshua Chargualaf Usa 249,000
Markus Garberg Norway 247,500


2:10AM: Day 1A ends with 24 remaining

After 14 rounds, Day 1A is in the bag. 126 entered, 24 players remained. They return on Sunday, February 16 at 1pm for Day 2. We will have a recap for you shortly. Prize pool is currently over Php 8M. The likelihood of exceeding the Php 12M guarantee is very high. One more starting day left. For now here are the chip counts by rank.

Last Name First Name Country Chips
Kim Jaeho Korea 312,000
Weymouth Julien Guam 290,000
Morales Francesco Italy 252,000
Chargualaf Joshua Guam 249,000
Garberg Markus Norway 247,500
Kim Kunwoo Korea 239,000
Gulbrandsen Simen Norway 199,500