Bluff Online Review

Software Available on PC and Android Operated Devices
Soft Games from a relatively new community of Players from South America & Asia
Great Rakeback Deal through Somuchpoker
Easy Money Transfer via Somuchpoker

Bluff Online explained

  • Platform: The platform originally launched in South America and is catering to the untapped market in the region. But with its growing popularity, Bluff Online is also now accepting players all over Asia and it is becoming the newest playground for poker players to find new and exciting games to play in.
  • Money: Bluff Online does not transact in real money games but instead uses CHP with the following exchange rate: 100CHP ­ 1 ARS and 1485 CHP = $1 (10000 CHP = $6.7). This allows the platform to avoid any legal concerns that may arise in South America and in Asia.
  • Rakeback: An exclusive rakeback deal is available for all players making a start on Bluff Online with Somuchpoker. Contact us!

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  • Software: The software is relatively easy to use as there are no frills or extras to worry about. It has a very basic design which allows players to focus on playing the game. It is also perfect for beginners to learn how to play the game of poker.
  • Cash Games: Cash games are running regularly and limits reach all the way to NL50 to NL100. As this is the new frontier of poker, there are a lot of players just learning the game, exploring different strategies, or just playing casually. As such, the games are much softer as compared to other platforms that are full of veteran players. PLO is occasionally available but the floor is dominated by No Limit Holdem games. Peak hours are normally in the evening of South American time.
  • Tournaments: If you’re just developing your poker strategy or experimenting on a new tactic, then Bluff Online can provide numerous tournaments – from freerolls to low buy­in tourneys ­ that run simultaneously.

On Bluff Online You’ll Encounter A Lot Of  Players from Asia and South America And Fewer Regulars Than In Other Poker Rooms.



Register to Bluff Online now and contact us for an exclusive rakeback deal


  • Cash­in/Cash­out: Bluff Online does not use real money for games but instead uses CHP. Somuchpoker can provide an easy cash­in and cash­out payment process via Neteller or Skrill.
  • Rake: Rake in Bluff Online is as follows
    • Under 75000/15000­ (4% cap 12000 + 1% Cap 2000 )
    • Over 7500/15000 ­ (4% cap 15000 + 1% Cap 2000)

Register to Bluff Online now and contact us for an exclusive rakeback deal

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