Winfred Yu: “More Triton Super High Roller Series events in 2016”

The Triton Super High Roller Series held its ground-breaking first ever event at the WPT National Philippines on January 3-4, 2016. The highly successful event attracted a slew of top pros as well as affluent businessmen from Asia. Poker King Club President and CEO, Winfred Yu, took some time to give us an insight on what the Triton SHR Series is all about.

Launching the Triton SHR Series

"We've been planning this since May when we launched our poker room here in Solaire. We were just waiting to find the right moment because we needed to get more junkets and more VIPs into the scene. We decided that the first week of 2016 was a good time to launch our first event of the Triton Super High Roller Series. "

Driving Force Behind the Triton SHR Series

"More and more Chinese players have been following our high stakes cash game and a big part of them have been interested in tournaments, especially Richard Yong who won the $100K event last year in Aussie Millions. He has always participated in a lot of super high roller events and high roller tournaments all over the world. After his involvement in Poker King Club, he wanted to push a new brand of High Roller event and give our regular high stakes cash game players the opportunity to enjoy the excitement of tournaments."

A Format Designed to Accommodate Businessmen

"Our purpose here is to attract not only the pros but also a lot of high status businessmen and celebrities from our customer base. We also wanted to attract other business people from other countries. Many of the well-known businessmen in Asia and China don't have the luxury of participating in a ten day festival because it is too long for them, they have their businesses to take care of. A 2-3 day tournament with 40 minute blind levels, and a buy-in that they feel excited about, seemed to be the right formula. "

Winfred Yu Richard Yong

Stanley Choi, Richard Yong, Winfred Yu

More Triton SHR Series Events in 2016

"There will definitely be more Triton Super High Roller Series events this year. We intend to have four, at least one per season. Richard and our other Chinese business partners now have a feel for it so we are working on the schedules. We also need to find the right venues that can accommodate the VIPs and meet their standards."

Partners and Sponsors

"We worked together with WPT on this event. I think it is a good combination. We need WPT for their media channels and event organizing skills. It saves me a lot of energy, and it allows us to concentrate more on taking care of the VIPs.

Cali Group was also the main sponsor of this event. They just launched their VIP junket room in Solaire yesterday. It was the right timing for them to support this event and everybody could combine their resources. There are already a lot of junkets and people looking for special VIPs who have been contacting us about sponsoring this type of event and I think it is pretty natural because a lot of the participants are also big players in other casino games."


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