Tiger Poker Cup creates USD 1 million prize pool in Beijing

Despite the departure of big poker brands like the World Poker Tour and the World Series of Poker from China, the live poker scene in mainland China is still alive and well. One recent proof is the Tiger Poker Cub in Beijing that created a prize pool of approximately USD 1 million last week.

Picture from Tao Li

Tiger Poker Cup

The event was held from 3rd to 9th April at the Runner Runner Poker Club and had a buy-in of CNY 8,800 (~USD 1,300)

834 entries created a prize pool of CNY 6,670,000 (~USD 995,000). Amongst the hopeful players fighting for the prize money were Red Dragon champ Yuguang Li, Beijing Cup champ Yuan Jiang and Weiyi “Wayne” Zhang. However, none of the notable players made it into the money.

Money matters

90 players were ITM in this event and the unfortunate bubble boy this time was Haigen Wang. Yi Ma, who had been the chipleader at the end of Day 2, exited the tournament in 10th place for CNY 85,000 (~USD 12,700)

Picture from Tao Li

Jie Jiang on the other hand was chipleader on Day 3 and followed it through by beating Ze Xu heads-up and winning the event. It almost didn’t happen for him when he got coolered early in Day 1B. He got all his chips in the middle against two opponents with Top Set and lost against a flush. This hand crippled Jiang to 3,000 chips, but he managed to make it into Day 2 with a 82,000 stack.

Picture from Tao Li

The final hand of the tournament was an interesting one. Jiang limped on the button, Xu checked. Xu checked the 8♣K♦9♣ flop and then called Jiang’s bet of 300,000. The turn brought a 2♠, which got checked by Xu and bet by Jiang with 800,000. A 6♥ hit the river, Xu checked and Jiang emptied the clip, going all-in. Xu called and showed 9♥3♣ for a pair of nines while Jiang held the winning hand with K♣Q♣ with the higher pair of kings.

Picture from Tao Li

The Top 10 payouts:

1 Jie Jiang CNY 1,132,000 (~USD 167,000)
2 Ze Xu CNY 702,000 (~USD 105,000)
3 Shipeng Dai CNY 522,000 (~USD 78,00)
4 Tianhong Su CNY 402,000 (~USD 60,000)
5 Nan Hong CNY 308,000 (~USD 46,000)
6 Feng Chen CNY 240,000 (~USD 36,000)
7 Deteng Liu CNY 192,000 (~USD 29,000)
8 Jingkun Zhang CNY 155,000 (~USD 23,000)
9 Yiming Zhou CNY 128,500 (~USD 19,000)
10 Yi Ma CNY 85,000 (~USD 13,000)

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