Cullen ‘Cumicon’ Connors: The man behind the $7.4 million graph

If there were ever book written detailing the story of online poker, only a handful of players would be given a chapter dedicated to their accomplishments. ‘Cumicon’ may have been one of those few, although little has ever been known about him outside of his PLO successes. Until now, that is. Upon announcing his retirement this week, Cullen ‘Cumicon’ Connors revealed his identity to the world, posted his outstanding graph, and took some time to discuss his retirement decision with Joe Ingram on a podcast. Here, we take a look at the achievements of Connors and some of what was said in his podcast appearance.

“cumicon” graph

Connors’ graph will come as less of a surprise to many who have seen him in action at the high stakes heads-up PLO tables, but even so, the graph he posted was really something special.

Over the course of 1.3 million hands played, all since January 1st 2013, he has profits of $7.4 million. Between stakes of $2/$4 and $200/$400 he has crushed PLO tables, with one chart even suggesting he may have run a little below expectancy in doing so. The 30-year old from New York said that he had always been inspired by other graphs posted on the poker forum 2+2, and now that he is retiring and in no danger of killing his action, he felt it was time to post his too. Some have called it the most insane graph in online poker history, and at the very least, it stands as an impressive legacy and a testament to rewards that dedication can bring.

In his podcast interview with Joe Ingram, Connors stated that “I felt an obligation to put in as many hours as possible to reach my goals because I wasn’t enjoying the lifestyle”.

Cullen Connors (Cumicon) Poker Life Podcast with Joe Ingram

The attitude of working even harder to win when you are not in a good place in terms of your lifestyle, perhaps holds a poker lesson for us all. When you are on a downswing, it pays to be motivated by that rather than demoralised. Connors also talks about the impact Black Friday has had upon his poker playing, and how moving around between countries to play has been a difficult part of his journey. Overall, his interview gives the impression of a man who has spent 5 years living an unhealthy and fairly unhappy life, but who also stands by his decision to make that sacrifice. He talks of feeling relieved to have reached his goals and is now looking forward to moving on to new things.

Cullen ‘Cumicon’ Connors will leave the poker world behind having blazed a trail that few players can hope to follow. We can however, all find inspiration in his relentless pursuit and attainment of his goals.

Article by Craig Bradshaw

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