Frequently Asked Questions about Freerolls

A freeroll is a tournament with no entry fees. It is basically free poker cash to start your bankroll. Normally, freerolls are used by poker rooms as part of their marketing and promotions to attract players to play at their rooms or poker sites.

There are 2 types of freerolls:

1: Non-exclusive – the non-exclusive freeroll is open to all players regardless of VIP status and Deposit status.

2: Exclusive – an exclusive freeroll is normally available to a certain group of people i.e. VIP Level, Depositor status, country, etc.

Somuchpoker offers exclusive freerolls available only to its members. Membership can be attained by downloading the poker clients via The freerolls of Somuchpoker have fewer participants but bigger prize pools giving its members much greater value.

Freerolls do not require a buy-in or an entry fee to join.

However, there are freerolls that are exclusively available to members or depositors.  This strategy is normally used to encourage players into depositing money into the client. Then, the freeroll is supposed to help poker players build their bankrolls at “no cost”. 

It should be said that poker sites distributing free money at no condition and requiring no deposit are quite rare.

However, Somuchpoker finds the best freerolls around, and will always inform its readers of its full details. If it’s not an exclusive depositor’s freeroll, then a “No Deposit Needed” will be indicated. Freerolls hosted by Somuchpoker do not require a deposit. 

Well... yes, and no.

Freerolls can give you access to free money in the sense that first, you don't have to spend anything to participate, and that secondly, freerolls can give a substantial boost to your poker bankroll.

However, the catch with freerolls is that most of the time, you can not cash out your winnings immediately after the end of a tournament. Indeed, poker rooms had to find ways to retain players on their websites by implementing restrictions.

Such restrictions on your sweet free cash often imply playing a minimum number of hands or raking a minimum amount of money to ensure the room does not lose money.

Freerolls are for everyone ! Or for registered players, at least.

Even though some restrictions may apply to your winnings, freerolls are a great option both for beginners and grinders. 

Beginners will have the thrill of winning and may gain confidence and experience while playing these tournaments. Winning or losing is not necessarily important for poker beginners. As long as they get to play the game with some stake, it gives them a good feeling of what poker is, and thus, they can improve. In the case they win this free poker cash, it is a way for them to start a bankroll and move on to paid tournaments or paid cash games. It might however be hard for them to be good enough on the long run to actually cashin on these winnings, but the experience will always stay.

Grinders who are accustomed to playing poker can also find freerolls interesting, since some freerolls -especially for newcomers- have really decent prizepools. Then, with some free poker money in their hands, grinders will just do what they do best : grind! From one stake to the next, experienced players will surely find ways to make a profit out of these free bankrolls, and ultimately cash out their winnings.

Upon signing up on an online poker platform offering freerolls to newcomers, you usually have between 7 and 90 days to earn that free poker cash.

Some sites offer free poker cash to help you start building your bankroll.  One such site is To know about this promo, click here.

You can find passwords to exclusive freerolls on Somuchpoker's freerolls page. We have deals with reputable poker websites and keep our freeroll schedule updated.

To become a member of Somuchpoker Rewards Club follow these steps:

1 : Create an account following the instructions on the website.

2 : Send us your username and receive your password.

You can check our freeroll schedule at


Do you have more questions ?

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