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Bodog Review by Somuchpoker

  • 7606960South-American (LATAM) and Canadian Players Accepted
  • Soft Games
  • Impressive Traffic at all Stakes
  • Bitcoin Accepted
  • 100% Deposit Bonus

Bodog Latam

– Bodog LATAM and Canada –

Bodog is offering Poker and Casino Games to part of the South-American and Canadian market. The following Countries are allowed to play on Bodog via:


– What are the Promotions on Bodog? –

 About Bodog:

Bodog is one of the greatest online entertainment organizations on the planet. With over 25 years of involvement in different areas of the world (as well as Canada), Bodog also came to Latin America in light of one objective: ensuring the best online experience, conceding customized attention regarding every last one of our clients in a dependable platform.

As authentic backers of the mainland’s greatest football events, Bodog  helps and supports nearby/local sports activities as well as building the best Latin-American poker network by forming and advancing genuine champions!

Canadian Players are welcome to join us via while the LATAM (Latin-America) can join the action via

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 100% First Deposit bonus:

Bodog offers a Poker Welcome Bonus of up to USD 1000 and we’re here to reveal to you how to get it! With your Welcome Bonus you can be part of our every day Tournaments. Also, each time you play you’ll be gathering Reward Points for the VIP Club that can later be traded for Tournament Tickets.

Bodog Bonus Latam

When you have made your Bodog account you have to choose the Welcome Bonus from the Rewards area in your account. If you have already selected it, you can begin to play!

Bodog SignupBonus Steps

Sign up for (LATAM) and CLAIM YOUR 1k Bonus!

Sign up for (Canada) and CLAIM YOUR 1k Bonus!

Each time you play you’ll add Reward Points to your account that can be traded for rewards or tournament tickets. This will assist you with getting the Welcome Bonus of up to USD 1000. If you have any questions about how the Reward Points work or anything else, please contact us!

Terms and Conditions Bodog 100% Deposit Bonus

  • 100% up to $1,000 Poker Bonus
  • The 100% Bonus is based on the amount of your deposit when claiming the 100% Poker Bonus up to $1,000.
  • All issued bonuses are based on the Rewards Points you earn in Poker within 30 days of your qualifying deposit.
  • Bonuses will be unlocked in $5 increments for every 150 Rewards Points earned in Poker.
  • There is no rollover on bonuses unlocked from Rewards Points earned.
  • The maximum total bonus issued is $1,000.
  • Earn Reward Points
    • Cash Games: 15 Reward Points per Dollar of Rake
    • Tournaments: 15 Reward Points per Dollar of Fees
    • Jackpot Sit and Go: 1,5 Reward Points per Dollar of Buy-in


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10 Million Dollars every Month!

10MGTD Bodog

Play on the best poker tables and begin making your own fortune!

  • There is 10.000.000 dollars in ensured prizes each month in several distinct tournaments, with a wide scope of buy-ins, alternatives, re-entries and much more.
  • Play from your PC or smartphone and be an aspect of the best poker online tournaments of the world.

Featured Daily Tournaments*

Time (ET) Day Tournament Buy-in Re-entry
Midnight Monday to Friday USD 5000 Guaranteed (Turbo SS) USD 10 + USD 1 Yes
2:00 Everyday USD 3000 Guaranteed (Turbo 10.000 Chips) USD 10 + USD 1 Yes
5:00 Weekends/Monday and Wednesday USD 3000/USD 4000 Guaranteed (10.000 Chips) USD 20 + USD 2 Yes
7:00 Everyday USD 3000 Guaranteed (SS) USD 50 + USD 5 Yes
8:08 Everyday USD 5888 Guaranteed (Crazy Eights) USD 15 + USD 1.50 Yes
9:00 Everyday USD 5000 Guaranteed (USD 20 Knockout) USD 75 + USD 7 Yes
12:00 Sunday/Monday to Saturday USD 5000/USD 4000 Guaranteed (6-Handed SS) USD 20 + USD 2 Yes
13:07 Sundays/Monday to Saturday USD 7.777/USD 4777 Guaranteed (Lucky Sevens) USD 15 + USD 1.50 Yes
13:30 Monday to Friday/Weekends USD 1500 Guaranteed/USD 1000 (10K Chips 10-minute levels) USD 10 + USD 1 No
14:00 Sundays USD 15.000 Guaranteed (10.000 Chips) USD 30 + USD 3 Yes
16:00 Sundays USD 150.000 Guaranteed USD 150 + USD 12 Yes
16:30 Everyday USD 4000 Guaranteed (10K Chips 10-minute levels) USD 10 + USD 1 Yes
17:00 Weekend/Monday to Friday USD 6000/USD 7500 Guaranteed (10K Chips 15-minute levels) USD 5 + USD 1.50 Yes
17:15 Sundays/Monday to Saturday USD 12.000/USD 6000 Guaranteed (10K Chips 10-minute levels) USD 40 + USD 4 No
17:30 Sundays USD 18.888 Guaranteed (Crazy Eights) USD 15 + USD 1.50 Yes
18:05 Everyday USD 3000 Guaranteed (10K Chips 10-minute levels) – Omaha Hi/Lo pot limit USD 30 + USD 3 Yes
19:00 Everyday USD 7.777 Guaranteed (Lucky Sevens) USD 10 + USD 1 Yes
20:00 Sundays / Monday to Saturday USD 30.000 Guaranteed (Turbo 10.000 Chips) / USD 30.000 Guaranteed (SS) USD 50 + USD 5 Yes
20:08 Everyday USD 18.888 Guaranteed (Crazy Eights) USD 15 + USD 1.50 Yes
20:15 Everyday USD 10.000 Guaranteed (USD 20 Knockout) USD 75 + USD 7 Yes
20:30 Everyday USD 2000 Guaranteed (10K Chips 10-minute levels) USD 5 + USD 0.50 No
20:45 Everyday USD 3000 Guaranteed (10K Chips 10-minute levels) USD 10 + USD 1 Yes
21:05 Everyday USD 5000 Guaranteed (10K Chips 10-minute levels) – Omaha Hi/Lo pot limit USD 30 + USD 3 Yes
21:07 Everyday USD 7777 Guaranteed (Lucky Sevens) USD 30 + USD 3 Yes
21:30 Everyday USD 3000 Guaranteed (10K Chips 10-minute levels) USD 10 + USD 1 No
22:00 Everyday USD 20.000 Guaranteed (Turbo 20k Chips) USD 100 + USD 9 Yes
23:15 Everyday USD 5000 Guaranteed (Thousandaire Maker) USD 75 + USD 7 No
23:25 Everyday USD 4000 Guaranteed (Turbo 10.000 Chips) USD 30 + USD 3 No
*All tournaments are No Limit Texas Hold’em unless otherwise specified.

Play on (LATAM)

Play on (Canada)


Freerolling Bodog

In Freerolling you can play free online poker tournaments consistently and win more than USD 55.000 in ensured prizes.

  • Play Poker every day!
    • Three daily tournaments, even on weekends and holidays. Don’t miss the Incredible Free 5000 with USD 5000 guaranteed in prizes.
  • No buy-in
    • Play without spending money!
  • Prizes in Dollars
    • All Tournaments have prizes guaranteed in real money
  • Tournaments for every player
    • Train your skills and play to become the best

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  Jackpot Sit & Go:

Jackpot SitnGo Bodog

Would you like to bring in genuine cash however don’t have the opportunity to play Poker for quite a long time? At that point Jackpot Sit and Go is just for you. The Texas Hold’em tournament is ideal for the individuals who need to up the zeroes in their accounts quick and with a sum of three players for every table and minimum buy-ins it’s the most ideal approach to do that. You have to attempt it!

Everything you need to know about Jackpot Sit & Go

  • Play everywhere: Apart from our Bodog Poker software (desktop version), you can also play Jackpot Sit & Go tournaments from your mobile using our website.
  • Fast paced: Jackpot Sit & Go is specially designed to be the fastest way to earn money in Poker. That’s why the game follows the “hyper turbo” structure with blinds that go up every 3 minutes.

USD 0.50 starting buy-ins: buy-ins vary from USD 0.50 to USD 100.

  • Prize value is randomly determined: The prize is defined randomly by the jackpot’s value once the three players are already registered. That amount could be up to 1200x the buy-in value.
    For example: if your buy-in is USD 100 and the jackpot value is x1200, the total amount you’ll take in case you win the tournament is USD 100.000.
  • Start with a 500-chip stack: Each player starts with 500 chips and the winner takes all; except when the three highest values of the multiplier show up – in those cases every player gets a prize.

Bodog Jackpot Client

Previously owned by Bovada, Bodog is part of the largest U.S  poker network!

Play on (LATAM) and CLAIM YOUR 1k Bonus!

Play on (Canada) and CLAIM YOUR 1k Bonus!

  250k Guaranteed Sunday

250k GTD Bodog

Every Sunday we play for USD 250.000 gtd!
Save the date, all Sundays are booked for poker tournaments at 16:00 ET. You can start playing with a buy-in of USD 150 + USD 12 or playing the satellites all week long with buy-ins starting at USD 1.

250K with only 1 dollar!
If you need some more to get your head around it, then listen this: 2 re-entries per player on the late registration period, an initial stack of chips of 12.000 and 12-minute levels.

250k GTD Diagram Bodog

Play on (LATAM)

Play on (Canada)

You are a High Volume Player and want a VIP BODOG DEAL?
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– Games –

  How good is the Software?

The games at Bodog are heavily geared towards making amateurs feel welcome. There have been several changes over the past years and include all cash table players being anonymous while they play. The anonymity removes the option of tracking players and collecting statistical data over hundred or even thousands of hands while playing with a HUD (tracker) however, HUD-use (Trackers) are available to use via hand-grabbers and will provide players with session stats as well as the ability to keep track of their own results/reviewing hands etc.  Multi tabling is restricted to 4 tables. Generally speaking, the software works well and is regularly being updated.

  What are the Cash Games like?

Bodog is part of the same network as Ignition Casino (for US players) and Bovada. These networks are accepting mainly US players, meaning that the competition is very soft compared to most other networks (EU/Eastern European players are excluded to play here). The player traffic through the site is quite strong, and tables are running 24/7 up to Hi-Stakes in both No Limit Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha.

  What are the Tournaments like?

You will find many tournaments running at Ignition Casino with a good range of buy ins covered. The player pool is relatively soft, as you might expect from a poker room catering to U.S Players. A total of 10 million dollars are guaranteed in tournaments every month along other big boy tourney’s. The flagship tournament of Bodog is the $250000 Guaranteed played each Sunday!


Bodog is a good choice for South-American and Canadian Players as the Cash Games traffic is high and the opposition is soft. The poker room has also one of the best MTT offers on the market !


Play on (LATAM) and CLAIM YOUR 1k Bonus!

Play on (Canada) and CLAIM YOUR 1k Bonus!

– Payments –

  How to make a Deposit?

Bodog offers a variety of deposit options and deposits can be made via multiple means including one of the favorites: Bitcoin. Depending on location there are several other options available (including credit cards and bank transfers). It’s safe to say that there’s enough to chose from to suit anybody’s need.

Bodo Deposits

* Deposit/Withdrawal Options may differ based on location ( LATAM, CANADA)

  How to make a Withdrawal?

Just as deposits, withdrawals are completed via Bitcoin, or by any other means offered by bodog.

Bodo Withdrawals

* Deposit/Withdrawal Options may differ based on location ( LATAM, CANADA)


  Is Bodog Secure?

Belonging to one of the biggest online entertainment companies in the world and with more than 25 years of experience, countless partners as well as the industries’ best safety features for both game integrity and payment processing, Bodog has proven to be a safe and enjoyable place to play. A dedicated support team is available 24/7 via web chat and even whatsapp to help and assist you with any concern you may have.

– Conclusion –


 Innovative Gaming
  Fast Deposits and Withdrawals via Bitcoin
 Big Pool of PlayersBodog-Logo-thai
 Great Guarantees
  Soft Competition


  Only LATAM Countries and Cananda allowed to play
  Anonymous Lobby/Tables

Sign up for (LATAM) and CLAIM YOUR 1k Bonus!

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