Natural8-WSOPC: MAIN EVENT over $5.6M and rising; Artur Martirosian & Joao Vieira win $10K HR events; first series win for Florencio Campomanes

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It is getting down to the wire at the WSOP Super Circuit Online Series with Day 26 now in the books. The massive online festival got underway on May 3rd at GG Network Natural8. Since then, 14 of the iconic 18 circuit gold rings have been claimed and the nine figure $100 million guarantee breached.

The chase for the last four rings is ongoing with registration and daily Day 1 heats leading up to the events. The final day to take part is on May 31st. The MAIN EVENT $5M GTD was cracked two days ago and is now at $ 5.6M and rising.

To date, the grand festival has paid out $ 106.1 million across 455 events. It is, without challenge, the richest event in online history. Last night, $ 3.4 million was paid out across 18 side games. Several players scored six figure payouts with Artur Martirosian and Joao Vieira pocketing the single largest at respective $ 10K High Roller events. Other big winners included AndyAtTheBike, Jacob Schindler, and Florencio Campomanes “tonkatsu&wagyu”.

We’ve got those stories, results, and ring event updates for your reading pleasure.

Day 26 results

As usual, the High Roller events kept the big guns very busy. The costliest were the two $ 10K High Roller events. Each one amassed a juicy pot well over half a million which in turn paid handsomely to the winners.

WSOPC Series: $ 10K High Roller

The larger of the two attracted 69 runners for a $ 669,300 prize pool. Artur Martirosian came out on top defeating 20BigWhale20 at heads up. For his triumph, Martirosian earned $ 184K. 20BigWhale20 made out huge as well, receiving $ 123K for second place.

Not only did Martirosian collect the single largest tournament payout, he was also the day’s top earner. Martirosian finished 3rd at the other $ 10K HR event for $ 80K, scored another $ 34K for 4th place at a $ 5K HR event, and $ 16K at the lone $2.5K buy in event for his 3rd place finish. In total, Martirosian earned a whopping $ 314K.

Buy in: $ 10,000
Guarantee: $ 500,000
Entries: 69
Prize pool: $ 669,300
ITM: 9 places


1st Artur Martirosian – Russia – $ 184,065.16
2nd 20BigWhale20 – Andorra – $ 123,022.35
3rd Pascal Lefrancois – Canada – $ 96,188.85
4th Adrian Mateos – UK – $ 75,208.23
5th Mikita Badziakouski – Croatia – $ 58,803.89
6th Daniel Dvoress – Canada – $ 45,977.63
7th TheProfessional – Canada – $ 35,949.04
8th Jacob Schindler – Canada – $ 28,107.85
9th Joao Vieira – Netherlands – $ 21,977

WSOPC Series: $10K High Roller

At the other $ 10K High Roller event, 54 turned up with 7 players seeing a return. Joao Vieira was the envied player. He defeated Lauryn Levinskas at heads up to grab the $ 181.4K first prize. Like Martirosian, Vieira also cashed at other events to collect a wealthy $ 248.4K for the day.

WSOPC Series: $10K High Roller
WSOPC Series: $10K High Roller

Buy in: $ 10,000
Guarantee: $ 300,000
Entries: 54
Prize pool: $ 523,800
ITM: 7 places


1st Joao Vieira – Netherlands – $ 181,463.63
2nd Laurynas Levinskas – Croatia – $ 110,900.45
3rd Artur Martirosian – Russia – $ 80,058.79
4th Michael Addamo – Canada – $ 57,794.25
5th Nick Petrangelo – Canada – $41,721.56
6th Timothy Adams – Canada – $ 30,118.70
7th Pascal Hartmann – Austria – $ 21,742.62

AndyAtTheBike and Jacob Schindler win $5K HR events

Both $ 5K High Roller events more than doubled their respective guarantee. AndyAtTheBike and Jacob Schindler came out on top.

WSOPC Series: $5K High Roller

Quite a number of players shelled out more than one bullet at the first $ 5K High Roller event scheduled on Day 26. In the aftermath, it was AndyAtTheBike who prevailed, making his second bullet count. He defeated Almedin Imsirovic at heads up to ship a six figure payout worth $ 110,964.44.

Buy in: $ 5,000
Guarantee: $ 200,000
Entries: 102
Prize pool: $ 484,500
ITM: 15 places

Final table payouts

1st AndyAtTheBike – Canada – $ 110,964.44
2nd Almedin Imsirovic – Canada – $ 83,552.84
3rd Juan Pardo Dominguez – UK – $ 62,912.80
4th Matthias Eibinger – Austria – $ 47,371.45
5th BeautyRat – Russia – $ 35,669.27
6th dnegking – Canada – 26,857.86
7th Stephen O’Dwyer – Croatia – $ 20,223.17
8th Vicent Bosca Ramon – UK – $ 15,227.44
9th Alexandros Kolonias – Greece – $ 13,431.45

WSOPC Series: $5K High Roller

At the other $ 5K High Roller event, 64 signed on. The payout difference from second to first was a large $ 35K. In the end, it was Jacob Schindler who seized the sizable $ 94.4K payout, defeating Adrian Mateos at heads up. Mateos had to settle for the $ 59.4K second prize. Schindler also closed the day securing a Main Event final day seat.

WSOPC Series: $5K High Roller

Buy in: $ 5,000
Guarantee: $ 150,000
Entries: 64
Prize pool: $ 304,000
ITM: 8 places


1st Jacob Schindler – Canada – $ 94,460.16
2nd Adrian Mateos – UK – $ 59,445.46
3rd Joao Vieira – Netherlands – $ 44,973.48
4th Artur Martirosian – Russia – $ 34,024.68
5th Michael Addamo – Canada – $ 25,741.38
6th Sergi Reixach – Mexico – $ 19,474.63
7th Kings#1 – Germany – $ 14,733.54
8th Alex Foxen – Canada – $ 11,146.67

Florencio Campomanes “tonkatsu&wagyu” wins the $1K

Filipino pro Florencio Campomanes “tonkatsu&wagyu” claimed his first series win at a WSOPC Series: $1K event, rising above a 105 entry field. This win comes days after finishing 6th at the Monster Stack ring event that earned him $ 20.1K. To seize victory, Campomanes exchanged blows with Jesus Shuttlesworth at heads up to see the lead bounce back and forth. After Campomanes won the hand below, it created a wider gap between them, and from there, he shipped it. The final hand was Campomanes A-6 off suit over Shuttlesworth’s K-4 off suit that missed.

Florencio Campomanes “tonkatsu&wagyu”
Florencio Campomanes “tonkatsu&wagyu”

Buy in: $ 1,000
Guarantee: $ 85,000
Entries: 105
Prize pool: $ 99,750
ITM: 15 places
Winner: Florencio Campomanes “tonkatsu&wagyu” – Japan – $ 22,845.69

Going from small to BIG

Fields are expanding at the low buy in events, especially at the $ 88 Daily Special and the $ 50 Daily Main. Both events drew over 1,600 entries. For the winners, it was sweet payday turning their double digit buy in into a dazzling five figure payout.

WSOPC Series: $88 Daily Special

Buy in: $ 88
Guarantee: $ 100,000
Entries: 1,627
Prize pool: $ 131,721.92
ITM: 269 places
Winner: still theory – Brazil – $ 20,017.03

WSOPC Series: $50 Daily Main

WSOPC Series: $50 Daily Main
WSOPC Series: $50 Daily Main

Buy in: $ 50
Guarantee: $ 65,000
Entries: 1,691
Prize pool: $ 77,786
ITM: 287 places
Winner: krtek1 – Lithuania – $ 11,769.68

Other Big Winners

WSOPC Series: $2.5K

Buy in: $ 2,500
Guarantee: $ 100,000
Entries: 44
Prize pool: $ 104,500
ITM: 5 places


1st Trashdawg – Albania – $ 44,578.03
2nd Pascal Hartmann – Austria – $ 26,338.99
3rd Artur Martirosian – Russia – $ 16,578.91
4th pDNA – UK – $ 10,435.50
5th AndyAtTheBike – Canada – $ 6,568.56

WSOPC Series: $500 Daily Main

Buy in: $ 500
Guarantee: $ 150,000
Entries: 423
Prize pool: $ 200,925
ITM: 62 places
Winner: maomaojie- China – $ 36,046.10

WSOPC Series: $1K

Buy in: $ 1,000
Guarantee: $ 85,000
Entries: 120
Prize pool: $ 114,000
ITM: 17 places
Winner: FreddyBorgRainer – Germany – $ 22,972.95 (deal)
2nd Andras Nemeth – Hungary – $ 21,012.71 (deal)

WSOPC Series: $500 Omaha

Buy in: $ 500
Guarantee: $ 40,000
Entries: 104
Prize pool: $ 49,400
ITM: 15 places
Winner: HogFish333 – Canada – $ 11,314.08

WSOPC Series: $210 Bounty

Buy in: $ 210
Guarantee: $ 150,000
Entries: 1,020
Prize pool: $ 204,000
Winner: Clj_Crazy – Argentina – $ 26,086.69 (includes $ 9,447.33 in bounties)

Update: WSOPC Ring Event #17: MAIN EVENT $5M GTD

Out of all the WSOPC events in the roster, the prestigious WSOPC Ring Event #17: MAIN EVENT $5M GTD is the one to enter and conquer. The highlighted event is coming up in just a couple of days. The guarantee was snapped two days ago and now sits at a cumulative $ 5,679,100. Last night, Jacob Schindler secured his spot to the final day. To qualify, 10 Day 1 heats remain.

Buy in: $ 1,000
Guarantee: $ 5,000,000
Final Day: June 1 @ 03:00 (HKT)
Day 1 heats: 10 remaining

Coming final day, players can expect to see notables in the roster such as: Bertrand “ElkY” Grospelier, Fedor Holz, Henri Buehler, Alex Foxen, Kristen Bicknell, Mikita Badziakouski, Adrian Mateos, Michael Soyza, Thai Ha, and 2019 WSOPE Main Event winner Alexandros Kolonias. Series ring winners also to watch for are Chi Jen Chu “PetitFoxx”, TheMadQueen, ChilaxChuck, BlaireauEnColere, ShopChop96, and 800-522-4700.

Among the top 10 in chips is COLOSSUS ring winner WhiteChick who currently sits in second rank while Philippines’s Lester Edoc “mon$terDad” is ranked 9th. A cumulative 5,978 have entered with 833 through to the final day.

Top 10 in chips

295 Main Event 1

Update: WSOPC Ring Event #16: PLO MAIN EVENT $1M GTD

Also brewing up a big pot is the WSOPC Ring Event #16: PLO MAIN EVENT $1M GTD. The event also surpassed its guarantee with a cumulative 1,724 entries at $ 1K each for $ 1,637,800. This number will continue to increase with 11 Day 1 heats remaining.

Buy in: $ 1,000
Guarantee: $ 1,000,000
Final Day: June 1 @ 0300 (HKT)
Day 1 heats: 11 remaining

Among the 217 players through to the final day is GGPoker Ambassador Fedor Holz who is currently ranked second in chips. In the lead is Hungarian pro Andras Nemeth. Other notable players include Isaac Baron, Laurynas Levinskas, Amichai Barer, Patrick Leonard “Babu$hka”, Lucas Greenwood, Gavin Cochrane, Guo Dong, Lester Edoc “mon$terDad”, and ring winner ShopChop96.

Top 10 in chips

295PLo 1

Update: Monster Stack $500K GTD and The Closer $500K GTD

In addition to the ring events listed above are WSOPC Ring Event #15: Monster Stack $500K GTD and the last ring event WSOPC Ring Event #18: The Closer $500K GTD (Turbo). Registration is ongoing.

Monster Stack info

Buy in: $ 200
Guarantee: $ 500,000
Start Date: May 31 21:00 (HKT)

For the Monster Stack event, this is the fourth of its kind. Each of the previous three destroyed its guarantee. The first one drew 5,155 entries for $ 948,250. Champion 274AS shipped $ 134.9K. The second one drew 5,161 entries for $ 949,624. Champion ShopChop96 shipped $ 155K. The third one drew 4,846 entries for $ 891,664. Champion 5Dinks4All shipped pennies shy of $ 127K.

The Closer info

Buy in: $ 500
Guarantee: $ 500,000
Start Date: June 1 06:00 (HKT)

Ring Event Leaderboard

Rank Nickname Flag Points Prize
1 PetitFoxx Singapore 95.00 $0.01
2 274AS Luxembourg 92.50 $0.01
3 BlaireauEnColere Brazil 85.00 $0.01
4 TheMadQueen Canada 80.00 $0.01
5 Jayb0y_11 United Kingdom 77.50 $0.01
6 JoaoValli Brazil 75.00 $0.01
7 kimokh Hungary 75.00 $0.01
8 MrWheatToast Canada 75.00 $0.01
9 NeverGambol Lithuania 72.50 $0.01
10 ArchieAndrews United Kingdom 72.50 $0.01

Exclusive Natural8 promos for WSOPC Online Series

For Natural8 players, the online platform is offering several promos to boost your experience. Head to the site for the details.

WSOP $ 300K Daily Leaderboards

Natural8 is running exclusive leaderboards with up to $300,000 in prizes. There are 3 leaderboards, paying out a daily total $ 10,000, and categorized by location: Asia / LATAM / Rest of the World (ROW).

WSOP Super Circuit Hero

Be the first to turn $1 into a ring to claim a $ 500,000 ambassadorship package which includes an all expense paid trip to Las Vegas.

Stay tuned to Somuchpoker as we bring you daily recaps of the ongoing WSOPC Online Series hosted on Natural8 until it concludes.

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