Poker in New Zealand

Gambling in New Zealand is governed by the Department of Internal Affairs.  And as much as they are liberal in their regulations, operators are not allowed to promote gambling to the citizens, unless it is the authorized lotteries conducted in the country.

There are a total of 6 casinos in the country –Christchurch Casino, Skycity Auckland, Dunedin Casino, Skycity Hamilton, Skycity Queenstown, Skycity Wharf Casino. However, the most notable of the 6 would be the first 2 casinos on the list. Players need to be over 20 years old to be allowed to enter in the gaming area of the facilities.

Besides casino gaming, people are allowed to bet on Horse Races, Lotteries and “Pokies” (slot machines). A large portion of profits generated by these activities is supposed to be returned to the community.

The game of poker has been around the island as long as it has been existent in the United- States. Word has it that the Americans, who arrived more than a hundred years ago, is the source of poker knowledge when they brought the game with them during they search for Gold in the Pacific region. That being the case, new variants of the game like Texas Holdem was easy enough for the Kiwis to learn and to develop a passion for.

Although poker can be found in all the casinos, it is being offered more regularly and consistently in Christchurch Casino and Skycity Auckland.

Gambling through any communication device is illegal in New Zealand, i.e. online gambling and online poker.  But New Zealand’s Gambling Act 2003 only prohibits online gambling from operators based in New Zealand. It is therefore, not illegal for anyone to play in online sites based offshore. However, although it is not illegal to play on offshore casino operators or poker sites, it is considered an offense in New Zealand for these offshore sites to blatantly advertise and promote gaming in the country.

Article by Gabrielle Barredo

Capital : Wellington

Languages : English

Population : 4,471 million

Currency : New Zealand dollar

Calling code : +64

  • Acces to all major Online Poker Sites
  • Great Internet in most of the country
  • Six  live casinos are allowed in the country
  • It’s not illegal for anyone play in online poker sites based offshore
  • For offshore sites , it is considered an offense to blatantly advertise and promote gaming in New Zealand.


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