Poker Monster – Frequently Asked Question


What is Poker Master ? How does it work ?

Poker Master is effectively a play-money poker app. We integrate real-money through a system of clubs and agents. We track your every session of games and equate the win/loss of chips directly to RMB. Every session of the games you played will be recorded on Poker Master app under the Results Tab. Furthermore, we will send you tallies of your daily sessions the following day so you may check against them with the results.

What are Gems ? How to buy them ?

Gems are used for time banks and can also be used to purchase coins. Players can buy gems through us with a minimum of 328 RMB = 3280 Gems.

What are Coins ?

Coins are the units used for the in-game currency and will be used to buy-in onto the table to play the games. The rate is : 920 RMB =100000 Coins (Any amount).

What are Poker Master’s fees ?

Upon buying in, you will be charged a fee of approximately 10% of your buy-in coins. (E.g.: if you buy in 10000 coins to the table, you will be charged a total of 11000 coins). Bear note that this does not mean you actually paid 1000 RMB just to join the table. This is the fee payable to Poker Master app.

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What about the Rake ?

There is no rake during the game in Poker Master, so you essentially play rake-free games during the game’s duration. However, if you have a winning session, the host of the game will take 5% of your winnings as a fee for hosting and running the game. No fee will be charged if you have a losing session on the table.


How to create an account ?

We can provide accounts for you with preloaded gem/coins as per requested and clubs we are affiliated with. You can request for any number of accounts for each player and we will tie all the accounts to him. Once we have passed you the accounts, the player is responsible for any win/loss associated with the accounts.

Alternatively, you can make your own accounts and we will load gems/coins and join the necessary clubs for you. Coins can be loaded into any accounts but gems only can be loaded into accounts registered via phone no. You will have to provide us with the phone number.

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