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Poker Community (Firepoker) Review

  • Soft games with a vast majority of Chinese Players
  • Action across all stakes (especially NLH)
  • iOS, Android And PC (Via Emulator)
  • Safe access to the games via Somuchpoker
  • Good Traffic

– About Poker Community (Firepoker)-


Poker Community (Firepoker) is a poker application similar to Poker Master and there are lots of games currently running up to 5/10/20/50 CNY (up to NL1.5k). There are many tables running if you’re looking to play soft NLH small to midstakes. PLO is also available but traffic is minimal compared to NLH.

With games on Poker Master in 2019 no longer interesting (too much collusion and scams), Poker Community (Firepoker)- is currently one of the best option for players looking for Chinese traffic.

– Play on Poker Community (Firepoker) with Somuchpoker –

  Why play on Poker Community with Somuchpoker agent?

We process cashins and cashouts via the payment methods of your choice. There’s no minimum deposit.

  How to access the best clubs on Poker Community (Firepoker)?

All clubs are currently part of a single Alliance. Before starting, let us know about the games you are playing so that we can recommend the best options.  When different Alliances will be formed we will make sure to provide you an access to the softest clubs on Poker Community (Firepoker), we will actively update our club offerings to ensure access to the best games. Contact us for details.

  What is the Rake Structure?

Rake 5%,

1/2 capped at 10BB
2/4 capped at 7.5BB
5/10 capped at 5BB
10/20 capped at 2BB
25/50 capped at 1BB

Try Poker Community (Firepoker) via a trusted agent.
Contact Somuchpoker to Get Started !

– Games –

  How to use the Software?

Poker Community offers games on Android/iOS as well as Windows (via Emulator). The app is available for download by going to:

To apply and register for Poker Community (Firepoker) please dowload the application via the above link, have your Phone no. ready and follow the steps.

What Games of Poker are available?

Texas Hold’Em, MTTs and PLO are available to play, starting at NL30/PLO30 up to NL1.5k. Games are very soft compared to international standards. Action may vary depending on games/stakes. There is A LOT of NLH traffic accross all stakes but PLO has  less action. MTTs are running and are also very interesting!

  How to join our Community?

Please contact us and join our community! We will provide you the ID number and name, so you can join, watch the games and start playing 🙂

Contact Somuchpoker to Get Started !

– Payments –

  How to make a Deposit?

Our agents accept deposits through Skrill, Neteller, Pokerstars, partypoker as well as Bitcoin.

  How to make a Withdrawal?

Cashouts are also made through SkrillNetellerPokerstars, partypoker or Bitcoin with a small commission.

  Is Poker Community Secure?

Somuchpoker Guarantees your Bankroll.

– Conclusion –


 Private Poker Games up to mid-stakes
 No Rake for Losses
 Soft Games


  Only available on PC via Emulator

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