In pictures: What your chip stack says about you

Poker experts would recommend you to look for betting patterns or timing tells when profiling your opponents at the poker table.

In our not so strategic article of the day, we are telling you: just look at how they are stacking their chips.

Carlos Mortensen: “I was probably dreaming to be an architect”

Carlos ‘El Matador’ Mortensen

When Carlos ‘El Matador’ Mortensen was a kid, he was probably dreaming to be an architect. With more than 11M in live earnings, he is unlikely to be regretting his career path and still has time to display his stack building skills to the public.

One question ultimately remains – does he find it harder to win the chips or to arrange them?”

Jean Robert Bellande showing the world how broke he is

Jean Robert Bellande – Aria

Sometimes you don’t need to show a mountain of chips to post a huge brag. Jean Robert Bellande managed to go viral on social media with only 4 chips worth a total of $200,000.

It wasn’t his first as Bellande also posted pictures of himself using stacks of cash to buy into the $1 million One Drop event. Dan Bilzerian had to go one better of course, posting pictures of a rack which supposedly held almost $10 million. But as usual with Dan it’s still unknown whether they have really been used in a poker game.

Dan Bilzerian – Instagram

Limit Hold’em’s King

Source: Minnesota Poker Magazine

An unknown player has one of his better sessions at $8/$16 Limit Holdem in Canterbury Park.

With what is around $4,600 in small denomination chips, this player has perhaps taken a look at house prices and figured that he’s better off building a life sized tower and living in it.

Member of 2+2 spins stack up to $26,000 in $5/$10/$20 game

Source 2+2

In this lengthy cash session a player apparently thinks he’s in a sit & go and has to win every chip at the table before he can leave. No doubt delirious from sleep deprivation and groggily asking people if he’s won yet while being too tired to notice that new players keep sitting down.

PokerNews intern Sam Cosby gets a little help from his friends

Source PokerNews

Entering a tournament can put you under a lot of pressure. Friends and relatives unfamiliar with the game will expect from you to finish in the money every single time cause you are “a good player”. Whenever you have a chance to win something, there will always be a follow up question of “but how much did you lose?” 

PokerNews intern Sam Cosby finds a ‘near-perfect’ way to reassure his relatives about his poker skills while playing a tournament covered by his employer. Photoshop + a little help from my colleague = chip leader

“I am too much of a badass to use poker chips”

Poker chips has been invented for one reason: avoiding having to display a mountain of money on the table, which can be difficult to handle. But it seems that these Chinese players found that it’s wasn’t that cool.


Source Craig Baradshaw

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