Off Topic: Former Crack Dealer wins WPT Event, Dan Bilzerian posts outrageous pics on Instagram

Former Crack dealer wins a WPT Side Event for $217,792

This week, a man who served 15 years for dealing crack, completed an astonishing turnaround, when he won a WPT Borgata side event for $217,792 besting a field of 3,268 runners. Everyone's Aces would no doubt have held up against a man whose cracking days are behind him, which makes the accomplishment of Joe “Black” Reddick all the more impressive. He has changed his life in many ways since being released from prison in 2008, having written books, and movie scripts, before turning his hand to poker. His introduction to the game began in prison, before his new found freedom allowed him to hit the casinos and build a bankroll after his release. He began with $500 in Atlantic City card rooms, and perhaps felt that rolling up at the cash tables was a safer bet than pipe dreams of winning the world series on ESPN. Now, with an impressive $590,282 in live cashes to his name since 2008, he dreams of doing exactly that, having stated his desire to win a WSOP bracelet.

Joe Reddick

Joe Reddick (photo Borgata / WPT)

Dan Bilzerian posts outrageous pictures on Instagram

Self styled king of Instagram Dan Bilzerian, has once again showcased his ability to make the headlines by posting several pictures of himself and six bored looking girls. Bilzerian, who has proclaimed himself to be a professional poker player, currently remains unranked in the GPI, having only ever cashed in a live tournament once in his life. When he's not tearing up the felt, Bilzerian can often be found in front of a camera, accomplishing the fascinating tasks of watching television, eating, and looking pleased with the number of hookers he has purchased. It is thought that his lavish lifestyle may be funded by his former convict father, but all we can really say for sure, is that his poker career has stalled somewhat.

Dan Bilzarian Orgy

Date night for Dan Bilzarian

Poker is not dead

We're not sure if there is a recognised world record for the most number of buy ins won in a single session, but Vanessa Kade has to be up there somewhere, having ground out a staggering 26 buy ins over a 28 hour session of $1/$2 at Cowboys Casino in Calgary, Canada. She won a total of $5,200 throughout the session, while clearly on the sort of heater that would cause the centre of the sun to wince. Reports that the felt had to be replaced due to being utterly saturated by her opponents tears, remain unconfirmed. Upon attempting to extract the endless rack of chips at the end of her session, Kade will have probably bemoaned the fact that despite making several wheels during the session, she hadn't thought to make a barrow.

Vanessa Kade

A good day at the office




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