Natural8 kicks off a massive US$ 50 Million guaranteed festival this April

Get ready for more madness in the online poker world as Good Game Series hosts a massive festival starting this Sunday. Coming April 5 to April 26 is the Natural8 GGSeries 2020s with a jaw-dropping US$ 50 Million in guarantees. The schedule is packed with 375 events curated to satisfy every type of player, of every type of bankroll. 

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Prior to the novel coronavirus outbreak, Natural8 was already experiencing a steady rise in players. With the world at a standstill forcing many into isolation, Natural8 numbers have continued to swell for a series of this magnitude able to be staged. Several GGSeries 2020s key points and incentives to know: 

 – Tiered events are offered daily: High Rollers, High, Mid, and Low. Buy ins range from US$ 1.05 to US$ 5,000. 

 – Natural8 GGSeries 2020s aims to attract players with their boosted guarantees ranging from US$ 1,000 to US$ 1,000,000 in Phased Events. Interestingly, a handful of High Roller events will need only 30 players to meet the guarantee while several low buy in events will need over 3200 players to meet the ambitious figures. 

 – Another attraction, Natural8 GGSeries 2020s intends to give more to players with their reduced rake of 8%. Select Bounty Events will see it further down to a 5% rake. 

Natural8 GGSeries 2020s Highlights

With a plethora of tournaments to enjoy over the three week period, it may be a head spinner to figure out which ones to play. As a guide, any day you decide to play, there will be a tournament to match your bankroll. Making up the bulk are a variety of daily tiered events, Daily Specials, Daily Mains, and Sunday Specials. Also in the lineup are Omaha Events and the Phoenix Rebuy. 

Weekday Highlight events

Listed below are the juiciest events during the week. Buy ins range from US$ 2 to US$ 5,000 and guarantees from US$ 2,000 to US$ 200,000. 

Time(UTC) Tournament name Buy-in GTD
12:00 GGS-H: $200 Starter $200 $50,000
12:00 GGS-M: $20 Starter $20 $15,000
12:00 GGS-L: $2 Starter $2 $2,000
13:30 GGS: $33 Daily Special $33 $30,000
15:00 GGS: $55 Daily Special $55 $50,000
16:30 GGS: $88 Daily Special $88 $80,000
17:30 GGS: $210 Bounty Special $210 $100,000
18:00 GGS-HR: $5K Daily Main $5,000 $200,000
18:00 GGS-H: $500 Daily Main $500 $100,000
18:00 GGS-M: $50 Daily Main $50 $50,000
18:00 GGS-L: $5 Daily Main $5 $7,500
19:00 GGS: $1K $1,000 $100,000
20:00 GGS-HR: $2.5K $2,500 $80,000
20:00 GGS-H: $250 $250 $50,000
20:00 GGS-M: $25 $25 $15,000
20:00 GGS-L: $2.5 $2.5 $3,500
21:00 GGS-High Roller: $5K $5,000 $150,000

Sunday Highlights

Traditionally, Sunday attracts the largest crowd which in turn churns up big prize pools. A lineup of enticing events fill the day with buy ins from US$ 2 to US$ 1,000 and guarantees from US$ 3,000 to US$ 1,000,000. One event to look forward to is the network’s signature event, the GGMasters US$ 150 buy in freeze out event guaranteeing US$ 500,000. 

*Time(UTC) Tournament name Buy-in GTD
12:00 GGS-H: $200 Starter $200 $75,000
12:00 GGS-M: $20 Starter $20 $20,000
12:00 GGS-L: $2 Starter $2 $3,000
13:30 GGS: $33 Sunday Special $33 $40,000
15:00 GGS: $55 Sunday Special $55 $75,000
16:00 GGS-HR: $2.5K $2,500 $150,000
16:00 GGS-H: $250 $250 $150,000
16:00 GGS-M: $25 $25 $30,000
16:00 GGS-L: $2.5 $2.5 $5,000
16:30 GGS: $88 Sunday Special $88 $100,000
17:00 GGMasters $150, $500K GTD $150 $500,000
17:00 GGS-HR: $5K Omaha Main Event $5,000 $150,000
17:00 GGS-H: $500 Omaha Main Event $500 $40,000
17:00 GGS-M: $50 Omaha Main Event $50 $12,500
17:00 GGS-L: $5 Omaha Main Event $5 $2,000
17:30 GGS: $210 Bounty Special $210 $150,000
18:00 GGS-HR: $5K Sunday Main $5,000 $300,000
18:00 GGS-H: $500 Sunday Main $500 $200,000
18:00 GGS-M: $50 Sunday Main $50 $100,000
18:00 GGS-L: $5 Sunday Main $5 $15,000
19:00 GGS: $1K $1,000 $100,000
20:30 GGS-Phased: $250~$1K [Day2] $250~$1K $500K~$1M
21:00 GGS-High Roller: $5K $5,000 $200,000

Full Schedule:  Natural8 GGSeries 2020s Edition – 50M GTD

Natural8 GGSeries 2020s Leaderboard

Throughout the series, players earn points towards the GGSeries 2020s Leaderboard. A total of US$ 300,000 will be distributed. Awaiting the player with the most number of points accrued is a cool US$ 37,500.  

To keep you abreast of the series, tune in to Somuchpoker for daily recaps from start to finish.

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