4 Easy Tips on How to Profitably Play More Hands Preflop

Many players wish to emulate stars like Tom Dwan, and work out exactly how he seems to profit from playing such a wide range of hands. Putting pressure on opponents preflop, and through the betting streets with perfect timing isn’t everything, but it is the mark of an excellent player. Online pros can often make […]

How Much Money Can You Expect to Win Playing Live Poker?

There are always big winning sessions for live players where they feel that they’ve comfortably outplayed their opponents, and the temptation is to believe that live tables are a gold mine of easy money compared to the online games. Once you start to include all the relevant factors in your calculations though, you’ll see that things […]

[Video] Liv Boeree gives poker lecture at Oxford Union

Exploring ranges and other key poker ideas with Liv Boeree During the course of this video, Liv Boeree talks about some of the key concepts in poker while addressing a group of people in the Oxford Union. Liv Boeree has been playing poker for around 10 years, and won the EPT San Remo Main Event […]

5 Myths Relating to Mental Aspects of Poker

Whether it’s tilt, fear, lack of motivation or confidence, emotions can affect the way you play poker. The mental aspect of the game has caused the progress of many talented players to stall, and while most players recognise this part of the game exists and is important – few of them are really putting enough […]

8 Clues it’s Time to Leave a Poker Table

You enter your favourite card room, and the floor indicates that an empty seat is available. As you look at the opponents around your table, you feel like it will be a good day. You are fresh, confident, and ready to print money. Seven hours later, and everything has changed. You have lost yet another […]

9 Pieces of Advice to Learn How to Discuss Poker Hands

One of the most valuable learning tools you will ever have available to you, is the opportunity to discuss hands with like minded players who have spent years studying the game. It isn’t enough to just vent about a bad beat and hope to be enlightened by a talented player – you have to discuss […]

6 Tips on How to Improve your Edge at Online Poker without Studying

If you are one of many serious poker players around the globe who often find themselves seeking out ways to improve their hourly rate, it’s only natural that your thoughts turn to studying and practising the theoretical and technical aspects of your game. You may work on your preflop opening range, think about game theory, […]

Know When to Fold Premium Hands

When you are dealt QQ, KK, or AA, it’s natural to immediately start thinking about potentially winning a big pot. This expected simple win can quickly turn into a complicated concern once the flop hits, and your opponent starts showing serious aggression. Here, we examine the best ways to evaluate the situation and come to […]

7 Simple Poker Learning Concepts You Need to Know

Have you ever felt like your poker learning has stalled, while others are slowly improving around you? Do you wish that you could wake up tomorrow with a higher level of understanding about important areas of the game? In this article, we seek to examine a few key concepts when it comes to reigniting your […]

Zero to Hero: Building a Bankroll Without Depositing in 2016

Countless poker enthusiasts have chased this dream, and Chris Ferguson famously accomplished it, in the form of turning $0 into $10,000. The dream is to start with nothing, give an online poker room not a single cent of your own money, and spin up a bankroll regardless. Chris Ferguson turns $0 Into $10k In the […]

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