Macau Poker Cup 23: 945 runners in the Red Dragon

The 23rd edition of the much loved Red Dragon event is well under way, and the numbers for this year's event are exciting. The Red Dragon event takes place in both summer, and winter, with usually higher entry numbers for the winter event. 108 players paid the HK$12,000 entry fee on day 1a of this summer Red Dragon, followed by 135 on day 1b and 272 on day 1c . With day 1d attracting a massive 430 players, the total field for the event set a new summer record at 945. This is a huge jump from the previous Red Dragon summer event at MPC21, which drew 808 runners. This creates a prize pool of $HK9,899,820, which converts to $1,275,000 in US dollars. The all time record for a Red Dragon event came in the winter edition of MPC20, when 995 turned out to play. The resulting prize pool from this great turnout means that the top 12 players at this year's event will get over $HK100,000 with $HK2,108,000 being set aside for the winner. With big names in the field and big prizes on offer, it should be an exciting conclusion.

More than 50% of the players from China

The breakdown of country entries for this event is also interesting, in that a huge 50.58% of the field at Red Dragon 23 were of Chinese origin. With China clamping down on poker and attempting to paint it in a negative light, it is refreshing to see that there are many Chinese people who still love the game and are willing to travel over to Macau to participate. It is clearly a positive for Macau as a poker paradise that they are attracting Chinese poker players, as their gaming revenue has been struggling in recent times. Hong Kong, Chinese Taipei, Japan, Korea and Singapore were next on the list of country entries, with USA following up in 7th.

Red DragonDay2

Red Dragon (Photo Kenneth Lim  courtesy of PokerStars LIVE Macau) 

Day 2 end of the day Chip Counts

48 players remain. Day 3 will start at 3:00pm tomorrow. Players will be playing down to a final table.


Last Name First Name Table Seat Country Chips
Chan Xianqi 5 7 China       225,000
Chen Jian 6 8 China       217,000
Chen Neo Li Han 5 3 Chinese Taipei       138,000
Chong Victor  2 8 Malaysia       301,000
Gao Kang 6 7 China       169,000
Gu Huafeng 3 8 China       567,000
Gu Pan 1 8 China       249,000
Hu Wei Yao 3 4 Chinese Taipei       110,000
Ichinose Kosei 2 9 Japan       228,000
Ji Jingrong 4 8 China       507,000
Jin Wenlong 4 5 China       287,000
Kat Jeffrey Lok Seng 5 2 Macau       232,000
Lee Saehoon 6 9 Korea       431,000
Lin Bote 4 9 China          98,000
Liu Shao Po 6 6 China       491,000
Liu Zongxin 1 2 China       386,000
Liu Zoe Hui 1 4 China       320,000
Liu Jian Cong 2 1 China       274,000
Lu Xun 1 1 China       166,000
Luo Qi 2 3 China       360,000
Luo Xi 5 6 China       231,000
Ma Runfeng 6 3 China       158,000
Maheswari Nikhil 1 9 India       615,000
Mu Kejian 4 4 China    1,006,000
Pan Yuefeng 6 2 China       461,000
Park Jiwan 4 7 Korea       722,000
Park Jongmin 2 4 Korea       438,000
Ren Bin Wen 6 4 China       192,000
Shah Devang 5 8 India       185,000
Shang Ke Shen 2 5 China       154,000
Sim Simba Jae Kyung 3 6 Korea          75,000
Sin Kin Lay 2 6 Singapore       298,000
Tan Zhixiong 3 7 China       308,000
Tan Jingsheng 3 1 China       108,000
Tsai Tse Jui 5 1 Chinese Taipei       164,000
Tsuji Yasuyuki 2 7 Japan       159,000
Wu Mingmin 4 6 China       352,000
Xian Dinghai 4 3 China       119,000
Yamamoto Zenya 1 6 Japan       268,000
Yang Yidong 3 9 China       352,000
Yoshinaga Tokuho 5 9 Japan       334,000
Yum Marin Hyun Joo 6 5 Korea          75,000
Zhang Chen 1 5 China       428,000
Zhang Nan 1 3 China       348,000
Zhang Ning 4 2 China          99,000
Zhao Yiwei 3 2 China       142,000
Zheng Liang 3 3 China       219,000
Zhu Longwen 5 5 China       378,000



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