Natural8 guarantees $3.5 Million across 129 events in new tournament series

Tournament Series’ with headline grabbing guarantees can represent a short-term risk for up and coming operators, but there is undoubtedly a longer-term benefit in terms of publicity and attracting new customers. Natural8 has chosen to hit the headlines with a $3.5 million guaranteed prize pool across a series which will offer 129 events.

Inaugural ‘Good Game Series’ set for November

The upcoming Good Game Series will offer 129 tournaments to players through a 15-day period, with $3.5 million being guaranteed, along with a further $220,000 being put up in satellite prizes. In addition, there will be $100,000 worth of tickets available to be won during the month of November.

Good Game Series Overview

    • Overall guarantee – $3.5 million
    • Satellite guarantee – $220,000
    • GGS giveaway promotion – $100,000
    • Number of events – 129
    • Duration – 15 days
    • When – November 18th – December 2nd
    • Games – NLH and PLO
    • Formats – Regular Holdem and PLO, and Bounty Hunter Holdem and PLO
    • Buy in Range – $10-$25,000
    • Entry Routes – Buy in, giveaway, satellite
    • Full schedule to be released soon

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Golden Dragon Tournament Series

Continuing with the theme of tournament offerings, Natural8 has continued to reach out to the Chinese market. Online poker has, for Chinese players on the network been largely centred around cash games up until now. Natural8 is hoping to cater for a growing interest in MTT’s through a series aimed primarily at Chinese players, although it will be open to all. October 1st sees the start of the Golden Dragon tournament series. Tournaments in this series will be taking place during peak hours for Chinese player traffic, with buy ins and payouts being paid in Chinese Yuan. Tournaments will be 8-max, with Deepstack events included to cater for the demands of Chinese players and what is popular in the Chinese poker community.

Tournament Details

Event Name Day Time(UTC+08:00) Buy-in Guarantee
金龙 Bounty ¥525 MON 19:30 ¥525 ¥98000
金龙 Deepstack ¥330 21:30 ¥330 ¥72800
金龙 Deepstack ¥550 TUE 19:30 ¥550 ¥108000
金龙 6-Max ¥330 21:30 ¥330 ¥72800
金龙 ¥220 WED 19:30 ¥220 ¥72800
金龙 Bounty ¥525 21:30 ¥525 ¥118000
金龙 6-Max ¥550 THU 19:30 ¥550 ¥118000
金龙 Deepstack ¥330 21:30 ¥330 ¥72800
金龙 Bounty ¥525 FRI 19:30 ¥525 ¥108000
金龙 ¥330 21:30 ¥330 ¥78000
金龙 Turbo ¥220 23:00 ¥220 ¥46800
金龙 ¥1100 SAT 19:30 ¥1100 ¥208000
金龙 Bounty ¥525 21:30 ¥525 ¥108000
金龙 6-Max Turbo ¥220 23:00 ¥220 ¥46800
金龙 Bounty ¥210 SUN 15:00 ¥210 ¥46800
金龙 ¥550 19:30 ¥550 ¥138000
金龙 Deepstack ¥550 21:30 ¥550 ¥128000

Daily tournaments

Alongside these exciting new offerings, Natural8 will continue to host all the usual daily tournaments with big prizes at their regular times.

Event Name Days Time(UTC+08:00) Buy-in Guarantee
Daily Main Event $88, $20K GTD Daily 23:00 $88 $20,000
Daily Mini Main Event $22, $3K GTD Daily 21:00 $22 $3,000
Sunday High Roller $500 Sun 23:00 $500 $25,000

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Article by Craig Bradshaw


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