Triton Super High Roller Series Main Event by the Numbers

It’s a full house at the Triton Super High Roller Series with Day 2 action of the HKD 500K buy-in Main Event seeing late registrations, re-entries, and add ons as the first order of the day. When the cards started flying, the numbers were indeed very juicy with the competition at its highest caliber. Here’s a rundown of the stats and an update on the action.


Massive prize pool with over US2M for the winner

The Main Event drew in a total number of 62 entries, of which 44 were unique players. Of that turnout, there were 39 add ons, bringing the grand total prize pool to a massive HKD 48,757,650 (US$6,286,240). Nine players will make the money. The eventual winner will be looking at a sweet lion’s share cut of HKD 16,135,550 (US$2,080,328).

Holz, Seidel, and other latecomers

Missing in action yesterday were #1 top ranked players from their respective countries, Germany’s Fedor Holz, and USA’s Erik Seidel. As expected, both players made their way to the felt today. Several players also re-entered after busting out in Day 1, David Peters, Daniel “jungleman” Cates, Connor Drinan, Bryn Kenney, Dominik Nitsche, and Rainer Kempe. With the 200K starting stack and the 300K add on, they will all be entering the day with 62 big blinds.

A room worth over US$200M

With mainly poker elites and online sensations at the felt, it goes to show that super high roller events draw in a very exclusive group of players. Summing up the live tournament earnings of all the players at the Triton SHR Series Main Event, the numbers were to the roof, weighing on around US$200M. Erik Seidel, Fedor Holz and John Juanda contribute a combined total of around US$70M together.

Current Chip Leaders and bust outs

At the time of writing, two levels have already gone by with lots of brutal action sending several players out such as Paul Phua, Mustapha Kanit, and the hardest to fall, one of the day’s entering chip leaders, Tom Dwan, who could not recover after losing a big hand against Yong Wai Kin.

On the flip side, the current chip leaders were David Peters, Fedor Holz, Bryn Kenney, and the young Yong all with easily over 1.4M in chips.

No ladies grace at the felt

 While poker is a highly male dominated game, there are usually women who get out there and battle it out with the big boys with some giving them a run for the glory. However, in this ongoing arena, it was a surprise that no ladies turned up for the challenge.

Day 2 of the Main Event will run for another ten rounds of action. We will have the final wrap later this evening.

 Article by Triccia David

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