Li Wu Wen wins the Yunnan Poker Tour for US$147,422

On the surface, the Chinese poker scene can sometimes give the appearance that poker is struggling to take root in the country, but this is in fact quite far from the truth. The Chinese poker scene is dynamic, it’s just that many of the tournaments are not reported to the rest of the world. Here at Somuchpoker, we’re doing our best to change that.

Just a few months ago we reported on the Asian Poker League Beijing, and now our attention turns to Kunming City in China, where the third edition of the Yunnan Poker Tour has just concluded.

Bai Yao takes lead at the end of the 4 starting days

Bai Yao

This event saw 990 hopefuls pay ¥5,500 (US$808) to participate, which generated an eventual prize pool of ¥5,346,000 (US$784,976). The day 1 starting flights were divided into four days.

The chipleader at the end of Day 1A was Bai Yao who led the 37 players who survived from a starting field of 165. The total number of entries for day 1B was 155. Only 27 were left standing this time, with Zheng Yin emerging with the chiplead from that group. Day 1C saw the field size swell, with 314 players taking part in the third starting flight. Xu Zhouchang took the chiplead at the end of that day, as 56 moved on to day 2. The final starting flight was the largest, with 356 runners. 87 would survive the day, with Song Jiageng holding the chiplead. At the beginning of day 2, Bai Yao’s stack of 1,685,000 was good enough for the overall chiplead.

Final table action

Day 2 saw the elimination carnage continue, as the 207 survivors were quickly whittled down. 126 of them were fortunate enough to make it to the money, but as the day wore on, eyes began turning toward the final table prize money. At the end of a long day, the final 9 players were ready to take their seat for the final showdown. Two of the former day 1 chipleaders managed to reach the final 9, with Bai Yao’s overall performance being particularly impressive.

Li Wu Wen takes down the event

YNPT Winner  1497780451 76022
Li Wu Wen

The final table saw Wang Meng and Ju Jing fall first, before Hong Chuping exited in 7th to get us six-handed. Xu Zhouchang, who had led at the end of day 1C capped off a good performance with a solid 6th place finish, before Qin Wei, Zheng Wei and Yu Renbo hit the rail to get us heads up. Former chipleader Bai Yao faced off against Li Wu Wen for the title, but despite his best efforts, he could not wrestle the crown away from Li Wu Wen, who is a resident of Gui Zhou province.

Li Wu Wen posted pictures online of two lucky stones that he had brought with him to the tournament, showing that he was nothing like Knish from the film ‘Rounders’ who sees all the angles and never has the stones to play them. Wu Wen and his stones finish 1st place for ¥1,004,000 (US$147,422).

Final payouts are as follows:

1st –  Li Wu Wen ¥1,004,000 (US$147,422)
2nd – Bai Yao ¥694,600 (US$101,991)
3rd – Yu Renbo ¥491,500 (US$72,169)
4th –  Zheng Wei ¥374,100 (US$54,931)
5th – Qin Wei ¥267,200 (US$39,234)
6th-  Xu Zhouchang ¥213,500 (US$31,349)
7th – Hong Chuping ¥160,200 (US$23,523)
8th –  Ju Jing ¥106,500 (US$15,638)
9th – Wang Meng ¥64,100 (US$9,412)

Article by Craig Bradshaw

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Craig Bradshaw

Graduated in Journalism at the University of Essex, Craig Bradshaw has been part of Somuchpoker from the beginning. Joining Somuchpoker after 5 year of being a semi-professional online poker player, his in-depth knowledge of the game and the community has provided great value to the site and has made his writings and articles easily relatable to the audience he is addressing.

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