Macau Millions: Yifan Zheng tops a record breaking field to take Main Event title

This week, a total of 2,343 players have decided to enter the Macau Millions Main Event, which represents Macau record for largest field. 

With an unusually large field, we could easily have ended up with a final table full of unknown players, but in fact, there were several notable names fighting for the title.

Jason Lo – 7th

Poker King Club have added fresh talent to their list of sponsored pros in the last year, and one of their players repaid that faith in the best way, going deep in this event. Jason Lo put on a great showing to finish 7th place, in a field of more than 2,300 runners. He took home HK$132,000 (USD$16,923) for his efforts.

JAson Lo

Jason Lo (Photo Long Guan – Courtesy of  PokerStars)

Tatiana Barausova – 6th

Soon after, the 6th place finisher, Tatiana Barausova hit the rail. She has over USD$100,000 in live cashes to her name, including two top 50 finishes in EPT Main Events. She took home another good score here, with HK$185,000 (USD$23,718) in prize money.


Tatiana Barausova (Photo Long Guan – Courtesy of  PokerStars)

Heads Up: Yifan Zheng vs Quan Zhu

When the action reached heads up play, the two remaining players both had fantastic pedigree when it came to live tournament poker. Yifan Zheng has over USD$464,000 in live cashes to his name, and he was accompanied by Quan Zhou, who has over USD$460,000 in lives cashes. Both players were familiar with being this deep in a tournament, and in truth, it could have gone either way.

Yifan Zheng  wins the title

In the end though, it was Yifan Zheng who managed to secure the victory, taking home HK$911,000 (USD$116,797) and adding a great title to his list of career accomplishments.

Winner Macau Millions

 Yifan Zheng (Photo Long Guan – Courtesy of  PokerStars)

Quan Zhou was forced to accept the runner up spot, but will undoubtedly be happy to have started his year with a HK$700,000 (USD$89,745) score. Both players are regulars on the Asian tournament scene, and are accomplished professionals, which has provided this event with an exciting conclusion.

Perhaps next time we will see the record for field size broken again, as the Macau Millions continues to expand it's following.


1. Alvan Zheng (China) – HK$911,000
2. Quan Zhou (China) – HK$700,000
3. Guancheng Wu (China) – HK$530,000
4. Howard Ka Ho Sun (Hong Kong) – HK$383,000
5. Chun Liang Pan (Chinese Taipei) – HK$272,000
6. Tatiana Barausova (Russia) – HK$185,000
7. Jason Lo (Hong Kong) – HK$132,000
8. Tony Cheng (Hong Kong) – HK$100,117
9. Boon Heng Siong (Singapore) – HK$75,000


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