Improve Your Online Poker Table Selection with These 7 Simple Rules

As a player looking to improve the financial return on your daily grind, your first instinct will normally be to work on improving your game, review more sessions or learn more advanced concepts. In reality, while these are worthwhile goals, there are much faster and simpler ways to improve your win rate. Taking a closer […]

Stop-Win and Stop-Loss Limits: 3 Reasons Why You Are Doing It Wrong

Many players will advise you that setting a stopping point when you are ahead or behind by a certain amount in a cash game, is a good idea. While there is some merit to stopping when you are behind if the circumstances are no longer ideal, this is not a magic formula. Stopping a session […]

Poker Mindset: The 3 most common manifestations of Tilt

In this second video for our community, Steffen will address the three most common manifestations of tilt. More: Poker Mindset: What is Tilt?  Steffen is a Mental Game Coach and a Counseling Psychologist. His passion for the mental game of poker started during his own active career as a poker player. He now helps poker players achieve their […]

Poker Mindset: What is Tilt?

Steffen Rachut is a Mental Game Coach and a Counseling Psychologist. His passion for the mental game of poker started during his own active career as a poker player. He now helps poker players achieve their full potential by coaching them through their mental blocks. In his performance coaching, Steffen blends Acceptance and Commitment Therapy […]

3 Big Misconceptions about Bankroll Management

Article by Tadas Peckaitis Bankroll management is one of the most important skills to master in order to be successful at poker in the long run. Nowadays, almost all players with an interest in poker have heard about it, and a large portion of them are following their own money management rules. Unfortunately, simply following […]

5 Rules to Keep in Mind When it Comes to Friends, Money and Poker

The idea of friends financially supporting each other through difficult times has always been closely linked to poker. In a profession where variance can sometimes take a heavy toll on players, it can be beneficial for players to help each other absorb the damage from difficult patches of form and misfortune. Unfortunately, while it is […]

5 Myths about Game Theory Optimal (GTO) Strategy

Article by TADAS PEČKAITIS “Nowadays you need to learn GTO poker to win online” “You need to play an unexploitable strategy to win”.  The term GTO (Game Theory Optimal) gets recently thrown around a lot in the poker community, but unfortunately rarely in a correct or constructive way. For these reasons I have listed 5 common misconceptions […]

3 Steps to Help You With Note Taking in Online Poker

Poker is a game of partial information. Players constantly have to work out what the missing pieces are to the particular puzzle facing them in any given moment. It stands to reason then that the more information a player has available, the more accurate their decisions will become. Studying the way that your opponents play […]

7 Skills That You Need to Succeed at Poker

It’s difficult to know where to start once you set your heart on taking poker seriously and attempt to earn an income from it. In this article, we will not seek to inform you how to play certain hands or situations, and we can’t provide you with a simple recipe for success. What we can give […]

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