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There is a saying, an old Khmer proverb in Cambodia that goes, “lbaeng taeng vineah (Khmer: ល្បែងតែងវិនាស)”. This roughly translates to “Gambling destroys Life” and as such, gambling is illegal in the country.

Although a 50,000 Riel and a 1 month prison term has been stipulated as the penalty for gambling, locals still continue to gamble while the government looks the other way. Locals enter the casinos freely without any fuss whatsoever. But this is not at all surprising because apart from the aforementioned revenue that casinos generate, there is a Cambodian belief that a man who does not gamble is not masculine enough.


Online Poker: Legal

  Live Poker: Legal

  Casinos with Poker:

Lion City Poker ClubNagaworld, RiverKing, Queenco


– Casinos & Poker Rooms in Cambodia –


Lion City in Sihanoukville is a Poker room where you’ll find daily Cash Games and regular tournaments. Read More…


Nagaworld poker in Phnom Pehn offering is quite unsatisfactory as they normally hold only about 2 tables with a $1/$2 limit every day. The rake for games is good enough compared to its counterpart in other Asian countries. Read More…


Game tables of No Limit Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha open on a daily basis at the Riverking Poker Phnom Penh. Only poker room in Cambodia offering Omaha games. Sundays are reserved for tournaments. Read More…


The poker room is separated from the main casino of Queenco Sihanoukville and runs cash games. However, it is best to call before visiting as games can be irregular especially during low season. Read More…

– Playing Live Poker in Cambodia –

   Live Poker Legislation in Cambodia

Gambling had been illegal since the reign of the Khmer Rouge. But in the 1990s the government decided to start building casinos near the border to attract foreigners, especially the Thais and the Vietnamese, to cross over and play while prohibiting the locals from enjoying the same leisure. This had proven to be successful as the country enjoyed great revenue from the existence of these border casinos considered now to be a cash cow the Cambodian government could not live without.

  Live Poker Venues in Cambodia

The more popular border casino strips are Bavet on the Vietnamese border and Poipet on the Thai boundary. However, NagaWorld, located at the heart of Phnom Penh, is the undisputed king of casinos in Cambodia. Having a monopoly over a 200km2 radius of the capital, NagaWorld is the main casino to go to in South Indochina.

Outside of Phnom Penh,  there are also Queenco Hotel & Casino, in the coastal city of Sihanoukville, and Holiday Palace in Poipet  offering the game of poker.

Because of the limited options for poker in Cambodia, unauthorized venues are available and can easily be found especially in the capital.

– Playing Online Poker in Cambodia –

  Online Poker Legislation in Cambodia

No regulation. No Restriction. Access to all major sites.

  Recommended Online Poker Websites

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NagaWorld Phnom Penh

Nagaworld is a premier hotel & casino located in the heart of Phnom Penh. It is an entertainment complex which owns a 70-year casino licenses and 41 year monopoly within a 200km radius of Cambodia’s capital city. It boasts 700 luxury rooms, a premiu …

Queenco Sihanoukville

Queenco Hotel & Casino is located along the Victory Beach in Sihanoukville, Cambodia. Apart from enjoying the beautiful white sands of the beach, Queenco offers a colonial styly beach front bulding with 58 rooms & Suites and a newly renovated, mo …


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