How to improve your edge at online poker in 2016 without studying

If you are one of many serious poker players around the globe who often find themselves seeking out ways to improve their hourly rate, it's only natural that your thoughts turn to studying and practising the theoretical and technical aspects of your game. You may work on your preflop opening range, think about game theory, or study open raising  charts, for instance.

The many technical facets which constitute the fundamentals of your game are the key source of your eventual success, that much isn't in question. But let's assume that you have put in years of work and those parts of your game are already very strong. The better they are, the harder it is to find substantial improvements. So before you settle down to try and recalculate or recalibrate something to give your all round game a tiny fractional improvement – Think about stepping back and examining a totally different side of what makes you successful.

Get a decent grind station

Playing poker with ineffective equipment or uncomfortable furniture can be unpleasant, not to mention distracting during sessions. Ideally, you should have as many monitors as you need to comfortably multi table to capacity, with the screens at the correct height and angle to prevent neck trouble. You also should be seated comfortably enough to grind for many hours at a time. You don't want to be taking breaks to sort out numb buttocks, or be having back or neck pains during a long session at a very juicy table.

Grind station

A great "grind station"

Backup solution in case of lost internet connection

It's every tournament players worst nightmare. You make that big final table you've been grinding all month for, and in the middle of an important pot…your connection goes. If potentially losing the pot isn't bad enough, you may then be blinded down, which happens faster when you're shorter handed and nearer that huge payday. When you think about how much it costs to purchase a 3G Key, and compare it to the amount you will lose if that nightmare scenario befalls you – it's an easy decision.

Improve your table selection

Before spending 5 hours studying the game of that top regular with the big win rate, who always seems to put you in tough spots – think about how you can surround yourself with more fish in your cash games, and preferably have position on them. If you prefer sit n gos, you can experiment with playing at different times of the day to find out when most of the top regulars are offline. With MTT's you may have a set time of day you're sure is best, but you can still shake up your schedule a bit in terms of which tournaments you register for.

Widen your game selection

If you've been a NLH 6 max player for years, the natural urge is to stick with what you know you're very experienced at – but before you auto register for your usual tables when they are full of regulars, take a look elsewhere. You may find a couple of full ring tables with a few fish sat at them. Perhaps even take a look at some tournaments, they often attract many fish and can be highly profitable even if you are used to play Cash Games.  

Change poker site

As an extension of the two previous points, if you can't find soft games anymore regardless of where you look – why not try looking on a completely different poker site? Different platforms can offer sign up bonuses and rewards, and can often have lower rake, and possibly a greater number of weak players. All of these things could have a huge impact on your win rate, so make sure you are always seeking out the most lucrative online environment.

Get rakeback deals

Almost all sites offer rakeback deals in 2016, which can really help boost your hourly rate. If you are thinking about trying out a new site as we've mentioned, make sure that you get in touch with a reliable affiliate who can help you get the best possible deal first. Rakeback deals can come in the form of rake races, percentages delivered direct to your account, or other rewards. If you're unsure of where to start, contact us at contact@somuchpoker or read this article: Rakeback deals with Somuchpoker

Article by Craig B.

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